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5 of The Best BBQ Safety Gadgets *WIN a Grill*


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Every summer there are new ways to make BBQ season even more fun and even more safe.  Of course it all starts with a great grill and/or smoker, check out our full guide to choosing the best one for your needs here.  Then there are lots of fun gadgets like a hamburger press, a vegetable basket that can make things a little easier.  But the most important gadgets for a fun BBQ are the ones that keep us safe.  BBQ means an open fire and very high temperatures so we need to be extra careful when cooking this Summer.

Always have a meat thermometer on hand to make sure you are cooking your food the minimum temperatures for food safety. This one is digital which makes it extra easy to read and it is quick to measure too.

A Gas Watch is a handy tool for gas grills, it will let you know how much propane you have left so you won’t run out in the middle of your cookout, but it also has a safety mechanism that checks for leaks and limits flow in the even there is a leak.

Start your BBQ by making sure your grill master is extra prepared, with tools, condiments and lots of his favorite beverages.  This BBQ master apron has room for everything you need to grill for hours.

Stay safe and watch out for burns.  Try these awesome silicon gloves, I love the color most so you can easily find them.  You can actually use these gloves to touch hot food and pans directly without feeling a thing.

Even with all the protection available to us, accidents still happen.  Make sure to keep Burn Jel Plus® on hand to #StopTheBurn when it occurs.  Burn Jel Plus® will relieve the pain immediately so you can get right back to the fun.

ENTER TO WIN – right now as part of our partnership with Burn Jel Plus® you can enter to win a Weber Grill valued at $499. We are also picking winners weekly to win one of 50 gift baskets filled with fun BBQ items and products.  Check out the details by clicking here.

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Learn more about how Burn Jel Plus® works to #StopTheBurn and enter to win a gift basket and Weber Grill here.

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6 Responses to 5 of The Best BBQ Safety Gadgets *WIN a Grill*

  1. avatar says: Sarah

    I’ve placed my hand directly on the handle of a saute pan that had been in a 350 degree oven for an hour! Burnt the entire palm surface!

  2. I could never share a burn story because I have too many of them. My hands are dotted here and there with the scars from burns. I suppose the best one though is that once I got too close to the flames of my grill and it melted off the nail polish from the three middle fingers of my hand. Looked like a wavy manicure after that. Got to be more careful.

  3. I love this roundup. You can never be too careful while working with the grill.

  4. avatar says: Nechama

    No special stories…thank God!
    Just the regular bumps into racks and pots…

  5. avatar says: chavi

    Worst kitchen burns-burning your arm on the oven rack when pulling things in and out.

  6. I burn my hand a lot when I forget to use the oven mitt to hold a hot stainless steel pan.

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