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Burn Jel Plus Works To #StopTheBurn *Weber Grill Giveaway*


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A few moths ago, Jamie was doing a cooking demo and ended up burning herself on a hot pan.  Afterwards she learned that one of the attendees worked for a burn relief product and a new relationship was born.  All regular cooks know that burns are just par for the course, but the pain doesn’t have to be.  Burn Jel Plus® is a pain relieving gel that instantly cools and soothes.  If you have ever burned yourself you know how painful it can be and you feel like there is nothing you can do.  Water-Jel® Technologies the manucacturer of Burn Jel Plus® has been making emergency burn care products for more than 25 years and now they are bringing their products to us.

When a burn occurs it is important to act immediately to #StopTheBurn and relieve the pain.  That is why it is our mission to make sure everyone has this necessary tool on hand when they need it.  Just after I got my first sample of Burn Jel Plus® my 9 year old son was cooking and got a minor burn on his arm.  He yelled out and immediately put it under running water.  Then I remembered my sample and ran over to give it a try.  Within seconds his pain was gone and he went on with what he was doing.

Burn Jel Plus® stops the burning process and instantly cools the skin.  It really is a must have kitchen and on the go product available at Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Walmart or online at BurnJelPlus.com.

We have teamed up with Burn Jel Plus® this Summer to help everyone #StopTheBurn.  Starting next week we are giving away 30 Burn Jel Plus® Gift Baskets filled with Burn Jel Plus®, Oven Mits, Aprons, Spatulas and More!!  Every Wednesday through August we will choose 3 winners and then on August 27, 2014 1 Grand Prize Winner will win this Weber Grill valued at $499 (or equivalent Lowe’s Gift Card).  Open to residents of U.S., ages 18+. See detailed terms and conditions on entry form.  Enter here with Rafflecopter:

The first winners are: Melissa, Carolyn, and Gerald.

The next winners are: Pam, Tandi, and Gary.

The third set of winners are: Debbie W, Tammi, and Joe Jo

The fourth round of winners are: Sari, Ken G, Keith B

The fifth round of winners: Bethany S, Robyn W, and Traci B

The sixth set of winners: Linda F, Shalom K, Annette T

The seventh set of winners: Judith W, Louly, Debbie R

The eighth set of winners: Adele S, Robin S,  Marta H

The ninth set of winners: Mike P, Cohen, T Michelle

The final set of gift basket winners: Bryn, Richard H, Karen H

The Big Winner of the Weber Grill is Tandi C – Congratulations!!!
Win A Weber Grill (value at $499)
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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




353 Responses to Burn Jel Plus Works To #StopTheBurn *Weber Grill Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: Faigie

    wow! looks like good stuff!

  2. avatar says: sbaumser

    Have had the occasional arm bumping on the top of the oven. but the worst was i was working in a pizza store and was closing the pizza oven using the back of my hand. I missed the oven handle and hit the back of the pizza oven door. Got a very bad burn baruch hashem a friend was working next door who was also on hatzolah and able to patch me up. to this day i still have a faint outline of the burn scar

  3. While cooking for Thanksgiving for my large family, I had burned myself on oil that I dripped when taking the turkey out of the oven. The oil fell on my hand and arm. My husband grabbed the tray with the turkey and I ran my hand and arm under running cold water. It ended up hurting all that day.

  4. avatar says: dena

    I always wear oven mitts to remove items from the oven. But one day I made the mistake of reaching in to grab something all the way in the back. Of course that meant extending my arm in past the length of the glove and hitting the ungloved part on the upper rack. Took years for the scar to disappear.

  5. avatar says: Matt

    Oil burns on my eyeball from energetic fried chicken!

  6. avatar says: brandy g.

    The first meal that I made my husband was pork chops and I was not paying attention and I burnt them. I was on the phone and all of a sudden there was smoke everywhere. That was the first night we ordered takeout.

  7. my husband almost always burns down the kitchen he almost burned the kitchen down boiling hot dogs he went to sleep and forgot they were on the stove. he is no longer allowed in the kitchen

  8. When I was first starting to cook, I decided to light the oven (Age 5 maybe) and reheat me some fried chicken. I lit the match, it went out and I left the gas on and got another match. I struck it and BOOM the oven lit but I got thrown across the kitchen with scorched brows and eye lashes. My parents had no idea what I was doing in the kitchen. Boy was dad hopping mad. I could have burned the house down and died myself. That is my worst burn story. I still cringe when I hear a gas stove whosh to light and that was more than sixty years ago!

  9. avatar says: Victor

    I was 12 years old and was frying fish on the stove. Some of the oil landed on my hand and made a huge bubble and than popped some time later with a lot of puss.

  10. I hate it when the pot holder gets wet and you dont realize it until you are in the oven and ouch daarn it just got burnt

  11. avatar says: Jon Heil

    Always hate when I sometime make microwave popcorn and the bag has the oil out of it and doesn’t pop right and sometime the bag would smoke and get very black

  12. avatar says: Mike D

    Be careful with hot oil! I will never forget the time my friend was making french fries in a frying pan… had the oil up really high and then the oil spilled onto the burner. Fire! Make sure to have a good extinguisher available when cooking(so you don’t risk burning your kitchen down)…

  13. avatar says: Deb C

    I used to cover bowls of food with plastic wrap before microwaving. Bad idea. As I pulled a bowl of hot food out, the plastic slipped and steam burned my fingers badly.

  14. I always end up splashing hot oil everywhere – including all over me when I’m homemade fried chicken. I mean, fried chicken is very yummy but must I injure myself for it? Hmmm…

  15. avatar says: Miriam

    I have multiple burn marks all over both my arms. Every time I reach in the oven I burn myself!

  16. always wear long oven gloves to prevent burns

  17. avatar says: Samantha

    I remember about a year ago I was attempting to make a grilled steak on the stovetop and finished in the oven. I seared the steak in my cast iron pan and finished it in the oven but when I went to take it out I totally forgot to grab a cover and grabbed it out of the 400 degree oven with my bare hands, it took what felt like forever to register that my hand was burning. That was a painful day and lasted weeks with healing fully. I’ve never heard of Burn Jel but I will be going to grab some to keep in our medical kit asap. Thank you for the review and giveaway.

  18. avatar says: Amanda

    I have childhood memories of making s’mores in the toaster over and the time the marshmallow caught fire.

  19. avatar says: Arielsara

    This would be a perfect summer grill! and for year round!

  20. My husband (who cannot cook) decided to cook breakfast and forgot about it and went to bed and I woke up to a house full of smoke.

  21. I love grilling and hate burning. Seems like a win win.

  22. avatar says: Barbara

    Would love a Weber grill and a product that relieves burn agony!!

  23. My poor little daughter got burned when she grabbed the pot off the stove. I wish I would have had this then!

  24. avatar says: Kelly D

    Sometimes I burn my hand a little when I go to grab a tray that has recently come out of the oven, in the rush to give my kids dinner.

  25. avatar says: Rachel J.

    I hate the reaching into the oven burn you can get on your arm – above the oven mitts- when it touches the hot rack. ouch.

  26. avatar says: cwiz23

    I have burned myself so many times that I don’t even know when the worst one was. I have managed to even burn myself while wearing oven mits as I tried to get something from the middle rack and burned myself with the top rack. Burn Jel Plus is a great product to have in your medicine cabinet.

  27. avatar says: schoenbc1

    Two friends and I started a challah and babka baking business in our shul over 20 years ago. Since the shul was small, and we did our baking on on Thursdays, it was quite hectic.

    Once one of my partners turned towards each other at the same time. She was carrying a pan she had just taken out of the oven. The pain was horrific and lasted for days. Thankfully it did not need any hospital/doctor care, but I certainly could have used something like BurnJel at that time.

    I still have the scar!

  28. nice, it’s water based!

  29. Years ago, a gas oven/stove exploded on my step-Dad. I don’t remember the details very well, because I was young. It was scary and Dad got burned. Thankfully, he survived (and continued cooking for us)

  30. avatar says: Ita

    I had set a pan on top of the stove to make myself some eggs, but then got distracted. Unknown to me, my husband had turned on the oven and the metal loop at the end of the pan’s handle was right over the oven return. I returned about half an hour later, grabbed the pan and the metal loop pressed into my inner arm just above the wrist – ouch! It took months for the scar to fade.

  31. I think that is an wonderful equipment we have a chance of winning thank you Joy of Kosher for all of these giveaways.

  32. avatar says: cynthia

    Once I put on both gloves and OUCH- holes I did not see. I learned to always check my gloves and pot holders for holes, tears etc. and replace them.

  33. avatar says: Kristina

    Taking chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and just brushing the oven door with my hand (startled me more than hurt me). So I jump and goey chocolate chip cookies go all over the inside of the oven door. Humpfhh.

  34. avatar says: Peryl

    Most of my pots have handles that remain heat free, however, I bought one pot that the handle stays hot. Of course, I always forget to use a glove! I think I need to retire it, and stick to heat-free handles.

  35. avatar says: Annet

    Something everyone should have on hand who cooks or owns a grill. A testimonial for a great product.

  36. avatar says: Nechama

    I used to have some thing that really helped burns but since I ran out of it I’m stuck. besides running it under water, of course. I would love to try this product. and i would love to win that grill

  37. My first try at making a birthday cake for my wife turn into charcoal when I set the temp to high!!!

  38. forgetting to put on my mit and pulling brownies out. well more like starting to getting burned and dropping them on the floor

  39. Just last month I was visiting my parents and I grazed my finger on the inside of their toaster oven when I was taking out a bagel. I immediately iced it but it still hurt a lot and got disgusting looking.

  40. Every time I fry bacon, I get popped with the grease.

  41. My son burnt his toe when he pulled a bowl of hot soup of the counter. We were able to get the silver cream. The Dr. was nice enough to order the largest size and it’s been used many times since. I even used it for a sunburn. It helped immediately.

  42. I don’t have a recent burn story. My husband is always saying he’ll do the cooking because he afraid I’ll cut myself or get burned. And hey, that’s okay by me! Hope I win! When I have gotten burned in the past, I have but honey on the burn.

  43. avatar says: Tammy S

    I used to work at a job where we fried chicken. One time I was putting chicken in the fryer and someone startled me and I stuck my fingers into the grease. Major burn!

  44. I was frying some dough in hot oil and I accidentally burned my wrist with the metal tongs it was very painful and I have a scar from it.

  45. avatar says: adina

    I was burned by pouring a cup of hot chicken soup on myself as a kid. My used to slather Crisco on the burn- wow have times and recommendations changed!!

  46. avatar says: Ayelet

    I have scar in a line across the inside of my arm from reaching in and touching the shelf above the one I was reaching into. :(

  47. I always burn myself when I cook bacon.

  48. avatar says: Elliott E

    Can come in handy

  49. When I was 11, I accidentally spilled boiling water that was on the stove all over my foot. I still have the red blotchy scar.

  50. avatar says: Debbie

    I had put challah dough in the oven, and the towel that I was using caught on fire. It was a hair raising event

  51. I was cooking vegetables and potatoes on the stove top, finished and put them on the table. I put the ceramic dish of chicken on the stove top and served the chicken. I grabbed the ceramic dish with my bare hands forgetting that the electric stove top would still be hot, keeping the dish burning hot. I had some serious blisters and a broken dish.

  52. avatar says: Tamar

    I was pregnant with my daughter and it was really hot so I was wearing a bra and nothing else. I decided that day to make my husband dinner and surprised him. When I took the hot 450 degree pan out of the oven, I didn’t estimate how far my stomach would stretch to. The burn scar on my stomach is about 4 inches long.

  53. avatar says: Joan

    This sounds like something I should add to my toolkit when I work at Sutter’s Fort. I am a docent there and often work with a wood-fired oven. The door has a steel frame that get very hot when the fire has been in the oven for 4-5 hours. I have burned myself by just brushing up against the edge; immediate blister and pain.

  54. avatar says: Amy L

    I have a burn mark on my arm from a couple of weeks ago. I was reaching into the oven to rotate a batch of cookies and my arm touched the front edge of the oven rack just for a split second. It looks like it will be leaving a scar.

  55. avatar says: Carol

    I burned my hand when I got a tray out of the oven.

  56. avatar says: Angela Y

    When I was little, my mom spilled a full skillet of oil on her leg, and had 3rd degree burns. She used some holistic oils and creams and surprisingly doesn’t have any scars today.

  57. I love to cook out!

  58. My mom accidentally burned her hand when cooking french fries in the skillet. The oil was so hot it was cooking her skin. Needless to say my father came home from work early to take her to the hospital. She had severely burned her skin.

  59. avatar says: george

    I burn myself all the time

  60. I used to burn myself every time I took something out of the oven, now I use oven mittens, but I have quite a collection of marks.

  61. avatar says: sully1128

    My teenage daughter left a burner on the stove on the other morning after making breakfast. I came in the kitchen and put my hand right on the burner… Luckily, I wasn’t hurt to badly.

  62. avatar says: Leela

    I burned myself once frying chicken for a birthday party.

  63. avatar says: K. Finn

    Thankfully, I have no bad burn stories to tell. Just a few ouchies from doing things like thinking “that won’t still be hot.”

  64. When cooking on the grill in a frying pan, remember that the handle get as hot as the pan, so when you go to move it to the stove to fininsh
    the dish, use a pot holder! It starts burning about half way there, lol. Luckely I have strong hands and a good deal of pain blocking.
    Thanks Mike H.

  65. burning is a method of cooking for me. I try but seldom succeed in getting it right.

  66. I was preparing a dish for our family reunion, time was not on my side,. I searched for a baking pan but could not find them, I grab a frying pan instead. After having it in the hot stove for several mins., I looked at the clock and quickly grab the frying handle. I had blistered fingertips at my family reunion. They laughed when I told them what happen.

  67. avatar says: Linda S

    I was taking a casserole dish out of the oven and didn’t realize that the potholder had gotten wet… ouch!!!

  68. Sounds like a great product

  69. avatar says: Lois Held

    Don’t know how I do it, but I seem to burn my arm on the oven racks when I pull them out to remove whatever it is I am baking. I currently have a permanent scar and several lighter ones on my arm.

  70. avatar says: Kim

    I should invest in that burn product. I am always burning myself on the oven.

  71. My older daughter and I were making the classic sucker recipes for a school project– The sucker sugar got just to hot, boiling stag– and sucker sugar started popping boiling bubbles out of the pan and we both got burn from the flying sucker sugar that was popping out of a deep pan– ouch it really hurt and just kept burning

  72. I got a steam burn while straining pasta…OUCH!!!

  73. avatar says: Tsippy

    I was grilling chicken and the juice splattered and I burnt my hand! Can totally use this!

  74. I always seem to burn myself when taking things out of the oven. Burn Jel would be a dream to have in the kitchen for all these crazy burns on my hands and forearms.

  75. avatar says: rick

    I remember my cousin as a toddler coming up and touching an open oven. Great grandma put butter on the burn, wrong thing to do!

  76. avatar says: Jayne

    My burn “go-to” has always been the fresh gel from the aloe vera plant that sits on my kitchen window sill but it’s always good to have a back-up on hand as well.

  77. avatar says: Amanda

    I, for whatever reason, can not remember that ovens are hot and constantly burn myself. After my last one, my toddler son walked around for weeks pretending he had ice on his burn.

  78. avatar says: Elizabeth

    I have a tendency to burn my forearms when taking cookie sheets out of the oven (always the same spot too!) and having this gel around the house would really come in handy!

  79. avatar says: Nechama

    I love that theory that women have more resistant hands because we’re handling hot things more often (in the most stereotypical world, of course!).

  80. This would be so handy in my kitchen! Lately I’ve become a shlemazel.
    Even better: If I win the grill as well! We’ve been wanting one but keep pushing off the purchase.

  81. avatar says: Mom in NJ

    Just last week I burned my arm while turning veggie burgers in the toaster oven. Still healing.

  82. avatar says: Bev

    bad oil burn. This product really works!

  83. avatar says: Ruthie

    Love how I always think I’ll end up with blisters after a bad burn – but have nothing to show when I use Burn Jel Plus!!

  84. Would like to try this product. Too many kitchen burns to count… Thank you.

  85. I have burnt myself a couple of times reaching into the oven.

  86. Would love to win the gel for me and the grill for my husband!
    Waaay to many burns on my arms from taking stuff out of the oven

  87. Not just saying this because I want the grill. I seriously love burnjel. I used it on a very very serious burn when I was waitressing and it saved my skin and a trip to the ER.

  88. avatar says: Susan

    I often burn when cooking in the kitchen, even through potholders. I’d be willing to try this product.

  89. Long long time ago when we still make popcorn with oil in a pot on the stove….the oil splatter when adding the popcorn and got me at the base of my thumb….35 years later the scar reminds me

  90. I always burn myself when I use my new cast-iron skillets, because I’m so used to being able to just grab the handle on traditional ones without getting burned

  91. avatar says: robee61

    I remember watching an episode of Dr. Kildare as a child. Aboy was burned when a pot of hot oil spilled on him. I have nevered deep fryed anything due to this show.

  92. My mom and I always get burned in the same place on our arm! We both do it when we’re getting the bread out of the oven, we get burnt on the rack. So at times we have matching burn marks, lol!

  93. avatar says: JoAnn

    That’s good it is water based.

  94. When I was A kid, I remember trying to get my moms attention and getting a little hot oil on my hand and having to go the hospital!

  95. avatar says: anne hill

    i always burn myself trying to pull corn on the cob out of the oven – i wrap it in aluminum foil so i think it will be cool & its not!

  96. avatar says: Malka G

    When you get that feeling that you are too close to the metal on the toaster oven so you jerk your hand and actually get a burn.

  97. I have a couple of friends who are professional chefs, & they could seriously use some of this. I, OTOH, am so coordinated as to have never injured myself in the kitchen (you can stop laughing, now. The scars all will eventually fade). Honestly, it makes sense to keep BurnJel on my shelf, right next to the crazy glue, for those moments when SOMEBODY is less than perfect in her movements…

  98. avatar says: Susan

    Must try this. I cook and bake and accidently have burned myself several times.

  99. avatar says: Elise

    This winter I tapped our sugar maple trees for the first time. Then when I was boiling down the sap, I splashed some right on my own face and gave myself 2nd degree burns across my whole forehead. Fortunately it healed amazingly well and quickly, but for a few days my whole face was swollen so badly I almost couldn’t see (my eyes were fine, my glasses protected them, but my eyelids and nose had filled with fluid).

  100. avatar says: chavie

    My burns tend to happen when I try to take things out of the toaster oven and my arm touches the top rack. Has happened multiple times but I still haven’t learned…

  101. avatar says: Susan

    Interesting to learn about this useful product.

  102. I’ve briefly caught a kitchen towel on fire a couple of times but that’s about it.

  103. avatar says: Bia Klein

    Wow. I could really use this grill. I’m so tired of the hassle of the charcoal seup. And when it comes to burns I am the queen. I really need to try this stuff.

  104. avatar says: Puttiemom

    There is a standing joke round my Yom Tov table…. Someone always asks me where I got burned his time!! I am very very clumsy!

  105. avatar says: Louly

    I once tried to make a candle by melting crayons and pouring them into glass… not smart…..

  106. Always keep a fire extinguisher over the kitchen door.

  107. Keep hearing on the news about people going to lay down while dinner cooks on the stove. They fall asleep, breath in the smoke, die, and their house catches fire. Never lay down instead of standing at the stove.

  108. avatar says: Chevie

    Last year I got one of my worst burns. I forgot to put on an oven mitt and my arm touch the hot oven grate(oven was on 400 degrees). It was horrible. I had to get perscription burn cream..all for the sake of cooking!

  109. If I had this beautiful grill, I would have more opportunities to burn myself and use the gel.

  110. avatar says: Maggie

    7 years ago- I put a cookie sheet down sideways and burned the inside of my wrist in the process. I still have a major scar!

  111. I’m an excellent cook, but tend to burn myself fairly often. Too many things going on at once :(

  112. I was making a pot of homemade vegetable soup and stirring it. It was boiling at the time and the soup came out of the pt and burned my chest. Took the skin right off instantly…awful pain!

  113. It was this past Thanksgiving and I I was basting the turkey and the pan slipped and I caught it and without a potholder! I got burned and pretty bad, ran to my neighbors house and they were going to take me to the hospital. But her daughter was there and had the burn gel in the purse! Thank goodness It worked like a charm and now I have to keep it on hand!

  114. The last time that I burned myself was using a food steamer, and I steamed my hand.

  115. I was getting BBQ Ribs out of the oven and grabbed a wet towel it burnt my hand. I ran water over it but it hurt all day and night!

  116. This sounds like a fantastic product ! I will purchase a bottle the next time I go shopping !!!

  117. avatar says: Gina N

    I was having a Holiday gathering at my home with my extended family attending. I was extremely busy in the kitchen for over 1 week preparing all the food and freezing it so all I had to do the day of the party was heat the food and be a gracious hostess. Well, I had just gotten a new oven and was heating the main course when I acidentally locked the oven. After finally getting it to unlock my main entree was burnt and dried out. I just wanted to cry, but my family were all good sports about it and happily ate the hor’dourves. It actually turned out to be a fun and festive party.

  118. avatar says: Gina N

    I forgot to add to my story above, that when the oven locked I was so panicked that I burnt my hand on the hot stovetop (one hand on the stovetop and the other on the oven door) trying to unlock it. I quickly ran it under cold water and luckily my Aunt who is a nurse carries Burn Jel with her and put it on my hand and wrapped it.

  119. I sometimes burn myself when I grab a cast-iron pan I’ve been using on the stove top.

  120. I am always burning myself,

  121. avatar says: nathan

    I wish I had burnjel when I left the oven door open and then seared my leg after turning around.

  122. fixing Christmas dinner reached into the oven to get a turkey out and burned the knuckles on both hands. Knuckles take a long time to heel.

  123. avatar says: Tammy

    I put a small cup sitting on a plate in the microwave. I then opened up and picked up the plate with my fingers. Bad burn.

  124. I was making my husband’s iced tea and fell asleep. Unfortunately the pot was burnt beyond repair. Thank goodness a fire didn’t start because I was napping.

  125. avatar says: pen

    Sounds awesome! Well not the burning part!

  126. avatar says: Peter G

    I was taking a pan out of the oven when my arm touched the side of the pan. It was a second degree burn about two inches. I had to get treatment at the doctor and cover it. It was very painful and left a scar that has faded a little with time. I remember it was hard to do things because of the bandage and I couldn’t get it wet or dirty.

  127. avatar says: Tamar

    Just burned my arm on the side of the oven while cooking for Shabbat last week! Wish I had had a good gel to put on it then!

  128. avatar says: dan rossa

    While volunteering at a charity event, I was working the grills. They were so hot that my belt buckle burned my stomach. I didn’t even realize it until later that day.

  129. Sometimes we learn about the good stuff when something unfortunate happens! As a frequent cook with Jewish holidays, I’ll make sure to keep my eye on this when I see it and keep it stocked in my first aid kit!

  130. avatar says: Gilly

    I still have a burn scar on my arm from the edge of the oven rack when I reached in while baking sweet potatoes. Turns out having oven mitts on your hands isn’t enough!

  131. avatar says: Hindy

    I got a burn on my fingers years ago when making candy apple, and have a scar left.

  132. avatar says: Grace

    I’m always burning myself while cooking. Cookie sheet slips, hot oil splatters while frying, or just plain walking into the oven door while it’s open. Looking forward to trying the product.

  133. Every year we make blintzes with friends. And every year there are burns earned along with the deliciousness.

  134. avatar says: Sandy N.

    Only when frying foods. Like bacon when it pops. I’ll get a little grease burn.

  135. avatar says: Miriam

    Sounds like an amazing product to have handy! (And the grill wouldn’t hurt either)

  136. I burn myself far too often. having something like burnjel would be great.

  137. avatar says: Miriam

    And I have way too many burn stories, my husband is always threatening to take away my oven lol

  138. avatar says: Stacy

    I really need a new grill and I’m always burning my fingers by accident
    I really want to try it (but unfortunately that means I have to get burned first)

  139. I was boiling an egg & got splashed with hot water. Never again! I’ll leave the fancy cooking to my wife.

  140. avatar says: Tara

    No matter how careful I always am, turning the handles of the pots inwards, using pot holders, etc, somehow I always manage to get little burns from splashing oil, steam from a boiling pot, tipping a pan while lifting it out of the oven etc. So… Burn jel would be a great item to keep handy even for careful cooks!

  141. every chalah baker or bread baker has a horizontal scar on right or left arm when they reached (with mit) to back of over to pull out a loaf or the “chalah”

  142. avatar says: Rachel

    Great idea!It happens atleast numerous times a year that I burn myself bending in and out of the oven! Having long arms I would need to get myself longer oven mits.

  143. am forever burning myself with my oven..sounds really helpful.

  144. avatar says: Gail

    I am notorious for burning myself in ways large and small while cooking, so I keep a bottle of BurnJel in the kitchen cupboard at all times! It REALLY works. I should probably have one out near the grill, too….

  145. avatar says: Sara

    Looks like a great product.

  146. avatar says: Eli Rand

    Would love a weber!

  147. Our next door neighbor has an aloe plant, but it would be good to have something in the house, as well….just in case……

  148. avatar says: naomi

    I haven’t had a grill in 2 years and miss it terribly! I’m going to get some burnJel soon (though the burns usually happen around Pesach time in this house)

  149. avatar says: Michelle

    I once threw onions into a sautee pot with hot oil and the oil splattered and hit my arm. Talk about painful! Had a scar that took a couple of years before it went away.

  150. avatar says: Kristina

    My first job was at a pizza/ice cream parlor. As I was taking the pizza out of the oven; my fingers on my right hand touched the top of the oven, and well, it hurt and I tried my best not to say certain words in front of the customers! I’m scarred for life!! ;)

  151. avatar says: Elaine

    I was burned while cooking with a veterinarian who had me hold ice on the burn over 10 minutes! I didn’t realize one should do it that long!

  152. May you have many happy years with your family on your aliyah!Keep those videos comming!They give us chizuk.Hatzlacha!To you and your beautiful family K”H.

  153. avatar says: Sara

    Pouring out boiling water from cooking potatoes – it splashed all over my pregnant belly! Luckily we are all well.

  154. I have a spot on my arm that I have re-burned nearly every year on my old oven. My daughter did the same spot last winter. This burn gel would be great, and the grill as ours is rusted. Thank you, and good luck to all~!

  155. Wish I had known about BurnGel then I caught my hand in a hot oven door!
    I will look for it to have on hand from now on.

  156. Thanks for the chance Wouldlove to win

  157. avatar says: Jen

    Frenzied Shabbos cooking has a tendency to leave me with small burns all over (steam burns, oven racks, etc.)! My husband gets his fair share from touching trying to touch the hot dishes too!

  158. avatar says: gitty

    ooh.. I think I can use this jell. u know when the oil gets hot and it gives you a good sprits!!
    would love to have it

  159. When my son was about 11, he thought it would be fun to scare mom with a lizard because he knows I hate things that crawl, hop or sliver. So he stuck a lizard in my face and said “Look Mom”. It would have been funny I guess but he did it while I was frying in a cast iron pan. Everything when flying when I gasped and jumped. I wound up with an aggravating burn on my hand and held it in a bowl of ice water for a few hours to relive the pain. I cannot wait to try this product and see how it works.

  160. avatar says: jodyrubin

    My little guy reached up and touched the grill after boiling water for pasta. Burnt the tips of his fingers. Burn gel would have been great to have then!

  161. avatar says: Janet

    My grandmother insisted that the key to good chicken soup was to pour boiling water over the chicken and vegetables in the soup pot. Following her directions, I poured the boiling water into the pot. Unfortunately some spilled over and onto my foot (in sandals) as well!
    I have since learned that bringing the water, chicken and vegetables to a boil in the same pot, works just as well!

  162. avatar says: Its

    Would love to see this magic work!

  163. avatar says: Avery

    I was in basic training in the Israeli army, and I needed to get a 20 lb pot full of couscous out of the warming drawer. I put on the gloves and I started to pick up the pot. As I was picking it up I felt a tingly sensation on my arm. Let’s just say that burn mark lasted the rest of the training…

  164. avatar says: Adrea

    I can honestly say that I love BurnJel. I keep a bottle in the kitchen at all times. It is wonderful stuff. I burned the inside of my arm last week while getting ready for Shabbos. I cooled the burn down with ice water, and put BurnJel on. I felt no pain when I went to bed that night.

  165. avatar says: Daria

    I got a 3rd degree burn on my arm a few years back, when taking roasted vegetables out of the oven and not opening the oven door all the way! I know FAR too much about burns now. One thing I never do now is open the oven door halfway, though.

  166. avatar says: Miriam

    I think I burn myself on average twice a week. I’m basically immune tout at this point. I don’t usually feel it, but later I’ll see it and say “guess I burned myself!” I joke my hands are made of asbestos.

  167. avatar says: Joyce

    Looks like a fabulous product that I wish my mom would have had when i was growing up,. She experienced numerous burns when using her pressure cooker.

  168. avatar says: Stephanie

    Burns are never a fun experience – always have to be careful!

  169. avatar says: Shiny

    I’ve never burned myself worse than just spots from touching a tray that was still too hot, or little spatters from frying oil. Let’s try to keep it that way.

  170. avatar says: Yafa

    My sister once burned her palm really badly through her oven mitt…right before shabbos!

  171. avatar says: Joy

    I have lots of burn stories, but. i think one of the worst was the time I was taking a pan out of the oven and fumbled it… and caught it with my bare hand.

  172. avatar says: Leah

    This looks like it would be great to have on hand.
    My dream is to have a wall oven someday– that might help me avoid brushing against the racks when turning or removing things from the oven.
    One upside to the various burn marks on my arms: my two-year-old son really believes me when I tell him ovens cause boo-boos!

  173. avatar says: Rust

    My worst burn happened when I touched the oven rack while removing a large turkey for Thanksgiving. It left a 2″ scar on my hand that is still visible.

  174. avatar says: Ahuva

    Tried taking tray of cookies out of the oven… Forgot the mitt – oops
    And pretty painful

  175. avatar says: Elise

    When I had been married for less than a month I burned myself horribly with oil while making dinner. I tried a multitude of different treatments and wished I had used this! After burning myself again more recently I found this in the drugstore and it worked so quickly and so well! BurnJel is the best!

  176. avatar says: melinda S

    when I first started cooking I managed to start a fire in a cast iron pan full of hamburgers I picked up the pan with a bare hand and immediately dropped it, fortunately I only suffered a few minor finger burns

  177. avatar says: Just Jp

    As a habitual BBQer, I need a product like this!

  178. avatar says: Valencia

    I got a steam burn. I was getting ready to take something out of the stove and grabbed an oven mitt. I did not realize it was wet so when I touched the pan I felt a regular burn but then the steam burned me too.

  179. avatar says: Lynne

    I have assorted small brown marks on my arms as testament to the represented burn while cooking. Luckily there are not too many, but at the time of the burn it seems like the worst thing ever.

  180. avatar says: meira

    not much of a story- but i used to burn myself every time i put something in the oven. also, not sure where i’d fit a grill in my nyc apt ;) but i did just get a grill pan

  181. avatar says: Naomi

    That BurnGel sounds like it is a good thing to have around. :) …About 3 weeks ago, I knocked our french press coffee pot FULL of boiling water off the counter and it poured onto the back calf of my leg— sigh! Thankfully, my husband was home to help me out, we put my leg in cool water for a while, then bandaged it up with lavendar oil, coconut oil and honey. It works amazing! I am so thankful to Hashem! It is totally healed now and you can barely tell that it was there!To say the least, I’m much more careful now with hot water!

  182. I’m always looking for burn aids. I once got very distracted and put wet veggies into oil! Splash! I had oil burns all over my arms & hands. By some miracle my face was turned away. Major OUCH!

  183. avatar says: rena

    I am very intrigued!

  184. I was cooking a steak in the oven. I let it rest on top of the burner. I accidently grabbed the handle and it burned my hand.

  185. When I was a teen, my youngest sister was cooking something and splashed hot oil on her arm. Immediately ugly blisters formed. Since no adult was home I had to do the first aid. I was calm and treated her arm… then promptly felt faint and took to the sofa until Mom came home.

  186. avatar says: Loc V.

    I’m always burning myself when I cook really fast. It usually involves hot cooking oil splattering on my arm. Ouch!

  187. I was having a dinner party for 3 couples and their kids this past winter when I burned my forearm pretty bad on a metal casserole dish I took out of the oven. I spent the first hour of the party in the urgent care clinic getting my burn dressed while my husband was on entertaining and childcare duty. It was embarrassing.

  188. When I first started out I did not have lids for my pots and I would use plates. I received a third degree steam burn on my right thumb. OWIE!


  190. avatar says: Cheryl

    Nothing major, thank G-d! but I’m always burning myself while cooking! especially on the oven grates.

  191. avatar says: Elki

    when i was making candy apple and some of the hot sugar mixture fell on my finger and that had a scar for a really long time

  192. I am a certified kitchen klutz. My husband would greatly appreciate it if I won this

  193. My pressure cooker exploded and sent my sis to the hospital with 3rd degree burns on her hand. she was ok in the end

  194. I lifted a cover off a pot and got burned by the steam.

  195. avatar says: heather

    I have burned my hand several times on lids from hot pans on the stove.

  196. avatar says: Naomi

    Too many burns over the years to count!!! Just think of the number of weeks in your life that you’ve been preparaing meals and deduct 10% for the times a balabusta probably doesn’t burn herself…..as long as the results are appreciated, that’s all that matters.

  197. avatar says: JJT

    We have electric burners and it is hard to tell when they are hot so there have unfortunately been numerous burns.

  198. Made pizza RIGHT after Pesach. Pulled out the pie when it was done, but it slipped. I reached for it but missed; my forearm caught the oven shelf though. Still have the scar though it was from four years ago…:(

  199. When we were kids, my sister open a cooking pressure cooker. She burned her face, and got cooked potatoes and carrots all over the kitchen from ceiling to floor! Luckily she didn’t get burned badly, but I learned a good lesson early on.

  200. avatar says: Jill

    I am constantly hitting my arm on the top of the oven or the rack above. Once I even forgot I wasn’t wearing mitts and reached for a hot pan. I am definitely going to keep BurnJel on hand!

  201. Always burning myself on steam.

  202. avatar says: Erica

    My worst kitchen burn was when I was trying to make a spun sugar nest and dropped a blob of hot melted sugar on my fingers. Blistered 3 of them.

  203. I always burn myself when I take things out of the toaster!

  204. i was a grill cook for a couple of years and use to get grease burns on a regular basis. This stuff sounds so amazing I wish I would have had something like it then. Burns hurt so much.

  205. avatar says: Christy

    I have a small kitchen and the stove is very near the sink so if someone is standing at the sink, you can’t open the stove door all of the way. I might or might not have had some wine while I was mixing together a cake and tried to shove it in the hot oven while someone was standing at the sink. Because I couldn’t open the door all of the way, I burned my forearms on it. I think my wine buss helped with the pain, but not for long!

  206. My husband touched the top of the cook top to see if it was hot! It was!! too bad we didn’t have this product. Aloe and cold water soaks helped.

  207. Being in a hurry, I took out a baking sheet not realizing the pot holder I was using was not covering my index and middle finger tips. Needless to say the blisters and the burn is something I won’t forget. I use an oven glove now!

  208. I’m a clutz and have numerous burns on my fingers and hands from taking things out of the oven or touching the hot pans where the mitt didn’t cover. And when Im’ frying on the cooktop I get grease splatters on my arms and face. Making latkes is a sure fire way to get splattered.

  209. avatar says: jopb

    My most common burn occurs when I pick up a hot pan or roaster and the mitts do not go up high enough on my arms

  210. avatar says: Maryjo

    Sorry you had to hurt yourself, but you’re saving so many of us from walking away from an unfinished meal or delaying our meal because we have our (my!) Hand in a tall glass of cold water, thanks!

  211. Boiling eggs. My wife either undercooks them to my taste or forgets about them. Her boiled eggs have grill marks on them. They stick to the pot sometimes. The house has a burned smell then the pop or explosion. It’s her eggs!

  212. avatar says: Elana

    My daughter is always baking and gets burned when taking things out of the oven and touches the side of the baking sheet.

  213. When I was about 12, I tried to cook myself a hamburger based on what I had seen others do. Turned out I had way too much oil in the pan, and it splashed out on my finger when I put the pattie in the pan. Still a nasty scar to this day.

  214. This didn’t happen to me but my sister once got a pretty bad burn on her arm from hot vapor from a pot which she has to reach over to turn an oven knob. That’s why I’m kind of happy that my stove knobs are on the front of the stove even though it’s harder with little kids around.

  215. avatar says: jsc123

    Once after frying chicken I left the lid on the pan and went to submerge it in hot soapy water. About half way into the sink the lid blew up off the pan and the grease flew out all over my hand giving me third degree burns and a trip to the emergency room.


  216. avatar says: ses

    This sounds like a great product to have on hand. I get burns from my iron too.

  217. avatar says: Deborah

    as a kid I remember if we had burns my grandmothers would rub them with butter and it took the pain away. years later we were told not to do that because it cooked the burn so we stopped and started using over the counter ointment which ironically did not work near as well. this looks like something I would like to try.

  218. avatar says: Debbie

    I was pouring hot water into a cup and it overflowed and all over my fingers, it stung, but I was so busy with things to do I honestly just turned to do something else, thanking the LORD that it wasn’t worse than it was, the next day I felt a tingle on my fingers, I believe it was the LORD reminding me of his mercy upon me in that.

  219. Great product, wish I had some when I burned my neck with a curling iron and flat iron, would have felt much better with burn gel i am sure

  220. avatar says: JoAn

    gave my grill away so would like another one now

  221. The running joke in our house is that if I haven’t burned or cut myself, the meal is a total loss! This product sounds like it would at least solve 50% of my problem – I would be really interested to try it.

  222. avatar says: brt

    I would love to win this!

  223. avatar says: Chavie

    when i was in high school, I left a pot of oil on the stove and forgot about it. next thing I knew, there were flames shooting up!

  224. avatar says: blima

    Just burnt myself yesterday on our toaster oven big bad burn

  225. avatar says: Sheila

    When my middle child, now all grown up, was 2, he decided to help his Abba (dad) with the grill on Mother’s Day. He ‘helped’ by touching the grill to be sure it was hot. Needless to say, he suffered a bad burn. We rushed off to the hospital, where our wonderful pediatrician left her own Mother’s Day celebration to tend to our little one. Weeks of bandages and salves ensued. What a help a product like this would have been!

  226. avatar says: Susan B

    Looks like a safe and helpful product

  227. Accidentally brushed my forearm against a hot oven rack. Fortunately a close friend is an MD and she walked me through determining whether I needed to go to the ER (I didn’t) but what a scary experience.

  228. avatar says: Adina

    Long oven mitts are a necessity, I used to burn my arms on cookie sheets all the time.

  229. avatar says: DJ

    BurnJel Plus is fabulous. I burned myself badly, on my forearm while using a gas stove. It began to blister. I drove to our local Walmart pharmacy and purchased this BurnJel. It immediately felt soothing and protected the skin. After the weekend was over, I visited the clinic to make sure I was doing the proper things to heal the wound. The doctor was amazed and pleased that the BurnJel had my protected my skin so well. No scar now either.

  230. avatar says: Aviva

    I am thrilled to hear about this new burn product!
    I spend many hours in the kitchen, and occasionally burn myself – like everybody else!
    When my oldest was three he touched the electric burner (just one reason why I prefer gas!) – it had been off for a little while – but was still HOT! We took him to the Doctor – and it blistered and Thank G-d everything was OK – however – he was in pain! This product would have surely helped!

  231. avatar says: sara

    would love to win, thanks!

  232. I once actually caught the formica countertop behind the burner on fire in a previous home, then burned myself trying to get the fire put out

  233. avatar says: elisse

    I burn myself on hot pots All the time- cooking and washing dishes is a blood sport for me! LOL. I try to have an aloe plant in the kitchen, as i always did in Israel, but that’s not always possible…

  234. avatar says: Gitty

    just this Friday, I reached for the pot handle only to find that it was inexplicably hot. I guess the flame was too high and the pot wasn’t centered over the burner. Ouch. I still have a blister.

  235. avatar says: Leah

    Would be great to have around

  236. My grans and I were making cookies when my grand daughter got way too excited trying to help me and grabbed the cookie sheet! Ouch! Needless to say we had to stop for awhile to comfort her and soothe her wound and tears!

  237. would love this bb-q

  238. avatar says: bonnie

    While cooking at my daughters I grabbed the metal handle of her all clad pan…. ouch!!

  239. Thankfully (knock on wood) I don’t have much to report as far as burn stories are concerned! My dad, on the other hand (pun intended?!) did grab a cookie tray out of the oven once, thinking his oveglove was on and it was not!

  240. when i first started cooking like at 15 to surprise my family i burnt the potholder and the dishcloth and well the surpise happened but not as i was planning

  241. avatar says: LaKeisha

    burned from steam boiling hot dogs

  242. avatar says: Max

    Have had the occasional arm bumping on the top of the oven. but the worst was i was working in a pizza store and was closing the pizza oven using the back of my hand. I missed the oven handle and hit the back of the pizza oven door. Got a very bad burn baruch hashem a friend was working next door who was also on hatzolah and able to patch me up. to this day i still have a faint outline of the burn scar

  243. Burn my hand every year basting a Thanksgiving turkey. It’s become a tradition!

  244. When I was younger I was in the kitchen helping my mom with the cooking and she had a pot of boiling water on the stove and I don’t remember how it happened but that pot of boiling water fell off the stove and on to me. I had to be rushed to the hospital where I stayed for over a month because of my burns. That was a terrible time but I have since recovered.

  245. avatar says: Courtnie

    I work in a cafeteria actually, and I once burned my hand a bit while cleaning the grill. I was scrubbing it with the tool, when the tool kind of slipped and so my hand accidentally touched the grill which was still pretty hot.

  246. Many is the times I burned my hand above the thumb by hitting it on the rack above the one my food was on!

  247. Looks like a safe and helpful product..love to win it..never get burn ;-)

  248. avatar says: cherrie

    just got burned yesterday basting a roast

  249. I burnt my right hand on the same spot 2 times one day from the oven rack, it was nasty but this stuff was amazing

  250. Yesterday afternoon I was actually drying up some bacon and got burnt on my wrist when some hot bacon grease popped back and hit me.

  251. avatar says: Jessica

    I once burned butter, cream, and sugar on a smooth top stove. It was a mess. We were making a cake topping.

  252. i put bread in the microwave once to thaw it out.well i forgot to take off the thing u wrap it with and a fire started.thank god i caught it on time

  253. avatar says: LJ

    I was making coffee at a friend’s house and was unfamiliar with her equipment. I tugged the finished pot of coffee off the burner and it splashed back all across my upper body. Man, did that hurt! Wish I’d had this product to “stop the burn” (actually a scald) that day.

  254. avatar says: etka

    Wow. could have used this almost twenty years ago when I knocked over a boiling cup of water on Shabbat onto my leg! Took an hour in the tub with freezing water and a hospital visit – plus a three week convalescence with NO SWIMMING, and silverdine, and endless tears…

  255. avatar says: Zahava

    This didn’t happen to me thank G-d but my friend was a waitress in a camp. She spilled boiling chicken soup on herself and to this day will not eat chicken soup!

  256. avatar says: Tisa

    I burned up a kitchen in college. Fortunately I was not in it!

  257. I have burned myself on hot grease cooking in the kitchen

  258. I was making corn meal mush, and it bubbled and popped right onto my hand and arm as I was stirring it.

  259. avatar says: April

    While I knew my electric oven would be warm, I never realized how warm the window was until my baby walked over and had her palms touch it. This would have been a great item to have on hand. Luckily, I took her to the doctor who said she was fine.

  260. I don’t remember this but my parents say when i was 2 years old i touched a hot electrical stove top a few minutes before shabbos and needed emergency teatment! i have no recollection!

  261. I touched the burners when I was a teenagers and got a nasty burn.

  262. avatar says: susan

    heard a great thing to do for burns and it works ! keep a bag of white flour in the freezer – if/when you have a burn do NOT wet it or ice it – just dip area into the white cold flower (or sprinkle it on if not in a dippable place – leave on minimum 1/2 hour – will take out the burn and NOT SCAR !

  263. avatar says: susan

    oops ! previous blog said “dip into cold flower” – it should be FLOUR!

  264. avatar says: AM

    burned myself on steam a few times, especially when dumping noodles/other hot food into a colander to drain them in the sink.

  265. for some strange reason every Holiday I always burn myself getting food out the oven

  266. avatar says: Rosanne

    I used to cook a lot until I got a computer. Now we joke that dinner is read when the smoke alarm goes off.

  267. A gas stove/oven exploded in my step-Dad’s face almost 50 years ago. I can’t remember the specifics…and, I’m happy to say my Dad recovered (nevertheless, I’m still scared of gas stoves!)

  268. I could use this, don’t have a grill yet in my house :)

  269. avatar says: @n210ss

    When cooking hamburgers and grease splattered on my arm when flipping them.

  270. Trying to cook fried chicken when I was pregnant and the grease popped straight on my belly. I had a nice size burn and the crazy part was my daughters birth mark looks like the grease burn.

  271. avatar says: kymi a

    A lady came to the door to sell baked goods when I was cooking, I came back 2mins later, I grabbed the pan handle and oil jumped out of the pan and onto my wrist, I have 2 a huge dot and a fat long oil mark on my wrist. It was so quick but the pain was like fire on my arm. I sure could use Burn jel plus & #StopTheBurn!

  272. avatar says: Taylor D

    I tried to make my new husband a meal when we returned from our honeymoon to show him I could whip myself into domesticated mode like an on/off switch. Turns out the only thing getting whipped was my dignity when I burned my nail so bad it turned black from the stove.

  273. I remember the first time i got burned! was baking cookies, and caught the side of the cookie sheet on my hand when i went to take it out of the oven! Boy ddi it hurt! Wish i woulda had some of this when it happened!

  274. While at work usting the fryer, was taking te fryer basket up and it slipped out of my hand and dropped back in the grease and it splattered all over me

  275. Just yesterday, I baked a chicken and got it out of the oven when it was done. I was busy talking to my husband and I opened the lid with my hand. It hurt but I didn’t take my hands off after a few seconds because I was shocked or something lol.

  276. I have had several since I cook 3 plus meals everyday and have been cooking since I was 12 or so. The most recent was a little scarier. Hot oil had smeared on the stove and my electric stovetop caught on fire. Luckily I remembered that water is bad! I put it out by putting a lid to a pot on top until it went away.

  277. avatar says: Tammy S

    My husband is a cook and gets burned at least once a month on the pizza ovens

  278. avatar says: Rita F

    Whenever I bake anything I seem to get a burn on my arm from the element :P

  279. avatar says: Erin E

    When I worked at Latorres Restaurant I had a pan of hot grease that was at smoke point poured down my neck by a guy that wasnt paying attention. I was bent down getting something out of the over and he swirled around with the pan of grease and spilled all over me! Super painful and horrible experience!

  280. I have the worst time ever burning my forearm and right hand for some reason.

  281. I accidentally set a pot of tomato soup on fire and covered whole kitchen in a cloud of dark black smoke

  282. When I was 14 I caught my kitchen on fire while cooking bacon!

  283. avatar says: Annette H

    Walking to the sink to drain a pot of pasta the boiling water sloshed over all down my front

  284. After I had my 1st son I thought I had to sterilize everything for weeks. I had to bottle feed my son because my milk dried up completely within days so I was sterilizing the nipples for the bottles &. I didn’t have a dishwasher so after I had washed the nipples in hot soapy water I I had the nipples in a pot of boiling water which I always boiled for 5 minutes. Well on this particular day I got so busy I completely forgot about the bottle nipples until I smelled this horrible burning stinch! I went to the kitchen & those bottle nipples were burning. It was not funny at the time but now looking back I can laugh at myself for sterilizing everything. Fortunately we caught it in time also & we didn’t have to call the fire trucks!

  285. I was cooking bacon and when i flipped the last piece it pops burning my hand. it took 3 weeks to heal

  286. I had a grease fire in my kitchen once from cooking bacon. Burned my arm and a good part of my kitchen

  287. I entered the giveaway the other day, but the Rafflecopter form doesn’t indicate that I’ve entered. Can you please explain?

  288. avatar says: mink

    Back when children’s pj’s could still be sold if flammable my sister demonstrated the risk. (She was saved by quick parental action!)

  289. One time I grabbed a hot mitt not realizing it was wet until it was too late carrying a super heavy casserole with it burning my hand thru the wet hot mitt!

  290. I entered this giveaway last week (a day or two before the Twitter party). For some reason, the RC form does not indicate that I’ve entered. I entered again last night–just the first entry–and the RC still does not show that I’ve entered.

  291. I was cooking a huge pot of chilli.I took the top off to stir it and tbhe pot slid and burned my arm.I had 2nd degree burns and had to go to the er.

  292. avatar says: Carey P

    I didn’t realize I had turned the fire up instead of down and boiled my water off my hot dogs

  293. avatar says: Melissa

    I almost always burn myself when I make turkey bacon for my family!

  294. I am on a kosher competition BBQ team and was transferring hot coals to grill and dropped one on my foot. It landed on an odd spot right under my ankle, went right through the sock and burned the top of my foot.Ouch!!! Now we make sure that Burn Jel is always in our kit!

  295. I have burned myself reaching over one pot to get to another.

  296. I am constantly burning my fingers due my not being able to find a quality potholder, I definitely would use burn gel often.

  297. I always burn myself reaching into the oven. Solved it by getting silicone gloves!

  298. I’ve never gotten a burn in the kitchen. (knock on wood)

  299. I’m lucky and have never received a burn in the kitchen. (knock on wood)

  300. avatar says: Cynthia

    My son dropped something heavy on my glass electric cook top and broke it. It will cost $500 for a new one

  301. Large family so I cooked young and burnt myself often. Ouch!

  302. avatar says: Kim Davis

    I burn myself from steam way to often.

  303. avatar says: Sabrina

    I made some bacon wrapped scallops, and didn’t realize the bacon grease dripped to the bottom of the oven…I then turned the oven up to 450, and put my clams casino in. Minutes later, the fire department was there, and that was my first Christmas Eve :)

  304. just 4 or 5 days ago –i was heating up frozen chinese food in oven…i put my mitt on to get it out, and put on burners on top of stove..then got some cheese out of fridge to put on top and crabbed the s/s handled and burnt my thumb and pinky finger..then i said bad-bad words…

  305. avatar says: MARTHAIA

    Baked chicken added to much water and over it went !!!!!!!!! SMELLED FOR DAYS

  306. avatar says: Chaya

    I burn myself from small oil splatters often enough.

  307. avatar says: Avi Levy

    If you’ve never burned yourself in the kitchen, then you not really cooking. :-)

    L’Chaim . . . Avi

  308. avatar says: D Barelli

    I have burned myself on several occasions. I have been told to put potato and toothpaste among other things to help soothe the pain. Good to know there is burn jel made specifically for these types of situations!

  309. I feel like I have delayed reaction to the burn. I take risk thinking I can get through it and then burn myself. Of course theres the thin pot holder or wet rag that always does the trick too.

  310. avatar says: shira

    One of my friends once burned her arm by it getting stuck to the oven coil while it was set at 350! She still has a burn mark almost 15 years later!

  311. I burn myself mostly because I am not using a long mit . But my worst burns came from when I had to reach up to a tall oven and get a tray of 24, heavy kasha knishes out of the oven. My boss at the time didn’t provide mitts. We had to use a rag. I burned the top of my forearm badly but saved the k ishes from falling. I. Could have used this product in all of my burns.

  312. avatar says: B. Cody

    Dude- sometimes, while at work, I burn myself whenever I touch hot metal around the oven, or the little thingies that we put the pizzas on. OUCH!

  313. We was out side grilling on our homemade grill.Well the grease from the hamburgers made it catch on fire,You can say we had burnt hamburgers .

  314. Frying eggplant and water got in the pan, oil popping and spraying all over me and the stove.

  315. a kitchen related burn incident we experienced has to do with my oven and where it is in kitchen makes it awkward to open and remove food, therefore I burn my hand/arm with oven regularly, which is why I prefer to make meals outside on BBQ but I have lived here 18 yrs and have gone thru 14 grills and same oven….time for new kitchen or another new grill :) <3

  316. ove glove gets too hot after a few seconds

  317. I have so many scars from burning myself from cooking

  318. One time without thinking I just reached in the oven and grabbed a cookie sheet, I burnt my thumb pretty badly, all I had to put on it was some aloe Vera.

  319. When I try to remove cookie sheet from the toaster oven in a hurry a burnt my fingers very badly.Didn’t want my cookies to burn.

  320. avatar says: Lisa V.

    I was baking potatoes Au Gratin. I opened the oven to take out the dish and the bubbling cheese spilled over and on top of my hand. I had a blister the size of the back of my hand where you could actually see the fluid inside moving around. Fun trip to the ER.

  321. avatar says: Allison

    I burnt my finger trying to take a hot pan out the oven. Just so happen to have a whole in my oven glove. Note to self…toothpaste does not work on burns. Sure wish I had some burnjel then!!

  322. My Mom always taught to keep pot handles to the inside of the stove, Well one time I forgot that the handles were pointing outwards when I walked by and accidently ran into the handle, I tried to catch the pot so it wouldn’t fall and well I really burnt my two hands pretty good. Lesson learned. Handles always turned in towards the stove now.

  323. To sum it up. I am very uncoordinated!!!

  324. avatar says: Erica B.

    I always seem to catch my hand on the rack in the oven and get a tiny burn.

  325. avatar says: roxanne

    when my daughter accidently touched her wrist to my hot iron, what I would have given to have a product like this. We just did the cold water quickly.

  326. avatar says: choochoo

    I have a difficult time figuring out how to fry stuff on the stove top. Thus, I have frequent fights with hot oil. There are a few burns on my forearms from these fights. I usually lose, and I burn my food! Boooooo!

  327. avatar says: Sonya

    I grew up used to full sized ovens, and the first time I used an apartment sized one I burned my finger which made me flinch and I burned the back of my arm on the heating element. Crazy hot!

  328. avatar says: Kelly H.

    I recently burned my finger taking a hot dish out of the oven. I was using an old pot holder and the heat came right through it. Ouch!!

  329. My most recent burn story was grabbing something out of the microwave and the hot steam got me! OUCH

  330. My mother hit her spoon that was in her coffee and very hot coffee spilled in her lap. Her pants stuck to her leg. It was horrible!

  331. I was making some Honey cookies for Hanukkah. I was making so many things at once that I did not notice what I was doing and grabbed my potholder that was very, very old. When I went to take the pan out of the oven, the heat of it went right though the potholder and burned my fingers and palm.

  332. splatter burns up my arms from frying chicken

  333. I took out a tray of hot cookies and put them down on top of the oven. Then I grabbed the hot tray forgetting I just got them out of the oven and got some nasty burns on my fingers.

  334. I could have used this recently when I had a bad grease burn from frying chicken when it splattered on my hand and on the far side of my face!

  335. avatar says: Beverly M

    I burned my arm on the oven rack a few days ago when I was baking some biscuits. It’s still sore. Thanks for having this contest.

  336. avatar says: Bryan E.

    Thanks for the giveaway… always seem to burn my knuckles when taking out a pan from the broiler !

  337. avatar says: Sand

    I was once removing cookies from the oven and I didn’t know the oven mitt had a hole in it. That was so painful!

  338. It seems like Im always getting small burns in my kitchen but the worst one I have ever gotten was when I was little and helping my mom make waffles I reached across it for something and touch my forearm to the hot iron, I had a large blister that was really painful.

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