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New Gourmet Flavored Cheeses *Giveaway*


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This article is sponsored by Sincerely Brigitte flavored cheeses.

I have written many articles about cheese and the evolution of kosher cheese, from a limited selection of slices that tasted like orange plastic to a world where kosher cheese has expanded from the kosher aisle to the gourmet aisle. The latest addition to our cheese board is on a plate of its own! Sincerely Brigitte has created a line of flavored cheeses that will complement almost any dairy meal or side dish. The six flavors include Jalapeno Cilantro and Chipotle, Parsley Chive and Garlic Basil, Tomato Olive and Blue Marble. They all have their unique taste, but they are made to complement, not overpower, with a mild Monterey Jack or Cheddar base.

Sincerely Brigitte cheeses are getting attention from cheese aficionados of every stripe, I have been using the cheeses over the past couple of months in all my Italian and Mexican dishes and my whole family loves it. The kids love choosing which cheese to sprinkle over their pasta or melt into their veggie taco. I love saving a step by using the flavor of these cheeses to transform an otherwise boring dish You better stock up, once I started with these flavored cheeses it makes it hard to go back to plain old cheddar. And stay tuned for more adventurous flavors to come, I am sworn to secrecy, but they sound amazing!

Brigitte, the cheese maker and longtime friend of Joy of Kosher, created these cheeses in hopes of creating a community of cheese lovers just like her. I know we have a lot of cheese lovers on this site and that is why we have teamed up to offer 4 CHANCES TO WIN!!

Over the next month we will be giving away four Sincerely Brigitte Cheese Sampler Sets including 1 of each of the 6 flavors with a little black cooler, a $40 value.

Enter below with Rafflecopter and you can enter daily or weekly to win, every Thursday in May we will pick one winner and share a new recipe featuring one of the cheeses.

Get started by commenting below, which flavor do you think will be your favorite?

The first winner is Erica S.

The second winner is Esti W.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is sponsored by Sincerely Brigitte, all opinions are my own, to find out more about their cheese, click here.


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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




416 Responses to New Gourmet Flavored Cheeses *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: dalesusan

    i think the parsley/chive combo will be my favorite!

  2. avatar says: dz13dz

    Wow. And to think I only cook with basic Munster or mozzarella cheese. This stuff looks amazing. So excited to try these

  3. avatar says: Ray

    Garlic and basil!

  4. avatar says: Melissa

    I would love to try the Blue Marble

  5. So hard to decide… I THINK the tomato olive would be my favorite, but they all sound sooooo delicious

  6. avatar says: Shiny

    The garlic basil sounds the best, but they all look amazing!

  7. avatar says: Calli

    I think I would like the jalapeno cilantro

  8. avatar says: sarah

    we love anything jalapeno cilantro- would LOVE to try this and all the other flavors

  9. The Blue Marble looks amazing. It could easily be a favorite.

  10. avatar says: chavie

    the garlic and basil sounds delicious

  11. avatar says: HFKNY

    I would have to try them all but the Blue Marble is the front runner.

  12. avatar says: Sarah

    Jalapeno Cilantro, and Garlic and Basil would probably be my favorite!

  13. avatar says: lynn

    blue marble!!

  14. avatar says: Reena

    I love anything garlic basil!

  15. avatar says: yocheved

    garlic basil i think!

  16. avatar says: mink

    Parsley Chive and Garlic Basil sound best to me.

  17. avatar says: Tova

    They all look good but the jalapeño cilantro would probably be my favorite. A little spice makes everything nice!!

  18. Garlic Basil topped with tomato olive!

  19. avatar says: dlhaley

    The Garlic Basil sounds yummy!

  20. avatar says: tzippy

    I can’t wait to try the chipotle cheese!

  21. avatar says: Lani

    garlic basil and parsley chive are the ones that sound most delicious!

  22. avatar says: Nancy

    I am a cheese lover…all of these look delish!

  23. avatar says: skkorman

    The parsley chives sounds god to me!

  24. avatar says: Cie

    Garlic and Basil for sure!

  25. avatar says: meredith

    I think I would like the Jalapeno Cilantro and Chipotle

  26. They all sound good but I suspect that the parsley chives would be my favorite.

  27. Blue Marble is the one I would like to try.

  28. avatar says: Cynthia C

    They all look so good! I would enjoy the blue marble flavor.

  29. avatar says: Suzanne K

    Probably Chipotle because I love everything chipotle!

  30. avatar says: Meryl

    I like the Jalapeno Cilantro.

  31. They all sound fab but I have a weakness for everything cilantro. Also, I can guarantee that I would have the jalapeño cilantro all to myself because everyone else in my house hates cilantro. Now if that’s not scheming at its best…

  32. After thinking for a long while I have decided out of the 6 flavors of “Sincerely Brigitte Cheese”, my favorite one to try would be Jalapeno Cilantro Chipotle Garlic Basil Blue Marble Parsley Chive Tomato Olive. By the way did I say I love Jack and It’s hard to find!

  33. avatar says: Miriam

    MMMM. Jalapeno Cilantro sounds amazing!

  34. avatar says: Amy L

    Garlic & Basil

  35. avatar says: roch

    tomato basil! yum!!

  36. I think that the Garlic Basil would probably be my favorite flavor.

  37. avatar says: Tara

    Jalapeño cilantro. Although, they all look delicious!

  38. Parsley chives sounds good to me.

  39. i would like the garlic basil.

  40. I’d love to try the garlic basil flavor.

  41. avatar says: Chazu

    Would love to try all those cheeses!

  42. avatar says: Eden

    Neeeeed the blue cheese marble

  43. i would love garlic basil cheese, melted into a baked potato!

  44. avatar says: An

    Garlic and basil!

  45. avatar says: Alicia

    Yum! The tomato one looks good.

  46. Tomato and olive!I love anything olive

  47. avatar says: Corina

    Yum! What a fun giveaway! I think the chipotle would be great on a grilled cheese sammy!

  48. avatar says: Erica

    These all sound amazing! I would love to try them all!

  49. Garlic basil sounds fantastic!

  50. My favorite would be jalapeño cilantro

  51. I would love the jalapeno cilantro!

  52. avatar says: Shani

    Jalapeño cilantro sounds awesome

  53. avatar says: shelley

    Chipotle cheese sounds incredible!

  54. avatar says: elise

    jalapeño cilantro sounds amazing!

  55. avatar says: Lynn

    I want to taste the blue marble cheese in a salad!!

  56. avatar says: Marilyn

    Tough call. I love both cilantro and chipotle.

  57. tomato/olive has me cooking up new ideas already!

  58. avatar says: Tammy

    Garlic and basil for me..

  59. Garlic sounds NICE!

  60. Garlic basil, hands down. I love garlic!

  61. avatar says: shoshana

    the garlic basil would definitely be in everything i did dairy; two of my favorite and with sun-dried tomatoes it would be a pasta dish to reckon with

  62. avatar says: Barb S

    I think the parsley chive sounds VERY interesting! I am a cheese lover & these all sound amazing

  63. avatar says: meira

    Tomato Olive ! but garlic basil would be close second, yum!!!

  64. They all sound so yummy… The tomato-olive sounds intriguing, though.

  65. I think I would love the Jalapeno Cilantro. I love mexican food and I love using cilantro in my recipes.

  66. Gosh they sound so good. The garlic basil would be my choice for best

  67. avatar says: Sherry

    Love Jalapenos; cilantro not so much so let’s put that aside. Chipotle–absolutely. And Blue Marble sounds like a go.

  68. garlic and basil would be very versatile. but, I really like them all

  69. avatar says: betty

    I think the garlic basil sounds great

  70. avatar says: Ilene

    Oh my oh my what delicious cheeses I spy.
    I think for being so long alive
    I would choose parsely and chive.

  71. I would like to try the Garlic Basil.

  72. Blue Marble sounds fantastic!!!

  73. avatar says: br

    i would love to try the jalapeño cilantro cheese!

  74. avatar says: yadinoe

    I’m leaning toward the chipolte

  75. avatar says: rose

    they all sound great, i think Jalapeno Cilantro would be my fav!

  76. avatar says: lirit

    So excited about new kosher cheeses – Garlic basil or parsley chive sound the best to me!

  77. avatar says: Eva J

    Jalapeno would be the one I would try first.

  78. I think the Marble Blue Cheese looks like it would be pretty tasty! :) But, on the other hand, I love ALL cheeses!!

  79. avatar says: molly

    the Tomato Olive sounds great.

  80. Jalapeno cilantro. Or garlic?

  81. avatar says: Eugenie

    Garlic basil sounds really good.

  82. It doesn’t get any better than garlic and basil!

  83. avatar says: Nancy

    Garlic basil – wish we had all these in Israel!

  84. I think the Blue Marble Cheese will be my favorite.

  85. avatar says: debbie

    I would like to try the blue marble

  86. jalapeno cilantro (two of my favorite things)

  87. I would LOVE to sample them all!

  88. avatar says: Marina M.

    Garlic and basil!

  89. avatar says: Rachel

    all of the flavors sound good!

  90. I would love to try Chipotle. Sounds tasty. Thank-you for a great #giveway!

  91. Jalapeno…garlic….they ALL sound wonderful!!!!

  92. Garlic basil and parsley chives. I just love the onions and cheese combination. I will be looking for this cheese at the store to try it out! Yumm!

  93. avatar says: blima

    hmm only get to pick one I want to try!! The Jalapeno

  94. I tried the garlic basil and it was fabulous! I can’t wait to try the others!!!

  95. avatar says: Howell

    Blue Marble is my favorite.

  96. I love all cheeses but I think Blue Marble would be my favorite.

  97. avatar says: Denise S

    I think I would like the Garlic Basil.

  98. avatar says: Samantha

    MMM…parsley chive sounds delightful!

  99. Cheesy bread with Garlic Basil, or Tomato Olive! Nummy!

  100. avatar says: yaffa

    garlic basil…oh my YUM!

  101. avatar says: Lilia

    w/o a doubt Chipotle.

  102. avatar says: jeliro

    Tomato Olive or Parsley Chive. They both sound delicious!

  103. avatar says: Yael M

    Parsley chive would be my favorite – yummy!

  104. avatar says: Ari Ross

    Definitely the Chipotle flavor!!

  105. The Parsley Chive flavor!!

  106. avatar says: Judy

    Garlic basil would be my favorite

  107. I believe my favorite of the Sincerely Brigitte line of flavored cheeses would be the Tomato Olive. They all sound good though!

  108. Jalapeno cilantro sounds divine!!!

  109. Tomato and Olive sounds amazing!

  110. avatar says: Tammy

    I would love the garlic basil!!

  111. avatar says: Jake

    Garlic Basil sounds great

  112. avatar says: Susan

    I’m a sucker for Chipotle cheese!

  113. I would love to try these new flavored cheeses. I think I would like the garlic basil most!

  114. avatar says: Elana

    They look amazing. I’d love garlic chive

  115. avatar says: stefanie

    would love the garlic basil!!

  116. This would make my hubby so happy!!!

  117. Chipotle would be my first with Garlic Basil running a close second.

  118. Tomato Olive sounds great to me!

  119. avatar says: Dave

    mmm Chipotle Cheese :)

  120. avatar says: Sara

    Garlic Basil sounds delish!

  121. avatar says: C Levine

    Garlic Basil sounds delicious!!

  122. avatar says: Sue Zakar

    Chipotle! Love the kick.

  123. avatar says: Joel

    Would love t try the Tomato & Olive

  124. I don’t know they all look so good I’ll have to win to find out ;)

  125. avatar says: Sarah S

    Probably tomato olive or garlic basil, yumm!

  126. avatar says: Huvie

    Garlic and basil!

  127. I would like to try the tomato-olive. I see lots of possibilities with that combo.

  128. I want to try them all!

  129. avatar says: Ariella

    The parsley/chive looks delicious!

  130. The Parsly and Chive sounds amazing!

  131. Tried the garlic basil. Can’t wait to try the others!

  132. I would pick the parsley and chive!

  133. avatar says: Rise

    I think tomato olive would be my favorite but the other flavors sound great too!

  134. avatar says: Zehava

    I think parsley and chive would be so good but they all sounds amazing!

  135. avatar says: Alissa

    I am sure I would like the garlic basil but I am curious about the Blue Marble

  136. avatar says: Laurel

    Blue marble or garlic basil sound great.

  137. avatar says: Michal

    I will go for the Garlic- Basil.

  138. avatar says: Yoni

    I would choose garlic and basil!

  139. avatar says: Jen

    Garlic Basil or Chipotle!

  140. I think the tomato olive would be my favorite, but they all sound so delicious.

  141. Chipotle sounds yummy

  142. Really really hard to decide but I think I would love the tomato olive. Anything with olives, cheese, and tomato has to be delish!

  143. avatar says: Kman

    Blue marble, Absotively posolutely.

  144. avatar says: CobyG

    I know I’d love the Basil Garlic!

  145. parsley, chive would be my first pick!

  146. avatar says: Marlene

    Jalapeno cilantro!

  147. avatar says: betty

    I would love to try the garlic basil, but they all sound good

  148. avatar says: bonnie

    The parsley/chive will be super with summer’s fresh herbs and tomatoes!

  149. avatar says: Leah

    definitely the garlic basil!

  150. Jalapeño cheese!? UH YES!

  151. avatar says: Halle

    Tomato Olive sounds very interesting

  152. avatar says: sherri

    I am going back and forth between the garlic basil and the tomato olive! yet, the chipoltle is very enticing!

  153. avatar says: Miriam

    Garlic Basil! MMM I’m drooling!

  154. avatar says: Aryeh

    Parsley, chive and garlic sounds great.

  155. avatar says: Trish

    I’m going to go with garlic basil… Would go great on veggie spaghetti!!!

  156. parsley chives sounds great

  157. garlic basil..if good…and why not..will be a steady user.

  158. Tomatoe olive would be my favorite.

  159. avatar says: cynthia s

    I would love jalapeno cilantro. I must confess I have never tasted Blue Marble and would love to!

  160. avatar says: Sara

    Garlic Basil sounds great!

  161. avatar says: Malka

    they all look yum!! If I win, will they be just as yummy after shipping to SW Florida?

  162. avatar says: Paul S

    Chipotle sounds great!

  163. avatar says: Ilana

    garlic basil sounds yummy!

  164. avatar says: Bev Henry

    I would like to try the olive basil

  165. I am a huge cheese lover! My favorite would be maybe the blue cheese or the garlic basil YUM!

  166. avatar says: AILUY

    It’s a toss up between jalapeno-cilantro and garlic-basil. I cannot decide, but I am sure I’ll love them all.

  167. avatar says: rachel

    love the garlic and basil!

  168. avatar says: Stephanie

    This is such a great idea – the tomato olive sounds delicious!

  169. avatar says: F.

    I would love to try the Garlic Basil cheese

  170. I’m thinking that I didn’t leave a comment when entering your contest but it says I did. A bit frustrating!! So I’m leaving one here. I think my favorite cheese would be a tossup between the Parsley Chive and Jalepeno..they all look amazing. I hope the one kosher store we have here will carry them.

  171. Impossible to choose. I’m just going to have to win all six. :-)

  172. avatar says: shifra

    my favorite would be garlic

  173. avatar says: Jessica

    All of them look amazing, but would love to try the Chipotle and Blue Marble!!

  174. avatar says: Dieselle

    Fantastic idea…especially the blue marble.

  175. I think the garlic basil will be best

  176. avatar says: bopster

    Jalapeno Cilantro would be fantastic in quesadillas!

  177. avatar says: dkny

    I think I would like the garlic basil or the parsley chive. I am not a fan of olives but would also love the tomato flavor. On second thought I like spicy foods so I would probably like the jalapeno or chipotle as well. Can’t decide, must win all of them!

  178. Jalapeno-cilantro sounds awesome!

  179. I would like the parsley chive or the olive tomato. In fact, I would love them all!

  180. I would like to try the blue marble cheese, but they all sound great as well!!

  181. avatar says: Allison

    They all sound good, but would like to try to Chipotle. Thanks for the giveaway

  182. avatar says: Simcha

    They all sound delicious but I’d particularly love to try the Garlic Basil cheese.

  183. Garlic Basil sounds amazing!!

  184. avatar says: Aliza

    I like the idea of tomato and olives

  185. I love basil and garlic so I think that will be my favorite. My husband would love the jalapeño for sure.

  186. avatar says: Lee

    Blue Marble because I love blue cheese.

  187. The blue marble one sounds really good, especially for someone like me, who loved eating it before I started the conversion process and began eating only kosher cheeses.

  188. I think I would prefer the parsley/chive or the olive/tomato.

  189. avatar says: Judy

    Looking forward to trying the Parsley and chive!

  190. avatar says: beth m.

    jalepeno cilantro sounds good

  191. avatar says: Peter

    Garlic Basil – yum!

  192. avatar says: Leah L.

    Tomato basil sounds like my favorite!

  193. They all sound tasty, but I think the Blue Marble will be my favorite.

  194. avatar says: Leta

    Tomato Olive sounds devine!!! :-) !!!

  195. I like them all !!!

  196. avatar says: dgantz

    The flavored Cheeses sound delicious

  197. avatar says: Diane

    Blue Marble and Parsley Chive

  198. avatar says: Janet

    Blue Marble!!!

  199. avatar says: Bev

    Garlic an Basil sounds delicious to me!

  200. avatar says: Rose

    Garlic Basil. Garlic goes with everything!!!!

  201. avatar says: david

    I would like jalapeno cilantro

  202. Hard to decide between chipolte and Garlic Basil

  203. avatar says: chaya sc

    All these look yummy but I believe that either the garlic basil would be the one that i would have the most fun eating staight from the package or incorporating it into my recipes as i am always lookinf some to spice up my dairy dishes

  204. You had me at chives!

  205. avatar says: Nedra

    I love cheese! It’s hard to pick on that looks the best, but I do love blue cheese so the blue marble is the most intriguing.

  206. avatar says: Ita

    Tomato Olive is already making my mouth water!

  207. avatar says: A. L.

    Chive or olive
    I would like and my family would too :-)
    Group Happiness!

  208. Yummy. Can’t wait.

  209. Garlic Basil would be my favorite!

  210. avatar says: Sara

    Garlic and basil! Yum!

  211. avatar says: SaraK

    The Jalapeno/Cilantro would be my first choice..perfect for my tacos and enchiladas…Oh, Yum!!

  212. avatar says: Toby

    hard to say–garlic and basil probably

  213. avatar says: Sarah

    The garlic basil sounds great!

  214. I’ve actually tried the chipotle and it is awesome! Still, I think the jalapeno cilantro would be my favorite

  215. avatar says: Vera

    I would love to taste each and every flavor of the cheeses!

  216. I want the blue cheese. I have some great looking recipes that call for it, but it’s hard to find.

  217. Looking forward to trying jalapeno cilantro.

  218. avatar says: fraklein

    Jalapeno Cilantro and Garlic Basil sound equally yum-tastic!

  219. I LOVE the Chipotle!!! YUM.

  220. avatar says: Naomi

    I want to try the garlic basil.

  221. garlic basil looks great!

  222. avatar says: Barbara

    Chipotle sounds great

  223. avatar says: suri

    blue marble, definitely

  224. avatar says: DeeAnn

    I think the Garlic Basil would be my favorite.

  225. avatar says: Marcia

    I have already tried the Blue Marble and it is great

  226. They all sound so good, but blue cheese is a favorite in our house.

  227. avatar says: miriam

    The garlic basil combo sounds fantastic!

  228. avatar says: Elaine

    I would initially choose basil garlic. Of course, I’m very adventurous and like to combine many different flavors so I would continue with blue marble.

  229. Jalapeno Cilantro! I love spicy and hot foods!

  230. The cheeses look delicious

  231. Either Blue Marble or Paarsley Chive

  232. avatar says: Liz

    Garlic basil

  233. avatar says: Amy

    Hard to choose, but if I must I’ll say Parsley and Chive.

  234. avatar says: Mona Hass

    I’m a cheese lover! All the flavors sound extraordinary. However, if I had to select one, I’d go with the blue marble.

  235. avatar says: Hana I.

    I love the jalapeno cilantro. I melt it over organic white corn tortilla chips in the oven then top with fresh avocado and tomatoes. The best!

  236. Garlic basil would probably be my fav, but all sound delicious!

  237. The jalapeño and cilantro sounds yummy!

  238. avatar says: Perrie

    I would love to try the garlic basil. It looks delish!

  239. avatar says: Gloria

    tomato and olive would be my favorite

  240. avatar says: susan

    I think the blue marble would be my favorite.

  241. avatar says: dan rossa

    I think the jalapno cilantro would be a great addition to tacos.

  242. probably Blue Marble would be my fave
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  243. avatar says: Imergoot

    They all sound wonderful. Love cooking with cheese.

  244. Parsley chive would work best for me. Probably
    A mild taste that can get jazzed up with other ingredients

  245. I would love the garlic chive. It sounds so good.

  246. avatar says: Aviva

    Difficult to choose, but probably cilantro lime!

  247. avatar says: Cyn

    Perfect timing – it’s wonderful to have something new to try for Shavuos!

  248. avatar says: schoenbc1

    I think the garlic basil is calling my name!

  249. avatar says: Marla

    Garlic and basil, with some fresh pasta….yum

  250. avatar says: Toby

    Garlic Basil for me!

  251. avatar says: Erica

    I am not a cheese fan – but this would be a GREAT gift for my husband!

  252. garlic and chive sounds great .

  253. avatar says: Maureen G

    The tomato olive would be my choice – great combination!

  254. avatar says: Lynne

    Blue Marble is the one that has me salivating!

  255. avatar says: Shira

    Tomato Olive… YUM!!!!

  256. avatar says: RG

    These have been available in Fairway for a while, and the Garlic and Basil is pretty incredible.

  257. avatar says: Dputter

    I look forward to trying the Garlic basil. My second choice would be the tomato olive. Italian anyone?

  258. I am a cheese lover can’t make up my mind

  259. avatar says: R B

    I think that all of them will be my favorite, since I love cheese. In fact, I love all cheese.

  260. avatar says: Rachael

    garlic basil sounds delicious!

  261. avatar says: Susan K.

    Too bad there’s not a blue marble chipotle flavor since those are my favorite two. If I have to choose one, I’ll have to go with chipotle. Win or lose, can’t wait to try them!

  262. GARLIC BASIL!!! (YUMMY!!)

  263. They all sound good, but I’d like to try the tomato olive flavor first.

  264. avatar says: Lara

    I’ve tried most except for tomato olive, which I think will be my favorite of them all!!!

  265. Tomato olive or garlic basil

  266. avatar says: Phillip

    I believe I would like the tomato & olive

  267. avatar says: Gaye M

    I think the Parsley Chive would be my favorite, but they all sound delicious.

  268. avatar says: Vicki D.

    The jalapeno cilantro sounds delicious! I like jalapenos and I like cilantro,so the combination really sounds good.

  269. avatar says: devorah

    tomato olive sounds yum!

  270. avatar says: Elliott E

    I love Chipotle and would love to try the cheese.

  271. avatar says: gina

    Parsley Chive would be one of my favorites.

  272. avatar says: Sherri

    Garlic Basil sounds Delish! But we want to try them all!!

  273. avatar says: jill

    Definitely blue marble.

  274. avatar says: ohyoucook

    Blue marble … sounds yummy!

  275. avatar says: mirishosh

    Garlic basil, but chipotle comes in as a very close second!

  276. I think the garlic basil would be delicious!

  277. avatar says: chaya

    Jalapeño Cilantro sounds delicious.

  278. avatar says: Liza

    The garlic basil sounds great!

  279. avatar says: mal

    garlic basil

  280. avatar says: Bev

    Chipotle would be one I’d love to try

  281. jalepeno. I like hot

  282. avatar says: rivkaf

    garlic basil sounds like the best.

  283. avatar says: onit

    i would LOVE to taste the tomato olive cheese!!!!!!!!!

  284. avatar says: Lauren

    blue marble for me, please!

  285. avatar says: MIke

    I would like to try them all, I would use them in my salads to add a taste and texture to up lift the flavors. Thanks Mike H

  286. says: Sara

    I’d love the chipotle!

  287. avatar says: sa

    i would like to try the garlic and basil

  288. avatar says: rena

    I used these cheeses as the topping for homemade bialeys. They were amazing!!!!!

  289. avatar says: rena

    garlic basil is my fav!

  290. I think I’d love the Garlic Basil.

  291. Blue Marble, mmm! Thank you for the giveaway!

  292. avatar says: Tam

    Parsley chive

  293. The tomato olive flavor immediately makes me want to start cooking. Pizza. quiche, Panini sandwiches –wow, what you can do with that flavor!

  294. id like the to try thegarlic and basil

  295. garlic basic would be my favorite probably

  296. Garlic and basil,,,,at’s ah nice!

  297. avatar says: leisa

    jalapeno cilantro- I like it hot!

  298. avatar says: TK-NY

    My favorite for a recipe would be parsley-basil but I would like to use the blue-cheddar in a Mexican recipe, also, when I assemble a burrito.

  299. avatar says: TK-NY

    OOPS – I meant favorite is “garlic-basil!”

  300. garlic basil …. for sure !!

  301. avatar says: Jo

    Garlic Basil. Yum!

  302. avatar says: Janis

    They ALL sound wonderful, but if I had to pick my fave it would be the Blue Marble.

  303. Jalapeño Cilantro sounds great!

  304. avatar says: B. Lerner

    I would SO love to win these. We’re in California & basically all we get out here is cheddar.

  305. avatar says: April

    Chipotle would be my family’s favorite. I could never choose just one.

  306. I would love to try Chipotle.

  307. Yum! Perfect for Shavuot!!

  308. avatar says: Taylor

    Tomato olive sounds fantastic!

  309. avatar says: Stacia S

    i think the blue marble sounds interesting…

  310. Parsley Chive sounds so yum and being Kosher makes it even better!

  311. The Jalapeno/Cilantro for me please and thank you

  312. Garlic Basil sounds perfect

  313. I can think of so many ways to use the chipotle.

  314. Garlic Basil! Bet it would be great for italian cooking!

  315. I would love to try all of them but would start with Jalapeno cilantro.

  316. Garlic-Basil Yummy!

  317. avatar says: Holly E

    Garlic and basil

  318. They all look super yummy!!!

  319. avatar says: Jennifer

    Garlic Basil sounds great

  320. avatar says: Kim

    Jalapeno cilantro sounds yummy

  321. avatar says: Sher

    I’ve tried the chipotle and enjoyed it, but the garlic basil seems really exciting for any italian dish.

  322. avatar says: Linda F

    Chipotle cheese sounds delish.

  323. Blue marbs…Obvs!!!

  324. Blue Marble! nomnomnom Thank you!

  325. avatar says: deana c

    My favorite would be the chipolte cheese.

  326. Blue marble looks divine

  327. avatar says: sara

    I would love the parsley and chives!

  328. avatar says: nickie

    The garlic basil sounds good

  329. avatar says: Robin

    I would like to try the parsley chive.

  330. The blue cheese marble would be my favorite.

  331. avatar says: vera

    The blue marble would probably be my fave.

  332. avatar says: Vee

    Likely the blue marble

  333. avatar says: Erica C.

    Blue marble would be good.

  334. avatar says: etka

    Jalapeno cilantro???? Heaven!!!

  335. avatar says: Leah J

    OMG, I can just imagine chipotle and garlic basil (and havarti with dill) coming together for a perfect lasagna. Cant wait to try it mmmmm

  336. says: Jacqueline

    I love this recipe = Cauliflower Steaks featuring thick slices of cauliflower – such a radical idea and so refreshing to feature cauliflower in an entrée


  337. avatar says: Jackie

    Blue marble and tomato olive would probably be tied for my favorite.

  338. avatar says: Jennifer

    I think I would really like the Chipotle flavor.

  339. I think I would like the Garlic Basil flavor best.

  340. I think my favorite would be parsley chive

  341. avatar says: shawna

    I would like jalapeno cilantro

  342. avatar says: Lynne T.

    I think my favorite would be the Chipotle.

  343. I love the jalapeno cilantro

  344. Chipotle sounds great!!!

  345. avatar says: Pat B

    My favorite would have to be the Blue Marboe

  346. the chipotle would be my favorite

  347. Garlic Basil sounds really delicious!

  348. The Parsley Chives one would be my favorite.

  349. avatar says: Sand

    I would love to try the chipotle.

  350. avatar says: RLL

    I love the Garlic Basil

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