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Cooking With Joy: Ktzizot – Israeli Mini Burgers


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Remember the last time you opened up a new jar of spices or coffee?

You know that amazing aroma that hit you?

Yah that happened here too.

For this recipe, I had to buy a few new spices that I have never had before. There is a new supermarket in Monsey (where I live) called Evergreen. Its an incredible new store that has every single item one could possibly need to cook kosher. Not only did they have every single spice that Jamie calls for in this book, they have a few varieties of each- walking down their spice aisle will be like learning a new language, one that I was very excited to be learning!

The Sumac I got came in a bag. I had never seen or tasted it before. It has a beautiful purplish color and had a surprisingly fruity scent. I brought it over to Hubs all happily, he said it smelled weird.

Our five year old heard that and said ” that’s not a nice thing to say”. :)

Hubs said, your right it smells “interesting”.

While I was mixing it, the delicious scents of cinnamon, allspice and sumac blended together with the onions, parsley and meat and turned hubs into a believer! Quite a deviation from his standard Hungarian fair.

I decided to pan fry the mini burgers. Hubs and I could barely wait for them to come out of the pan before devouring them.

Ktzizot (Israeli Mini Burgers) page 33
DRESS IT UP Hummus-Topped Ktzizot

At least we kept one for the picture!

Our five year old was hanging around the kitchen and wanted to get in on the action. He happily took a bite of the cute mini burger. I asked him if he liked it- he just nodded since he was too busy chewing.

This recipe was crazy fast and easy to prepare. Oh and did I mention DELICIOUS! I will definitely be adding this to my weeknight dinner repertoire.

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About Shoshie Steinhart


While not menu planning or grocery shopping, Shoshie is Mommy to three adorable kids, wife to a wonderful husband and works full time as a nurse. She loves all things food and loves to try new things. As a busy mom she tries to balance life while cooking quick healthy meals for her family.




4 Responses to Cooking With Joy: Ktzizot – Israeli Mini Burgers

  1. Liked your comment about the new Evergreen market. I went there pre-Pesach, looking forward to going back.. especially for their challah. Isee you are a nurse. I used to know a nurse,
    Shoshana, who worked in surgical icu at Nyack, and several other nurses from the monsey area. (I am a dietitian, retired many years, worked many years at Nyack Hospital). Am also a huge foodie. Although I am not kosher (am conservative, member of New City Jewish Center), I do cook and serve meals “Kosher style”.

  2. avatar says: sally

    another great tip about the spices!!
    so proud of you!
    sally :)

  3. Hi Joan! Thanks for reading. My name is Shoshana, though I never worked at Nyack. Maybe we will run into each other at Evergreen next time you are there.

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting Sally :)

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