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Cooking with Joy: Cilantro Corn Cakes


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Today was a really busy day for me. We had errands that needed to be taken care of in the morning and then our 5 year old needed to be taken to his swimming lesson. I had exactly an hour in between and knew that the Cilantro Corn Cakes were on the agenda for today. In less then half an hour start to finish these were done!

Really simple recipe to follow- and if I wasn’t in a rush I probably would have even remembered the salt! All jokes aside, I realized that I forgot the salt after tasting the first batch. Luckily I had the rest of the batter waiting in nice little patties and was able to sprinkle some salt on top.

The cakes fried up in no time and stayed together very well. The texture was very nice, with a little crunch from the corn meal.

Hubs topped his cake with mascarpone cheese. As it melted into the warm cake, it made the whole combo so creamy and good.

I didn’t fry up all the cakes at once. I left them covered in the fridge for later in the day.

In my opinion the batter from the fridge actually had a better texture, but that could just be me.

Cilantro Corn Cakes page 49

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While not menu planning or grocery shopping, Shoshie is Mommy to three adorable kids, wife to a wonderful husband and works full time as a nurse. She loves all things food and loves to try new things. As a busy mom she tries to balance life while cooking quick healthy meals for her family.




4 Responses to Cooking with Joy: Cilantro Corn Cakes

  1. Hey Shoshie – don’t sell yourself short — the batter in the fridge probably did have a better texture! and I love love love the mascarpone cheese on top – I adore how Hubs eats! (BTW I also want to give my kids swimming lessons, that’s on the agenda for this summer!)

  2. These look so good and I am so hungry!

  3. avatar says: Malka

    I made this with a coarse cornmeal and they were way too chewy. I recommend using the finer ground cornmeal.

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