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Salmon Croquettes for Passover


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While gefilte fish is a Passover staple, we have more non-gefilte fish eaters in our family than gefilte fish eaters.  As a pescatarian, I am often looking for non-meat options to serve at our family’s seder.  This year, I will be making these Salmon Croquettes in place of gefilte fish.  With many of the same flavors and ingredients, this is an easy, timesaving and nutritious alternative.

Salmon, is of course, a hugely nutritious fish: rich in healthy fats and protein. Whether you are using canned salmon or you are cooking your own, you and your seder guests will reap the benefits of this true superfood. A note on canned salmon: it often comes packed with pinbones – which are rich in both bone building calcium and vitamin D. Choosing wild over farmed salmon will ensure optimal nutrition, because just remember: if you don’t know what they eat, you don’t know what you eat.

Click here for my Salmon Croquettes recipe.

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