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RSVP for #ShareSabra Passover Twitter Party and WIN


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You’re invited to join our #ShareSabra Passover Twitter chat!
Hosted by @JoyofKosher and sponsored by Sabra.

On the agenda

Lots of Questions and lots of Afikomen Prizes – Win 1 of 5 copies of the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine for Passover just by RSVPing below, then Retweet and engage during the chat to win 1 of 2 $25, 1 $50 and 1 $100 Amex cards.

We will be talking about: The Mediterranean Diet on Passover, Healthy and Low Carb Recipe Ideas, Passover Memories, Seder Favorites, and more.  Ask your questions, share your memories and get ready for Passover.


Monday April 7th from 8-9pm EST


@JoyofKosher @JoyofKosherMag @KosherFoodBloggers @TamarGenger @JamieGeller

Moderator @MommyBlogExpert

How to participate
Use hashtag #sharesabra
Use Tweetchat for easy chatting.

Anyone can participate, but you must be following @JoyofKosher and RSVP here below!

Follow us here


Let us know you are coming to the party in the comments below to be entered to win and make sure to include your twitter handle.

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About Joy of Kosher


JoyofKosher.com is the number 1 kosher food and recipe website featuring Jamie Geller, cookbook authors, bloggers and chefs. With over 6,000 recipes there is always something new.




133 Responses to RSVP for #ShareSabra Passover Twitter Party and WIN

  1. avatar says: chavie

    I will be attending the web chat on Monday

  2. avatar says: mink

    I’ll be there – looking forward to it!

  3. I’ll be there @AquamarineSteph on Twitter

  4. I’ll be there as @ajmil0 and @miltsbbq – Would love to participate!

  5. RSVP @redfuzzycow

  6. RSVP @bredanielle0602

  7. avatar says: sharon

    RSVP @PinkHippo13

  8. avatar says: molly

    Can’t wait! @mrsmollypitcher

  9. RSVP@andreathekline

  10. RSVP: @evielvsclassics

  11. This is going to be really fun with some great prizes. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

  12. Rsvp @ranadurham or @ranajeree

  13. RSVP: @SPN_Mom or @SPN_MomJail :-)

  14. I will attend either under the name @iamaveronica or @sugarnspiceLily. Thank you!

  15. RSVP @MOMishStyle
    Looking forward to this!

  16. avatar says: Bobettacj

    I’ll be there!


  18. rsvp @nicholemckinnon

  19. RSVP @motherearth2000

  20. I’ll be there tweeting!!


  21. RSVP 😊 @babymeadow
    Can’t wait

  22. I’ll Be Joining The #ShareSabra Twitter Party! RSVP: @reinaheather or @reinaheather2

  23. avatar says: Tracy

    RSVP @gorrellt

  24. RSVP @bbpinktaz OR @bbpinktaz_jail :)

  25. avatar says: Ashley

    RSVP @Shippydoll

  26. @JacqueAccel
    Looking forward to learning. Just made Joy of Kosher Mushroom and Sweet Potato Balsamic Salad. Soooo good & healthy!

  27. avatar says: Jen

    RSVP @idreamofjenn

  28. RSVP @monicaavonrueda

  29. avatar says: Gayle G

    I will be there as @itsgayle

  30. @OhLaLaChrissy or @OhLaLaChrissyJL

  31. avatar says: Amy s

    RSVP @fivemenandalady or @queenof5guysjl

  32. avatar says: Nicole

    RSVP @PinkFugu

  33. rsvp @sweetmatcha can’t wait!

  34. avatar says: Holly


  35. avatar says: Shayna

    I plan on going! @shayna19

  36. avatar says: Eve


  37. RSVP @grapejuicemomma

  38. @barrettcaldwell rsvp

  39. RSVP @WildPrairie94

  40. avatar says: Tammy


  41. So excited for this party & prepping for Passover!


  42. RSVP @jasfields OR @jasfields_jail

  43. Rsvp @icysupreme I’ll be there!!

  44. I will be attending the twitter party RSVP @Colleen56005500

  45. avatar says: Anna Pry

    rsvp @dapryz or @pryfamily5

  46. I’ll be there via @CraziMomOf2Boys

  47. RSVP- @lolaviolets2010

  48. I love these great recipes

  49. Please RSVP @Saving4Jewels

  50. avatar says: amber

    RSVP @Callie1981

  51. avatar says: nikki

    @nikki2kids RSVP

  52. RSVP @kittylover1313

  53. avatar says: gail74

    rsvp @melinda74 cant wait

  54. I will be attending

  55. RSVP @melissaalcala1

  56. avatar says: Nicole

    RSVP @HauntedTeaCup

  57. rsvp @eaglesforjack

  58. avatar says: Vanessa E

    RSVP @VLovesFree or @VLovesFreeish

  59. avatar says: angie m

    rsvp @AngelaAnj3n8

  60. avatar says: Reese

    RSVP @reesesums

    Looking forward to it!

  61. @purplepassion12

    I will be there

  62. RSVP @lovernsavers

  63. I’ll be there. @petaindahouse

  64. RSVP @AMomOf2Beauties

  65. avatar says: Toni B

    rsvp @rychepet

  66. RSVP @Countrypoohbear

  67. RSVP @nicbran74 Can’t wait!

  68. avatar says: Keya

    rsvp: @liv2bargain

  69. avatar says: @kjh63

    RSVP@kjh63 I will be attending

  70. RSVP fashionably late! holla! #sharesabra

  71. RSVP Twitter handle @HilaryOutThere

  72. RSVP @OneSweetFamily

  73. RSVP @clarissa_laskey

  74. I’m here! Party time! #sharesabra

  75. avatar says: Myrna

    My handle is Star_radiance

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