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DIY – Baked Root Vegetable Chips


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The first time I tried store bought vegetable chips I was smitten by the colorful, crispy vegetables that are the perfect balance between sweet and salty. They were hard to come by at the time but whenever I had a chance, I’d savor each bag (by myself!). Now that I figured out how to make them at home, I can enjoy these root chips any time, all year. They are very simple, really cheap and taste just as good, if not better. Also, I love dipping them in babaganoush for a healthy, fun snack on Passover or any time.

They key in this recipe is to use a mandoline slicer so the chips cook evenly and are uniform in size. The thinner they are sliced, the crispier and more delicate.  I baked them instead of frying them to keep them even healthier and if you leave the skin on the vegetables that is an extra nutrition boost too.  I used beets, turnips and yams, but you can use any root vegetables and make them this same way.

This Passover you should make a huge batch and offer them to your kids with Sabra babaganoush for the perfect dipping experience.  You can also impress your guests with this as a fancy appetizer they will love.

Here is my recipe for Baked Root Vegetable Chips

These root chips also make a unique topping for salads and side dishes. They add a lovely crunch and a hint of natural sweetness.

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Sina Mizrahi is a full time wife and mother living in California. Visit her blog at www.thekosherspoon.com where she shares her kitchen concoctions and experiments.




6 Responses to DIY – Baked Root Vegetable Chips

  1. avatar says: Libe

    Love yogur recepies.

  2. avatar says: Deborah

    I’m anxious to try the Root Vegies Chips. I’ve been looking for a good recipe. Thank you. :)

  3. avatar says: shlomo

    Still think TERRA are the best!Chag Sameach-Shlomo

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