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The Ultimate Kosher Gift Basket For Any Occasion *Giveaway*


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Choosing the right gift basket is like choosing the perfect birthday card. It’s not just how it looks on the outside, but what it says on the inside that counts. There are many reasons to give a gift basket, from sending condolences, to simply saying hi to a faraway friend, to thanking a host for a special meal. With the holiday of Purim coming up soon, everyone is looking for the right basket to send. I’m excited to tell you I’ve found the ultimate kosher gift basket right here in New York City!

Kosher Fruit Basket

Manhattan Fruitier opened in 1987 with the goal of making fresh fruit baskets of unequaled beauty and quality. Instead of cheap cellophane and styrofoam, they reinvented the fruit basket with inspiration from old world Dutch still life paintings. Soon after they launched, the New York Times said, ”Manhattan Fruitier does for fruit what florists do for flowers”, 20+ years later and they are still proving themselves to be the premier gift basket company around.

I visited their new office a few months ago and you can easily see the care they take in creating baskets with the highest quality fruits — from locally grown pears to the more exotic rambutan and baby pineapples. They even take the extra effort to send a selection of fruits that will ripen at different times so the gift can be enjoyed over a longer period of time.

Since fruit is naturally kosher it is not hard for Manhattan Fruitier to assemble kosher baskets, but they carefully selected a range of certified baked goods, candies and honey that meet their high standards of quality and kosher certification.

This year, Manhattan Fruitier has put together several special Purim kosher gift baskets starting at $49.50 for the mouthwatering Purim Party pictured above. The full range of Purim baskets feature a mix of baked rugelach, chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, nougat, falafel chips, fresh fruits and even wine. Manhattan Fruitier has teamed up with a local wine retailer so you can add a bottle that can be packed and shipped along with your gift basket. Choose from Hagafen Cellars Sauvignon Blanc 2012 ($29), Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 ($59) and Domaine du Castel Grand Vin 2009 ($79). All the Purim baskets can be shipped nationwide and all kosher certification information is listed on their website.

Whether you are looking for a pretty, healthy centerpiece for your own table or the ultimate hostess gift, get 20% off at Manhattan Fruitier – until March 15, 2014 with promo code: JOKPURIM20.


Today you have the chance to WIN this Purim Party Basket  valued at $75 from Manhattan Fruitier!!  Tell us about your favorite purim costume and comment below.

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Manhattan Fruitier. However, the opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




155 Responses to The Ultimate Kosher Gift Basket For Any Occasion *Giveaway*

  1. says: Sara

    My fave Purim costume is a cowgirl. My family always dresses up in “traditional” royal, Persian type costumes….except for one of my daughters – who is ALWAYS dressed as a cowgirl! :)

  2. avatar says: chavie

    Our family favorite is clown costumes

  3. avatar says: Eliana G

    Wow, this basket looks amazing! would love to win one

  4. avatar says: Eliana G

    I love when families dress up together with a theme, and then have that theme for mishloach manot too!

  5. My family are Kohanim. When my oldest was 3, we dressed him as a Kohein Gadol. My friend, who is a phychologist, said she would start his therapy fund that day, as clearly, we had too high expectations for him.

  6. avatar says: dalesusan

    i love wearing my son’s old baseball uniform. he made aliyah and it reminds me of him. i miss him.

  7. avatar says: molly

    Nothing is better then a life size hammentashin costume. Prune filling of course.

  8. avatar says: Samantha

    What a beautiful basket!!

  9. avatar says: Vicki

    This will be my first ..not sure yet. beautiful basket

  10. avatar says: Vicki

    First purim ever. so excited.. you have such pretty baskets

  11. avatar says: Sarah

    My favorite costume is a robot made from a cardboard box.

  12. avatar says: Nechama

    Too many to pick a favorite!!!

    My niece, Malky, was a “Malk Munch” one year. Her mother makes the cutest costumes for her little brood. :)

  13. avatar says: Cheryl

    Beautiful basket!

  14. avatar says: Trish

    My favorite costume is Esther to remind us of the events that took place… I think this basket is so elegant!!!

  15. avatar says: Aviva

    Reading about this basket is making my mouth water!

  16. avatar says: c

    Stunning basket. I think bakers are a cute and easy costume matchable to many mom’s.

  17. avatar says: Yael Zar

    Star Wars characters

  18. avatar says: dena

    I love your photos!

  19. avatar says: Lena

    Beautiful basket!

  20. avatar says: rachelA

    Found you through pinterest! So excited!

  21. avatar says: MIRIAM

    My favorite costume is old Victorian style gowns with the tight banana curled hair and large petticoat.

  22. Yum! The pictures look so delicious that I want to reach into the computer and eat it.

  23. My fave costumes… my husband and I went as Mr. & Mrs. Pink Panthers. Head to toe costume!

  24. avatar says: Michael

    My favorite was a themed Star Wars as Megillah characters. Haman=Darth Vader, Luke=Mordechai, Esther=Princess Leia.

  25. that looks so delic!!!yummy to the tummy!!!

  26. want to try the Falafel! & I love pomegranates

  27. avatar says: Zissy

    Love the specialties for Purim!!!

  28. I would love to get a basket like those pictured – great baskets and great pictures of them

  29. avatar says: Hilda

    I loved my granddaughter as a bumble bee. she was really precious!

  30. avatar says: Victoria

    I usually don’t dress up, but this year my daughter is going to go as Judith; complete with severed head and sword!

  31. avatar says: Peryl

    I am very excited about my daughter’s costume this year: Rivka Imeinu..and my shalach manos is aligned with her costume!

  32. avatar says: Erica S

    Those are very classy baskets!

  33. avatar says: Esther

    My best costume was when i was 9. my mother dressed me up as Eve and made me a 6 foot long stuffed snake!

  34. These baskets are gorgeous and would be a welcome addition to any seudah table

  35. avatar says: Tam

    I still love the Mordechais and Esthers though seeing fewer of them each year!

  36. I’m a senior citizen now, but I’ll never forget my family’s first Purim costumes. At age 5, my son began Hebrew school and the children participated in a Purim play. When it was time for us to “dress up” for the Purim carnival, my son insisted he be Mordechai, my husband, Haman, & I, Esther. “Mordechai” followed behind my husband, “Haman” all day long, trying to conceal in his little hands, my very large, metal pot lids behind his back. For the entire day, he kept asking my husband what his name was. Of course, he’d answer, “Haman!” With that, my son would start laughing hysterically, and begin banging the pot lids at him. Although it was loud, it was hilarious! Although my husband, of blessed memory, is gone now, my son and I talk about it every now and then at Purim time. A beautiful memory!

  37. avatar says: nechama

    my sister was once spaghetti and meatballs. it came out really cute with a mop threaded through a colander for a hat with brown pom poms attached plus red costume with additional strings and pom poms attached

  38. avatar says: imergoot

    beautiful baskets, who wouldn’t want to receive one.

  39. avatar says: Reena

    I love any costumes when families are all coordinated

  40. avatar says: Maureen G

    As kids we were butterflies

  41. last year….I got the black hat and kapote, my husband got the long curly sheitel, long purple skirt and various purple accessories!

  42. avatar says: chaya

    what a beautiful basket this would make a nice gift for purim

  43. My favorite Purim costume was a kid was Queen Esther

  44. avatar says: Leslie D.

    What a lovely basket! The Manhattan Fruitier did a lovely job.

  45. avatar says: adina

    my daughter will be a cookie this year and I think it’s adorable!

  46. avatar says: Jen

    Minnie Mouse is my favorite costume & would be thrilled to be the winner of this wonderful basket!

  47. avatar says: Marla

    Last year, my two little grandchildren whose names begin with ‘M’ were dressed up as M & M’s. So cute!

  48. What a beautiful basket :)

  49. avatar says: Lisa V.

    I’d really like to try the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.

  50. avatar says: leah

    one year i was my rabbi!
    even the bachurim thought i was him…

  51. avatar says: Jake

    Great contest Purim’s always fun

  52. avatar says: malka

    what a lovely gift for myself as well as others.

  53. avatar says: DeeAnn

    Chocolate covered pomegranate seeds? Oh My!

  54. avatar says: Marsha G

    My daughter has been saving me money these past few years by choosing to wear her dance costume from the previous June. After planning to do the same this year, she suddenly decided two days ago to wear a long white dress someone gave us. She wants to be Clara from the Nutcracker (I suggested Queen Esther, but she love her ballet!).

  55. avatar says: cheryl

    thanks for the chance

  56. What a delicious awesome treat

  57. avatar says: Roberta

    Looks better than good enough to eat!

  58. Love these baskets – would love to win it!

  59. avatar says: Jon Heil

    Hope to score and win!

  60. This basket is so amazing and healthy! Would love to win it

  61. avatar says: Kelly D

    These look great, thanks!

  62. avatar says: al

    It would be a wonderful gift.

  63. What a great gift basket! Thanks for the chance to win

  64. The shepherd costume is my favorite.

  65. avatar says: debbie

    I’ve ordered from manhattan frutier before and their baskets are really beautiful

  66. avatar says: Natalie

    These baskets look so fresh and unique!

  67. avatar says: Samantha

    This basket looks great! I’m a huge fruit fan and love trying new ones!

  68. My 11 year old would love this.He is a huge fan of pomegranates.


  70. avatar says: Breanne

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. That basket looks beautiful!

  72. this looks awesome and i would love to try the falafel.

  73. the fresh fruit basket looks wonderful

  74. This looks wonderful!

  75. avatar says: mink

    have a happy purim

  76. I would love to have this beautiful gift basket.

  77. i would love this basket

  78. avatar says: jen davis

    this is a lovely gift for mothers day

  79. Delightful baskets and quality products. . .

  80. Spring is right around the corner and fresh fruit brings some sunshine inside.

  81. avatar says: eddi b.

    yum! would love to win a basket! :)

  82. avatar says: Sky Evans

    This looks nice.

  83. avatar says: marilyn

    the robot is too cute

  84. avatar says: laurie

    I would love to try this it sounds so good

  85. avatar says: Felina P

    Queen Esther has always been my fave.

  86. avatar says: denyse

    All of this looks so fantastic!

  87. avatar says: deana c

    The Purim Party Basket looks great. Thanks for the chance!

  88. avatar says: Joe K

    My favorite costume . . . Acashvaros, of course. We all dressed up as him when we were kids.

  89. avatar says: Ella

    I was always Queen Esther. :) that would be my favorite.

  90. My mom would love this basket. Very nice!

  91. avatar says: malka k.

    many years ago when i was younger..went as the queen malka..because of my name..

  92. My Granddaughter’s Esther costume made her look so regal…

  93. avatar says: Katherine

    Absolutely lovely basket

  94. Thanks for the giveaway

  95. avatar says: Rosey

    Dressing up as an angel was always my daughter’s favorite.

  96. yummy yummy in my tummy

  97. avatar says: Laura H

    These baskets look great I’d love to try them

  98. I’m hungry for one!

  99. avatar says: Nycole

    I’m a traditionalist, my fave costume is Queen Esther.

  100. Good fruit, good food, good company.

    There is nothing like a great trio! :D

    Have a great March!!! ☘

  101. The fruit looks amazing!

  102. I love the cowgirl! So simple, yet still a favorite!

  103. avatar says: Amanda

    The basket looks fabulous!

  104. What a wonderful gift basket.

  105. we would have a fun party with this awesome gift basket

  106. Looks so tasty and just says have a romantic picnic

  107. Wow, that looks amazingly good!!

  108. the food in this basket looks delicious

  109. Nice Prize! Ah Purim!

  110. I could make use of the basket and fruit.

  111. Would love to win this, great prize.

  112. avatar says: Nina

    Nice looking basket

  113. I would love this.

  114. avatar says: Jane

    That basket looks wonderful.

  115. I had no idea what a Purim or Purim costume was until today reading your post. Cowgirl sounds like a good one. The Ultimate Kosher Gift Baskets are so beautiful for any occasion.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  116. Nice basket for Purium

  117. I love this basket, so many wonderful items in it. I would love to win! Thank you for the chance!

  118. I love the basket. I love to dress my kid as clowns

  119. avatar says: Vicki D.

    Everything in this basket sounds like high quality.

  120. I love the guru costume. This basket looks so awesome, especially the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.

  121. moses costume – such a great story for kids to tell

  122. avatar says: Doris M.

    Everything looks so good!

  123. My favorite would be a king costume..I had to look purim up to be honest.

  124. awesome basket thanks

  125. avatar says: Eva J

    As a child I was usually a Queen Esther. That is not my favorite though. My favorite is my twin granddaughters dressed as a ladybug and a bumble bee.

  126. avatar says: Sharold

    What a wonderful looking gift basket

  127. great basket would be great for easter

  128. my daughter always liked being queens, loved having a jeweled crown to wear. beautiful basket, I would love to share this with my daughter and her husband who are moving back to the US in July

  129. this looks great i would love to win

  130. Never did the purim thing

  131. avatar says: Melanie C

    My favorite is a Shabbas Queen Costume for my little girl!

  132. This basket looks like he contains some items that would be great for when we serve Prom dinner

  133. Thanks for the chance , awesome

  134. This would be a great basket for giving.

  135. avatar says: Xty Cruz

    This is a nice collection of gift baskets

  136. avatar says: nickie

    Thank you for the chance.

  137. avatar says: nickie

    I love the guru costume.

  138. Great Giveaway! I love this basket.

  139. I would love to give this gift basket to my mom.

  140. avatar says: brandy g.

    My friend had a costume party a few years ago and my husband went as the Mad Hatter and I went as Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

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