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Our Where’s Waldo? Purim Theme


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We’re doing it again.  I am not too cool to be seen in the same outfit twice.  No siree.  Not even on TV.  Not even if it’s a super memorable statement piece like an animal print cardigan.  Case in point:

See here on CBS in March

And here on FOX in December

Not even a well-documented red and white striped Waldo family purim costume is too bold for a 2nd appearance.

See last year’s look here.

Purim 5773/2013

And see this year’s look here.

Purim 5774/2014

Sara, my sister-in-law’s, sister-in-law called to see if her sister-in-law could borrow our Waldo costumes.  I told her to check back in a few years.  Hey, they weren’t cheap and still fit.

Our Where’s Waldo Mishloach Manot will feature Black and White Chocolate Peppermint Candy Bark inspired by the Kiddie Candy Bark on page 281 of my new book JOY of KOSHER Fast, Fresh Family Recipes – BUY IT NOW!  (Sorry I didn’t mean that exclamation point to make it sound like I am screaming at you – I am just so excited and in love with my new book and really want to impress upon you the fact that you MUST have it!  Ooops there I go again.)

Recently I have been making this favorite recipe a lot.  Including the Salted Almond and Pistachio dressed up version for Shabbos, engagement parties, and just plain snacking.

Good quality chocolate is the key.  As is a double boiler if you want to practically ensure you don’t burn your chocolate.  In the book I recommend melting chocolate in short intervals in the microwave but lately I’ve found a homemade double boiler (a pot of simmering water topped with a glass bowl) to be fool-proof – especially when making really large quantities. And I like fool-proof, and fail-proof and everything in between.

Here a few more picks for fab flop-proof recipes from my new book.

From Left to Right:

  • Lemon Lover’s Hummus (page 42-43)
    Dress it Up: Tricolor Hummus Trifles
  • Falafel Poppers with Lemon Sesame Schug (page 46-48)
    Dress It Down: Falafel Sandwiches
  • Caramel Apples with Crushed Nuts (page 273-274)
    Dress It Up: Caramel Fruit Bites
  • Cannoli Egg Rolls with Chocolate Sauce (page 312-313)
    Dress It Up: Cannoli Cones

For really dressed up mishloach manot include the book, recipe name and page number as part of your super special package.

Serach shared her Waldo themed Purim card – a Persian scene that she recreated with the cutest message.  Thanks to many requests she graciously shared it with all of us.  Thanks a bundle Serach!!

Click this image for a printable version of this creative mishloach manot card contributed by JoK community member Serach Goldish.

Serach will write custom Purim poems for your mishloach manot or during the year for birthdays, parties, anniversaries and more for only $10. Find out more about Serach and all her many talents on Facebook, here at A Goldish Touch.

Here’s the note she attached:

There’s plenty  to find, including whatever is listed plus some fun.  Look for a crazy monkey, a flying palace, people rowing a magic carpet, and more.  Also, Waldo and Wenda lost their canes (we put in red/white candy canes), Woof lost his biscuits (tea biscuits), the wizard lost his scrolls (presidors), and Odlaw is a bit nuts and lost his chocolate (yellow/black m&m’s).  If you find them , please eat them.

Happy Purim!

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6 Responses to Our Where’s Waldo? Purim Theme

  1. avatar says: Ruth

    where’d you get the costumes?! i love them!

    • I got them online I searched Waldo Costumes and bought from the sites that had our sizes. They come with the top,hat, glasses and knee socks for the girls. We bough the canes separately.

  2. Seriously the most adorable family ever! Love your bark ideas – check out my white chocolate Terra Stix bark on the blog!

  3. I love your honesty! Your book is great, thanks for reminding me what is in there!

    • Thanks Lil Miss Cakes — and for your beautiful dessert contributions to the book! You saved the day when you made and delivered the funnel cakes and bundt cake for the photo shoot. I am still so grateful!!!!

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