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In the JOK Kitchen with Let My Children Cook! *Giveaway*


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Tamar Ansh, otherwise known as the challah queen (at least that is how I know her cause of her book, Taste of Challah), just came out with the perfect Passover coobook for you and your kids.  Let My Children Cook!, would be a fun book for anyone and can really help get your kids get involved in the kitchen his year.  She covers all the basics, like matzah balls and charoset as well as lots of new serving ideas and recipes for the whole family to enjoy.  She even throws in a few clever crafts.  I spoke with Tamar and learned a bit more about her.

1. What inspired you to write this cookbook for kids?

Inspiration for a book can come from many sources; with each book I’ve done, Hashem sent me the idea and the inspiration in a different way.

For this book, Let My Children Cook!, the inspiration actually came from a totally unexpected angle. A friend of mine mentioned the idea to me in a short email. I read it quickly and the idea just took off nearly immediately in my head. I sat there all that day and part of the next and by just thinking about it without interruptions, so many ideas got put down in my first outline. The best part about it – the title!! THAT ‘came to me’ almost instantaneously! Every time I see it again it makes me chuckle inside – the title was so perfect that I just had to see this book become a reality; and now, Baruch Hashem, it is…

 2. What ages do you think your book is best for?

As I wrote on the cover, this book is for “kids aged 8 – 108!” BUT, the truth is that it can really be used by nearly everybody. The recipes were written and geared towards food the average kid will enjoy and want to eat. And if they like to eat it, they will also like to try cooking it.  This book’s younger cook age is around 8-year-olds and above, just as I wrote on the cover, and kids aged 11-16 will find it easiest. However, I know that anyone making Passover will enjoy it, those new to their Passover kitchen, grandmothers with grandkids coming over to visit, kids who want to make something for their cousins and friends, or mothers who want something quick and easy that their kids will eat. Just about anyone, regardless of whether there are kids in your life or not, can have a good time with this book.

Passover Chocolate Sponge Cake

3. What do you like to cook with your kids?

My kids are actually very good cooks by now. They will make anything but their absolute favorite is making sponge cakes, brownies and ice creams – in other words, desserts! Last year my girls made the most amazing potato blintzes and Pesach egg noodles (sorry, those are in my other Pesach cookbook, Pesach – Anything’s Possible!), besides lots of salads and of course, nearly every single dessert we had. They are planning to do so again…I love working together with all of them in the kitchen; it really makes it feel like the holiday is coming and the smells and the enjoyment of having them with me together is very special.

We’ll leave out mention of how many dishes we have to wash every time!!

4. What is your earliest cooking memory?

Ahem…can’t say I have one! I wasn’t much of a cook when I was a kid! Matza pizza and matza and butter were all I really did on my own…my mother was and still is a great cook, though!

6. How did you decide to add some craft projects into this book too?

I used to be a pre-school teacher and every year we made the crafts you see me listing in Let My Children Cook! The kids loved making them, I enjoyed seeing the fun they had when taking them home on that last day of school before Pesach break, and so I decided, why not share them here? Plus, kids who can do them on their own or have their parent set them up to do it, will have something productive to do with themselves while the family is so busy getting ready for the holiday. Parents of younger children are sure to appreciate this bonus to this cookbook.  Try out this Passover Placemat Craft here.

Have a great, delicious and enjoyable Passover!

Try these two favorite recipes from the book: Passover Chocolate Brownies and Fluffy Matzah Balls and Chocolate Sponge Cake from Pesach Anything’s Possible.

***Giveaway***  Enter to win your copy of Let My Children Cook!!  Do you let your kids cook in the kitchen?

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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




46 Responses to In the JOK Kitchen with Let My Children Cook! *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: Ima2eight

    I cook with my kids all of the time. I don’t have a lot of “kid friendly” recipes for Pesach, though!

  2. avatar says: chavie

    My daughter recently has started helping in the kitchen with some easy tasks

  3. avatar says: MIRIAM

    No kids yet but I’ve cooked several time with the nieces and nephews and have enjoyed it immensely. I was a bit shy about my cooking when I first started so it was a relief to have the kids cover up anything that did not come out OK. I’d emphasize “Look what the KIDS made” :)

  4. avatar says: Elka

    Our kids LOVE to cook…it’s a big part of our lives. We’ve taught them that the right ingredients make all the difference but that the food tastes so good at home because it’s made with love.

  5. avatar says: Stephanie

    I just started to cook with my 3 year old. She has cut out cookies and frosted cupcakes

  6. avatar says: molly

    Of course! They need to learn and participate in healthy eating by preparing food with us!

  7. I totally let my kids in the kitchen. They are big fans of kids cookbooks in both Hebrew and English. They bake, which I don’t. My youngest could already make pancakes, all by herself, in 3rd grade. My middle daughter made a roasted chicken with stuffing in 5th grade! My sons also like to be in the kitchen and don’t even mind chopping vegetables.

  8. avatar says: Marsha

    We try to get them involved as much as they are willing to participate. They definitely help in making weeknight meal menus and in baking dessert for Shabbat.

  9. avatar says: abigail

    I realized I don’t get to spend enough time with each child separately, so I started letting one child stay up with me a little later each Thursday night to help with shabbos cooking. And they also help with baking and cooking other times as well.

  10. avatar says: Rivke

    My kids help cook all the time.

  11. avatar says: gitty B

    My child is almost 2 so he’s a little too young to help but as of next year I look forward to letting him ‘help’ in the kitchen. I have some very fond memories of helping my mother make (taste) cookies!

  12. I was teaching my boys how to cook not only for them selfs but for when they get older I was 8 years old when my father showed me how to cook

  13. avatar says: skossman

    great idea to work with children

  14. avatar says: SBA

    My kids love to cook, but they don’t always love Passover recipes. We could use a great kid-friendly Passover cookbook!

  15. avatar says: Miriam

    Right now expecting my 1st. Iy”H will def. let him/her help me in the kitchen! Can’t wait!

  16. avatar says: Maria

    We cook together all of the time, they are 16 and 14 now and they’ve been helping with every day and holiday cooking since they were little!

  17. avatar says: Erica

    Even if it takes double the time, I let my kids cook and bake with me. Last night my 3 year old and I made meatballs.

  18. avatar says: imergoot

    Love cooking with my grand daughters. this would be so much fun for them.

  19. avatar says: Julie

    Thursday nights are now known as the Thursday night cookery club in my house. I get home from work and get going with Shabbat cooking. Within seconds, 3 chairs have been pulled up across my meaty counter and stove area and I have my kids age 2, 4 and 6 all adding things to pots, mixing and stirring and learning how to make everything from soup to pavlova.

  20. avatar says: sb

    My kids LOVE to cook & be in the kitchen.

  21. My kids are grown and gone but I love to cook with my grandkids.

  22. avatar says: elana b

    i let my son help as a reward for being a very good boy- and he LOVES it.

  23. Yes! I love cooking with my kids.

  24. my daughter is older but when she was younger i always let her cook in the kitchen and she is a great cook now.

  25. With my help. They are too young to cook on their own :-)

  26. avatar says: Joe K

    Absolutely, they can cook.

  27. avatar says: Rochel S

    My kids help me. They are still too young to do on their own

  28. THe kids love to help cook.

  29. Yes! My kids love to cook with me. Even though they are too young to do it alone still

  30. avatar says: soso

    All the time!! They help me so much and it means I can cook while they get my attention!

  31. Yes I let my kids cook in the kitchen with me.

  32. We cook together all of the time, my 12 year old daughter is becoming a pro at it :)

  33. avatar says: Nechama

    My little girl is only 3 weeks old but we’ll be training her well!

  34. avatar says: Tamar

    Not yet, they’re still little.

  35. avatar says: Kayla

    Yep, with some help from me.

  36. I do let my child cook but only certain things and it’s usually monitored. They are just now showing interest in learning now.

  37. Yes, I love to have my kids help me cook.

  38. Yes, both of my sons love to cook :)

  39. I let my grandson cook all kinds of thing we make our own pizza, nachos, he loves to help in the kitchen I need more Ideas though!

  40. avatar says: Gary S

    I would love to win this for my family. Yes, even in Montana we can keep kosher.

  41. yes mine cook all the time

  42. avatar says: Elliott E

    While I don’t have them, my wife tells me she cooked as a child.

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