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How To Make A Cheese Board Mishloach Manot *Giveaway*


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Spread the Cheer this Purim!!!

I was so excited when Tamar asked me to design a Mishloach Manot using Natural and Kosher Cheeses. I have always thought that a cheese board would make a great Mishloach Manot. Cheeses pair well with bread, wine, and grapes (just to name a few), and with little effort can be arranged to make a striking presentation. Additionally, with all the nosh, cakes, and sweets everyone receives, your recipients will be thrilled to receive “real” food that they can nibble on and enjoy throughout the busy day.

The following is one arrangement that I came up with, but the presentation options are endless. So copy this idea or let your own creative flair express your own style. Either way, your friends, and family will “smile and say CHEESE!”

Including a cheese spreader will add that finishing touch to your package.
(Other suitable cheese companions: pears, crackers, olives)

You will need:
Cheese board (I used a cutting board from a dollar store)
Assortment of cheeses (I used Natural & Kosher Cheddar and Parmesan)
Small bottle of wine
Natural Grass
Shrink wrap bag
Cheese knife (available in many discount stores)


Place the napkin and grass on the board and arrange the food and spreader on top.
Place board in a shrink wrap bag. Tape the extra plastic to the back of the board with scotch tape.
Use a blow dryer to shrink the plastic.

Comment with your favorite cheese pairings.


Enter to win a selection of Natural & Kosher cheeses valued at $50.  Fill your fridge and don’t worry cause they are all kosher for Passover too.  Use Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is sponsored by Natural & Kosher, all opinions are my own.
Photography by Mrs. Leah Trenk.

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Esther Ottensoser is a food and craft stylist whose work has been featured in Mishpacha, Jewish Press and other publications. Many companies as well, have used her services to help showcase their products in creative and unique ways. Whether its food design, unique craft creations, demos or recipes, Esther takes simple everyday products and transforms them into extraordinary presentations. Many of her creations are featured on her blog estherodesign.com . Esther lives in New Jersey, and can be contacted via email at [email protected]




38 Responses to How To Make A Cheese Board Mishloach Manot *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: shayna

    wine and cheese!!

  2. avatar says: meira

    figs! or a tent peg!!!!- for a yael and sisera themes basket!

  3. avatar says: Ezra

    Fancy hors d’oeuvres?

  4. I would put some smoked gouda & perhaps some hummus

  5. avatar says: dalesusan

    i love a ripe barlett pair with havarti cheese. hope i win! great idea for healthy mishloach manot!

  6. avatar says: dalesusan

    i would put california roasted almonds, string cheese, barlett pears, and healthy crackers

  7. I would put a variety of cheeses to make everyone’s tastes happy for Purim-baby gouda, cheddar, string,and havarti, along with gluten free crackers and some rice cakes, with fruit too.
    Since it is dairy, I would throw in some Swiss chocolate and then a bottle of Bartenura.

  8. avatar says: betty

    baby gouda, some mozzarella and a sweet red wine

  9. avatar says: Victoria

    I eat cheese with anything! But my fave has to be with apple.

  10. avatar says: mink

    assorted cheese & fruit, plus hamentashin (because it wouldn’t be a Purim basket without some)

  11. avatar says: Peryl

    I love cheddar cheese with whole wheat crackers, a sweet wine, and grapes or apples

  12. avatar says: Carolyn

    Cheese, spreader, jam or chutney, crackers, hard salami, cheese board

  13. avatar says: Kim Fogel

    This looks awesome

  14. avatar says: Tam

    My first thought was grapes but it seems that they covered everything I could think of.

  15. avatar says: Shana

    I love this idea! Maybe add in some watercrackers.

  16. avatar says: emamwl

    I would add crackers and fresh fruit. Nothing beats a crisp apple with cheddar cheese

  17. avatar says: nechama

    with a good whole wheat cracker or a sliced tomato

  18. avatar says: Reena

    muenster with multigrain crackers

  19. Love this site! Wonderful ideas, and recipes!

  20. I love cheese and pears.

  21. avatar says: raizy

    Cheese and fruit.

  22. looks so beautiful!

  23. avatar says: Leslie D.

    I would try to incorporate high quality cheeses, with great meat selections, really great tasting crackers, a selection of fine mustard’s, as well as things like a cheese board and knives. I really like making “baskets” to give away to people. They are also one of my favorite presents to receive!

  24. avatar says: Marla

    This is a great idea. I would put in some fancy crackers and a variety of hard cheese. Yum.

  25. avatar says: Elisa

    I love this idea! Would use Natural and Kosher Brie and Camembert!

  26. avatar says: Jake

    Great contest

  27. avatar says: MIRIAM

    I love ALL cheeses paired! mmmm

  28. avatar says: Marsha

    I love the idea of giving something usable to provide a lasting memory of the holiday. You certainly can’t go wrong with Natural and Kosher cheeses.

  29. avatar says: sara lea

    I love the idea of a cheese basket with grapes.

  30. avatar says: Sara

    Mac n’ cheese :)

  31. avatar says: Samantha

    What an adorable idea!!

  32. avatar says: Nina

    I would add some different jams and crackers

  33. I would put cheese, some gourmet crakers, maybe some awesome sausage and a couple of fruits like grapes and pears.

  34. avatar says: L

    Rye bread. Super fresh.

  35. What a wonderful gift idea!

  36. avatar says: soso

    Love melted cheese in soup!

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