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Cooking With Fresh Mozzarella *Giveaway*


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Before I traveled to Rome for the first time a few years ago, I fantasized about all the amazingly delicious Italian food we were going to have. The fresh pasta, the authentic pizzas, the sweet gelatos, it was all going to be perfectly delicious. On our first night in the historic city, we strode into a bistro just outside the Jewish ghetto. There, I had the only thing still available from the menu, the most tasteless spaghetti in marinara.  It was quite disappointing. I should have known better when I heard the chef and waiter speaking to each other in Russian.   Thankfully, the rest of the trip was beautiful, but I didn’t leave with such fond memories of the food, save for a few exceptional restaurants in the Jewish Ghetto where ironically I ate Middle Eastern food.

When I came back, I made pizza at home just like I imagined I would have had in Rome.  I made a flavorful, airy dough and topped it with a garlicky sauce, baked it until the fresh mozzarella was melted and the edges were charred. It was perfect!  I continue to make that same pizza, just  playing around with the toppings, but fresh mozzarella is consistently a favorite.

Fresh mozzarella has such a delicate, soft texture and a clean, fresh taste. It can be marinated in different flavors and it pairs well with sweet or savory foods.   Try it with strawberries and dress it up with an earthy balsamic sauce. Both recipes are a great way to enjoy fresh, delicious Mozzarella cheese.

Learn more about Natural & Kosher’s full line of fresh mozzarella with this short video here and then enter to win a special cheese prize!


Win a selection of Natural & Kosher fresh mozzarella. Enter with rafflecopter below and let us know how you like to eat fresh mozzarella in the comments below.

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This post was sponsored by Natural & Kosher, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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About Sina Mizrahi


Sina Mizrahi is a full time wife and mother living in California. Visit her blog at www.thekosherspoon.com where she shares her kitchen concoctions and experiments.




139 Responses to Cooking With Fresh Mozzarella *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: Abigail

    In a panini with pesto. YUM.

  2. avatar says: mink

    Besides pizza (my fave), I like fresh mozzarella on salad with anchovies.

  3. avatar says: PuttieMom

    I love mozzarella on pizza and topped on thick cut tomatoes with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar

  4. avatar says: Raizy

    I live fresh moz on salad.

  5. avatar says: Brandon

    Home made pizza and home ensalte caprese.

  6. I like it on Everything!!!

  7. avatar says: Avigail

    I like it marinated in olive oil and spices on top of crostini

  8. avatar says: Chaya n

    Fresh mozzarella is great with almost everything!!!

  9. avatar says: Rochel

    I like to eat it in a fresh salad with strawberries and greens.

  10. avatar says: Ali

    I love mozzarella sprinkeled on a salad.

  11. I do roll ups!!! also on salads

  12. avatar says: AILUY

    Fresh mozzarella cut into small pieces and added to Israeli salad with avocado.

  13. avatar says: dalesusan

    i like mozarella on what i call “white” pizza: cheese and spinach and garlic on pizza dough

  14. avatar says: cwiz23

    Fresh mozzarella and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a few basil leaves on top. Yum.

  15. avatar says: Sara

    With sautéed onions and tomatoes, oil and balsamic vinegar.

  16. avatar says: Rochel S

    I like it in my salad!

  17. avatar says: Rachel

    Panini on herbed bread with sundried tomatoes and pesto

  18. avatar says: Helene

    I love it on pizza, in cubes in salad or in baked ziti with tomato sauce

  19. avatar says: BN

    great stuff

  20. avatar says: dani

    I love out on pizza or as caprese

  21. avatar says: Laura

    roasted red peppers, basil leaves, slices of fresh mozzarella, a little fresh ground pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

  22. avatar says: Aviva

    Pretty much almost any way, but especially with ripe tomato slices, fresh basil leaves, and a little olive oil drizzled over.

  23. avatar says: raizy

    Pretty much with everything from caprese salads to homemade pizza to Pastas. Sprinkled in French onion soup and melted atop garlicky herb pita crisps!

  24. with fresh tomato basil and olive oil balsmic drizzle

  25. I like to eat fresh mozzarella in a salad with vine-ripe summer tomatoes (sliced), a little olive oil,red onions, oregano, and other fresh herbs

  26. I like to eat fresh mozzarella on homemade pizza or my homemade chicken paresamean.

  27. avatar says: maureen

    I like it in a salad with tomatoes.

  28. avatar says: Shelton

    I can’t say that I’ve ever had fresh mozzarella before. Hard to believe considering cheese is my favorite food. One thing for sure-that Margherita pizza looks fantastic!!

  29. avatar says: Nechama

    Really…i love it straight from the package.

  30. I eat fresh mozzarella mainly on pizza.

  31. yummy cheese yes please

  32. With tomatoes, covered in balsamic vinager, olive oil and spices.

  33. I prefer it melted over a crisp chewy rye bagel

  34. I put it on homemade pizza!

  35. avatar says: Jaque R

    I like it so many ways, in salads, on sandwiches, melted on crackers…not sure which is my favorite. :-) Thank you.

  36. I like using it on pasta

  37. I love it as a caprese salad, in pasta, in a sandwich and so many other ways! I just wish I was able to find the Natural and kosher brand where I live!

  38. avatar says: Rosanne

    I just like to eat it by itself just sliced no caprese as I don’t like basil.

  39. On homemade shrimp pizza served with cold beer.

    Hope to win!

  40. I love it on my salads

  41. My favorite use of mozzarella is in and on top of chicken enchiladas.

  42. avatar says: Rachel H.

    We love mozzarella with panini’s,salad’s, pizza’s, and sometimes with a little chocolate!

  43. avatar says: LaCindaB

    I like it paired with cherry tomatoes then drizzled with my own oil and vinegar dressing

  44. avatar says: Love3570

    I would put pieces on my pasta or add it to a salad.

  45. caprese, in salad and on pizza

  46. on pizza of in lasagna.

  47. I LOVE mozzarella! I love cheese in general! I love to make homemade mozzarella sticks.

  48. I like to eat fresh mozzarella balls dipped into a spicy oil mixture or marinate them in the mixture overnight!

  49. I like it on salads.

  50. sliced with fresh tomatoes drizzled with a good olive oil, and basil

  51. marinated in olive oil

  52. avatar says: Cynthia C

    I like it in a Caprese salad

  53. avatar says: deana c

    I love fresh mozzarella in a caprese salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

  54. avatar says: Sharon

    In addition to pizza we love it with fresh from the garden tomatoes and basil with a light coating of olive oil

  55. I love to eat it just as is! Nothing like a good chuck of cheese!

  56. on pizza, broccoli, salad, and scalloped potatoes.

  57. craving that pizza! I love mozzarella on baked potatoes and pizza!

  58. I enjoy roast beef sandwiches with roasted red peppers,sliced fresh Mozzarella, and drizzled with olive oil.

  59. I like in on salads

  60. like to eat fresh mozzarella on spegetti

  61. avatar says: Denise B.

    I like to eat fresh mozzarella with tomatoes, salt, and Italian dressing.

  62. I like it in my salad

  63. I like to make a tomato salad with fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegrette.

  64. avatar says: Shayne

    Cut it off and put some olive oil on it
    then use the burner to melt it a little bit

  65. Caprese made with fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, and pesto is my very favorite

  66. i put it on baked potatoes

  67. avatar says: rtrexel

    I love to add it to my salad

  68. avatar says: amy mayer

    with fresh summer tomatoes and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

  69. avatar says: jsc123

    I love eating fresh mozzarella on homemade pizza, subs, sliced, lasagna and on salads just to name a few.


  70. avatar says: joni

    I like it as string cheese with salami.

  71. avatar says: Tamar

    I like to melt it in a chowder or on a pizza.

  72. avatar says: Carolyn

    I love it with fresh tomatoes and basil and balsamic vinegar

  73. avatar says: Jake B

    pizza, salad, sandwiches basically everything lol

  74. I love it with home grown tomatoes

  75. I love to eat mozzarella just shredded up in a bowl

  76. Caprese salad! Fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and basil leaves, and a drizzle of balsamic and olive oil. Yum!

  77. avatar says: Roxann

    I like it on pizza and in salad.

  78. Mozarella is my favorite snack, on pizzas, and in salads.

  79. My favorite way to eat fresh mozzarella is in Panzanella. Or pizza, I’m not picky!

  80. avatar says: Gwenni

    I love mozzarella in caprese sandwiches.

  81. I like in on salads

  82. avatar says: DeeAnn

    I like it diced up with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and EVOO!

  83. I like it on my pizza.

  84. avatar says: Kara Dee

    Caprese salad. On a toasted piece of sour dough, on a margarita pizza… plain.. mmm

  85. In fresh tomato’s from the garden salad!!

  86. I like to top some roast beef with peppers, onions, and fresh mozzarella on a deli bun, toasted in the oven. Absolutely amazing!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  87. avatar says: Samantha

    I love making caprese paninis with fresh mozzarella!

  88. avatar says: Christy

    I like it sliced with some fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yum!

  89. avatar says: cjmunk

    I love to just slice and eat it. Just pure fresh cheese!

  90. avatar says: Jammie

    I like to eat it on eggs.

  91. i like to eat it in cubes with tomatoes and basil. i also like it on pizza after it comes out of the oven! it melts a little but stays in its shape – so yum!

  92. I love it in salads, on bread, with fruit but mainly by itself

  93. avatar says: laura60

    I like to eat it as a topping on my salads.

  94. I love sliced fresh mozzarella with sliced tomatoes and a little balsamic and basil :)

  95. avatar says: ray

    I like fresh mozz on my margarita pies im from milford Ct the closet place that dose it is a hr away in long island

  96. I like to eat fresh mozzarella cheese with a cherry tomato and a basil leaf sprinkled with balsamic vinegar. the best!

  97. says: Barb

    I make a lovely caprese salad & baked ziti

  98. avatar says: Noah

    i love cheese. I eat that stuff by the pound.

  99. nice sliced of tomato with basil and mozzarella cheese broiled.

  100. I love it on ham sandwiches with a little spicy mustard

  101. avatar says: angie p

    I like it with balsamic vinegar, in a salad and on pizza.

  102. I love to eat fresh mozz with grape tomatoes, fresh basil, and balsamic vinegar, yum!

  103. I like fresh Mozzarella on a salad and inside of my tuna salad

  104. avatar says: Stevie

    I love to make pizza with the Ciliegine, if I can get to them before my husband eats them straight out of the container! So yummy!

  105. I already commented but don’t know where my comment went! I love Mozzarella on my vegetable salad or in my tuna salad!

  106. avatar says: Elisheva

    Fresh is best! Drizzled with balsamic reduction

  107. avatar says: Ilana

    Panini with tomatoes and basil

  108. avatar says: kim

    i love to slice it and put it on homemade pizza! Yum!

  109. avatar says: baz

    With tomatoes!

  110. On pizza it’s the best

  111. I love it in Caprese Salad!

  112. avatar says: St

    With fresh tomatoes basil and a little olive oil.

  113. I like to eat it in slices and on pizza! I love it!!

  114. My son makes a delicious pizza margarita with fresh basil and mozzarella. Yummmm!

  115. i enjoy everything with cheese all kinds…..

  116. I use it to add dimension to almost any salad or I roast it with grape tomatoes basil and balsamic vinegar

  117. I love to eat it on pizza.

  118. avatar says: rajee

    love to eat it on salad

  119. avatar says: Allison

    I love it with a balsamic glaze

  120. avatar says: Candie L

    I love it on tomatoes or toast. Thank you

  121. I like it in my Lasagna

  122. with olive oil and tomatoes.

  123. Sliced up with tomato slices and fresh Italian bread!

  124. I love to melt fresh mozzarella over pretty much anything! Especially hamburgers.

  125. avatar says: Sarah L

    With a fresh garden tomato and fresh basil.
    Thanks for the contest.

  126. Your pizza looks so so good!

  127. Fresh mozzarella is so delicious, and the pizza looks amazing!

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