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Candy Wrapper Hair Accessories *Giveaway*


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We have a very strange candy minhag in my home every Friday night when my brother in law comes to stay with us…. which is pretty much every weekend! After the dishes are cleared and the table cleaned, out comes the candy. Mike and Ike’s ALWAYS make an appearance. When I was asked to come up with a craft using candy wrappers I was so beyond excited since I’ve been thinking about doing something with them for so long. I loved the idea of creating hair accessories out of the old boxes and wrappers. It’s such a great party craft for girls or the perfect mom and daughter project to bond over.



  • plastic hairbands
  • clips
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue
  • empty candy boxes
  • empty candy plastic wrappers
  • scissor
  • pen

Headband Instructions

Cut up plastic candy wrappers into small pieces. Hot glue them to the headband in an overlapping pattern. Have fun! Mix and match colors and designs. The more variety of labels used the more interesting it will look!

Flower Clip Instructions

Open the empty candy box length wise. With your pen draw large petals. You can either do a straight edge or a pointed one. Repeat the process again with a different color candy box, but this time make the petals a bit smaller.

Starting at the top, hot glue the petals one at a time in a clockwise direction. Once you have your base flower put together, hot glue it to you clip. Next, hot glue the smaller petals in between the larger ones. Scrunch up a bit of a plastic candy wrapper and glue onto the middle of the flower. A button would be cute too!
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This post was sponsored by Mike and Ike, all opinions are my own.

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For the past 12 years, Abbey Wolin has been bringing creativity back into the classroom. She has held positions as a regular and special education teacher in various school and Yeshivos around the United States. She is currently the owner and lead designer of Not 2 Shabbey. A company specializing in hand painted glassware and giftware. You can reach Abbey Wolin at shabbey2@gmail.com or by visiting not2shabbey.com




30 Responses to Candy Wrapper Hair Accessories *Giveaway*

  1. Why use hot glue instead of super glue?

  2. What a cute and fun craft. My daughter would love this.

  3. avatar says: Timmy

    I’m just not that crafty!

  4. It would be a nice rainy day craft idea, I’ll pass this along!

  5. This is a great idea to upcycle a previously thrown away item!

  6. love this. would def wear it.

  7. avatar says: suri good

    you can add sparkle to the petals with colored or sparkly glue gun glue

  8. What a cute idea. I’ve been trying to find something to do with coffee bags. This would be adorable. What coffee fiend wouldn’t want a Starbucks headband!

  9. avatar says: Gaylee

    How adorable!!! I love it!!!

  10. avatar says: Bina

    Really cute, great project to do with my 11year old daughter

  11. avatar says: Nechama

    Reminds me of Rareform (start up company that turns old billboard ads into surfboard bags…).

  12. avatar says: Denise B.

    That looks so cute and creative!

  13. Great idea! Makes me want to buy some candy to make these.

  14. avatar says: Alexa B.

    this is a very cute headband, i just wish i had the time to sit down and make something like that.

  15. I love this idea! I would love to sit down and do it with my daughters. I am not super crafty, but I would try.

  16. avatar says: Wendy R.

    I bet you could make some cute keychains as well with this same concept.

  17. avatar says: Robin

    It would be neat to glue a piece of candy on each petal

  18. I love this idea.My girls are too old for it but am going to try to make some for friends kids.

  19. My favorite craft is sewing, I have tried other crafts but am not that good at them, thanks for sharing the ideas.

  20. I’m not crafty but love see other peoples work

  21. Cute, I think my niece would like these.

  22. That looks cute and creative

  23. I love crafting thanks for the great idea!

  24. I love recycling and I think crafting is a great way to incorporate that!

  25. Where do you find crafting inspiration?

  26. My wife would love to do crafts but she doesn’t know where to start. She thinks it would be too hard.

  27. avatar says: DJ

    Crafting is not one of my strong suites but I have fun trying.

  28. avatar says: roseema

    Thanks for sharing this information.that looks cute.

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