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How To Use Gefen Wonder Melts and Cookbook Giveaway


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Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracle melts… Versatile, creamy, colorful and easy to use, Gefen Wonder Melts can be used to satisfy all your candy-making and candy-dipping desires.  Gefen Wonder Melts are mouthwatering melt-in-your-mouth candies that come in a variety of bright colors and are non-dairy — so they can brighten your baking and crown your cookies in so many different ways.  Here we have a few ways that you can use these versatile sweet treats in your kitchen:


Decorative Flower Shape


9 Fun Colors (create your own unique colors by combining them)

Let Your Creativity Flow with Homemade Confections

For more fantastic ideas using Gefen Wonder Melts with step by step instructions visit our friend EstherODesigns.

***Giveaway****  For your chance to win our New Joy of Kosher Cookbook enter with Rafflecopter below.

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210 Responses to How To Use Gefen Wonder Melts and Cookbook Giveaway

  1. Would Love to win a copy of the cookbook, love Jamie’s recipes

    • avatar says: Pam

      Glad to have a parve alternative for desserts, gifts and candy making. I’m sure the cookbook is terrific and would love to win it.

    • i would be great to win this cookbook, and have the versatility in my home to use it for dinner, especially for my diabetic husband, even if I need to improvise on certain recipes.

  2. avatar says: Rochel S

    Would love to try these on my cakepops that i make!

  3. avatar says: Jillian

    The colors are so bright and I am looking forward to making fun pareve desserts!

  4. I have to try them for cake pops. What great colors!

  5. avatar says: esther

    I love making blue/pink lollies for shalom zachor/ kiddush

  6. I make cake pops all the time using wonder melts or gold’s ez melts.

  7. avatar says: Fran

    Would love to win the cookbook! Love your recipes!

  8. This would be great to have as I am doing everything for my son’s bar mitzvah in six weeks!

  9. avatar says: Steph

    Never tried them

  10. avatar says: faigy

    I love your cookbooks, this one looks gorgeous!

  11. avatar says: Rachel

    I would love to win this!!

  12. avatar says: Rena

    Would love to win your cookbook!

  13. I would lovr tyo havre this cookbook

  14. I would love this.

  15. avatar says: Renee G

    Would love to have this cookbook. Must say that these melts look like a lot of fun.

  16. Those dipped pretzel sticks are so festive…I’d love to put giant goblets of them out for the holidays. :)

  17. avatar says: chavie

    the cookbook looks amazing

  18. avatar says: MIRIAM

    Brilliant! The colors are so vibrant and you present it in a way that looks SO do-able! I really would love to try it out

  19. avatar says: Hudi

    Would love to win the cookbook!

  20. avatar says: Eitan

    Sweeeeet! Would love to try this.

  21. avatar says: tamar

    my kids just love these things! the colors are clear and vibrant and they actually taste good
    my personal favorite is covered pretzels

  22. Cant wait to see all your new secrets in this book!

  23. avatar says: REBECCA

    I bought this colored chocolates and molds fur Chanukah….My kids loved it!

  24. avatar says: Susan

    looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. would love to win this cookbook

  26. I was just shopping for candy molds yesterday and love all these colors!

  27. avatar says: Rust

    Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful cookbook!

  28. These Wonder Melts are a terrific idea…..since they are parve i would be able to use them as an addition to regular icing on cakes as well as being decorative to the chocolate dipped dried fruit slices that i make as part of dessert…the opportunity to win the Joy Of Kosher cookbook would be thrilling and more than well used in our home….thank you for the opportunity.

  29. I love Joy of Kosher. My Mom had one of these cookbooks in the house when I was growing up.

  30. avatar says: Susan

    Thanks for all your knowledge and help always.

  31. avatar says: Abigail

    Would love to make those mini cupcakes! Adorable!

  32. avatar says: Debbie

    these colors are so vibrant, the pretzel rods would be a great Purim treat.

  33. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

  34. I would love to win a copy of your cookbook, a classic!

  35. avatar says: A

    Would love to win the cookbook

  36. avatar says: Stephanie

    Would love B-H to win! Good Shabbos!

  37. avatar says: Neta

    beautiful…just made some on Monday!!! Absolutely delicious & recommendable!!!

  38. avatar says: nina

    I love these wafers! I have looked for parve ones for several years and finally found the Gefen ones last year. My students have had a lot of fun making special treats for the holidays.

  39. avatar says: Sue

    Love your recipes and the Gefen Melts looks yummy. I loved you latkes recipes for Chanukah and love the chicken recipes

  40. avatar says: Rebecca

    I’ve been waiting for pareve melts!

  41. avatar says: Beverley

    I’d love to try the Melts.

  42. avatar says: cheryl

    I love to dip pretzels and even chunks of cheese into the mints. The mint works well with cheddar.
    AND, I would love a copy of the cookbook…what great ideas in there!

  43. avatar says: e.s.

    Looks so fun !

  44. avatar says: Susan B.

    Would very much like to win this awesome cookbook. Joy of Kosher is great.

  45. Would love to win.I am invoved in many Jewidh women’s groups, we could move the book into new arenas. Jamie, I think we met many years ago.

  46. avatar says: thasgolas

    Everything looks great!

  47. cant wait to try these new recipes!

  48. avatar says: malkie

    i’m not a baker, but these wonder melts look so easy and so much fun to use!
    Definitely want to try it out!

  49. One can never have enough cookbooks. Ideas make us young.

  50. avatar says: Kira

    Would love to win the cookbook!

  51. avatar says: shani

    these look great! Would love to try them on cake-pops, any recipes for those?

  52. avatar says: shira

    These chocolate melts look amazing. Can’t beat the fact that they’re parve either and I can’t wait to try them! Thanks for the chance to win this cookbook – I can only imagine how great it is after the past two!

  53. avatar says: bar

    Looks yummiii!

  54. avatar says: Rachel

    Would love a copy of this cookbook as a newly married woman!

  55. avatar says: Sarah

    I would love to win this cookbook!

  56. avatar says: Chavie

    My daughter used the white wonder melts this week to make gorgeous cake pops!

  57. avatar says: Zehava

    I would LOVE to win this cookbook!

  58. I love your site and the recipes are smash hits for our Oneg meals

  59. avatar says: cwiz23

    These are so pretty. I love how the pears are decorated.

  60. avatar says: Becca

    I love the first book. I would love to own this one as well!

  61. Would love a new cookbook!

  62. Love your cookbooks! I am going to surprise my grandchildren with wonder melt treats!

  63. avatar says: c.

    I lovee to try new recipes.time for a new cookbook!:-)

  64. I want to try Gefen Wonder Melts. Where I can purchase them online?

  65. avatar says: Elisheva

    Would love to win this cookbook!

  66. avatar says: Shlc

    Would love a cookbook

  67. Would live to add the new cookbook to my shelf!

  68. avatar says: brocha

    I’d love to win your cookbook!!

  69. avatar says: linda

    where do we purchase those beautiful new gefen chocolates for the cake pops????

  70. avatar says: Theresa

    Thanks for the great giveaway! These Gefen melts look awesome.

  71. avatar says: Deb

    Oh what wonderful creative ideas!

  72. avatar says: rachel

    I plan to make bar mitzvah lollypops with these …they are beautiful

  73. They look beautiful. How do they taste?

  74. avatar says: Gitty

    I love new cookbooks!

  75. Want the book…please!!!

  76. avatar says: Laura

    It would be wonderful to have this cookbook!

  77. When working with candy melts you’ve got my attention. I’m always looking for new ideas.

  78. avatar says: Rena

    Would love to try the Gefen melts to make cake pops!

  79. This is an awesome opportunity to cook with my 5 kids

  80. avatar says: BB0000

    Would love to have Jamies recipes in one spot. Those candies look great too!

  81. That looks so easy – I thought those iced treats were so hard to do.

  82. Can’t wait to try these

  83. avatar says: Gianna

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. avatar says: Peryl

    These will make decorating fun!

  85. would love to win the cookbook!!!

  86. avatar says: Michal H

    I used these candy melts to make Minnie Mouse cookie pops for my daughter’s birthday party- delicious!

  87. enjoy your posts, so I’m sure I’d love the cookbook!

  88. avatar says: Raquel

    Would love to win this cookbook!

  89. avatar says: hadassah

    would love to win

  90. avatar says: M2

    this website is great! Its good to get some new recipes once in a while. Looking forward to try a dessert!

  91. Looks like fun for a snowy day

  92. Looks amazing! Has anyone tasted them?

  93. avatar says: alapi

    These melts look wonderful and easy to use. Who sells these melts?Sorry I did not know about them for Chanukah

  94. avatar says: EstiK

    These Gefen Candy melts look AMAZING. I hope this product is a keeper. My daughter is still too young to have fun in the kitchen, but once she is- I would love to make candy with her! These products better still be around in 2 years from now! :)

  95. Love the cookbook!

  96. avatar says: Miri

    I look forward to trying some interesting desserts with these candy melts. I hope that I win the cookbook!

  97. avatar says: Felina P

    I would love to have my own copy of this cookbook.

  98. avatar says: Felina P

    Your pin links in the rafflecopter form are not going thru, I did pin the giveaway from the pinterest link on the left..

  99. avatar says: Judie

    Sounds like something to share.

  100. avatar says: Heather

    I LOVE that these are pareve!

  101. avatar says: rena

    I wish we could get them in Seattle! I’d love to have your cookbook.

  102. avatar says: LS

    Been working with melted chocolate for years, but never had a selection of colors in kosher melts. Can’t wait to try these melts.

  103. avatar says: Elizabeth

    These are so beautiful! Perfect for pareve sweet treats for Chanukah, Pesach,Purim, and Rosh Hashanah!!!

  104. avatar says: hayley3

    Everyone needs to be kosher, especially me! :-)

  105. Can I order the melts for delivery? What fun to make candies

  106. avatar says: MC

    super cool!

  107. avatar says: Samantha

    Those melts look like fun!! I LOVE the flower!!

  108. avatar says: Adena

    Fantastic cookbook. Bought 2, need more for gifts!

  109. avatar says: Nycole

    Thanks for the opportunity, looks like a great book.

  110. avatar says: Marion

    I would be honored to win this cookbook! I love Gefen products and have always been enthralled by all of your marvelous ideas of food presentation.

  111. avatar says: bracha p

    i have used gefen wonder melts for a bday

  112. avatar says: JoAn

    I, too, would love to win a copy of the cookbook.

  113. avatar says: Marcia

    These look wonderful. I hope they have them at my local kosher grocer

  114. avatar says: Miriam C

    I would love to add to my cookbook collection with the new JOY OF KOSHER cookbook! I love to bake and fancy things this will definately help add to my creations. It is also nice that they are pareve there are not many options when it comes to kosher and non-dairy!

  115. avatar says: carol

    I would love to win this cookbook..thanks for the great giveaway

  116. avatar says: Melissa

    These candy melts look so cool! Would love to win the cookbook :) Love her first 2 cookbooks.

  117. Can’t wait for the cooklbook

  118. avatar says: Yocheved

    Super cool ideas!

  119. avatar says: Kristina

    It’s all so colorful and delicious looking!! Would love this cookbook!

  120. avatar says: Maureen G

    Gefen Wonder Melts are new to me and they make such a dazzling impression! The cookbook would be a “Joy” to have

  121. avatar says: miriamga

    I have your 2other books check the web-site for more recipes and I would love to win your new cookbook and oh yes would I love it if you had a regular show in create

  122. Would love to win this cookbook!

  123. avatar says: Chaya k

    Would love the cookbook!

  124. avatar says: Rebecca

    The colors look beautiful- such a “happy” food product!

  125. avatar says: mink

    Happy Hanukah!

  126. avatar says: CJ

    I’m a kosher newbie, so this would be a great book to have. Wish Jamie would make more Quick and Kosher episodes. I watch her on JLTV here in Georgia (US). Maybe she could do a show on her new life in Israel.

  127. avatar says: Susan

    Used to make melted chocolate goodies all the time. Would be the perfect time to start again. Looking forward to trying the melts.

  128. avatar says: Cheryl

    I would LOVE to win this cookbook!

  129. avatar says: masha

    I love cookbooks

  130. avatar says: Dana

    Looking for new recipes!

  131. I would love to win this cookbook!

  132. avatar says: esti

    Yay for the cookbook!

  133. avatar says: fay stern

    would love to win!

  134. already get the newsletter, which I look forward to, and truly enjoy it; have passed this on to my daughters, who also seem to love it.

  135. avatar says: deedee

    Already get the newsletter – would love to win the cookbook

  136. avatar says: molly

    I bet they taste as great as they look.

  137. avatar says: Rebekah

    Jamie Geller is awesome! :)

  138. The recipe ideas look amazing. I haven’t seen the Gefen Melts here in Los Angeles yet, but when I do I’ll probably find many things to do with them.
    You cookbook is one I’d love to have. so many great recipes to try.

  139. avatar says: Zoe Lee

    Thanks for the chance to win

  140. Finally an easy and beautiful way to make delicious and gorgeous confections…thanks Gefen and thanks Jamie for another cookbook. I would love to win it and add it to my collection.

  141. Caught you on TV the other day. We’re trying to ‘go’ kosher and would love a cookbook.

  142. I would love to win your cookbook- my husband watches your shows and urges me to try your recipes. You make it look so easy!
    Also, the deserts with Gefen Melts look beautiful and festive.

  143. avatar says: Jan

    Love Jamie’s recipes; they’re the greatest. Always check them before shabbat.

  144. avatar says: Dassy

    I use gefen melts all the time. Their awesome!!

  145. Wow! The colors are amazing. I would love to win this cookbook!

  146. avatar says: Judi

    I love reading your blog and having kosher recipes is g for a good cookbook!reat. I am always looking

  147. avatar says: Mom in NJ

    Your cookbook looks great!

  148. avatar says: Lovey

    I wish I could get these melts and the cookbook locally.

  149. Would love this! Love making colorful treats!

  150. The cookbook looks divine..would love to own it!

  151. avatar says: Jenn

    Looking forward to trying the Geffen melts soon!

  152. avatar says: Karen

    Would love to win the cookbook. Have been getting the newsletter and you have such neat recipes.

  153. avatar says: Barbara

    What gorgeous candy melts! I would love the cookbook too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  154. avatar says: joanne

    I would really love to win this cookbook. Also I’ve always wanted to try the Gefen wonder melts!

  155. We use these to make the prettiest cake pops!

  156. Would love to win the new cookbook!

  157. avatar says: rivky

    I really want to win this cookbook

  158. These are some really great ideas! I can see loading up baskets with all sorts of these sweets – and my kitchen library could use a copy of your cookbook!

  159. avatar says: Esther O

    I would be so excited to win Jamie’s new cookbook!

  160. avatar says: Etka

    You know this is actually one of those products I could never understand what to do with, or why anyone would buy it. This post sure opened my mind! I LOVE the oreo cookie idea. I MUST try these soon. I think they are becoming my new top To Try Project. Yum.

  161. avatar says: EEFisher

    My wife would make me delicious foods.

  162. avatar says: Heather B

    would love the chance to check out some Kosher recipes

  163. your recipes are great!!!!

  164. avatar says: Helene

    I would love to win the book

  165. avatar says: Rivkah

    The melts are a wonder. I love the variety of colors offered.

  166. avatar says: Nechama

    comment. :)

    i am curious what the melts taste like…the colors are so not chocolate looking…

  167. avatar says: Rachel

    Would look good on my book shelf!

  168. Would LOVE to win the Cookbook!

  169. avatar says: allison

    hope i win the cookbook

  170. avatar says: Karen

    Wish I could find those melts near here. Looks like a great creative way to accent my cooking

  171. avatar says: nechama

    would love to win this cookbook. I use your other one all the time! I’ve used Wondermelts before, wasn’t so impressed with them. Found it easier to coat my cake pops with chocolate.

  172. Would love to win a copy of the book!

  173. Looks like a great cookbook!

  174. Would love to win this cookbook.

  175. avatar says: brachie

    I am always looking for new cookbooks! even better if i would win it!

  176. avatar says: Adele

    This cookbook is begging for a spot in my bookcase. Tried wondermelts at our Chanukah Funland last year, dipping cakepops and donuts…don’t recall the colors being so vibrant, will have to try again!

  177. avatar says: h s

    Would love to win this cookbook! big fan and i love the gefen wonder melts :)

  178. I read cookbooks like some people read novels. This one looks great. Thanks!

  179. These look great. I ought to try making things with them

  180. Loving the Colors! Cant wait to try them all :)

  181. Love your emails and recipes.

  182. avatar says: Victoria

    Love Gefen melts! Used them to make treats for our vort back in April! Would love Jamie’s new cookbook, perfect addition to our kitchen! :)

  183. avatar says: sara

    I would love to read this book.
    but I would also like to know: where on earth can I get the melts in israel? I ask people to bring them for me from the states. funny thing is, on the back it says made in israel…

  184. Love the cookbook. I really like that she has made a kindle edition.I memorized a recipie and made it at home, What a hit!
    Easy and simple recipies.

  185. avatar says: eb

    i really would love to try the recipes from this cookbook!

  186. avatar says: rivke

    I love to cook and love easy recipes from terrific cookbooks, like Joy of cooking.

  187. I would love to win this cookbook!

  188. avatar says: yehudis

    I love your recipes and videos! I would love to own your cookbook!

  189. avatar says: miriam

    Would love to win, thanx for the opportunity

  190. avatar says: Naomi

    Looks delicious!

  191. avatar says: cfy

    Thank you for this wonderful resource!

  192. avatar says: Daniel M

    always like trying new recipes

  193. avatar says: chaya

    Really would love ton have your cookbook. I cook for lots of guests on shabbos & always like trying a new dish.

  194. avatar says: Chantie

    I love anything food-related and this cookbook looks like just the thing I want to curl up on the couch with on a quiet evening…

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