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Have You Got The X Factor?


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Have you got the cooking X factor?

One of my guests who participated in my cooking tour recently complained, “I get frustrated to invest so much time in cooking when the food is gone so quickly.” Can you imagine what I answered?

I told her that, for me cooking is creativity and passion; when the food I cook has been eaten it’s an opportunity to get to another enjoyable cooking creation. I am always happy to hit restart and come up with something new! It is even better that I don’t need to find space for all my creations, they are eaten up!!

How about you?

How do you feel about spending hours in the kitchen and then the food disappears quickly?
What do you enjoy about cooking?
Please share your thoughts with me here in the comments for on my Facebook page.

I come from the love of cooking, not just the love of food and eating. This love of cooking opens all my senses. I appreciate the colors and shapes of the foods from the fruits and vegetables to the decorated cakes, breads and pastries. Above all I love the smells of home-made bread and pastries – and that’s even before mentioning the taste!

X factor means some advantageous quality that someone or something is attributed to have, a quality that is regarded as mysterious and difficult to describe or isolate. (Wikipedia)

My love for food starts way before the cooking itself, from the moment I plan what I’m going to cook I also spend an enjoyable time reading and searching for Israeli recipes and new ideas .

I so enjoy my shopping time especially when I’m in the market. I can spend hours there, like a child in a toy store. It is so wonderful choosing fresh fruits and vegetables, discovering what’s new, finding new places and chatting with the vendors. It is well known that food connects people even if they are strangers.

Walking through the market on my own and while on a food tour, I get tempted to buy more than what I need. This is exactly what happened to me last week when I found these gorgeous baby eggplants. I had to buy some and pickled them that same day.

Get my recipe for Pickled Baby Eggplants here.

I am also lucky to get to meet lovely people on the culinary tours of Israel from all over the world with whom I share the joy of cooking and who also have this X factor for food and cooking.

If you like food, and cooking is your passion you’ve got the X factor!

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A lifelong food lover, Orly Ziv worked for many years as a clinical nutritionist before launching Cook In Israel in 2009. Through her company Orly offers culinary tours around Israel and intimate cooking classes out of her home. For more information visit http://www.cookinisrael.com/book.html

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