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Thanksgivukkah Tablescape Ideas *Giveaway*


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If you have checked your “American” calendar ,  you will have noticed that Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah fall (no pun intended) on the same day this year. According to Steven Colbert, Thanksgiving is actually under attack!! But wait Steven isn’t it Hanukkah that actually must share the limelight, or wait, aren’t we just killing two birds with one stone. Sorry for the last comment, maybe that wasn’t appropriate….

Anyways… if you were wondering how to decorate your Thanksgivukkah table this year, I have a few easy and fun ideas I would like to share. These ideas are meant for the entire family, not just for Mom, so I hope the kids are following.

A fun menorah will light up the table. Here I have used miniature pumpkins, but anything would work from apples, to persimmon to miniature squash. Just use what you find in your local grocery store or market. Let a parent carve the holes for the tealights. Any colour tealights will do, just make sure your shamas is taller than the rest. I have added some fall leaves and twigs for interest. You can use any type of leaf. Ivy grows wild most everywhere, or even better get the kids to make their own leaves. The more everyone is involved, the more fun you will have.

The dreidels were made using these instructions and template http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/make-a-dreidel.

For the napkin we created turkeys made from pinecones and a folded napkin. Go to youtube or google “how to fold a turkey napkin“, you will find a tutorial there. The older kids may enjoy folding the napkins (cloth or paper), while the younger kids are creating or painting the dreidels, pinecones or leaves. If you don’t want the mess, plain pinecones are just fine; just make sure you wash and let the pinecones dry ahead of time, so you don’t find any uninvited guests at your table!!

The turkey head was made from a folded piece of card stock. Simply fold a right handed triangle to form the head and then make a second fold to create the neck. The red “wattle” which is the fleshy thing that grows under a turkey’s throat, was just a red painted teardrop cut out from paper.

For an added bit of fun we scattered Hanukkah gelt (parve) at each placesetting. It adds just a little bit of bling, and chocolate is always a crowd pleaser. If you look closely, a special pilgrim kippa (paper buckle glued to the kippa) can be found on our table . We always enjoy adding something a little different and unexpected. Your guests will certainly remember those little touches and will remember the fun time you shared together.

I hope you have enjoyed my ideas, and see that you don’t need to spend much to make something special. Be creative, make it fun, and involve the entire family in the Thanksgivukkah preparations.  You will amaze yourself that you really can create something from nothing.

Please ask any questions about everything in this post or any other table scape ideas in the comments below.


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About Cathy Epstein


I am a party designer here in Jerusalem. I love my work and love making every simcha beautiful.




105 Responses to Thanksgivukkah Tablescape Ideas *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: dalesusan

    this year i am doing a sheva bracha/thanksgiving hanukah dinner for my to be newly married daughter! hope i win!

  2. avatar says: Nechama

    Love the pumpkin menorah idea! Cute and pretty!

    I always loved the floating draidels in little glass cubes/vases etc.
    I suppose you can float acorns too for a Thanksgiving addition.

  3. avatar says: Becky

    Thanks for the giveaway!! I will be assisting with 4 Thanksgiving dinners and a Chanuakh party this year so I could use the help :)

  4. I am so excited by the possibilities of celebrating my two favorite holidays representing gratitude and hope!

  5. avatar says: Betty

    I love setting a pretty table and this tablecloth will certainly help

  6. avatar says: adina

    my mom was talking about stuffing her turkey with chocolate coins :-)

  7. I’m anxious to make this the best Thanksgiving ever.

  8. The pumpkin center piece is excellent! I’ll be working a Thanksgiving/Hanukah dinner and then a Hanukah dinner the week after. I am certain some of the ideas seen here will make its way to the dinner table(s)!

  9. avatar says: Judi

    Where can I find those wonderful martini glasses!

  10. avatar says: Marla

    I love the mini pumpkin chanukiya. Can’t wait to go all out decorating for Thanksgivukkah

  11. avatar says: molly

    instead of love beads I am going to make a curtain out of hannukah gelt and turkey feathers for a fun thanksgivukkah decoration!

  12. Everything looks fabulous! Chag Sameach!

  13. avatar says: ADELE


  14. avatar says: April

    Being allergic (or intolerant) of turkey, I’ve always had Brisket for Thanksgiving. First time, I won’t have to make it twice so close together. Nice ideas here for the table will work.

  15. avatar says: Carla S

    One holiday idea is having bouquets of sunflowers on the table.I like to use servingware that looks like turkeys or has turkeys on it.I love the turkey napkins!

  16. avatar says: Essy

    I really live the pumpkin menorah! So easy and inexpensive and a wonderful centerpiece!

  17. I love decorating a table for the holidays

  18. Love the pumpkin menorah. I have three young grand daughters who would love to make the turkey napkins. Thanks for the ideas.

  19. avatar says: EstiK

    For chanukah I would love to take old mason jars, or pickle jars and mode podge on blue and silver paper, but to add a thanksgiving aspect to it, I would put in apple pie spice scented candles. :)

  20. avatar says: fanwick

    We will be having Turkey Soup with Matzah Balls, potato kugel with Cranberry orange sauce, green beans Almandine. Parve Sofganiot, I’m using an orange table cloth with a blue overlay.

  21. avatar says: brandy g.

    This year I am these really pretty place cards out of felt, cardboard and ribbon. They always give your table a little bit of something extra.

  22. Make place cards out of painted pine cones. Looks great on the table.

  23. Use flameless candles for safety.

  24. avatar says: Robin N.

    LOVE the table decor.Beautiful way to blend Thanksgiving and Chanukah!Keep the great ideas coming..

  25. avatar says: chaya

    Beautiful arrangement. would love to win this runner.

  26. avatar says: Rebecca B

    I love to do more of a feast-style table setting with fruit, herbs and candles.

  27. avatar says: Raquel

    Would love to win this.. It’s beautiful!

  28. avatar says: jessica

    at wine goes best with turkey ?

  29. avatar says: MIRIAM

    Kathy, you are so talented! I love it! ::) Next up we need pumpkin latkes and dreidel shaped sweet potato cutouts. mmm

  30. avatar says: Sarah

    Spending this thanksgiving in California wine country!

  31. avatar says: Jon Heil

    Hope I can win!

  32. avatar says: Sara

    Nice pumpkini idea for a menorah but using flameless candles would be safer withlittle children.

  33. I’ve been torn on how to decorate for Thanksgivukkah. I will definitely be stealing your mini pumpkin menorah – Thanks for the great ideas!

  34. We did floating candles at my wedding…can be done for any holiday.

  35. I adore that pumpkin menorah! I am using that idea for sure, so brilliant!

  36. I think the pumpkinorah is an excellent idea! I was talking to my mom the other day about making cranberry applesauce. I’ve made homemade cranberry sauce years ago and it came out great!

  37. avatar says: Stephen

    What’s a good table idea for Christmas?

  38. avatar says: Natalie

    I love to put votive candles in glass cylinders with orchids at the bottom

  39. avatar says: paprikawh

    My son’s bringing home a new girlfriend I want to impress. The tablecloth and vase would really dress up the table. Love your ideas!

  40. The pumpkin menorah is so cure!

  41. I like to put acorns from my front yard into a hurricane and then add a white candle….simple but so cute

  42. avatar says: Kimarie S

    My holiday table idea is to put all the deserts near where I’m sitting. :p I like putting little white pumpkins and gourds on the table.

  43. Simply stunning!!!!

  44. avatar says: Meredith

    I’ll be putting out pumpkin place card holders with paper candles in the holders instead of name cards.

  45. avatar says: Felicia

    I really love the pumpkin candleholders. I would really like to try that with gourds.

  46. I would never have thought of using those mini pumpkins to make a menorah! I must buy some today. I love that idea.

  47. I just love the pumpkin menorah! We usually get the white mini pumpkins. I think they would look great used as a menorah! The turkey napkins are adorable too! Thanks for the great ideas!!

    • avatar says: cathy

      If you use the white pumpkins then place a runner or darker color tablecloth underneath for contrast, or you could create the contrast with colorful leaves

  48. avatar says: min

    don’t forget – the people are more important than the food or the decorations

  49. Love candles and flowers in fall colors for Thanksgiving.

  50. avatar says: Camila

    My mama and I are looking for Thanksgiving/Hannukah ideas and we loved this!

  51. I like to decorate by using things I find such as beautiful leaves and pinecones

  52. I like to keep a big basket in the center of my table filled with fruit

  53. Very nice cookbooks

  54. avatar says: Amy M

    What’s a good holiday color that would go with bright yellow-green? It’s my kitchen accent color, and I’m trying to dress it up for the season.

  55. Is it true that scented candles should not be utilized at an event with food being served?

  56. I live in the country. I like to take a nature walk with the grandkids and collect acorns and other things then fill several small bowls with the items for the table. Warning! If you have grandsons you will end up with plenty of rocks!

    • avatar says: cathy

      love acorns, funny about the rocks. If they are smooth, wash and paint them and write on them what you are thankful for…just an idea

  57. We string battery powered lights along the center of the table with leaves and gourds.

  58. Love this tablescape. There are such cute ideas here!

  59. I like handmade turkeys for each seat by the kids.

  60. avatar says: Sky Kory

    My question is: how do you make candles not interfere with the food?

    • avatar says: cathy

      use battery operated candles found at all craft stores like Michaels, or simply blow out the candles before you serve the meal

  61. avatar says: Tali

    How do you keep such a beautiful tablecloth from getting stained/ruined without using plastic?

  62. I’ve been scouring the web for Thanksgiving Table Setting ideas for weeks now! I’m anxious to be doing the entertaining this year.

  63. avatar says: Katrina

    The kids usually make their own table mats.

  64. We always cut our own Christmas tree. Once us “girls” have helped pick the tree we take baskets and pick nice pinecones and try to find nice smelling branches. On our tables we put small baskets with cones lined with the branches. It always makes it FEEL like Christmas.

  65. My daughter wanted to make colorful turkey bowls to fill with candy for thanksgiving.

  66. avatar says: miriama59

    I have a question…we never have room for a centerpiece. I really wish I could. How to do that?

    • avatar says: cathy

      If you have room, set up another table for the food to create a buffet, or use a kitchen table, or cover a counter to create the space

  67. I glitter up small pine cones & acorns and use them as napkin holders & I use Shellacked fall leaves as name cards

  68. For Christmas we are doing a snow-y theme, ( white and silver) and not the traditional green and red.

  69. avatar says: Wendy

    I love a pretty table

  70. avatar says: Mia J

    I am doing a small family Thanksgiving. What would be a good idea for a rustic inexpensive look?

  71. avatar says: Penny W

    I saw a great idea on Pinterest using white pumpkins and bittersweet on the Thanksgiving table and I really want to give it a try if I can find white pumpkins!

  72. avatar says: liz

    I plan on putting leaves all over the table

  73. I have seen some interesting holiday snacks and desserts on pinterest and blogs. I think it would be cute to set each place setting with a delicious edible turkey decoration like this one here for Thanksgiving this year. -> http://madamedeals.com/cute-edible-turkey-decoration-for-thanksgiving-table/

  74. i found this idea on pinterest that i really wanna do. get a white tablecloth and have everyone write down what they are thankful for and keep doing that every year.

  75. avatar says: meme

    Your table is so pretty. Did you make the place mats? They really go great with your table settings.

  76. Any good ideas for the kids table to keep them occupied when they finish eating? They always seem to finish in about 10 minutes! I usually set out crayons and paper, but would like something different!

  77. avatar says: Samantha

    I’m terrible at table setting, so I stick with simple is better. We use a nice centerpiece depending on the season.

  78. We haven’t had a Hanukkah celebration since y father passed 10 years ago, but with the upcoming birth of my first grandchild, I’m hoping to start again, this would be a great new beginning.

  79. great site, wonderfull ideas

  80. Do you have any ideas doe decorating a table for kids for Thanksgiving?

  81. avatar says: Sand

    I like to decorate with mini pumpkins.

  82. Candles really make a huge difference! I love it.

  83. I usually buy those vinyl type tablecloths for under $10 at Walmart an dress it up with nice flower arrangement.

  84. avatar says: Gianna

    Square sugar cookies with iced guest names on them.

  85. avatar says: Tali

    When do we find out who won?

  86. So much prettiness on JoK lately..love it. Love how you show tablescapes as well as food!

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