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How To Create a Dessert Table for Hanukkah *Giveaway*


Well I have certainly made a lot of friends since moving to Israel.  My newest pals are a sister team of event designers from the city of Modiin.  Nesia and Daphna run A La Mode Designer Desserts, Designer Parties.  And I tapped them to create a vibrant, modern, unexpected Chanukah dessert table.  Watch this video and learn how to recreate this thing of beauty step-by-step.  It’s also filled with lot’s of little take-away ideas for gifts, sweets, and snacks that can be incorporated into any party.

Here’s a little more from behind the scenes:

This is a closeup of one side of the dessert table.  Note that the sisters from A La Mode (visit them on Facebook here) suggest displaying like fruits together in mini martini glasses instead of a mixed fruit salad – it enhances the bold graphic look of this table.  The black and white zigzag pattern is repeated many times over in the table runner, paper cones, straws, and picture frames.  And check out the messaging, “Take a Gift” lets your guests know these little candy boxes are party favors.  Watch the How To Video and learn how to make the paper cones and candy boxes.

When hosting a house party Nesia and Daphna say it’s important to carry the theme throughout the house – don’t just relegate the goods to one party table.  Here this coffee table doubles as a doughnut buffet including candies, chocolates, and paper goods that mimic the dessert table color scheme.  If the party extends to the outdoors or other rooms of the house don’t forget to put out a little somethin’ to pull the entire look together.

And here I am with the girls building our martini candy menorah.  Nesia is wearing the green skirt Daphna is in the pale blue cardigan.


Do you like this video?  Do you want more dessert table, DIY party favor, candy craft, and sweet styling videos and tips?  Let me know in the comments below and enter to win a candy prize package from Mike and Ike and Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews.

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67 Responses to How To Create a Dessert Table for Hanukkah *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: Cooki M.

    Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews were a treat that we could enjoy growing up because everyone knew it was kosher and we didn’t have to question whether or not it was okay to eat.

  2. avatar says: Rebecca

    That mike and ike menorah display is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. avatar says: Dassy

    Its really cool! Love it!!

  4. The desert table looks beautiful. Loved the tips for carrying the theme throughout the home. Never realized how easy it is to make cones and they match! Happy Hannukah!

  5. avatar says: Ellen

    loved this video–great ideas! i’m a goldenberg’s peanut chews fan from WAY back when!!

  6. avatar says: Avigail

    loved the ideas, keep them coming.

  7. avatar says: blima

    I would enjoy it

  8. avatar says: MIRIAM

    Peanut chews are my all time favorite. I think I once pulled a tooth out chewing those guys but it hasn’t stopped me!!

  9. As a food historian, I have always wanted to try making a lovely Kosher Dessert table; the step by step instructions are awesomely helpful!

  10. Yes I have tried these scrumptious peanut chews; I order them online, because these are not sold in Malone NY.

  11. WOW!!! I loved the Mike & Ike Menorah. I wasn’t planning on making a Hanukka party but now I really want to recreate that whole table at my house. AMAZING!!!

  12. avatar says: Rivkah

    My mother passed away many years ago, after I turned 19. Nonetheless, I can clearly remember her sharing a pack of Peanut Chews with me whenever she had them. I can envision a pack of Goldenberg Peanut Chews sitting in her pocketbook, as clearly as if it was yesterday. A sweet memory on so many levels!

  13. avatar says: Cheryl

    Love the ideas (and the candy)!

  14. I can remember sharing packages of Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews with my mother as if it was just yesterday. She passed away over 40 years ago, but I can see her, feel her touch, see her smile and taste a peanut chew as we shared each and every package we got. What sweet memories!?!

  15. avatar says: anne hill

    i have actually never tried them!

  16. avatar says: Gillyk

    My dentist will love you if I were to win!

  17. avatar says: Samson

    I love Peanut Chews!

  18. goldenberg’s peanut chews were the best treat ever-brings back such memories!

  19. avatar says: Michal G

    Please post more party setup tips and ideas!

  20. avatar says: Shelley

    Love, love, love Peanut Chews – original all the way!

  21. avatar says: Ariella A


  22. I might actually have to try this for our Chanukah Chagigah!!

  23. avatar says: Dani

    I love peanut chews!

  24. The dessert table display is amazing – so festive and fun! Thanks for sharing the step-by-step creative process.

  25. This video is exactly the kind of stuff I would like to see more of!! It’s perfect!!

  26. says: Ita

    I love the creativity in this video!

  27. avatar says: Chana

    Great video and ideas! Peanut Chews are my absolute favorite!

  28. avatar says: EstiK

    so gorgeous! It just needs more fruit! :) (everything in life needs more fruit!)

  29. avatar says: SPG613

    very cute video. I’m not at all talented like that.

  30. avatar says: esther

    looks like a fun party!

  31. avatar says: GE

    LOVE Goldenbergs peanut chews & mike n Ike’s


  33. avatar says: Yehudis

    The dessert table is beautiful and creative. I’ve always been sort-of intimidated by the idea of trying to create a dessert table, but you make it sound simple enough (and worth it) to give it a try! We are having a family get-together this Chanukah and I think the whole family would get a kick out of a Mike and Ike menorah!

  34. avatar says: rachel d

    thank you so much for the great chanukah ideas! keep em coming!

  35. avatar says: Zahava

    This video was great, love the new ideas. Happy Chanukah!

  36. avatar says: rivky

    Beautiful, and I love peanut chews!!

  37. I’m going to use this idea on the “kids” table for Thanksgivanukkah!

  38. Such a fun dessert presentation, thanks!

  39. avatar says: fay stern

    The mini cupcakes on the desert table were cute. Where can I get the recipe?

  40. What an incredibly beautiful and unique looking table! and the gift ideas are ‘other-worldly’! It gives me the urge to already start preparing for our annual family Channukah gathering at great-grandad’s house. thanks SO much. Bye now, gotta run and buy those Mike ‘n Ikes before the shop sells out!

  41. avatar says: Robin

    I love the table and I’m a big Mike n Ike fan.

  42. Loved the ideas of the round peanutchews

  43. Peanut Chews are great! I personally do not make any sweets at home – but I love to buy them haha

  44. Looks like fun. My kids and dentist would love these.

  45. Great video and ideas. I love Mike and Ikes

  46. avatar says: Sarah

    Love the layout

  47. Id love to do a dessert table for my grandsons. Thomas the train! Blue candies for Thomas, green for Percy, red for James! So many possibilities.

  48. avatar says: Tali

    I love zours! I could eat the whole box!I love the idea of using glass dishes to display. Great job!

  49. I would love to know how to make the little chocolate parfait-ish desserts.

  50. avatar says: Nechama

    I’d like some budget friendly tablescape ideas.
    I feel like if I followed all the beautiful ideas your site/magazine gives, I’d have a million and one different tablecloths/glasses/chargers etc that I’d never use again…

  51. I’d love to try a table scape with only items from the dollar store. It would challenge me to see how little I could spend, but how classy I could make it!

  52. the best desert tables are ones that have tons and tons of variety!

  53. avatar says: Sand

    I love it! I love the variety of candies used.

  54. I would use a lot of color when setting up a dessert table but otherwise, I am at a loss. Thanks for the tips.

  55. avatar says: Elana

    I love this table. So creative. please keep these videos coming.

  56. avatar says: Anna

    My Grandchildren will adore this. Already started planning!

  57. What a fun and creative candy table. Love it!

  58. So incredibly pretty!

  59. Just made the candy chanukiah for a parents’ social from our son’s day school. HUGE HIT!! Finding individual colors of Mike and Ike’s was tricky but definitely worth the effort! Thanks A La Mode for this great idea. I will be using it for years to come!

  60. avatar says: Chany M

    Didn’t know Goldenberg Peanut chews still existed! I could smell them- Yum -till they became milchik!

  61. avatar says: ellen

    HI, can you tell me where to get the table accessories in the chevron print so we can recreate this look ourselves? thanks

    • Hey Ellen – so happy you were inspired to recreate this lok. You can find the chevron black n white on fabric.com! Great luck and would love to see your picts!

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