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Edible Holiday Gift Ideas


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I love presents! I love giving presents. I love figuring out the perfect present. I love seeing the smile on peoples face when they receive the present. Perhaps that is why I make giftware for a living!

It is truly better to give than to receive. And so whenever I am invited to be someone’s guest, I feel it is appropriate to show up with gift in hand. Living in a large, hospitable community I have ample opportunities to exercise my gift giving passion. But frequency comes with a price. And although I specialize in giftware, I am like the shoemaker whose children go shoeless. I rarely feel comfortable just giving my own creations.  So what is an appreciative guest to do?

I have always liked being a bit different. To come up with something unique can be a challenge.

I no longer ask what I can buy, but what I can make. Especially when an invitation is to a Shabbat meal, not everyone has time to make elaborate gifts, but there are plenty of easy and unique edible gifts that are quick.

I was recently treating myself to a manicure erev Rosh Hashana, (I hardly ever do my nails, because I work with my hands all day!) When my 22 year old daughter’s, second grade teacher had the same idea.  As we were catching up on life and children, she mentioned to me that she has always remembered that my daughter gave her homemade treats for a teacher’s present. She commented that she had just had a conversation with a mom who complained that she didn’t have enough money to buy all the teachers gifts, and this former 2nd grade teacher informed the mom, that one of her favorite gifts were from a student, (my daughter), who baked her own edible treats herself and added a beautiful thank you note.

While you can’t always know what will compliment the host’s efforts, usually a sweet treat is a safe and appreciated option. A close friend of mine in New York first introduced me to this, no cook, no mess, hassle free, yummy treat. I have added craisins to this free measuring recipe. There are never leftovers! And I am always asked for the recipe. Wrap these babies in a cellophane bag with a ribbon or on a glass platter and you have the perfect edible gift!  These are great for teacher and co-worker gifts during the holidays.

Try my favorite, go to recipe for White Chocolate Pretzel Chunks.  Served on my favorite Swirl Design Platter and it really is the perfect gift.  Now for a limited time I am offering you 20% Off your entire Swirl order so you can get all the gifts on your list.  Visit www.swirlgifts.com place your order and enter joyofkosher in the coupon box.  Offer expires 11/21.

In last year’s Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Hanukkah Magazine they shared another great edible gift idea.  Hand out small jars of sugar or salt for guests to take home as a party favor.

 Sugar & Spice

Lemon Kissed Salt


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  1. Great idea. We are going to make some tonight to check it out.

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