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Tips To Dress Up Your Table *Giveaway*


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Malky is the founder of the Silverspoon store and website www.SilverSpoonStore.com. Born from a passion for entertaining, the Silver Spoon first opened the doors of its boutique in 2000. Malky had a desire to offer fine quality tabletop at the most competitive prices available. It soon became obvious that more than a few shared her appreciation for beautiful tableware and her passion for stunning presentation.  Malky shares her tips and recommendations to help you create a one-of-a-kind table setting. Malky and her staff are always available to assist you with any of your tabletop needs.

  1. Salt and pepper cellars or grinders scattered around the table make them easy to reach.
  2. Make homemade place cards. Use lady apples or small pears, insert a toothpick with your guests’ names in each one for an innovative place card or card holder, adding an element of interest to the table.
  3. Use stamps to mark cardstock with pretty designs for an instant place card solution.
  4. Don’t be intimidated by white china; white china is now trending and looks good with everything.
  5. Emerald green is the color of the year.
  6. Use inexpensive large leaves as chargers.
  7. Use random material like burlap to wrap flatware or silverware and bring a new dimension to any table setting.
  8. Napkin rings add a wow factor.
  9. Use placemats orrunnerseven though you have a tablecloth; it adds another dimension of color, texture and level of design to your table.
  10. Accent color plates create an instant upgrade to any china or dinnerware set; great to use with a basic white set.
  11. Use an elegant bowl filled with seasonal apples as a surprisingly easy, yet show-stopping centerpiece.Placement:
    The napkin is lightly starched, pressed, folded — and placed to the left of the plate.
    Glassware is at the top right of the plate: water glass in front, white wine glass for first course next, then the red wine glass.

***Giveaway*** Silver Spoon Store is giving away a set of 12 Lady Anne Signature By Gorham Iced Beverage Glasses (retail value $120)!!  Share your tips or ask your questions for setting the perfect table below, Like Silver Spoon on Facebook, and Tweet about this giveaway to be entered to WIN!


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This article appeared in the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine (Fall 2013) – Subscribe Now.

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54 Responses to Tips To Dress Up Your Table *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: Becky

    I LOVE the stemware! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  2. A beautiful table is one with family in every seat.

  3. avatar says: Chanie Y

    People feel so welcomed with custom place cards by each setting. I enjoy creating them with the theme or color of our centerpiece in mind; ie. lemons, mini tree stumps,flowers,etc…Thank you for this great opportunity (:

  4. flowers are always at my table

  5. avatar says: Nechama

    I love when things are scattered directly on the table.

  6. i always look on pinterest for ideas

  7. I like to use candles, mirrors, and glass to decorate my tables.

  8. avatar says: Etka

    The JoK mag really got me started on this last year, especially the Purim issue… I like buying kraft-paper-textured wrapping paper rolls for chargers (or, as the mag displayed, as a neat runner), funky discount fabrics for tableloths – a themed denim cowboy-print themed our seudah – and bright, solid, generous napkins in chunky, bold napkin rings. (I especially love the IKEA brand of napkins because they’re absurdly affordable while boasting an almost cloth-like thickness and great fluff when you tuck them.) I love making stand-up menus by folding paper into a small-bottomed triangle and labeling each course with a restaurant-esque name.

  9. avatar says: Kathy H

    I like to add some silver or gold accents to a holiday table to make it sparkle & look elegant especially with the candles lit!

  10. love colorful dishes

  11. avatar says: Hannah J

    I like using cloth napkins on my table. They look fancy, save money, and hold up better than the disposable alternatives. =) Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. I’m not afraid to mix and match. I mix white china with colorful stoneware, and when I was short on silver, I’ve mixed that as well.

  13. avatar says: Chana

    Love the apple centrepiece

  14. avatar says: Ben G

    I like to use Magnolia leaves on my table. I sometimes spray paint them gold.

  15. avatar says: miriamga

    The glasses would look wonderful on my table as I use low floral arrangements so you see see all the people and hopefully my new glasses

  16. Simple is a lot of times better. Select a theme for the night and stay with it. Don’t try to add to a variety of patterns and accessories that will only clutter and take away from the main theme of the night.


  17. avatar says: Lesley

    I like to serve everything in clear glass- bowls, vases, tiny dishes, all different shapes and sizes- especially for a buffet- then the beautiful colours and textures of the food are the focus. I also like to use rooted vegetables with leaves like beets and parsley instead of flowers in vases.

  18. avatar says: koralea99

    Bold contrasting colors on the table- always a big hit.

  19. avatar says: EstiK

    Our nice dishes aren’t white- they are red, brown and earth tones. Then we match everything (even the challah cover) with those colors. It makes the table feel very unified.

  20. avatar says: Michal G

    Beautiful… Love the burlap bow idea!

  21. avatar says: Dee

    I find that cloth napkins make all the difference….

  22. avatar says: davises88

    Our china is white with a gold border. Serving pieces are often glass. As much as I love to stage the table, there’s something wonderful about the food serving as the visual focal.

  23. avatar says: dkny

    I love using crystal goblets at our Shabbos table. We were given a dozen water goblets from Tiffany when we got married and didn’t use them for a few years when the kids were little and then decided to use them and enjoy them. It is 33 years later B”H and we use them and enjoy them (we are down to 9 of them) every Shabbos. I added to them by finding the exact replica at Crate and Barrel for a tiny fraction of the Tiffany cost. I mix them at the table and no one can tell which is which.

  24. B”H I’m in the middle of reorganizing all my arts and crafts and sewing supplies…just moved, uh, 13 months ago…..I’m sure I’ll find (and so could you) lots of “odds and ends” to help set a beautiful table! I always buy a “yard or two” of any fabric that reminds me of a yom tov…..

  25. avatar says: D

    My table tries to mix classic with comfortable – some fancy dishes & serving pieces, but I don’t mind if not everything is matchy-matchy. The joy on people’s faces is what is unifying.

  26. avatar says: Samantha

    When picking a centerpiece makes sure to keep the height in mind. You want a beautiful centerpiece but you also want guests to be able to see and talk to each other. Beautiful is important but practical is too!

  27. My husband thinks the table is set when the place settings and the food are in place. I always want the table to look attractive as well. Attractive does not have to mean fancy or excessive. Each occasion is different. The table becomes a blank canvas on which to be creative.

  28. avatar says: Suzanne

    I LOVE to set the Shabbat table with a theme, especially if I can pull something special from the Parashat Hashavua. Look around and keep your eyes open for plates, napkins or odds & ends that create an interesting, inviting and talkative atmosphere.

  29. I like to choose a theme for shabbos dinner such as the parsha of the week. For instance, on “Noah”, I took out all my crystal, silver mini animals and scattered them around the table.
    I ramaged through the kids mini toy animals and spray them silver.When I invite, I try to discourage a house gift and encourage a short divar Torah

  30. avatar says: rivky

    My table is always set by the time shabbos comes in, but I’m getting tired of the table looking the same. Would love a beautiful change.

  31. avatar says: cindy

    I am married over 25 years and instead of disposing of my old Shabbos set, I bought 12 plain white plates and mix and match them (as the dinner plates were chipped, but the rest of the set was fine) with my old set. It looks nice.

  32. What a beautiful glass that can be “dressed” up or down. Thank you for the opportunity given by your giveaway.

  33. avatar says: faigy

    I love changing up my napkins

  34. Mix and match is always fun!

  35. avatar says: ginette4

    Love to decorate the table with crystal, bows, candle sticks, candy dishes, looks wonderful with flowers

  36. avatar says: Marla

    I love using wired ribbon to tie up cloth napkins. I can change out my color scheme without investing pricey napkin rings. I would love a pretty new set of glasses to dress up my Shabbat table.

  37. Since I am from South Africa, I learned, when I was at school, in “Domestic Science” (for girls) – boys had “woodwork”!! – how to set a table. Having lived in the United States for many years, I still set my table S.A. style, with “side plates” for bread/chala, etc. My guests continue to get confused and start moving knives, forks, spoons, so that the “side” (read bread) plates end up in the center!!! Help!!!

  38. avatar says: Stephen

    I let my wife do it!

  39. avatar says: chani

    I enjoy placing small vases with flowers on the table. That way they dont stop people from conversing (cant see each other) but add a lot of color.

  40. avatar says: Samantha

    Simple is better! and less work!

  41. avatar says: adina

    napkin rings add a lot to a table

  42. White dishes with gold trim is always beautiful to use

  43. A perfect table has fresh flowers and candles. Beautiful glassware and black and white dishes. It also has my family!

  44. avatar says: Sand

    I like to use seasonal fruits and vegetables to create a stunning centerpiece.

  45. avatar says: blima

    I am wanting this

  46. I like to use antique hand embroidered tablecloths to decorate a table.

  47. avatar says: Gaye M

    I like to create a centerpiece that celebrates the season. Using fresh produce or plants from the garden makes it even more special.

    • I always incorporate fresh herb plants with some flowers for a centerpiece. Lots of rosemary and sage make the table smell delicious! Another trick is to mix little artificial colored flowers with real ones. They all look real! Keep your “tablescape” low and “flowing” down the table so everyone can enjoy.

  48. avatar says: molly

    I always have some wonderful ideas, but there is never enough room with all the food for the décor. How do you deal with that?

  49. avatar says: Mer

    Gorgeous! I really love incorporating natural items whenever possible. My best tip is to always keep the guests in mind first…I once made a beautiful centerpiece and then had a less than successful dinner party when it blocked people’s view!

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