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8 Ways to Enjoy Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews


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I’m a Philly girl – born and raised.  But y’all know that already.  What you didn’t know is that Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews are from Philly too. At the time, I didn’t know that they were being made in my backyard.

Peanut Chews were developed by the Goldenberg Candy Company, which was founded by Romanian immigrant, David Goldenberg in 1890.  My parents are also Romanian immigrants.  (Oooooh the plot thickens!)  That peanut-molasses chocolate-coated delight is a major throwback to my childhood – a real old school thing!

I thought this revelation (about how we’re both from Philly, and both children of Romanian immigrants, aren’t you listening?) was kinda cute and funky, so I decided to celebrate this little-known factoid by fessing up to 8 ways I like to eat my GPCs.  (That’s shorthand for Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews. I feel like I can call them GPCs since we’re practically like twins separated at birth).  Why 8? ‘Cause there are 8 peanut chews in a package and I wear a size 8. Um, wore a size 8, once, I think.

Anyway here are 8 ways to enjoy ‘em:

  1. Standing at the kitchen counter prepping dinner
  2. Curled up on the couch with a good book
  3. One at a time
  4. All 8 at once
  5. When the kids are asleep and I don’t have to share
  6. When the kids catch me and I do have to share
  7. Dipped in warm milk
  8. Baked into Peanut Chew Vanilla Cake made by my friend Amy.  If you don’t know Amy, you can bake your own.

I’m gonna share Amy’s top secret recipe with you now ‘cause that’s what you do with sweet treats – you spread the love, share the wealth, bake up a batch and put a smile on someone’s face.   Ok, so it’s not really top secret. I just like saying that. But it is an important recipe that I know you’ll treasure.  So we’ll call it Amy’s (formerly) Top Secret Famous Peanut Chew Vanilla Cake.  I think it takes longer to say it than to make it.

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91 Responses to 8 Ways to Enjoy Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews

  1. HI. In the late 1980s, I worked at the National UJA office in NY. Ed Goldenberg was very involved and when he came to the NY Office he always brought us big bogs of Peanut Chews! So yummy I still remember it!

  2. That cakes looks awesome! Clever and tasty way to use them!

  3. mmmmmm – Sounds yummy ! There goes another size 8 !

  4. avatar says: EstiK

    My favorite memories of Peanut Chews are associated with Purim! My parents never bought them so I had to rely on the packs that would come in shalach manos. I would hoard them until just before pesach- at which point they were rock hard. :) but they were worth it!

    And I can’t wait to bake the cake- It’s a shame no-one in my family will eat it (not candy or cake people) I’ll just have to wait for a simcha!


  5. loved getting goldenberg’s peanut chews for shabbos party when we were kids…

  6. avatar says: Dena

    Favorite all time nosh!

  7. Can’t wait to try this recipe…I’ve loved Goldenberg’s peanut chews for as long as I can remember!

  8. MY son and i started enjoying the Peanut Chews about 17years ago while we were still living in NewJersey….a real treat

  9. nutty chew cake = amazeballs!

  10. avatar says: Avigail

    late night snacks in seminary while studying.

  11. I love peanut chews. Too bad everything is peanut free now-a-days.

  12. AS a former Philly girl, I can relate! I grew up with Goldenbergs!

  13. Sorry this is not my kind of candy, but my husband will love them.

  14. As a child, we would fill our pockets with them at my bubbes house

  15. avatar says: Seth

    This is pretty cool

  16. My Mom would buy these for trick or treaters and my brother & I would eat more than she gave out. Love Peanut chews.

  17. avatar says: Rosanne

    I’ve never tried them so I don’t have any memories of them but I’m willing to start making memmories

  18. avatar says: Abigail

    I love peanut chews straight out of the package! My sister in law also crushes them up into a delicious peanut butter pie.

  19. avatar says: esti w

    my sister tops off her trifle with chopped up peanut chews. its amazing!

  20. avatar says: CobyG

    I remember my grandparents giving them to me when I went to visit!

  21. For many years, Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews were enjoyed by volunteer/callers at the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia’s “Super Sunday” phonathons. They were considered by many to be the “official” Super Sunday candy.

  22. avatar says: Jacob

    What’s the dealio with the OU-D? Are they really dairy or are they pareve on dairy equipment? Regards to Neil.

  23. Buying them in the canteen to nosh on in school

  24. I remember in our high school in Riverdale, NY buying Goldenbergs from our G.O. store (which was basically a closet)and how I couldn’t wait to buy those thick, chewey bars which I’d eat some after I bought them and saved some for class later on.

  25. avatar says: Robin

    My husband and I share a package at theater productions we go to. Don’t know how it started, but no other snack will do.

  26. I’ve never had the peanut chews but would love to try them!

  27. avatar says: Marci

    I have a great memory of working really late one night and being very hungry. I opened my desk drawer to get the stapler and found a half-full package of Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews. That little treat gave my spirits a big lift!

  28. avatar says: faigy

    I love peanut chews & I grew up with these!

  29. avatar says: Marsha

    Being from central Jersey at least one family have them out on Halloween in the 70s and 80s. Now its so hard to find them and we don’t “do” Halloween. Recently my husband and I found some in a nostalgic type candy store and had our fix. Mmm, just like we remembered. Mike and Ikes on the other hand…. they are a staple in our house.

  30. avatar says: fbogus

    Back in high school, my friend and I would always share a pack from the cafeteria vending machine. A vain attempt to watch our weight. :-)

  31. avatar says: Rochel S

    I have always loved peanut chews. Don’t think I ever had the Goldenbergs ones though

  32. avatar says: Surella

    These are my husbands favorite. He buys boxes and then I find them all over the house!

  33. avatar says: samsmom

    I am also a former Philly girl with half Romanian roots. My favorite has always been the dark chocolate ones – any time of day! I can’t remember not having them around.

  34. The top secret recipe looks delicious! I love your list, so cute!

  35. avatar says: Timmy

    Must be an East coast thing. Never had ‘em!

  36. I have loved Peanut Chews as far back as I can remember. For that matter, one of my fondest memories is sharing a pack of Peanut Chews with my mother. Love them!!

  37. avatar says: Natalie

    I used to eat them with my Grandma!

  38. avatar says: Rachael

    Love peanut chews!

  39. I would love to try Goldenberg’s peanut chews.

  40. avatar says: blima

    I used to eat them by the bag. Goodness me memories

  41. avatar says: Cynthia C

    I have never tried them, but they sound delicious.

  42. avatar says: Dani

    Great pareve snack!

  43. I used to get them in birthday party bags and I loved them.

  44. avatar says: mamotts

    I remember stopping by the drugstore and buying them on walk home from school

  45. I loved getting these peanut chews for Halloween.

  46. My grandpa always had them in his truck when he would pick me up for our sunday rides…yumm!

  47. I buy them for my grandmother for Xmas every year!

  48. I remember eating these with dad as a kid, Ahhhh the good aold days

  49. avatar says: dana

    my cousins used to have a stash handy!

  50. avatar says: br

    What a yummy idea!

  51. avatar says: Donna

    I’ve never heard or seen these. I would love to try them.

  52. I’ve never had them but I’d certainly like to try them.

  53. I remember getting Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews as a kid. They are really chewy too.

  54. avatar says: Lasonda

    I have not tried them but would like to!

  55. avatar says: schoenbc1

    I’m a Philly girl too and when I was younger, the best thing about Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews was, they were pareve! It was wonderful to have a well-known candy from our backyard that the entire kosher population could enjoy anytime. I do still like them, but I wish they were still pareve (just like I wish Breyers had stayed local and not sold out to Kraft.) We’re seeing more and more “artisinal” foods – maybe some of these products will revert one day! Also the family that owned the original company, the Goldenberg’s contributed a great deal to the Phila Jewish community. I wonder if any dentists will post. I’m sure they wanted their patients to be healthy, but, oh! what that caramel did to teeth! (That was a good part too, wrestling to actually get a bite off the bite size piece, and chewing, and chewing, and chewing……

  56. I remember eating these at my grandmas house after school.

  57. I have never ate them but after reading your review I would love to try them.

  58. avatar says: debbie

    I never really ate these, but they sound delicious@

  59. My grandfather would give us those when he came to visit!!

  60. I am a virgin to Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews.

  61. avatar says: miriama59

    I haven’t had the pleasure of trying them yet.

  62. I bought Peanut Chews every afternoon coming home from school, best chocolate and peanut candy ever!

  63. I always loved getting them in my halloween treat bag :)

  64. avatar says: Allison

    I don’t have any yet but I would love to start some!

  65. I use to eat them with my dad when I was a little girl!

  66. avatar says: Sara

    Will never forget Goldenbergs. Had a friend growing up Leah who married a guy named Goldenberg. We threw peanut chews at their Aufruf. It was awesome. The good ole days when peanut allergies didn’t matter and neither did getting gooey ooey chews in your teeth for days!!!

  67. avatar says: fanwick

    My father loves Goldenbergs Peanut Chews. Growing up, during the summer my mother used to put them in the freezer and they were delicious on a hot day. The food stand at the beach used to also sell them frozen!

  68. avatar says: Karen A.

    I had never heard of Goldenberg’s peanut chews until I moved to Philly. I was there for 14 years and enjoyed them quite often. I then moved back to my hometown where I was unable to find them. One day at work we were discussing candy and I asked the ladies if they had ever had Goldenberg’s peanut chews. None had heard of it. One day I happened to go to a store that I’d never been to before (out of my local area) and LO AND BEHOLD, they had some. I bought every bag on the shelf and gave each of the ladies that I work with a bag. (Of course I kept more for myself). They all loved them and I already have orders that if I ever get to that store again, I’m to clear off the shelf again.

  69. avatar says: Laura

    when i was little kids on the block would set up lemonade stands or candy stands or some other little “shop”. one of my pals across the street had a beautiful little “storefront” that his dad built and so he had a candy store. his best seller was goldenberg’s peanut chews….not only because they were yummy, but because that was his last name and we were all naive enough to think his mother made them in the kitchen!

  70. I’ve actually never tried these peanut chews before!

  71. avatar says: Joy Q

    I remember eating peanut chews when I would go visit my grandmother

  72. Phily has the best subway ads for peanut chews!

  73. I haven’t heard of them before.

  74. avatar says: rivky

    peanut chews are my favorite

  75. I have never had the pleasure of trying them before.

  76. avatar says: meme

    When I was little me and my little sister would sit on the front steps eating these

  77. I have not had the peanut chews, but cannot wait to try them!!

  78. I remember once filling a shaloch manos full of peanut chews for a teacher who loved these peanut chews! She was so touched that I remembered and I was so excited to know I had given her something she would truly enjoy herself, not just her family!

  79. avatar says: Sand

    I’ve never tried Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews.

  80. As a kid my father packed my school snacks. He worked hard to make sure we had cool and fun snack. I always looked forward to the days when 2 peanut chews were waiting for me for recess in my knapsack.

  81. avatar says: SammyBoy

    Peanut Chews brings back wonderful memories living in Brooklyn as that was one of my favorite candies and still is. My best friend Susan and I always had one in our pocket.

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