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25 Things You Don’t Know About Me *Giveaway*


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To celebrate the debut of my new cookbook, my labor of love, my magnum opus, my baby (except that human babies take only nine months to happen and this one took two years – oh, the agony), I’m sharing 25 things you don’t already know about me.  I know, I know, you thought that by now I’ve told you everything, and I have – almost. The upcoming book is my most personal yet – filled with episodes of my life that seem larger than life; diary entries; pictures of my kids; my innermost thoughts, dreams, wishes, goals; my best recipes and crazy moments between Hubby and me.

But there’s so much more to tell. So why not share it, right here, right now? (I mean, besides Hubby’s objection that I’m nuts to divulge all this.) I call it fearless. He calls it folly.  And when I’m finished, it’ll be your turn to whisper a few of your secrets to me.

1. While falling asleep, I decorate imaginary houses. And so does Brooke Shields, so there!

2. I share my English birthday (May 29) with Bob Hope and JFK, but not really because they’re no longer alive. But if they were alive, doubtlessly I would exchange hilarious birthday cards with Bob and tasteful ones with Jack.

3. I cry a lot. Sad, happy, doesn’t matter. The first time she met Hubby, my sister (whom I usually love very much, except at that moment) told him he was marrying a cry baby. As soon as she said it, I burst into tears and blubbered, “am not!”

4. I pay for spinning three times a week, but I usually make it to class only once a week. I wonder if my bike misses me.

5. I love dancing (with inexplicable passion!) I’ll dance to anything – Jewish music, rock, waltzes, the pulsing of my kitchen blender.

6. I was a professional dancer at age five. At least, that’s what my mom says. She also says I was the most brilliant child ever born.

7. I taught hip hop classes until I was eight months pregnant. I only stopped because my students looked so worried.

8. The view from my office window looks like one of those Israel tourist brochures – a landscape of gorgeous, colorful rock formations and mountains covered with cool, green trees. Just seeing it makes me cry, or dance, or both.

9. I love one-floor living, but I dream of that floor being a sprawling penthouse apartment with crazy incredible views of Israel. I’d give it all up for a little place with one small window facing the Kotel.

10. Black is my favorite color – after white, scarlet and baby pink. So I guess white is my favorite color. No, red.  No, pink.

11. I was nervous about having sons, since I only have a sister. Couldn’t imagine how on earth I could be mother to a boy. Now I know that I can have foolish concerns.

12. I have a really serious, spiritual side to me. As Hubby says, you just have to look to find it…and look…and look…

13.  Long ago, I decided that when I grow up I want to be a nutritionist, an exercise teacher and own a gym. Did I mention that I miss two out of three spin classes?

14. I love fusion in both food and design. But not together. In other words, Mommy is not happy when you spill supper all over the couch.

15. In my dreams, I would have a white kitchen, with whiter than white Carrara marble countertops; the living room would have white leather couches, with white mohair rugs, and all in all I’d live in a fluffy white cloud of a penthouse apartment with  stunning wraparound windows overlooking the best views in Israel.

16.  In real life, my couch is brown and we go for a lot of hide-the-dirt earth tones.

17. My mother doesn’t like to see me cook, do dishes, or do any kind of housework.  She doesn’t really want to see me work at all, just “do” lunches for a living. Did I tell you that I was the most brilliant child ever born?

18.  I worry about lots of silly little things; then I worry about being so worried, until I work myself up into a big emotional tizzy. If someone asks me why I’m so stressed out, my answer sounds completely ridiculous – even to me.

19. I don’t think that I am a good enough mother. Maybe I am. No, probably not.

20.  My husband makes the lunches in our house.

21. I have dreams of putting sweet little love notes in my kids’ lunches – but I have yet to get around to it. See confession #20.

22. I love going on class trips, far more than the kids do.

23. I get really attached to my kids’ teachers and babysitters – especially the good ones who really love them.  When the kids move on or graduate, I’ve been known to hug the teacher over and over and cry, while the kids tug gently at me, saying, “Let’s go, Mommy. You have to learn to let go…”

24. I would like to make my bed every day. ‘Nough said.

25. A toasted whole wheat everything bagel, literally dripping with butter, accompanied by a hot, sweet latté is a guilty pleasure of mine.  I usually get one on my birthday, and I always tell the guy behind the counter that, so he shouldn’t think I’m some kind self-indulgent epicurean.  Okay, so sometimes it’s not my birthday. I just need a pick-me-up. Or I want to celebrate something. Or I want to share this rare delight with a friend. And each time I order it, the counter guy gives me a skeptical look and asks, “Your birthday – again?”

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About Jamie Geller


Jamie Geller is the only best-selling cookbook author who wants to get you out of the kitchen – not because she doesn’t love food – but because she has tons to do. As “The Bride Who Knew Nothing” Jamie found her niche specializing in fast, fresh, family recipes. Now the "Queen of Kosher" (CBS) and the "Jewish Rachael Ray" (New York Times), she's the creative force behind JoyofKosher.com and "Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller" magazine . Jamie and her hubby live in Israel with their five busy kids who give her plenty of reasons to get out of the kitchen - quickly. Check out her new book, "Joy of Kosher: Fast, Fresh Family Recipes."




390 Responses to 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: Sarah

    I’ve had glasses since I was 6 months old

  2. avatar says: Golda S

    Comments # 11 and 19 apply to me too.

  3. avatar says: faygie

    I am the oldest of ten

  4. avatar says: devorah z

    I’m one of 5 girls and the only one with brown eyes of them all.

  5. avatar says: Rebecca

    I love wearing a long black skirt and black sneakers every single day

  6. avatar says: brittany

    I hate artificial wind (fans) and love real wind (blustery day).

  7. avatar says: dale

    i’m super skinny but i really need to exercise for “bone health”. hope i win some of this cool stuff.

  8. avatar says: Imamima

    I bawled my eyes out when I watched your Aliyah experience because it was touching but mainly because my daughter and her family made Aliyah a few months later. So, so ecstatic for them, but sad for me!

  9. avatar says: Rochel S

    My husband does most of the cooking in my house ;)

  10. avatar says: meira

    when i was in college i got lice (in israel obvi :) , and shaved my head (buzz cut really)

  11. avatar says: bracha p

    Love following blogs

  12. avatar says: Lauren

    I hate cleaning… except for in the kitchen.

  13. I was living in Monrovia, Liberia in 1980 and spent the first day of the coup crawling on the floor of our house there so that none of the soldiers who were shooting into houses would realize that i was there and alone. It was exceptionally hot and i could not turn the a/c on, again for fear of being found out. I wrote a letter to my parents apologizing for anything i may have done during my life to upset or displease them and hid it in case i was killed so that at least the note would be found and sent back to them in the US. Nice Jewish girls who went to Yeshiva in New Jersey, don’t usually experience this. Thank heavens…. Thank you for this opportunity.

  14. While cooking I have a whole cooking show going on in my head complete with a live audience lol

  15. avatar says: MIRIAM

    I am one of your biggest fans…I’m sure you are told this alot but you inspire me in a unique way. You look to me like an exceptional mother and wife, you are funny, serious, sensitive, spiritual and fun all in one moment! Thanks for being you!

    • WOW Miriam! Thank you so much. What a beautiful compliment – I would like to print it out and hang it on my wall as a reminder to smile and keep at it! Thank you so very much.

  16. avatar says: Laura F.

    I’m secretly a math whiz!

  17. I love to cook even though my Manhattan kitchen that is so small I can touch both sides at the same time

  18. avatar says: Yael

    I absolutely love magazines. From fashion to health to news, they are my favorite way to relax. Just give me a cup of coffee and a slick, new magazine, and I’m in heaven!

  19. I’m single and looking….

  20. avatar says: cheryl

    gained 20 pounds this year

  21. avatar says: Raizy

    I always dream of having every cooking utensil that exist in my kitchen.

  22. avatar says: Aviva

    I have the same birthday as Michael J. Fox.

  23. avatar says: Yakova

    This article had me laughing out loud. Great pic.
    I love cleaning my house. I think it runs in my family.

  24. It’s hard for me to drink plain water.

  25. One of my favorite books is ‘Paper Moon’.

  26. avatar says: Peter

    I have the same birthday as Woody Allen (Dec 1).

  27. I love watching feel-good movies, I always cry.

  28. says: Ita

    Most people think that I just like needlecrafts but if I had all the time of the world I would do everything creative.. from cooking .. to crafting.. etc etc..

  29. I like to collect cookbooks and also gift them to my daughters in law for their birthdays.

  30. avatar says: Dee

    No matter how many cookbooks I buy, I still scour the web for recipes :)

  31. avatar says: Melissa

    My favorite holiday is Pesach – even with all the cleaning and craziness it brings, it just feels like family and home time for me :)

  32. I too am a Philly born girl and was really sad when I could not hear you speak during your recent visit to our home city.

  33. avatar says: JudiR

    Unfortunately you can google me and find out much too much about me. BUT, I don’t think anyone knows that although my Mama and Nana taught me to cupola and Mama was a fabulous knitter and sewer(Nana could thread a needle and knitting needles could have been declared weapons in her hands) my Daddy taught me to sew. I quilt, smock and make various items of clothing, decor and other needle crafts .

  34. avatar says: temima g

    i love eating cottage cheese with chocolate chips and cinnamon. everyone i ever told that to thinks i’m nuts.

  35. I have always wanted to be a meteorologist on The Weather Channel!

  36. avatar says: Sina

    K I need a private dance class from you!

    I also dream of a sparkling bright, white kitchen!!

  37. I stood on the street in Toronto in 1948 with my group from Hashomer Hadati- THe forerunner of Bnai Akiva with a pushke for JNF. I think that is what inspired me with the hope of living here.

  38. I’m re-doing one of our bedrooms-ceiling, floor, painting

  39. I thought maybe I would learn something new after 20 plus years of friendship but I love that you are still the same Jamie I have always known. Mazel Tov on your continued success and I LOVE the new book!

  40. I took belly dancing and I was the oldest in the class!

  41. Celebrating 50 years of marriage this weekend and celebrating husband’s almost 3 year cancer remission. just finished my almost all white new kitchen. I have learned to live day by day.

  42. avatar says: Joanna

    I got one of my favorite jobs at a toy company by putting a picture of my face on a cake and delivering it to the marketing manager.

  43. avatar says: Shira

    I can go down stairs faster than anyone I know.

  44. avatar says: Yael Even

    I was an exchange student to the Philippines during high school.

  45. I once killed a man in cold blood…..:) kidding

  46. Last night, I had a crazy dream that hubby and I ditched our careers and formed a two person ragtime band. We had a cool trailer and performed all over, including seniors groups, who loved us.

    The site of my formal husband, in a plaid shirt, coveralls and bandanna, with a harmonica, was so funny – I woke up in the middle of the night hysterically laughing!!!!

  47. LOL Paige….funny one! Mine is I’m called The Cat Lady in my neighborhood since I feed so many strays.

  48. Oldest of four and my mom is Catholic and my dad is Jewish. Talk about the guilt!!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  49. I am going to go to school for elementary education.

  50. avatar says: davises88

    i love quince — chutney, marmalade, quince paste, jams, conserves, savories, pies, cake filling…

    sadly, my family doesn’t share my love of all things quince and just assume i’m completely crazy.

  51. I’m freaking out about my oldest son going to college and being able to afford it.

  52. I majored in film, drama and communications in college and made student films.

  53. avatar says: Taylor

    I had a Darth Vader poster in my closet for something like seven years.

    • And I thought Han Solo’s name was Hans Olo for over 25 years – until I married my husband and he looked at my funny when I referred to the character as “Hans”

  54. I refuse to sing in front my boyfriend.
    when he is not around our dd and myself put on concerts. lol

  55. avatar says: Nechama

    I always blank when asked to share a random fact.

  56. avatar says: Danielle

    I’ve always wanted to play the violin but I am not musically inclined and I’ve never even had a lesson.

  57. avatar says: Stephanie

    I’m a mommy to 5 kids.

  58. avatar says: Helen

    I ordered the cookbook before it came out!

  59. avatar says: Robin

    I love to sing and especially love singing Jimmy Buffet songs to my grandchildren (my son to daughter-in-law: she’s singing to the baby…in French).

  60. avatar says: shanna

    I have twins =)

  61. avatar says: Tzipora

    I once saved someone from drowning.

  62. avatar says: Peryl

    I go to sleep way too late at night, so I can have the house to myself

  63. avatar says: Carla S

    I only write in print-never in cursive.

  64. My alter-ego name is “Marvellah.”

  65. i like to drink coffee!

  66. avatar says: Faigy

    I cook not because I like to, but because I really like the end results ;) …and I put away ingredients as I use them

  67. I am the youngest of three children and my sister was 16 and my brother was 12 when I was born.

  68. I just died my little dog Sophie’s hair pink

  69. avatar says: pablo

    I let my challah rise overnight.

  70. avatar says: avigail

    I love singing everywhere, in the car, shower, waiting on hold..

  71. avatar says: abfantom

    I’m a school teacher and native New Yorker

  72. me and my husband have the same birthday

  73. avatar says: Maureen

    My husband sent me flowers anonymously on Valentine’s Day and then 4 yrs later to the day we got engaged.

  74. Purple is my favorite color. I wore my purple suede
    fitflops under my gown at my daughter’s wedding. What a shanda, the Mom of the Bride makes the rules.

  75. I speak four languages fluently.

  76. avatar says: Shoshana

    No matter how old I get (43 a couple of months ago) I still feel a hidden exhilaration when I have the opportunity to make a new friend.

  77. avatar says: Rosanne

    I have brown eyes my husband has green and 3 of our 4 sons have blue and the other has green. But they are all my husband’s children.

  78. avatar says: Pam

    I have cooked for years, but am know getting serious about getting creative and having fun with the cooking.

  79. avatar says: Tamar

    I have a JoK account, I just don’t log in with it here. That’s my juicy info.

  80. avatar says: madeleine

    I moved to Philly only 5 years ago. When I heard you were from here too, I immediately felt a real connection. Thank you for being so warm, personable and human. :)

  81. avatar says: Rebecca B

    I drink a two-liter of Diet Mt. Dew everyday

  82. avatar says: Jon Heil

    Won 10K from survivor and love to enter sweeps!

  83. I’m an award-winning international author. *blush* :)

  84. avatar says: cutiesmom

    I love cooking and baking but hate cleaning up.

  85. I’m a grandma nanny to 5 grandkids…a Mom to 3 dauthers, with the oldest “2″ being twins

  86. I’ve had 3 dogs named Tammy.

  87. I am scared of werewolves

  88. Im a middle child

  89. avatar says: Cheri

    Three cheer for crybabies!!! (and came in second place at a beauty contest at age 5 with a rocking nautical 70′s style bathing suit)

  90. I’m studying holistic nutrition and I love the challenge of making yummy desserts without white sugar and, preferably, without any baking. Since I live in Israel, dates and date syrup are the best local-sourced as well as traditional sweeteners.

  91. I love the taste of water

  92. avatar says: Shanna

    I have twin daughters =)

  93. avatar says: Kim H

    I have an obsession with Buffalo Wild Wings

  94. avatar says: Kiara

    I love reading blogs.

  95. avatar says: debbie

    The first year my oldest daughter was on solid food, we went through 60 pounds of rice. The year before I used 2.

  96. avatar says: Sarah

    Totally #22!!

  97. avatar says: Adina

    Some mornings I don’t get dressed till 10 am.

  98. I am always making sure i do not step on cracks.

  99. Great list!! Looking forward to the cookbook!!!

  100. avatar says: Dan D

    I attended Burningman.

  101. I am addicted to thrift stores!

  102. avatar says: Denise B.

    I have been eating nacho cheese Doritos practically every day of my life since the day they came out.

  103. I’m 78 and my hobbies include our two dogs and sweepstakes and working word puzzles.

  104. I cry at mushy commerecials, especially on my kid’s birthdays

  105. avatar says: Anna E.

    I cook for at least 80 people a day. : )

  106. Old and retired. Love sweeps

  107. avatar says: Will R

    I hate the sound of snow crunching under my feet.

  108. I’m a huge animal lover.

  109. avatar says: Alana

    I sometimes have trouble with my third grader’s math and Hebrew homework.

  110. I work out 6 days a week

  111. avatar says: Jenny M.

    I love the Sy-fy channel and am addicted to Iced Cappuccino.

  112. I cook all the meals

  113. im the biggest WWE superfan :) i used to get teased because im a girl and love wrestling lol

  114. I am completely tone deaf, but I love to sing. It just doesn’t sound pretty. lol

  115. im a yard sale addict

  116. I have a great designer wardrobe that most people think I’ve spent a great deal of money on but I’ve gotten most of it from thrift stores.

  117. I love to cook but it just tastes ok

  118. avatar says: Tali

    My favorite food is gummy bears

  119. I love your blog. Visited Israel LAST jUNE WITH MY fAMILY WHAT AWESOME TRIP

  120. If I won the lottery I would start a
    no kill animal shelter.

  121. avatar says: xty cruz

    I always check my stove 15 times or more before I leave the house

  122. avatar says: Claudia M

    i rather eat a piece of pie than any kind of meat ~ i got a terrible sweet tooth :)

  123. I was an only child till I was 17 then I was my moms couch in the DR.

  124. I have a phobia about getting needles that stems back to my childhood when I almost cut my foot completely off.

  125. avatar says: dan rossa

    I’m the middle child.

  126. I love to sit by the firebowl on Autumn nites!

  127. avatar says: Stephen

    I’m unemployed

  128. Yesterday ( yes Halloween) was our 30th anniversary

  129. avatar says: Jill

    I would have 20 dogs if I could afford it

  130. I am DEATHLY afraid of snakes – even fake ones.

  131. avatar says: Alexis

    I still sleep with a stuffed frog. Every night.

  132. avatar says: Laura P.

    I don’t know how to drive a car.

  133. avatar says: Erica H

    I had eye surgery when I was 3. And I still have glasses :( lol

  134. avatar says: Debbie

    I’m dying to buy a white poodle puppy!

  135. It is my dream to have an Emu as a pet.Thanks for the chance.

  136. I have the same thing for #18…worry about being worried..etc etc. Lamb is my favorite food!

  137. Almost 4 years with my bf! haha.

  138. avatar says: Samantha

    I love YouTube makeup tutorials

  139. avatar says: Jean F

    Each year I get older

  140. avatar says: Vera S

    I like to go barefoot. :)

  141. You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I LOVE makeup! I have enough makeup to supply a small group of women stranded on a desert island for the rest of their lives!

  142. Thank you for sharing. It was fun to read. I makes you “REAL”.

  143. I have a Persian cat.

  144. avatar says: Kristina

    I love shopping at thrift stores

  145. I have eight tattoos

  146. avatar says: Angel

    I love rainy days and snow and I prefer them to summer days !

  147. Im allergic to red dye

  148. avatar says: Kelly D

    I grew up in NY.

  149. I like to drink pickle juice on occasion.

  150. avatar says: Wendy R.

    I like hide the dirt colors too! ;-) A little about me – my kids are far smarter and more ambitious than me.

  151. i like hallmark movies

  152. I have 7 cats and sometimes wish I had more (we rescue).

  153. i eat chocolate everyday

  154. avatar says: Becky Amy

    I love watching Lifetime original movies. I know they’re terrible, I just can’t stop watching.

  155. avatar says: jsc123

    I love to cook but hate the mess so I wash all of the dishes that I use immediately after using them.
    I also cannot even begin to cook if there is even one dirty dish in the kitchen. So I have to make sure that everything is clean before beginning.


  156. I love to cook, but I despise baking, probably because I am missing that sweet tooth most people seem to have. I also don’t care for chocolate.

  157. I obsess about the cookies all going the same way on the platter.

  158. I have social anxiety and can literally stay at home and away from people for months at a time. Hard and embarrassing to admit. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  159. avatar says: mickeyfan

    When I go to graduations and the “march” begins, I start to cry. No matter if it’s my kid, your kid or a kid I barely know. It’s so bad, my kids won’t sit near me!

  160. avatar says: DJ

    I have 8 piercings.

  161. I’m 38 and I LOVE playing with Legos! :)

  162. avatar says: Daniel M

    i’m totally burnt out but no choice but to keep going

  163. avatar says: Robin

    I quit smoking two years ago

  164. avatar says: Kim

    My brother and I were born on the same day…two years a part!

  165. avatar says: Lisa V.

    Out of the 14 states the Appalachian Trail goes through, I’ve backpacked 10 of them. 4 more to go.

  166. avatar says: Ben G

    I am so ready to be a home owner!

  167. I am legally blind.

  168. avatar says: gina

    I eloped with my husband in Vegas after knowing each other for only about 6 weeks.

  169. I really dislike ‘posers’.

  170. I have a nearly photographic memory.

  171. avatar says: Tabitha

    I was a cheerleader in high school… and I love anything chocolate and peanut butter!

  172. avatar says: Carla

    I’ve helped cats birth their kittens and assisted the vet when he had to do an after hours emergency on my cat after she popped a stitch and was coming apart after spay surgery.

  173. I refuse to eat leftovers that need to be microwaved and very rarely eat any type of microwaved food. I have no real reason to avoid it, but I just don’t like it. Also, a favorite odd food combo of mine is Claussen pickles and orange juice :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway, I loved reading the facts about you!

  174. avatar says: joni

    I am a ghost hunter.

  175. I talk to my cats. A lot.

  176. avatar says: Carla C

    I crochet and am a girl gamer

  177. avatar says: JenniferB

    I live very close to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  178. i watch horrible reality television shows and don’t feel guilty about it

  179. I am addicted to entering sweepstakes.

  180. I love doing laundry – sorting for the wash, hanging outside to dry, folding, putting away…but I will.not.iron. Ever.

  181. avatar says: Gloria S

    I learned long ago that I can do almost anything well if I just try

  182. avatar says: Danielle

    I have 6 children and wish I could have more :)

  183. avatar says: Navah

    I’m trying to teach myself to like spicy foods…but I secretly still hate them.

  184. avatar says: Peter G

    Love all holiday seasons. Great food and gathering of friends and family.

  185. avatar says: tallcapp

    I am claustrophobic.

  186. i am afraid of feathers

  187. avatar says: dewer421

    I’m terrified of grasshoppers. I know they can’t hurt me, but it doesn’t help!

  188. i am the youngest in the family.

  189. avatar says: Linda G

    I have gained weight this year!

  190. avatar says: Trenda T

    I’m afraid of Spiders

  191. I can’t shake my need to be right, even when I know it’s for the best.

  192. avatar says: Robby Rob

    i play guitar and sing for a comedy duo

  193. I can type super fast
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  194. I have 4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

  195. I work as a circus performer

  196. My articles have been published in several national publications.

  197. I actually Love to clean

  198. Lenny Kravitz hugged me once!

  199. I have to have a fan on and hug a stuffed animal to fall asleep.

  200. avatar says: Laya

    I hate cleaning, even in the kitchen! I love cooking and I cook about 2-5 times a week! I am an avid reader on joyofkosher.com and I never met Jamie Geller but I love her to pieces and when I was in Israel this summer I wanted to visit her in Beit Shemesh!!!!

  201. I’m overweight, but now I’m dieting to shed a few pounds,

  202. I’m obsessed with list making. I just made a packing list for a vacation I’m taking in two weeks!

  203. avatar says: Cristi

    When locking my car I hit the lock button twice. My husband is always making fun of me because I make him do it too when I am with him. He refers to it as my “clicking”.

  204. I like cooking when nobody is home. I pretend there are cameras in different spots of the kitchen. I fake I am the host of a top rated cooking show. I gather all of the ingredients and go to town explaining what I am doing. I love spending time cooking in the kitchen and doing this makes it more fun.

  205. I am a huge batman fan!

  206. avatar says: Anastacia

    I watch My Little Pony

  207. Hmmmmmmm.. I don’t what to write….except hello all.

  208. avatar says: Naomi

    I love allergy friendly recipes

  209. avatar says: Alicia

    I never got my wisdom teeth.

  210. I am an adoptive mother.

  211. avatar says: jessica

    I love to dream but im more of a realist

  212. avatar says: Chris Noe

    My kitchen is filled with pigs.

  213. avatar says: Jamie N

    I’ve never had a mosquito bite.

  214. I am a professional sweepstaker and have been for 30 years!

  215. I found out at age 18 that the man I thought was my father… biologically isn’t. At 23, last month, I met my ‘real’ father for the first time.

  216. avatar says: Sky Kory

    I love the color grey!

  217. avatar says: shuly

    I dance while I cook!

  218. I love helping people out when I can.

  219. avatar says: Krystal

    My favorite color is red.

  220. avatar says: Felicia

    Everything I do, it is at 100 percent, cooking is when i can relax and enjoy my time with the family. Thanks

  221. I like to bake but would never let my friends know

  222. avatar says: Roxann

    I don’t do laundry. My husband does it all.

  223. avatar says: Craig W

    I’m not really 6′ tall.

  224. I go to the gym and box while my kids are at school (not kickboxing classes, real boxing).

  225. Real men, like myself, know how to cook, and help their wives in the kitchen!

  226. avatar says: Lean S

    I have never had a Reese’s chocolate.

  227. I hate to eat my own cooking.

  228. avatar says: Gianna

    I play electric guitar.

  229. avatar says: Michele C

    I a a movieholic.

  230. I am afraid to drink out of glasses in the cupboard! I have to either drink bottles of water/juice/pop or go to the store and get a fountain cup. LOL! I am so weird!

  231. I m the tallest child out of 5 in my family.

  232. Sometimes I would rather read than go outside!

  233. avatar says: DeeAnn

    If given the opportunity (and funds), I’d travel into space! :)

  234. avatar says: Amy Lee

    I prefer cooking without pants… ha!!

  235. My husband does most of the cooking in our house because I am SO not half the cook he is. I’d like to win this so he can have some quality cooking tools!

  236. I have never actually said this to anyone in the public arena but I guess this is as good a time as any to come out to the world.
    Before I was a man some changes took place and I realized that I had to admit to myself that I was, in fact, a man. Up until then, I had been a boy.
    There, I said it.

  237. I really hate doing laundry!

  238. avatar says: Shana F

    My cousin is a professional skateboarder :)

  239. i married my husband after 4mos of meeting him.

  240. avatar says: Erica C.

    I currently have lost my voice from a cold and feel lonely not being able to talk!

  241. i just started the keto diet

  242. avatar says: Paul K

    I used to be a drummer in my youth.

  243. My husband and I have been living with my parents since our wedding…it’s been 10 months, and we still love them…and each other ;)

  244. avatar says: McKim

    I love to bake don’t very often, because I also love to eat what I bake!

  245. avatar says: Nicole D.

    I don’t have an appendix anymore. :)

  246. avatar says: Sarah VM

    i enjoy cleaning!

  247. avatar says: Brianna

    I love romantic comedies.

  248. I never met any of my grand parents

  249. avatar says: Regina M

    Just started playing ukelele.

  250. avatar says: Denise A.

    I love cooking…. hate cleaning up the mess

  251. I am shy and I am a computer dummy! I do not know how to text tweet or do printist!! Hopefully one day someone will show me how!!

  252. avatar says: sheila k

    I interviewed former Pres. Gerald Ford, and science fiction writer Ray Bradbury.

  253. I have an extreme fear of clowns

  254. avatar says: Angela M

    I never wear black. Too many cats. :)

  255. i have never tried tea or a tomato in my life

  256. I lost my job when I loss my hearing.

  257. I have a profound dislike of doing housework!

  258. avatar says: Lisa

    I love everything for kitchens! I also have a tendency to always think I’m out of powdered sugar which leads to a surprise when I buy more and go to put it away..

  259. am the 5th child of 5

  260. avatar says: mink

    I enjoy dusting.

  261. I was unexpectedly diagnosed with cervical cancer last month so that stunk. In treatment now & cooking gets me through it

  262. best pie maker of my family

  263. I love baking with cherries and have a whole pin board with all the recipes with cherries I want to make.

  264. avatar says: liz

    I have diabetes

  265. avatar says: s riches

    I am lefthanded

  266. I organize my books and movies by what kind of genre they are! scary with the scary, funny with funny and so on so forth! I am not sure why but i have to do it for some reason! (:

  267. I love horror films.

  268. avatar says: Vicki D.

    I was born on my oldest sister’s birthday 9 years later. This has always made us especially close.

  269. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease a few years back and try to spread the word on the dangers of ticks

  270. avatar says: molly

    If the movie White Chicks is on tv I always watch it!

  271. when i buy clothes, i always buy black or gray because i know it will match anything. I only have a few things with other colors except accessories – they are all bright colors!

  272. I can’t go barefoot out of my house. If I wear sandals I always have a pair of socks in purse to put on when I take my shoes off at someone elses house.

  273. avatar says: simone t

    I am an insanely curious person and find myself wondering random things all day long. Does it do more damage to the environment to flush my toilet paper or throw it away? What percentage of nuts do squirrels truly find? Are dung beetles satisfied with their lives?

  274. I started reading when I was 3 years old.

  275. i am addicted to the internet

  276. avatar says: azalea

    if I eat something too much or too often for a long period of time (years), I get sick of it. As in, I physically can’t stomach it/stand to eat it anymore!

  277. avatar says: Bryan E.

    Thanks for the giveaway…prefer driving rather than flying whenever possible…I just love to drive.

  278. avatar says: Beverly M

    I’m a widow and retired from nursing.

  279. I’m marrying someone I’ve known on the internet for 15 years! We didn’t actually meet in person until almost 2 years ago.

  280. I like to do housework in the nude.

  281. I like to enter sweepstakes.

  282. I am a nerd and addicted to sweepstakes!

  283. avatar says: D Johnson

    I am cheap, and will make second or third stops (as long as they’re not out of the way) to avoid spending even 10 cents extra.

  284. avatar says: Jill L

    I love going to daily Mass.

  285. I am afraid of spiders

  286. I bite my nails really short; a bad habit I’ve had since I was 5 years old.

  287. avatar says: Tim

    I never let my gas tank get below half tank.


  289. I secretely like to cook! I try not to advertise it too much since I don’t want it to become work! :-P

  290. I tell everyone I hate chick flicks, but i secretly love the movie Time Traveller’s Wife!

  291. avatar says: heather c

    I can double whistle and pop my groin. These abilities are gifts.

  292. avatar says: Geoff K

    I’ve played the tuba for over 25 years and have been in at least a dozen different marching bands in my life.

  293. avatar says: laurie

    I’ve been fat all my life

  294. How do I tag the picture on instagram?

  295. avatar says: esther

    I am browsing this site at work instead of working…

  296. i do not like to clean…anything

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