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Watch Mike and Ike Bejeweled Sugar Cookies *Giveaway*


So for this one I had a little help from my friends.  First I needed a great recipe.  That’s where my neighbor, who just happens to be a professional baker stepped in.  Meet Amy Schneider of Amy’s.  She makes cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more sweet treats exclusive and made-to-order for everyone’s simchas and celebrations in these parts.  Mike and Ikes are her favorite candy, maybe that’s what we get along so well.  Her favorite flavor is blue, mine is red – so maybe that’s really why we get along so well.  I asked her to “make something sweet, something special and something easy with Mike and Ikes”.  She happily obliged.

Next came my friend from FuninJerusalem.com Joanna Shebson.  I said “I know your husband is in real estate and probably has a  bunch of gorgeous kitchens he can secure for me to use as our set… but… what I really want… is to use yours.  So do you mind if we come in with a crew of 7 and take over your house for 10 hours?”  Thankfully she obliged.  Maybe that’s why we also get along so well.

So this here is the fabulous finished product.  Finally we reveal our top secret recipe for Amy’s Mike and Ike Bejeweled Sugar Cookies – they are perfect and pretty and now all yours.

Get the recipe in detail here, Mike and Ike Bejeweled Sugar Cookies.


We are so excited about our new partnership with Mike and Ike and Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews and we have lots of fun things planned for you all, starting with this video and this giveaway.  Enter here for your chance to win a Candy Gift Box filled with all our favorites!!!

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Disclaimer: This post and video are part of a partnership with Mike and Ike, all opinions are my own.

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62 Responses to Watch Mike and Ike Bejeweled Sugar Cookies *Giveaway*

  1. These look so fun and delicious! The kids will love!

  2. the blue kinds are my favorite

  3. I love the cherry flavor :)

  4. avatar says: Amber

    Green Mike & Ikes are my favorite!

  5. My favorite is the red. Thanks so much.

  6. I like the green ones

  7. avatar says: Natalie

    I love red cherry!

  8. I wish I could say all the colors! I love Mike & Ikes! I always purchased them when I went to the movies. The green ones are probably my all-time favorites.

  9. avatar says: Carol

    I like the red ones.

  10. avatar says: Kim Lopez

    These look so easy to make. I know my nieces would love these. Yum!

  11. I would love to try those sugar cookies.

  12. avatar says: Lois Held

    That’s an easy pick – yellow! I love lemon

  13. avatar says: Theresa

    Red is super! When you are hungry for a treat…they all taste good!

  14. My favorite color is the original red Mike and Ike, however, I love pairing it with the yellow ones too!!

  15. avatar says: B

    Mine fell apart last night…these worked beautifully…will always use this recipe…

  16. I’m a huge mike n Ike fan! Can’t wait to try these!

  17. avatar says: sara

    Love the red mike and ikes.

  18. avatar says: Adele

    I will add this recipe to my collection

  19. avatar says: Shannon

    I love the red ones!

  20. I like the green Mike & Ikes.

  21. avatar says: samsmom

    Definitely red! But I found the lemonade mix this summer that was a new twist.

  22. i can’t wait ti try these yummy-sounding cookies on the grandchildren…and their parents

  23. forgot to add that we like the berry flavored M&I’s

  24. avatar says: sheila

    Great Recipe and so easy!!

  25. Yellow is my favorite.

  26. I like the red ones!!

  27. RED is my favorite color Mike and Ike.I love your newsletters and watching your cooking demo videos. Thank you.

  28. Amy Schneider makes the BEST BAKED GOODS!

  29. avatar says: Michal G

    Mine’s strawberry :)

  30. avatar says: Betty

    What a fun idea to bake with mike and Ike

  31. avatar says: Susan

    I’m a green fan, but my husband is the real Mike and Ike fan. He literally will buy 4 or 5 boxes at a time.

  32. avatar says: Cindy B.

    The green ones!!

  33. My favorite Mike and Ike colour is yellow:) YUMMY!

  34. Had I some mike & ike I would bake these tonight!

  35. avatar says: Laura

    lots of fun!!!

  36. avatar says: Karen

    love the red ones

  37. avatar says: Marlee

    Looks good. I will have to try it.

  38. We are all fans of all of the reds in our house. So excited to meet you in person at Congregation Beth Solomon in Philadelphia!!!!!

  39. avatar says: EstiK

    Could you substitute dried fruit (like dried kiwis, papaya, coconut, dates, ect.) chopped up or crasins? My family aren’t big candy eaters, but I love the idea of putting something sweet and colorful inside the sugar cookie.

  40. avatar says: Rena

    Jolly joes!!!

  41. I love red mike and ike. Cherry is the best candy flavor out there.

  42. avatar says: Lisa Kerr

    My favorite Mike & Ike color would be red!

  43. I love the orange ones thanks Jamie got the daily emails and recipes love them all !

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