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Break Fast with Cheese


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Typical breakfast fare includes bagels, lox, cream cheese, maybe a few quiches and maybe a baked ziti or pasta salad.  Sometimes you want to try something new, but it has to be easy and something you can make ahead.  So I got together with The Cheese Guy and came up with a few new recipes for you.

The Cheese Guy, also known as Brent Delman, happens to be a neighbor of mine and I love his enthusiasm for all things cheese.  I recently was able to visit his cheese cave, where he has wheels of cheese shipped in from Italy aging to his exacting standards.  It was quite a site to see (and yes, I got to taste as well).   The Cheese Guy is known around the world for high-end, small batch, artisanal, kosher cheeses – with many organic and low-fat varieties available.

kosher spicy cheese

His products range from local cheddars and jacks to imported Italian specialties.  He shared his new line of spicy cheeses, Jalapeno, Habanero and Chipotle. Even though spicy is not typically on a break fast menu, my Habanero Cheesy Grits and Chiptole Cheese Stuffed Fish are spice-tacular!

Pecorino Baked Penne

Pecorino Baked Penne

For break fast, I am focusing on The Cheese Guy’s exclusive line of Italian cheeses.  He recently got a shipment of Pecorino Sardo from Italy that he is aging in Westchester County, New York, so he is calling it the Saw Mill River Pecorino.  It is younger than his Pecorino Romano so it is quite  a bit softer, but it still has the familiar nutty flavor I love.  It melts well and I used it to make this Penne Pecorino Pasta that would be a perfect side that you can prepare the day before and reheat just before serving.  I topped it with a little grated Pecorino Romano – just for the fun of trying two Pecorinos in one dish.

Asiago No Knead Bread

Asiago No Knead Bread

When I looked at The Cheese Guy’s Asiago cheese, I adapted my regular “no-knead” bread recipe and turned it into the most unbelievable Asiago bread.  Filled with gooey cheese, tons of flavor and really perfect.  Like a grilled cheese baked inside a loaf of bread, it would be delicious with sliced tomatoes or dipped in a tomato soup, or just eaten on its own, lightly toasted so you can taste a little melt in your mouth.

I hope you enjoy these recipes.  Learn more about The Cheese Guy and his selection of Kosher cheeses by clicking here and share your cheesy recipes and comments below.  Then enter to WIN!!

***Giveaway*** The Cheese Guy is giving away a basket of cheeses especially for you!!  The Cheese Guy has many Chalav Yisroel cheeses too, so we can tailor the basket to the winner’s needs. (approximate retail value $50).

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Cheese Guy, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




146 Responses to Break Fast with Cheese

  1. I really love cheese so it is hard to pick a favorite but two that are definitely at the top are pecorino romano and a really creamy blue cheese. A herbed goat cheese would be a strong choice as well.

    A question for the “cheese guy” is: Is pecorino made with rennet from sheep since it is made with sheeps milk?

    • avatar says: Brent

      the pecorino cheese is made from sheep’s milk but the rennet (coagulant) is non-animal. it’s very rare to find a kosher cheese made with animal rennet. even without the animal rennet, this cheese is a certified DOP (a designation of authenticity) cheese that is not often found in the kosher world.

    • Pecorino (pecora means sheep in Italian) cheese is made from sheep’s milk, but the rennet (coagulant) is from non-animal/vegetarian sources. It is very rare to find a kosher cheese containing animal rennet.

  2. avatar says: Rebecca

    My favorite cheese is jack and manchego because they both melt beautifully and make rich, creamy sauces. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. avatar says: nickie

    what is the difference between sharp cut and regular cut cheese.

    • good question – Sharp generally refers to the taste profile. As a cheese ages longer and matures, it hardens and the taste becomes stronger with almost a “bitter” bite to it. that’s the sharp flavor that people describe and many look for in a cheese.

  4. i love brie and i would like to know the best way to store cheese..what type of container or wrap?

  5. avatar says: Rochel

    These cheese look amazing, what a great variety! Great resource!

  6. Great giveaway. We love cheese.

  7. avatar says: kne

    This sounds like a great giveaway!

  8. avatar says: Cynthia C

    My favorite is parmigiano reggiano because it is so versatile.

  9. avatar says: Jenny M.

    I love all kinds of cheese, would like to try his reduced fat swiss.

  10. Blue cheese crumbles.

    What goes well with chrimp?

  11. avatar says: Rochel S

    My favorite cheese is Cheddar!

  12. My favorite is parmigiano reggiano becuase it just adds such great flavor.

  13. I adore extra sharp cheddar cheese!

  14. avatar says: Shayna


  15. avatar says: thefeeka

    I have not tasted many cheeses but am interested in low fat ones. Can you tell me what types of cheeses are lower fat cheeses?

  16. avatar says: Jake

    The Aged Havarti looks good

  17. avatar says: Mussy

    Love cheese! Would probably have to go with cheddar as well. mmmm

  18. We love your cheese. Can you please sell your products in Chicago?

  19. you name it i love it..parmiiano reggiano use all the time. always looking for a low fat swiss.

  20. I love brie. I’d ask the cheese guy how to pick the best one.

    • brie is categorized as single, double, or triple crème. the higher the cream content, the more fat, the richer and creamier the taste. brie should not smell ammoniated. touch the center of the brie. if it’s hard, it’s probably too young and not ready to eat. soft and runny it may be past it’s prime or ready to eat immediately

  21. avatar says: Shelley

    Why can’t we get these great cheeses on the West Coast?

  22. avatar says: Andrea

    Amazing kosher cheeses. How do you source them?

    • I visit dairy farms anywhere and everywhere (some men go to baseball stadiums). I’ve fortunately been able to develop wonderful relationships with the small family farms where I produce my cheeses.

  23. Can you please recommend some cheeses and recipes to make fondues: Beer cheese and a Traditional Swiss /Emmenthaler.

  24. avatar says: frippie

    How can I possibly pick a favorite cheese? There are way too many yummy choices out there! Swiss is def a fave, though. And SHARP cheddar – yum! So hard to find a good variety of hard cheeses that are kosher. Any suggestions? Is there a place online to buy kosher cheese? Thank you for loving cheese (maybe) as much as I do!

    • try Zabars in manhattan. ask for their order dept. they carry many of my “hard cheeses” – parmesan, pecorino romano, asiago. “grow and behold” also carries a selection and will sell on-line

  25. I love blue cheese. Especially in soups and salads

  26. Parmesan! Favorite is to toss cooked and stringed spaghetti squash in a baking dish with olive oil, raisins, and a bunch of parmesan cheese. Bake until melted.

  27. My favorite cheese is a sharp, aged provolone.

  28. avatar says: Tzivyah

    I love Montery Jack, Havarty and freshly grated parmesan. I don’t know why people settle for the pre- grated variety when it is so easy to grate cheese and the difference is so huge. Thank goodness the cheese guy is taking such good care of us. we appreciate you!!!

  29. avatar says: Samantha

    That penne looks so good!

  30. avatar says: LEA MATZ


  31. avatar says: JoAn

    My favorite cheese is mozzarella cheese because that’s the best one for Blood Type A diet. It’s good for caprese, sandwiches, pizza, omelettes, pasta salad, and a healthy snack.

  32. I love cheese, it would be hard to pick a favorite. However, I do really enjoy asiago.

  33. avatar says: Abby

    I love all things cheese! I really enjoy different flavored cheeses and a wide variety of kinds. I would love to try some of the cheese guy’s cheese!

  34. I love Fresh Mozzerella.
    Thanks for the chance.

  35. avatar says: Abigail

    As if I could pick one favorite cheese? Impossible. Swiss, fresh mozzarella, gouda…the possibilities are endless.

  36. avatar says: kari

    I don’t discriminate–I love all cheese equally. But now that I have Celiac, I need to double check all cheeses for gluten. Please tell me that yours are gluten-free?!

  37. we love extra shard cheddar cheese

  38. I love goat cheese, Brie, any cheddar.

  39. avatar says: mink

    My fave is Cheddar – I’m from the midwest.
    My question: Which cheeses freeze well (for grating)?

    • wouldn’t recommend freezing cheese. ice crystals often form on or in cracks of the cheese and change the molecular structure when it’s defrosted – usually making mushy. a cheese that you’d want to grate – like parmesan or pecorino have a very long shelf life – months or years. no need to freeze them.

  40. avatar says: raizy

    I love cheese,and I love the idea of cheese bread!

  41. avatar says: Roberta

    My favorite cheese is brie, though it’s usually out of my price range.

  42. avatar says: dalesusan

    i love muenster cheese, but all cheeses are great, especially according to my new son-in-law. hope i win.

  43. Gotta say my favorite cheese is a medium soft Havarti on pita bread. Best ever health snack

  44. avatar says: rivky

    Sharp cheddar is my favorite

  45. I love cheese. My favorite is bleu cheese.

  46. I love cheese anytime during the day.

  47. avatar says: Sara

    I love cheddar cheese with crackers

  48. avatar says: Gaye M

    We love sharp aged cheddar and I’d like to know if a cheese knife is an important tool to have when slicing cheese.

  49. avatar says: Deb K

    I love all kinds of cheese,not picky as we eat it all the time.

  50. avatar says: Perrie

    I love Dill Havarti! BTW, are these cheeses kosher/chalav yisroel?

  51. avatar says: BabsToo

    I am also a cheese lover, especially a good asiago, manchego or brie. Thanks for the chance to win and for introducing us to Brent Delman. The next time I wander through Westchester, I may have to find him and his cave! Is there an actual shop to visit?

    • No shop. On Sundays, i’m at the Riverdale Farmers Market 9am-2pm selling and sampling a lot of my line, including a couple of “cave aged” varieties. The market’s in Riverdale section of the Bronx – 237th and Independence Ave through November. I will be starting occasional tastings in the “cellar” which will be announced on my FB page.

  52. avatar says: Rich

    Cheese and crackers…Mmmmmmmmmm!

  53. avatar says: Rachel

    I love all cheese – when I was pregnant I constantly craved cheese and cheese-based snacks! Yum!

  54. avatar says: Puttiemom

    I absolutely love goat or feta cheese!

  55. great contest gotta love cheese

  56. I just bought a wedge of blue cheese from the cheese guy, and am looking forward to trying it.

  57. avatar says: Elise

    Since I started making some of my own cheese, my family has gone cheese-crazy.

  58. I love Brent’s cheeses! My fav is the asiago romano!

  59. Love Edam cheese fried…It’s also supposedly high in vitamin K2, which is heart healthy!

  60. I love cheese. Our Shul does a wine and cheese tasting every year around December. Could you give us any suggestions?

  61. avatar says: blima

    wow wow would love this

  62. avatar says: ira

    Brent, would you make aged cheddar marbled blue cheese?

    • i currently make a blue wedge and crumbled blue. blue cheese is not easy to make kosher. have you ever tried our variety called “Bastardo del Grappa”? it’s a regional northern italian cheese with “blue notes” to it that many exotic blue lovers enjoy.

  63. avatar says: fbogus

    Blue cheese, the stinkier the better. Or a nice sharp provolone or asiago. Notice a theme?

  64. avatar says: Joey U

    My favorite cheese is probably feta, but it has to be used correctly. Would love to win this!

  65. avatar says: Laura P.

    I love all kinds of cheese but Brie is my favorite!

  66. avatar says: ahava

    they look delicious!

  67. avatar says: Rina

    My favorite cheeses are Parmesan and feta. I also once tried a spiced cheese that was really great.

  68. recipes look great…plan to try both!

  69. avatar says: Helene

    I love sharp, hard cheeses, as well as milder and softer ones. I guess that’s pretty much all of them, except blue. Not a fan of blue cheese. My husband likes the habanero cheeses and my daughter likes sharp and REALLY cold!

  70. avatar says: Rachel

    The Cheese Guy was at our little farmers market in Riverdale!!! Great cheese! I am still nibbling on some of their herbed goat cheese. Yummmmm

  71. We love all kinds of cheese

  72. My favorite, until I read about The Cheese Guy’s products, was blue cheese. Now my favorite is paneer!

  73. avatar says: Reena

    This is a great giveaway! I love having kosher cheese options.

  74. avatar says: Jessica

    My son’s favorite is medium cheddar, my husband’s is jabenero cheddar, and my favorite is the fresh mozzarella!

  75. herbed goat cheese.

  76. avatar says: Kathe

    My favorite cheese, if I really had to pick, is English Cheshire.

  77. Sharp Cheddar cheese.

  78. I love the cheese guy’s cheeses. such a great selection! The chipotle cheddar sounds amazing!

  79. Sharp cheddar! YUM. Actually I would be happy with any kind of cheese. And the prospect of having pasta and cheese baked for breakfast is making me feel absolutely joyous!

  80. avatar says: Carolyn G

    I love Fontina cheese

  81. Now, this has got to be great cheese!

  82. avatar says: Brad

    Danbo and Swiss

  83. avatar says: Holly J

    I absolutely adore Brie!

  84. Rationally, I know this post wasn’t written ‘for’ me, per say. However, due to my intense love and passion for cheese and the yumminess of these pictures, I’m going to just go ahead and assume it’s dedicated to me ;) xoxo Go Cheese!!

  85. avatar says: Kathy

    I love provolone~

  86. avatar says: meredith

    I love all kinds of cheese – and put it on most meals

  87. avatar says: Meryl

    My favorite is Humboldt Fog.

  88. avatar says: Louis

    Extra Sharp Cheddar.

  89. I don’t have a question about cheese, but my fave is swiss.

  90. avatar says: joni

    Ricotta or Feta

  91. I love just plain old sharp cheddar!

  92. avatar says: Denise S

    I like mozzarella most.

  93. I love Gouda cheese

  94. I love blue cheese, and anything smoked or spicy. My question is: I recently tried fresh cheese curds and loved the taste! Are curds technically cheese, or just a component of cheese?

    • cheese curds are actually cheese that hasn’t been pressed, shaped and aged yet. in order to make cheese, milk is coagulated and separates into curds and whey. the whey drains off and the solids (curds) are salted and usually pressed and shaped into blocks of cheddar. before that is done, you have the squeaky little curds.

  95. avatar says: Lynne T.

    My favorite cheese is French Raclette and my question is, why is it so hard to find in stores?

  96. My favorite is extra sharp cheddar.
    I love the bite that comes with it.

  97. st.jorge cheese from portugal is my fave <3

  98. avatar says: DeeAnn S

    I love Swiss! When substituting cheeses in cooking dishes, is there a rule of thumb to follow to maintain texture and consistancy of the dish?

  99. I like all cheese except some Blue Cheese. I had a sample once and I had to gag is down, so now I’m afraid of it. :)

    My favorite is swiss and any kind that is spicy.

  100. avatar says: Anthony

    my favorite is pepper jack

  101. avatar says: Deb S

    I love Havarti Cheese -

  102. avatar says: Pat B

    I have so many favorite cheeses, Havarti, cheddar, blue cheese. What’s the best way to store them so they don’t mold or get hard?

  103. Chipotle cheddar is my favorite. Where can I buy cheese curds in Colorado?

  104. avatar says: Gloria S

    I like cheddar cheese the best

  105. My favorite cheese is Muenster

  106. avatar says: harolde

    I like sharp cheddar. What is the healthiest cheese is the question.

  107. Cheesy bread..that no-knead bread looked amazing!

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