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Win These Wine Stoppers


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We love these wine stoppers available in a variety of colors imprinted with cute phrases like “L’Chaim,” “Me Time,” and “In Case of Emergency Remove Cap,” the CapaBunga is easily used to reseal a bottle of wine after you remove the cork, ensuring the wine won’t spill and will stay fresh. CapaBunga 2-packs retail for $6.95 and can be purchased at amazon.com.

Enter to win your package, all you have to do is tell us in the comments below, Do you prefer white or red wine? And/or What do you most enjoy eating with wine?


Contest is open to US residents only over the age of 18.  Ends September 24th.




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17 Responses to Win These Wine Stoppers

  1. avatar says: Leens

    Nice chilled white wine for me with some fish!

  2. avatar says: Oriel

    Red Wine Semi Sweet Sangria with Dessert

  3. I enjoy white wine. I like a good one for ish and then one to accompany dessert.

  4. avatar says: Etka

    As a complete wine noob I haven’t much intelligent to contribute to the conversation, especially when my wine choices generally hibernate somewhere in the ‘muscato d’asti’ line of sweet, easy-to-like wines. I enjoy a nice sweet white with a fish course or heavy meat, and I think I might dare to try a drier wine with a hefty cholent. Dessert wines escape me however. I like my chocolate unhindered by any beverage complexities!

  5. avatar says: Rose

    I really started to enjoy red wine, especially a shiraz or more recently a sangiovese (or something like that, i’m not that into it), but I’m finding it hard to even tolerate a whole glass these days. :( I will have to look into whites, or maybe use these bottle covers as I get through the half a glass portions that I can tolerate. :)

  6. avatar says: Racheli

    dry Red wine with meat

  7. I like a lightly sweet white wine with fish.

  8. avatar says: margalit

    I prefer a slightly sweet white wine with a dessert of any kind!!

  9. avatar says: bklmom

    I prefer red wine, but I can’t have it very often because of the histamines. I love to have it with brushetta (sp??)

  10. avatar says: Bev

    White wine with Shabbos meals!

  11. avatar says: sllashley

    A good red wine, with cheese and fruit.

  12. avatar says: Annet

    I prefer Red wine with a lovely fish or chicken dinner, with Shabbos meals and at holiday times as well.

  13. I love eating chicken and fresh cooked vegetables with a cup of red wine.

  14. avatar says: Barbara

    Although I usual reach for a full bodied Cabernet or merlot as my first choice in wine, I am growing to appreciate the crisp, clean flavors of chilled whites, like Chardonnay or nice Pinot Grigio…especially on warmer days.

  15. Love a Merlot with break fast.

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