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And Then There Was Cake, Cookbook From Montreal *Giveaway*


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As the Hebrew Academy of Montreal looks ahead to their 50th anniversary they decided to assemble the new kosher cookbook, And Then There Was Cake, desserts to enjoy and impress.  Throughout the years the leaders of the parent association found themselves in kitchens and around food as they worked to build a better school.  Now they are passing on these recipes to the next generation.

Glazed Pear Tart

Along with the desserts showcased in this book, each chapter is prefaced by an inspirational message from one of the leaders and role models in the community.  The pictures include family keepsakes and the stories behind them.  This book showcases desserts from all the diverse cultures.  Within the rich city of Montreal, famous for its French flare and world class cuisine, is a thriving Jewish community that is a melting pot of different cultures and rich traditions.  And Then There Was Cake is a collection of more than 80 desserts from classic to modern that reflect Montreal’s unique Jewish heritage.

Simply Irresistible Rugelach

The pictures are gorgeous and the recipes are approachable. Even the last chapter called Fancy, with multiple steps, makes it look easy for a special occasion dessert.  Most recipes offer parve or dairy options.  Here is a sampling of three recipes form the book, check them out and then order your copy today!!

Pull-Apart Brioche

All proceeds from this book go towards Hebrew Academy of Montreal. Copies can be ordered at HA-Cookbook.com or by calling 514-489-5321.

Get a sampling of recipes from the gorgeous cookbook here:

Glazed Pear Tart

Simple Irresistible Rugelach

Pull Apart Bricohe

**Giveaway** You can enter to win a copy of this book by letting us know, what is your favorite dessert or asking any questions you might have about the Jewish community in Montreal in the comments below and submitting with Rafflecopter.  For this giveaways winners can be in Canada.

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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




77 Responses to And Then There Was Cake, Cookbook From Montreal *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: raizy

    Always looking for new desserts, this cookbook looks exciting.

  2. The pull apart cake looks awesome!!

  3. This looks like it would be a wonderful addition to my small, but growing cookbook collection_ I so hope I win!

  4. The rugelach look scrumptious and a perfect dessert for Yom Tov!

  5. avatar says: kayla

    the pull apart cake looks awesome

  6. avatar says: goldie

    Yum! I would love new desserts, especially for simchas like mimiatures.

  7. avatar says: Samantha

    WOW!!! That glazed pear tart looks incredible!! My mouth is watering just looking at it!

  8. avatar says: robee61

    Now that I am unemployed I am busy baking. The sample recipes look great. I would love to win this.

  9. I think the pull apart brioche looks fantastic. Going to try that recipe on Thrsday.

  10. avatar says: Sarah

    looking for something beyond the classic chocolate chip cookies and cake.

  11. avatar says: cindy

    I am an alumna of the Hebrew Academy of Montreal and I can attest that the kosher bakeries and their goods are world class. I have lived in many different cities and nothing beats Montreal baking! (could be the Hungarian, French, Sephardic influence-just a guess) As far as desserts go, I love rugelech…can’t wait to see the book and take a trip down memory lane in my city of birth Montreal.

  12. avatar says: JAN

    My mouth is salivating looking at the pullapart brioche!

  13. avatar says: Marsha G

    We have two favorite basic desserts in our house – anything baked with apples and chocolate chip cookies, but we are always looking for new things to try when company comes over.

  14. avatar says: Leah

    This looks awesome!

  15. avatar says: dkny

    I love any cake that is chocolate and creamy.

  16. avatar says: Zipporah

    Baked pastries with fruits are always my favorites. so here goes – Let’s try the glazed pear tart

  17. avatar says: faigy

    I love cake! Can’t wait to try these

  18. avatar says: Marcia

    My favorite thing to cook is dessert, so a cookbook that is just desserts is a winner with me

  19. avatar says: London

    After a milchig meal, my favourite treat is a caramel crunch cheesecake- I can`t begin to describe the decadence of this. But as I cannot stand a pareve substitute for cheesecake, a coffee flavoured ice cream cake has to be added to my list of favourites which otherwise would only comprimise of the first.

  20. avatar says: kne

    The cookbook looks fabulous. My favorite desserts actually tend to be plain and boring (although I make more elaborate ones for my guests), but the pull-apart brioche looks like it could become a contender.

  21. avatar says: P. Cohn

    pull apart brioche!

  22. avatar says: Zahvig

    This cookbook is actually what I need for Shabbat morning treats!

  23. avatar says: avivalisa

    The brioche looks delicious. My daughters and I love to look at dessert cookbooks on Friday night. Can’t wait to go through this one.

  24. My favorite dessert is ginger spice cake.

  25. I love to bake muffins and cakes.

  26. avatar says: Tam

    Still trying to replicate my mother’s rugelach. Hope this one is it!

  27. avatar says: Tam

    I love rugelach but they seem to disappear too quickly.

  28. avatar says: Kayla

    A dessert cookbook is always a great idea! My favorite dessert is chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. The pear tart looks exciting to try.

  29. avatar says: Sara

    I love baked goods, especially soft chocolate chip cookies!

  30. The rugelach look amazing!

  31. rugelach look so good!

  32. I REALLY want this cookbook!

  33. i love baking and since my house burned down 5 months ago i lost all my recipes so i would love to win this since i share all recipes with my children, boys, all whom love to bake!!!

  34. to continue, the pull apart cake and rugelach look absolutely amazing and will beautify my yom tov table

  35. avatar says: Tziona

    Anything with peanut butter!

  36. avatar says: Dill

    White chocolate cheesecake with raspberry swirls! Yum! And totaly easy.

  37. avatar says: Miriam

    One of my favorite yom tov desserts is a peanut butter ice cream. Those rug each look soooo good!

  38. these recipes look sooo good!!

  39. avatar says: Lois Held

    The Pull Apart Bricohe reminds me of a recipe that my aunt made – it was very, very good. I lived in Montreal many years ago and loved it! A fabulous city!

  40. The cookbook looks awesome.The pullapart brioche looks fabulous!

  41. avatar says: Cindy

    My favorite dessert is my mother’s apple-strawberry compote!

  42. The rugalach recipe looks delicious and I look forward to making it for my son’t birthday. It is his new favorite dessert

  43. I look forward to trying the rugalach recipe for my son’s upcoming birthday. Rugalach are his new favorite dessert. It looks delicious.

  44. avatar says: Blss52

    ruegalah such traditional desert

  45. avatar says: J.J.

    I love desserts with chocolate or apples. I could use a great, chocolaty babka recipe!

  46. avatar says: Adeena

    I am not a baker but I am always trying new recipes hoping something will finally come out like its supposed to! I’m originally from Montreal and would love to see what recipes Hebrew Academy printed!!!

  47. avatar says: Joanne

    Would love to try the Simply Irresistible Rugelach

  48. avatar says: jhirsch

    I can’t eat chocolate so anything without chocolate is great! Would love the cookbook to see what else is out there.

  49. avatar says: amy

    Anything with chocolate is a winner!

  50. My favorite dessert is tiramisu.

  51. I’m not a baker either–my favorite dessert is a hot fudge sundae, but I love cookbooks.

  52. avatar says: Sarah

    I collect Jewish baking books, and this looks like a fantastic addition to my library…I love the look of the pull-apart brioche!

  53. avatar says: April

    I love the rugelach!

  54. avatar says: ahuva d

    looks stunning!

  55. avatar says: Susan

    Had a great rugelach recipe and can’t find it, so this really fills the bill! Would love to win a copy.

  56. avatar says: Susan

    Had a great rugelach recipe and misplaced it, so this fills the bill nicely! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the cookbook.

  57. avatar says: rivky

    Can’t wait to try the rugelach recipe

  58. avatar says: Sam

    OOOoooo Cheesecake. I love coffeecake. Um, maybe reggelach

  59. what could be better than a whole book of just deserts?

  60. pull apart brioch looks awesome

  61. avatar says: Sherry

    would love a new cookbook!! all the deserts sounds wonderful!

  62. avatar says: Michal

    my favorite dessert would be anything with chocolate.

  63. My favorite dessert in general is a simple dish of ice cream, nearly any flavor will do! However, the pull apart brioche above looks divine!!

  64. avatar says: Gina

    Cheesecake is the best!!!

  65. avatar says: Kathy L

    My favorite dessert would be lemon meringue pie

  66. avatar says: Rochel

    Tiramisu!!! I would love to win this!!!

  67. the rugalach looks great or the pull aparts

  68. These look amazing!!!

  69. avatar says: Susan

    Love it its got something for everyone,!

  70. avatar says: B. Lerner

    My favorite dessert is a cake that my friend Elizabeth used to make – a Chocolate Kahlua cake; She can’t make it anymore because Kahlua is no longer kosher & we’re all quite sad… Does anyone know of a similar product, but kosher?

  71. What could be better than a whole book of cakes?
    If I could choose any dessert, any time, my comfort dessert would always go back to brownies :)

  72. avatar says: Hadassa

    I love anything with chocolate!

  73. avatar says: Betty

    Interested in baking cakes that use yeast. Always love to try new recipes

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