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Win These Kitchen Gadgets


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Make perfect salad dressings and marinades every time by simply adding ingredients and shaking.

Remove melon from the rind and make balls for fruit salads, garnishes and desserts with Progressive International’s Snap-Fit Melon
Baller & Scoop set.

The perfect tool to properly slice and pit an avocado.

Progressive’s Pepper Corer’s pointed tips easily pierce pepper. Its tapered edges quickly cut through skin and pith and remove seeds. Larger size is perfect for bell peppers and tomatoes. Smaller size is ideal for jalapeños and other small chili peppers.

To learn more about these gifts and gadgets check out progressiveintl.com and find a local retailer.

To win this kitchen gadget bundle, let us know which one of these products you would use the most and why – then enter with rafflecopter.

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189 Responses to Win These Kitchen Gadgets

  1. I think I’d use the melon one the most – we eat a lot of melon in our house and it’s a pain to slice and dice.

  2. The pepper corer would save me a lot of time, and my son loves peppers, so this definitely comes in handy.

  3. I definitely want the melon baller…I love melon but struggle to make it appetizing for picky eaters.

  4. avatar says: dalesusan

    i would definitely use the salad dressing cruet the most. we love salad! but i hope i win all of the gadgets.

  5. avatar says: Linda

    We eat peppers all the time – would love to try the corer! I’ve also been wanting to start making my own dressing…

  6. avatar says: Perrie

    I think I would love to try the pepper corer. I really hate dealing with all the pits and this looks so easy and efficient!

  7. avatar says: caron

    I would love the melon scooper and pepper pitter. I serve a lot of melon in the summer. I make really wonderful sorbets for yom tov. And now is when the fruit is in its prime.

  8. avatar says: MitchM

    My son loves avacado so that set would be nice.

  9. avatar says: Halle

    These look like very handy tools

  10. I’d use the melon slicer. I LOVE melon in the summer and would use this all the time!

  11. I live in Florida where melons are available and plentiful year round. I like to serve fruit as part of dessert on Shabbos and Yom Tov but do not sometimes because it is a hassle to cut the melons. BUT NOT ANY LONGER. I would use the melon scooper and have a lovely fruit platter done easily. I would love to win the melon scooper (and the other gifts as well-big salad eaters in our house)

  12. avatar says: faigy

    I would love the salad dressing mixer – I’m always trying new recipes!

  13. I’m totally loving the melon baller & scoop set– my husband LOVES cantaloupe but he hates the work of cutting into it, so often it just sits around and goes bad! This would make my life so much easier :)

  14. I would use the shaker for all the homemade dressings I make.But my husband would use the avacado slicer-he loves avacado with everything

  15. avatar says: Aviva

    Probably the salad dressing mixer since I almost always make my own dressings.

  16. the melon scoops would make preparing fruit so much easier!

  17. avatar says: GW

    I like the melon device. It looks cool! One of the reasons why I don’t eat melon even when it’s sitting in my fridge is bec I don’t want to peel and cut it so this would be helpful most.

  18. avatar says: teri

    I would definitely use the Salad Dressing MIxer… my daughter loves salads :)

  19. The melon baller & scoop would be used frequently at our home.

  20. avatar says: sa

    I would use the melon scoop to ease prep. My family enjoys fruit salads.

  21. avatar says: Jo

    rogressive International’s Snap-Fit Melon
    Baller & Scoop set.

    The perfect tool to properly slice and pit an avocado. Would use it almost EVERY DAY!

  22. avatar says: chaya

    I would love to have the salad dressing mixer. It would be a great addition to our shabbos salads. My daughter makes new dressings almost every shabbos and the mixer would be great help. also the melon scooper , which my grand kids love to use

  23. Certainly the pepper corer. It is incredibly frustrating to try and remove the core and seeds.

  24. I’d love the bowl scraper. Those conversions always do me in.

  25. avatar says: Kathy S

    I would use the Salad Dressing Mixer the most.

  26. avatar says: Marcia

    The avocado slicer would be very useful. Avocados have become one of my favorite fruits (yes it is a fruit: it grows from a tree)

  27. avatar says: E

    I would use the melon baller because it allows me to use my creativity and make fabulous presentations whether serving at a table or placing on a buffet table.

  28. the melon gadget would probably receive the most use….i love gadgets that serve a multiple purpose and this looks as though it can be used on vegetables and dense cake in addition to the melon main purpose…thank you for your consideration.

  29. The melon scooper looks awesome.

  30. I would use the melon scooper most often as it has so many great uses in addition to scooping out balls of various melons. Being a seasoned cook and baker, this would be my most used tool because it is a multi-tasker kitchen tool and varies in size. Examples of this are perfectly round cookie dough for baking, coring apples, creating balls of butter set on fancy mini plates at dinner party, making mini meatballs for hors d’oevres, pumpkin carving, etc.

  31. avatar says: Nechama

    Melon Scooper-defintitely!
    Fruit salad is a Shabbos staple!

  32. The avocado tool because I eat avocados several times a week. The salad dressing mixer would be second and looks very useful.

  33. avatar says: Katie K

    the melon scooper – i love making fruit salads

  34. avatar says: Tamar

    I do a lot with peppers, so the pepper corer sounds about perfect.

  35. The salad dressing mixer because I like to make my own dressing.

  36. the melon scooper, my kids love melon and would love that for lunch or a snack

  37. I have been looking for a pepper corer for ages! I’d LOVE to win that!!!

  38. Pepper corer – now why didn’t I think of that?

  39. I love that pepper corer! So cool!

  40. avatar says: lirit

    Love the salad dressing mixer. Could be used to mix so many different things!

  41. avatar says: chana

    salad dressing mixer – love making dressing and always looking for a good container to make it in

  42. most useful one for me would be the salad dressing shaker…

  43. i would find the salad dressing shaker extremely useful for my kitchen….

  44. avatar says: Laura

    the mixer! I make dressings and marinades all the time, sure beats shaking the daylights out of them in a screwtop container…

  45. avatar says: Chaya K

    pepper corer, makes it so much easier!

  46. avatar says: Sasha

    I love the pepper corer! It will make my love of peppers so much easier!

  47. I like the dressing mixer. Homemade dressing is the best

  48. The pepper corer to make stuffed peppers a breeze.

  49. avatar says: shayna

    shabbat friendly salad dressing mixer!! i want it

  50. avatar says: gitty

    would love to win the pepper corer

  51. avatar says: Rena

    Id love the salad dressing mixer, great gadget for all my yummy summer salads!

  52. avatar says: saara

    love the dressing shaker, looks handy!

  53. avatar says: Laynie

    Oops, sorry to post comment 3x. But I figured out how to continue with entry.
    I’ve always wanted a melon scooper. The pepper top remover, would make so much easier to stuff peppers.
    I like the mixer in the salad dressing mixer.

  54. avatar says: Jenna G

    The avocado slicer would make lunch-making a breeze!

  55. Pepper Corer definately

  56. avatar says: Rivki

    I think I would use the Melon baller and scoop set – we all love fruit here and that would make the prep time faster.

  57. avatar says: Ilana

    I would use the pepper corer the most as we love making stuffed peppers for dinner.

  58. avatar says: mink

    Melon Scooper, love melon

  59. i would use the pepper corer I make sausage and peppers and use about 12 peppers so it would cut the process in half

  60. The pepper corer. I make sausage and peppers using about 12 peppers. It would cut the prep time in half.

  61. avatar says: Sunny

    I would totally use the avacado tool the most. Avacados are a staple in my house!

  62. I’d use the salad dressing mixer the most :)

  63. avatar says: Gr

    Def the salad dressing canister- how cool and convenient, and love that u can just give it a stir right before you use the dressing to blend it together.

  64. avatar says: atarah

    Can definitely use the pepper corer as it is a pain to get rid of the inside without one

  65. I never knew there was a pepper corer. Those seeds make us nuts when we prepare platters!

  66. I would use the salad dressing one most because nowadays all dressing needs to be measured and mixed andwho wants to wash so many dishes.

  67. avatar says: Yehudit

    My husband can’t eat seeds so the pepper corer will make prep SO much easier…

  68. avatar says: Rochel S.

    The Melon Scooper – would make it so much easier to cut it!

  69. I would use the pepper corer the most – I eat lots of peppers.

  70. avatar says: carol

    Hi I would use the avocado scooper because my daughter loves to make guacamole almost every day.

  71. avatar says: Linda L.

    I would use the salad dressing shaker the most to make consistent salad dressings.

  72. avatar says: Debra

    Definitely the dressing maker. I love homemade dressing

  73. avatar says: sa

    The Progressive International’s Snap-Fit Melon
    Baller & Scoop set looks like an amazing little device :)

  74. avatar says: bev

    my favorite is the pepper corer. I use a lot of peppers and so does my daughter. would love to own it.

  75. I also love the avocado slicer. I eat avocado all the time and I would really appreciate having a gadget to do the work for me!

  76. I would use ALL of them. I’m a gadget freak! Can’t help it… and they are all so useful.
    But I think the winner for the day would be the Pepper Corer.

  77. avatar says: Liz

    I would use the Pepper Corer because I LOVE to make meals with peppers!

  78. avatar says: Carolyn G

    The salad dressing maker. I already make dressing and this would make it easier.

  79. avatar says: malki b

    the melon thing probably

  80. avatar says: Leah

    Would definitely use the dressing maker the most. I love making homemade dressings

  81. pepper corer, I love the concept!

  82. avatar says: Liz

    Love the pepper scooper love to make stuffed peppers. Would make it do easy to get seeds out ! What a great idea!

  83. i would use the dressing shaker the most, because now i use a spoon for it!! doesn’t come out the same

  84. I would use the pepper corer because I use peppers in my recipes several times a week.

  85. I would use the Pepper Corer for Stuffed Peppers!

  86. avatar says: Kristi C

    I would use the pepper corer the most because I love red peppers.

  87. avatar says: Emaof7

    Definitely would use the salad dressing shaker the most as we prefer our own dressings to the bottled kind- this way we control the calories!

  88. avatar says: Zahava

    Pepper corer- I love peppers!

  89. I would most likely use the pepper corer.

  90. avatar says: Galiah

    I love useful kitchen gadgets! The melon corer seems to be the one I’d use the most.

  91. avatar says: kne

    They all look like fun things I would never allow myself to buy but would love to have. The salad dressing mixer is my favorite.

  92. avatar says: kim

    I would use the Progressive’s Pepper Corer’s my husband loves sausage and peppers and I hate coring them

  93. avatar says: Barbara F

    They are all neat kitchen goodies, but I know I would use the salad dressing maker the most often. Love the pepper corer, too!

  94. avatar says: Gianna

    The salad dressing maker so I can make my own!

  95. Pepper Corer – I use a lot of peppers and hate those sticky little seeds!

  96. avatar says: Denice P

    I would use the Avocado cutter the most as it is becoming the season for them and we just love them to death at our house. Thank you for the chance to win.

  97. avatar says: Chaya

    I would love the pepper corers. I make a pepper salad every week using all different colors of peppers (green, orange, yellow, red) plus tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados and mushrooms, but the peppers comprise the bulk of the salad, and the pepper corers would be such a time saver.

  98. avatar says: bracha

    would totally use the pepper corer…we are big fans of peppers..

  99. avatar says: ashley

    I would like the salad dressing mixer because I am trying to make my own healthy salad dressings

  100. I would love the salad dressing maker. It would be great to be able to make fresh dressing for my salads. Thanks!

  101. I think the tool I would use the most often would be the perfect tool to properly slice and pit an avocado. I eat several avocados a week because of their health benefit and taste and this tool looks like it would come in handy.

  102. avatar says: Sima Leah

    Probably the most popular request – the melon scooper and baller. I always end up leaving waaaaay too much fruit on the rind!

  103. I would love to try the pepper corer.

  104. avatar says: Sheila

    The melon scooper looks like fun to use!

  105. avatar says: robyn

    I would find the dressing jar the most useful as I make many of my own dressings, this would save me on using various measuring and storing devices

  106. avatar says: Leah

    Pepper seeder looks awesome

  107. avatar says: Leah

    Love the pepper seeder

  108. I love avocados and my husband loves melon. We eat lots of salad…how to choose just one tool!?!?!?

  109. Definitely the melon baller. Any time I cut fruit into fun shapes, my daughter is more willing to eat it!

  110. avatar says: Sar

    salad dressing mixer!

  111. I love avocados and my husband loves melon—we both eat lots of salad….how to choose one tool?!?!!?

  112. avatar says: Brooke

    We eat lots of peppers, so a pepper corer would be fun to use!

  113. avatar says: Sarah W

    The Snap-Fit Melon Baller & Scoop set because I cut up so many melons each week. This would make things easier for me.

  114. avatar says: Chavie

    I would love the dressing maker, I have always wanted one!

  115. avatar says: Donna

    I love the melon ball scoop. It has so many other ways that it can be used.
    I would also like the salad dressing mixer, for the flexibility of uses, not just for salad dressings. Anyone of these items would be great to have and use,not just lay in the kitchen drawer!

  116. avatar says: Lynne T.

    The avocado cutter because I buy those on a regular basis, always making guacamole.

  117. avatar says: zk

    I would probably use the melon scooper the most. I dislike preparing melons, and with four young daughters who go on constant health kicks, and one who insists that to her, eating melon is like eating candy, it would be great to make prepping it more convenient!

  118. i would like the pepper corer

  119. I would use the pepper corer most because we eats peppers frequently here

  120. I would use the avocado cutter and corer the most, although I would have use for all the gadgets in the bundle!

  121. The reason for the avocado cutter is because we have avocados almost every Shabbos as part of our meal.

  122. avatar says: Amanda

    I would use the salad dressing maker the most. The less dishes to wash the better!

  123. I love making home made salad dressing. I would love to make it easy and quick and more often.

  124. I’d use the pepper corer most often. It seems I use a lot of sweet and hot peppers when I cook. Thanks for the chance!

  125. avatar says: deana c

    I would love the avocado scooper because I eat avocado almost every day. It would save time.

  126. avatar says: Ellen

    Fresh salads and fruit are part of our daily meals. I love to make everything look appetizing, and would use the melon baller all the time. The cruet will make creating salad dressings a breeze.

  127. avatar says: Ahuva D

    The Snap-Fit Melon Baller & Scoop set would be awesome because I love melon and this would save lots of time :)

  128. avatar says: Devorah

    I would LOVE the Pepper Core.

    Being vegan it would lessen my time coring peppers, etc.

  129. avatar says: Andrea

    I would use the salad dressing mixer. I’m always trying new dressings and I think they would taste even better with that gadget!

  130. avatar says: Laura S.

    I love the pepper gadget! The melon tools look fantastic as well! Here’s hoping!

  131. avatar says: Kim

    the dressing shaker because I make my own dressing and don’t buy processed dressings.

  132. avatar says: G6

    These are all amazing gadgets, but that dressing shaker tops it for me.
    I love making creative salads and dressings and it looks like it can really take on the job of emulsifying in style.

  133. avatar says: Joanne D

    The nelon baller. Perfect for melon and ice cream!

  134. I would use the pepper corer a lot!

  135. avatar says: David

    Love the m er Lon baller

  136. avatar says: allison

    I would love the dressing shaker I make them all the time

  137. avatar says: molly

    the pepper scooper looks amazing — making prep easy.

  138. avatar says: Sharon

    I use my avocado slicer often! Love it!! I think the dressing shaker would be a welcomed addition to my kitchen as I make my own dressings & I am our family holiday cook! Jewish & secular.

  139. The pepper corer – I’m constantly eating peppers!

  140. I would love to have the salad dressing shaker. We love good salads.

  141. avatar says: Raizy

    The salad dressing cruet- I like to try new dressings all the time

  142. avatar says: Mindy

    Avocado slicer

  143. avatar says: DanV

    I’d use the Progressive International’s Snap-Fit Melon
    Baller & Scoop set because we like melons

  144. avatar says: Avigayil

    I would prob use the salad dressing one the most- I love making my own dressings!

  145. probably the dressing shaker or the melon scooper

  146. avatar says: Susan

    I love the bottle with the mixer in it. What a great idea to take to school with me. I could mix a fresh drink there!

  147. avatar says: Susan

    The salad one. Due to diet restrictions, I make all my own salad dressings now.

  148. avatar says: Laura

    salad mixer…I always make my own dressings and this would make it so much less messy at the table…..

  149. avatar says: DJ Guest

    I’d probably use the pepper corer the most since almost every dinner I serve a fresh green salad, and bell peppers are ususally a part of that.

  150. avatar says: DJ GUEST

    I’d use the pepper corer to make the fresh green salad we have most nights.

  151. I would use the melon baller most. I have RA and it is a painful effort to do this with a knife

  152. avatar says: Lorraine

    I make my own Ceasar salad dressing and the salad mixer would be perfect to make it in. I also like the pepper corer.

  153. avatar says: Batsheva

    Definitely the pepper corer. I love sweet bell peppers and cook with them all the time. Coring them is the most time consuming aspect. That would be so great to have.

  154. avatar says: Vicki I

    The melon baller probably….although I make homemade salad dressing every week for shabbos so that would get a work out too :)

  155. I would love the pepper corer. It will be a real time saver.

  156. avatar says: Ashley

    It’s hard to choose only one, but the one I think I would use the most is the one to cut and scoop the avocado, because I’m always eating them. I could also really use the melon one.

  157. avatar says: Melissa

    It’s a tie between the salad one and the melon – I would love the salad since I am a big salad fan, but my 2 year old is in LOVE with melon!

  158. I love the idea of the pepper corer! I would use that so much!!!

  159. avatar says: yadinoe

    Imagine what one can do with this inspiring assortment of salad tools.

  160. avatar says: Ershey

    I would use the pepper corer the most because we eat a lot if peppers and I
    Waste a lot of the pepper taking out the seeds

  161. i would love the salad dressing maker. i love trying new salad dressings. i never know what to make them in.

  162. I would use the melon baller. I cook with a lot of avocados, so it would come in handy!

  163. avatar says: Lauren

    I think I need the salad dressing mixer because I just got zaatar and would love to make dressing!

  164. Magic in my kitchen with these gadgets ail give my meals center stage

  165. I would love the pepper corer, because I think it would really be useful!

  166. This is a cool bunch of stuff I would love have but would not pay for.

  167. avatar says: Sarah

    I’d like the avocado one because I eat guacamole and avocado sushi all the time.

  168. avatar says: Nechama

    I would totally use the salad mixer all the time!

  169. avatar says: Jo

    To lose weight I eat melon alot
    A baller/scooper would truly hit the spot
    Making it quicker for me to make a snack
    And easier for the lunches I pack.
    And of course the dressing cruet is great,
    Because homemade dressings also help lose weight!
    Thank you.

  170. avatar says: Rachel

    I would love love love to win these gadgets, they look great and i dont have any of them! Would all be a wonderful addition to my kitchen!

  171. I would have a hard time picking a favorite as I love kitchen gadgets. If pushed, the dressing mixer looks great.

  172. I’d probably use the salad dressing mixer the most.. : )

  173. avatar says: Denise S

    I’d love the avocado slicer because I’ve been eating more of them lately.

  174. I would use the melon corer the most, I think. We like to eat melons, but it stays uncut longer than it should.

  175. avatar says: Deb K

    I would love to win the pepper corer~as we would use this all the time!

  176. avatar says: Erica C.

    I’d use the melon scooper the most.

  177. the Pepper Corer would be very handy

  178. avatar says: Deb S

    I would use the salad dressing mixer the most because I eat salads almost everyday.

  179. want to try the avocado slicer because we eat a lot of them and it would make preparation much simpler

  180. avatar says: Samantha

    Definitely the pepper corer!

  181. I would use the Pepper Corer the most as I make everything from stuffed peppers to cutting up fresh peppers for salads and eating with cream cheese and olives. The hardest part is trying to get the core out.

  182. I think the melon scooper would be super handy!

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