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Win A Starter Cookie Making Set


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The perfect gift for the young baker: a starter cookie-making kit with all the tools necessary for children as young as three, this set comes
with a mixing bowl, matching mixing spoons, rolling pin, cookie cutters and recipe cards.  Available at www.familygamesamerica.com.  As featured in the Summer issue of Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine in our Gifts and Gadgets guide – Subscribe Now.

Enter to win one of these for a little person in your life. All you have to do is share a childhood cooking memory with us in the comments below.


One winner will be chosen on July 31.

This contest is now over and the winner is Rochel S.



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30 Responses to Win A Starter Cookie Making Set

  1. For my birthday every year my mom made matzoh ball soup for me from scratch. She taught me how to make her recipe and I still make it for myself every winter Shabbos.

  2. I dont remember cooking with my mom. That’s why I blog about restaurants. :P

  3. avatar says: Linda

    I loved learning to bake with my mom. Especially when I got to lick the beaters! :)

  4. avatar says: skossman

    I remember my mother using a hand chopper on fresh fish in a wooden bowl to make gefilte fish. Now we just buy a loaf. It isn’t the same.

  5. avatar says: ST

    Making chocolate chip cookies with my grandmother.

  6. avatar says: Caron

    I love to bake with my granddaughters and this would be the perfect gift for them.


  8. When I was about nine, I decided to make peanut butter cookies…and forgot to put in the peanut butter!! I ended up with perfectly delicious sugar cookies :)

  9. avatar says: GW

    I was a very helpful child in the kitchen. I always hovered around and helped my mother with quality control when she was baking. I also got to lick the bowl clean! Good times… This instilled a love for baking within me… and I know that when my children are older, I will also let them ‘help’ me bake

  10. When we were kids we had a small toy electric stove with little cake pans. We used to bake our own little cakes. We also had a toy dish washer that we hooked up to the sink and water sprayed inside of it and cleaned little dishes. We thought we were doing the real thing.

  11. avatar says: Jo

    My 4-year old great niece would love to bake cookies with her Mommy (if I can’t be there).

    Thanks for the other ideas posted, too, everyone.

  12. avatar says: elk99

    My initial reaction was that I don’t have memories baking or cooking with my mother, but then I remembered how for years we would bake cakes together to give out with mishloach manos on Purim. We had a good time together. Banana cake was our favorite.

  13. I remember how my grandmother used to make me fresh sugar cookies for breakfast and they were hot.

  14. avatar says: Nechama

    I went through a whole phase where everything – and I mean everything, came out wrong! Salt instead of sugar, baking powder instead of baking soda, all the classics and more!
    Once I was making brownies with a recipe from the back of a flour bag. I laughingly told my mother that we needed “King Arthur’s Premium 100% Whole Wheat Flour” and proceeded to take out our regular flour container. Needless to say, the consistency was all off and they flopped.
    I credit my mother completely for letting me stay in the kitchen despite all the mess-ups…letting me just keep trying until the phase passed and the cooking queen blossomed! :)

  15. avatar says: Emily

    Use to love to lick the beaters when my mom was baking.

  16. Making a pie for 4h at fair and winning 3rd place.

  17. I loved making Christmas cookies with my mom. Decorating the sugar cookies was my favorite part.

  18. avatar says: tamarw

    I don’t really have one. My mom didn’t allow me to go into the kitchen :(

  19. avatar says: JAN

    I used to be in the kitchen with my maternal grandma. She let me put the onions in the chopped meat when she made hamburgers. She also let me have the broken chocolate chip cookies. I was 12 when she passed away and still miss her.

  20. avatar says: Zahava

    I once made coffee cake and took the directions too literally- I put in 1 cup of coffee powder instead of 1 cup of (prepared coffee)!

  21. I remember when I was 9 making mac and cheese, but I forgot to drain the water, so I called it mac and cheese soup. It was pretty bad, buy my parents ate some.

  22. avatar says: Rochel S

    When I was younger, I loved to bake but I was scared to crack the eggs and always insisted my mother do it for me. Not sure why :)

  23. Me and the friends used to always bake the best sweets and hold bake sales for the neighborhood.

  24. avatar says: Deb S

    I use to cook with my mom. We would make cakes every week and I always got to lick the spoon.

  25. My favorite cooking memory is baking cookies with my grandmother. She would always tell me stories of growing up and baking cookies with her mom. Just watching her bake cookies from scratch, putting them into her wood burning stove and the smell of freshly baked cookies always gave me the feeling of love and happiness.

  26. I have fond memories of baking banana nut bread with my mom when I was a kid.

  27. avatar says: Vikkilyn

    My fondest memories of cooking are staying the night the night before Thanksgiving and my Grammy and I would make pie crust and pies and then the next morning we would make stuffing from scratch and all the fixings. I loved those times spent with my Grammy and I really miss those times with her.

  28. One of my favorite cooking memories is learning how to make monkey bread with my mom.

    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

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