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Watch Chicken Roll Ups with Kishksa


I love forgoing an egg “bath” in favor of flavorful duck sauce. It’s a sweet little dish if you use Gold’s Cantonese Style Duck Sauce. If you want something spicier add red pepper flakes or try Gold’s Szechuan Style Duck Sauce.
Get the full recipe to print Chicken Roll Ups with Kishka here.

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8 Responses to Watch Chicken Roll Ups with Kishksa

  1. Jamie I love your videos and your sporty look those rolls look tasty thanks for posting

    • THANKS!!! I was actually stressing about what to wear for this video — all the tops I had in mind were dirty an then I just thought let me cook in what I actually wear when I am cooking – LOL!!!

  2. avatar says: Patty

    Jamie, you are the cutest! You always look good in anything you wear! I am always amazed to see how great you look with all you do and having all those young children…God bless you!

    • AWWWWW Patty!!! Thank you!!! My hubby and I were talking about how we should really change our last name and from this day forward be known as the Gellys … you see, I’ve got a little belly and people are always looking and even ASKING!!!! if I am pregnant, even when I am not!!!! I try all these crazy (STUPID!) things to hide it — so I really appreciate the compliment.

  3. avatar says: adrienne

    I love this recipe! My daughter is a baal shuva and i am always looking for fun new recipes Thank you!

  4. Liked your recipe a lot. Looking forward for some more mouth watering recipes. Keep up the good work.

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