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In the JOK Kitchen with Cook In Israel *Giveaway*


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Cook In Israel is the new cookbook written by Orly Ziv.  Orly contacted me a few months ago and told me about her cooking school in Israel and the cookbook she was working on.  It sounded very exciting, but to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect.  A few months later this gorgeous new cookbook filled with my favorite kinds of Israeli style recipes showed up at my doorstep.  I learned that Katherine Martinelli, a long time friend of joyofkosher took the photos!  Needless to say I am excited to share this book with you and to learn more about Orly and her new cookbook.

I feel a kindred spirit with you being that we are both nutritionists and I love that your book is mostly vegetarian. How did you decide which recipes to include?

I run a cooking school in Israel and so I chose recipes that my guests really like first.  Then I added more of my favorite recipes that us eggplant and tomatoes, my two favorite vegetables, there can never be enough recipes to use them.  I added recipes for the Jewish holidays and my family’s preferred recipes.

Can you tell me a bit about your Greek heritage and how it has affected your cooking?

I grew up on Sephardic  cooking which meant lots of tomato sauce, eggplants and feta cheese.  I guess that is why those are my two favorite vegetables.  We used to have borekas for Shabbat breakfast and my mother and grandmother used to make them fresh every week.  We also ate lots of fish at home and not as much meat, so you can see the influence.

israeli style hummus

Your recipes are all very quick and easy, but sometimes I am sure you cook something more difficult. What is the most time consuming dish you make and why do you think it is worth it?

I do cook very simple food with fresh high quality ingredients. When using fresh quality ingredients you do not need to complicate the cooking as you want the fresh flavors of the food.  However, making Borekitas from scratch is more time consuming just like baking your own challah,  but the taste is heaven.

Since you offer cooking classes regularly I am sure you have many tips for our readers, please share what you feel is your best tip. My best tip is cutting an onion without crying, all you have to do is keep the root on until the end.  One of my guests wrote on TripAdvisor: “Orly showed me how to cut an onion without tearing up. This is a ‘life-changer’!”.


Can you pick your favorite recipe in the book and share it with us?

This is difficult as all the recipes are my favorites :) but since you ask I’ll share the challah bread which I make every Friday. If you follow the recipe as is you’ll get the same results every time and you’ll stop buying it from the store. I even had a non Jewish guest prepare the challah for Thanksgiving dinner.

Middle Eastern Malabi

Which recipe do you feel is the most quintessential Israeli, that everyone should know how to cook?

I always teach homemade hummus.  It is famous in Israel and easy to make.  One time a couple came to my class and the wife told me that her husband doesn’t really like hummus, but she still wanted to learn how to prepare it.  A few weeks later she wrote to tell me how often she makes and how much her husband loves it.  All my guests really love hummus and it is very healthy, especially mind without any preservatives or vegetable oil as in store bought hummus.

Thank you so much Orly for talking to us and for sharing your recipes for Challah, Hummus and by special request Malabi, a middle eastern rose water pudding that can be made dairy or parve, can’t wait to try.

Go to Cook In Israel to find out more about Orly, her culinary tours, cooking classes and how to purchase this book, Buy Now.

Enter to win this cookbook with the rafflecopter entry options below.  Some options you can do daily so come back often!!  Also, note that this giveaway is open to those living in Israel too!!!

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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




126 Responses to In the JOK Kitchen with Cook In Israel *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: shainy

    Looks amazing can’t wait to see the book!

  2. avatar says: Katie K

    What’s the best way to prepare a fresh artichoke?

  3. avatar says: ohyoucook

    Do you have dip recipes similar to those served at Eucalyptus in the Old City?

  4. avatar says: Fred

    Sounds interesting

  5. what are some key Israeli ingredients/spices everyone should have in their pantry?

  6. I’m always looking for easy cookbooks.

  7. avatar says: Lisa B

    I absolutely love the cook book and whomever wins will be so happy!!!

  8. avatar says: Karen

    Just returned home from Israel and already miss the amazing food!!

  9. avatar says: Karen

    Just returned home from Israel and already miss the amazing food!

  10. avatar says: Robert

    I’m always looking for exotic seasonings or spice mixtures. Any thoughts on that?

    • Robert there are two spice mixture that we use one is called rus-el-hanout from the north african kitchen and the other is ‘baharat’ from the iraqi kitchen. They have between 5- 8 spices and they are used for meat balls, stuffed vegetables, rice and meat dishes.

    • avatar says: Orly Ziv

      try the combination of tahini and silan as seasoning in the cauliflower recipe in the book. There is also a mix of spices called Baharat from the iraqi kitchen to use for meat balls and stuffed vegetables.

  11. I would LOVE to win this cookbook! Good luck, everyone!

  12. so exciting would love to cook Israeli style especially since my daughter is making aliyah shortly

  13. I so hope I win this- it looks so useful!

  14. avatar says: Chaya G

    I run a center for Israelis in America, and I absolutely would LOVE to win this book, it would help me so much for all the huge meals I have every week and on all the chagim!

  15. I have never tried Israeli food so it would be great if I win this prize. Thank you for the chance.

  16. looks sooooo yummy!!!

  17. avatar says: Esty

    Are there any recipes using za’atar in the cookbook?

  18. I am always looking for great Israeli cookbooks (in English)! Very excited to check it out in full and particularly thrilled for malabi!

  19. avatar says: kne

    This cookbook looks fantastic. I love Israeli cuisine, and so does my family! One day I would love to win a cookbook giveaway and this would be a good one to win! ;)

  20. avatar says: rosenugga

    I love cookbooks. This looks like a great one to add to my collection. Can’t wait to try the Malabi recipe!

  21. Wonderful recipes . . . I really want that cookbook!!!

  22. avatar says: michal

    Love all kinds of cookbooks!

  23. Do all the recipes have conversions to American measurements? It looks fabulous, I would love to win!

  24. avatar says: faleen

    We love israeli foods and this recipe book would be a welcome addition to our variety of foods….thank you for your consideration.

  25. avatar says: Manu

    I love Israeli cuisine and would love to learn how to cook it!!

  26. avatar says: Debra

    Would love to try some recipes from this book. Which recipe is the one with the most personal history with it?

  27. avatar says: lena

    Waiting to try your challah recipes.

  28. What is different in your hummus from store bought?

    • The recipe in the book is very healthy it uses only chickpeas, tahini, boiled onion and boiled garlic seasoned with olive oil, paprika and fresh parsley. It doesn’t contain any preservatives, bicarbonate powder as in some recipes or vegetable oil in ready made hummus.

    • avatar says: Orly Ziv

      My hummus do not have any bicarbonate, preservatives or vegetable oil. I use olive oil just on top with some paprika and parsley

  29. can’t wait to make challah from your cookbook. I love to try new recipes

  30. I have been making a sweet challah recipe for many years and am looking for a recipe that is less sweet. This challah recipe sounds perfect.

  31. I made the Poyte in my new Poyte pot….outstanding!…indeed

  32. I live in a place where no one has ever HEARD of Israeli cuisine, much less had it!!! I ca’t wait to try out Orly’s recipes here for a taste sensation

  33. My husband loves
    Eggplant and I am always looking for new recipes.

  34. Thank you Tamar for a beautiful article!

  35. Need to perfect a shakshuka recipe!

  36. looking forward to seeing this new cookbook, jamies interview with the author made the book sound great

  37. Can’t wait to see this book – good luck with it.

  38. I find this website inspiring and look forward to trying out recipes

  39. avatar says: Ariella

    looking fwd to a cookbook that’s practical to use in Israel

  40. avatar says: Ilana

    everything things so yummy in this book!

  41. avatar says: Rucky

    It’s the perfect cookbook for a new Olah like me!

  42. avatar says: Katharina

    That sounds all so yum! I would love to try out a few recipes. Great to learn about your cooking school as well – maybe that is an option for the future as well!

  43. avatar says: Susan

    Love Israeli food. Also fond of sephardic style food but not so familiar with making it myself. Looking forward to checking out the recipes!

  44. i love your recipes it realy helps me as i am not kosher however i do kosher cooking so therefore need all the help i canget thank you you inspire me

  45. will everything be as yummy as it should be if we have to use (yuck) american tomatoes and cucumbers? Well, I have a good imagination…..it all looks terrific!

  46. looks like this could be a great asset to my collection of books

  47. looks like a good asset to my cookery book collection

  48. Always looking for easy recipes like chicken etc.

  49. avatar says: Batsheva

    Looks like a great collection of recipes and tips for cooking in Israel!

  50. Wow, I’d love to win this book. I’m also excited that it’s mostly vegetarian!

  51. avatar says: EstiK

    My father’s family is Israeli and I have such fond memories of spending time with his aunts and uncles while I was in israel. My only regret is that I never got to ask any of them for their recipes! I would love to bring back some of the taste of their food into my home!

  52. My son and daughter in law would love this book. They have guests every Shabbat for dinner and over the weekend also. Their meals are many courses and everyone really loves then diversity of the menu. This would be an added compilation of wonderful dishes to serve and enjoy. Thank you for the opportunity.

  53. avatar says: Jenny

    I would love to get this cookbook for my mother-in-law, she loves experimenting with recipes from different countries!

  54. avatar says: Orly Ziv

    Thank you Tamar for this beautiful article !!

  55. Always looking for something different!

  56. avatar says: rivka

    I would love to try this cookbook sounds wonderful!!

  57. We love to cook international cuisine. Why not cook something delicious from country of Hashem’s heart?!

  58. avatar says: Marcia

    I have always wanted to make malabi. Now I can

  59. I have always loved Israeli cuisine and can’t wait to read your book. I love salads and fish- hope I win.

  60. I love Israeli food and especially the newer versions of staples of Israeli food. I can’t wait to get a copy of this cookbook!

  61. avatar says: frippie

    Simple but new and interesting – exactly what I like. And who doesn’t love eggplant and tomatoes?!

  62. avatar says: Tam

    Am having guests from Israel for a month stay (in the US) What should I have in the house for them to “nibble on”?

  63. avatar says: Shelley

    Looking forward to trying some recipes.

  64. I look forward to opportunity to do some REAL Israeli cooking with your guidance and recipes.

  65. I would love a list of her well stocked pantry. The book looks great!

    • avatar says: Orly Ziv

      Hindy in my stock pantry I always have tahini, silan (honey made of dates), almonds and nuts, whole purpose flour, whole wheat flour, brown sugar and pasta :-)

  66. Love the idea of so many vegetarian recipes, as that is the way we eat mostly. Looks like a terrific book

  67. avatar says: Adina

    This is a perfect recipe!! It’s a creative and easy way to use up leftovers and to get beans into our food. (They’re growing on us..) We always get rave reviews when we serve it to guests. We have also served it with beef as an entree on Shabbat.

    It’s also great because you can adjust the spiciness. I use mild salsa when I serve it to guests who aren’t keen on spicy foods, and I add in a dash of chipotle powder for people who love spices.

    I leave out the cumin and mushrooms because I’m not a fan of either, and it’s still great! To replace some of what is lost in the mushrooms, I add more beans and another pepper.

  68. Book looks really fantastic. We can never have enough cookbooks, specially from israeli recipes.

  69. avatar says: DanielM

    always like trying new recipes!

  70. avatar says: Samantha

    What products do you think are beneficial to always have on hand?

  71. avatar says: Gianna

    What’s your favorite dish?

    • avatar says: Orly Ziv

      Every eggplants , tomatoes dishes are my favorite and that’s the reason i have the whole session of eggplants and tomatoes recipes in my cookbook

  72. What is your favorite spice/flavoring you add to your hummus?

  73. great review, I cant wait to check this book out. I love fresh hummus, I will definitely try this recipe, thanks for sharing!

  74. I recently received this cookbook and I am thoroughly enjoying it!

  75. Your cook book is really very interesting. I like this very much… Thanks to you

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