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6 Cool Summer Desserts


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I have issues with dessert.  I love it too much.  Hubby, not so much.  So when we go out to dinner I order two – when I’m done with mine we swap plates and then I work on “his”.  Here and there he takes a spoonful and when it’s really good he takes more and then I get all bent out of shape  – cause if I knew he was going to eat so much I would have ordered a third, which I do on my birthday.  I am also a bad influence on Tamar — when we go out for dinner on my NYC trips I pressure our resident dietitian into ordering dessert, uhm, ok desserts.

These cool summer sweets incorporate a few of my favorite things into refreshing desserts – some of which Tamar may even approve of.


Low Fat Cheesecake

Low Fat Lemon Cheesecake: This here was developed cause I love cheesecake but I’m the only one in my house who does.  So now I don’t feel as guilty when I eat the whole thing.

Green Tea Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream: Am gaga over green tea.  I drink at least 3 BIG cups a day – out of my husband’s beer mug. Green tea speeds up that fat/calorie burning process in our bodies and I find it helps curb my insatiable appetite.  Therefor a perfect match for my ice cream (made with whole milk, heavy cream and egg yolks – YAY!).  This way I won’t eat too much (since I am eating the entire aforementioned cheesecake).

Mango Melon Pops

Mango Melon Pops

Mango Melon Pops: Oooooh mango is nature’s candy!  My kids prefer it to taffy.  These pops scream summer.

blueberry lemon tarts

Mini Blueberry Lemon Tarts

Blueberry Lemon Tarts: You can look at this as portion controlled dessert or an excuse to eat more than one – but do that standing because we all know that calories consumed while standing and eating over the sink (on shabbos!) don’t count.  I made these for a kiddush and we all loved them.  So much so that my friend Atara made this into a big pie – but for some reason she said it wasn’t as good.  So best to keep these babies bite-sized.

Peanut Butter Bar

Peanut Butter Bar

Peanut Butter and Jelly Slice: My mom has been known to wake up in the middle of the night and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with milk.  This here is the same mom who orders chocolate mouse before the meal so she has room for dessert.  I mean come on, who wants to have to stuff it in after a big dinner?!  I agree and have the same taste and turned our love for PB&J into a cool cake you can eat before the meal (my mommy said so :-) .

creamy raspberry jello square

Creamy Raspberry Jello Square

Raspberry Jell-O Squares: You don’t even need teeth to eat jello so in my book it’s practically FREE.  Aunt Zahava one of the family’s great bakers always made a recipe like this which I love because it’s one of her few desserts I am actually qualified to recreate.

Keep it cool and keep it sweet this summer but before you bow out let me know your favorite cool dessert in the comments below.

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7 Responses to 6 Cool Summer Desserts

  1. avatar says: C.KISH


  2. Love the green tea ice cream idea! The mango melon pops look so refreshing too!

  3. That PB&J cake looks amazing!

  4. First of all, I love these pictures. Second of all, I didn’t know that about Green tea and now must make like 6 cups STAT!! Also, your hubby doesn’t like dessert!? Oy, we have the opposite issue in my house.

  5. I am also not so much a dessert person. But that green tea ice cream is calling my name.

  6. Ha! DH also has a beer mug that I stole from him – I use it for coffee or English Breakfast tea. And the PB&J slice totally caught my eye first. All of the desserts look delicious!

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