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Vegan Corn Chowder and Cold Soup Link Up


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As a general rule, chowders are laden with heavy cream and butter.  An 8oz serving of your average corn chowder packs 13 grams of fat (6 of which are saturated).  It also typically takes an hour to cook.  So if you ever needed a reason to avoid putting corn chowder on your menu, I just gave you two.  But I recently made a healthy and raw vegan corn chowder that tastes great!  While this recipe doesn’t require any cooking and is really good cold, which is how I am able to include it in this link up, it can also be gently warmed in the microwave or stove top.  With the heat of summer approaching and a need for easy, plan-ahead Saturday lunch and third meal options, I’m going cold.

I discovered this soup when I was reviewing a fabulous cookbook, Raw & Simple.  I loved how easy it was to make, how tasty it was and how it was filling enough for dinner.  I have added this recipe into our regular rotation and we have been enjoying it at least once a month.  It goes well with Mexican food and you can always add a bean and cheese quesadilla or soft taco when you need a little something more.

At under 200 calories a serving and less than 2 grams of fat you can enjoy this guilt-free soup all summer long and still fit into your favorite swimsuit.  I’ve been using frozen corn for convenience, but I can’t wait for corn season to really see how this soup can be enjoyed at its very best. It would also be fun to serve in shot glasses during a summertime party, I guarantee a lot of happy guests!

Get my recipe for Vegan Corn Chowder.


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9 Responses to Vegan Corn Chowder and Cold Soup Link Up

  1. avatar says: Sina

    I make a similar soup but cooked. I wonder what it would taste like raw. It looks delicious in the picture!

  2. i love corn soup! looks great

  3. UNDER 200 calories!! This is for me. I have always loved corn chowder and am eager to try a guilt free version.

  4. I love corn soups. I love that this one is vegan.

  5. LOVE corn chowder. Favorite soup!

  6. Love that this is a vegan corn chowder. Sounds awesome.

  7. I grew up eating corn chowder, and this looks like a refreshing change.

  8. This would be perfect for my vegan clients! YUM!

  9. I’m not one for heavy cream in my soups, so this sounds perfect for me!

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