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Easy Duck Sauce Recipes


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When I write about Gold’s I get uber nostalgic.  Gold’s Duck Sauce was perhaps my first kitchen lifesaver.  My first proof (to no one other than myself) that YES, I got this!  My first triumph with Hubby back seat cooking right by my side.

About a week into my marriage, as a recovering vegetarian, I found myself staring at this raw chicken, wondering if there is a way to cook it without touching it. Hubby came to my rescue sharing his all-time favorite chicken recipe.  I called it bachelor food until I realized this “recipe” graced many a Shabbos table all over the world.

JoK Apricot Chicken 1

Apricot Chicken

And the recipe is…  Duck Sauce Chicken. Yup, it’s chicken with duck sauce just slathered over it. Now here was a “recipe” that was just my speed. I actually measured out the exact amount of sauce for your benefit, but in reality I never measure, just eyeball and pour.

Duck sauce chicken was the basis for the concept of my first cookbook and the entire Quick & Kosher brand.  In fact I almost called the book “Duck Sauce Chicken”,  seriously!  But I was talked out if it with reasoning like “people will think it’s just chicken recipes”, or “just Chinese food”.

weet and sour salmon

Sweet and Sour Salmon

The prep time on this recipe is just 3 minutes and that includes 2 minutes and 50 seconds to clean the bird. Otherwise, the recipe takes just 10 seconds—and people love it!

They always ask me what’s on the chicken and I answer,

“Duck sauce.”

And they say, “What else?”


“Just duck sauce?”

“Yes, just duck sauce.”

It’s almost embarrassing. But I do have a secret… it’s Gold’s Cantonese Style Duck Sauce.  I have borrowed a generic brand, from my neighbor, once, when I ran out and ooooh, it was NOT the same. It was thinner and not as flavorful and didn’t behave or taste or look like I wanted.  That was just once.  Never again.  So now people know my recipe and my secret ingredient, which really is just as important.  I mean come on, when there are only two ingredients one of which is chicken the second better be a winner.  And Gold’s Duck Sauce is mine.  I have been known to kiss the bottle in thanks!

Here you will find the recipe for my famous Duck Sauce Chicken and more great Gold’s Duck Sauce recipes you should try:

Apricot Chicken

Sweet and Sour Salmon

Orange Chicken Thighs with Beets and Sweets

Sweet and Pungent Asian Roast

***Giveaway*** Now’s your chance to win some of my favorite Gold’s products.  Start by telling me What do you do with Duck Sauce? in the comments below then enter with Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Photo credit: Melinda Strauss took all the photos in this post, thanks Melinda.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and giveaway as part of a partnership with Gold’s. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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86 Responses to Easy Duck Sauce Recipes

  1. I am right with you on the Gold’s. There is NOTHING like this stuff and I use it for everything. Always have a few bottles stored away.

  2. avatar says: Kelly D

    I usually have duck sauce on egg rolls but I would like to try it in a stir fry.

  3. avatar says: Shoshanna

    I love your duck sauce chicken!!

  4. we love duck sauce but were never able to find a lot of recipes to use it.

  5. duck sauce as a condiment on chicken wings

  6. avatar says: dalesusan

    i add some ceres papaya juice to thin down the duck sauce. sometimes i add diced onions, but not always.

  7. avatar says: Lisa

    These are great ideas for when something easy and fast is in order after a busy day or busy week! Thanks!

  8. avatar says: shirley

    i use it on fish.

  9. avatar says: abigail

    I use it on chicken and as a dip.

  10. Actually, I have never used Duck Sauce on anything, so winning this contest would give me a chance to try it and Jamie’s Duck Sauce Recipes!

  11. avatar says: Amy

    I love duck sauce chicken

  12. I use it on chicken, egg rolls, salamon

  13. avatar says: Janet N

    love duck sauce as a condiment…for chicken cooked just about anyway

  14. avatar says: mink

    I add soy sauce, garlic & mustard powders.

  15. i have never used it but i’d love to try

  16. avatar says: g

    I make chicken with one part Duck Sauce (Gold’s, of course), one part apricot jam and one part onion soup mix. Delicious!

  17. avatar says: Michaela

    love duck sauce as a condiment

  18. avatar says: Rochel S

    I use it in my roast recipe for Friday night and various chicken recipes

  19. I have done stir-fry with duck sauce

  20. avatar says: Lynne T.

    I like to mix the Chinese hot mustard with duck sauce and use that on spareribs.

  21. avatar says: Suzette

    I have enjoyed Shabbat dinner with my rabbi’s family many times and the chicken is always awesome. I finally asked what was on it and the answer was nothing but Gold’s Duck Sauce!! Now I will never use anything else!

  22. luv duck sauce.thankyou

  23. I use Gold’s Cantonese duck sauce in my deli roll recipe. Just mix equal amounts of mayo, mustard, and duck sauce, spread on puff pastry dough and deli and on top after it’s rolled. The duck sauce adds a nice sweetness to balance out the mustard.

  24. I add duck suace to a recipe where I wrap chicken breasts in pastry dough.

  25. avatar says: skossman

    I add duck sauce to chicken cutlets wrapped in pastry dough.

  26. avatar says: Polina

    I use it on veal cutletss wiyh some chopped parsley added into the duck sauce and bake in the oven, delish!!!!!

  27. avatar says: Gianna

    I’ve never used it.. sounds good though.

  28. place a cup of raw ricerice in a pan mixed with some onion soup mix and cover with water. place chicken on top and shmear the duck sauce all over chicken and let some drain into the rice .One pan meal!

  29. avatar says: David

    Duck sauce chicken – yum

  30. I have a different version of duck sauce chicken which my family prefers. Saute an onion with some garlic and a red pepper and green pepper. Pour the duck sauce in and cook for 10 minutes. Cube two white potatoes and one sweet potato and put it in a roasting pan with your chicken. Put some salt, pepper and paprika on the chicken to taste. Pour the duck sauce mixture over the chicken and potatoes and cook covered at 350 degrees for two hours. You now not only have duck sauce chicken but a great side dish as well.

  31. avatar says: faigy

    I sprinkle garlic powder on chicken pieces, then drizzle with honey & then pour Gold’s duck sauce all over it & bake. Delicious!

  32. I saute onions and peppers and add duck sauce to it and cook it for 10 minutes. I then cube both white and sweet potatoes and put them on the bottom of a roasting on top of which I put the chicken. I then cover the chicken and potatoes with the duck sauce and onions and peppers and then bake it covered at 350 degrees for two hours. Not only do you get a better chicken but a great side dish as well.

  33. A favorite family recipe is Duck Sauce Turkey. I pour a cup of orange juice on the turkey (optional), sprinkle garlic powder, pepper and paprika and then 1/2 jar of Gold’s duck sauce. Cover with foil and roast/bake as per turkey poundage instructions. It is incredibly good and I serve it for Rosh Hashana and Pesach (Gold’s sauce is OUP) and whenever I have lots of company. A winner, YUM!

  34. I cannot believe how easy and delicious this recipe is. I am always looking for recipes that can be used for Pesach and this fits the bill. I can’t believe that I never thought of using Duck Sauce on fish, but this is yummy and 1 cup of duck sauce is just enough for sweetness mixed with the tang of ketchup.

  35. I love duck sauce on crispy spring rolls and summer rolls! And as a snack on wonton noodles :)

  36. avatar says: Inga

    I use it with chicken.

  37. I like duck sauce on my egg rolls. Thanks!

  38. The Sweet and Sour Salmon is simple and delicious. How come I did not think of using duck sauce on fish. It is also a perfect Pesach recipe. Thank you for a great recipe.

  39. I use it on my stir fry vegetables and quinoa dish.
    Saute veges and pour over the duck sauce and then add a little duck sauce to the quinoa.It is a great tasty filling meal.

  40. avatar says: Sheila

    I love to use Gold’s Duck Sauce year round. It is certainly a lifesaver at Passover, but year round I use it to make my own version of Hawaiian Chicken, which, by the way, thanks to Gold’s, is also Kosher for Passover! I could go on and on about the other recipes I use it in, such as my turkey loaf!

  41. I use it on chicken

  42. avatar says: nechama

    i coat the outside of my deli roll with duck sauce

  43. avatar says: Ronnie

    I mix duck sauce with some brown rice to give the rice some flavor.

  44. i just love duck sauce on roasts and briskets. yum!

  45. avatar says: Rella

    Add ketchup and blended chipotles in adobo to the duck sauce and it makes a great sweet/spicy bbq sauce!

  46. avatar says: Rella

    Add ketchup and blended chipotles in adobo to duck sauce and it makes a great sweet/spicy bbq sauce!

  47. I just pour the Duck Sauce on the chicken (usually skinned and wonderful at Passover) and baste the chicken with it from time-to-time until the chicken is cooked through.

  48. avatar says: Michele

    We use Gold’s Duck Sauce in many ways. Some of our favorites include chicken, pot roast, and ribs. Recently I tried mixing the duck sauce with prepared quinoa. I had mixed it with prepared rice in the past, and we really liked it. It was even better with quinoa. Prepare the quinoa as directed on the package. I used chicken broth instead of water. Warm the duck sauce in the microwave and add whatever amount you like, to taste. We like ours sweet. This is such an easy and yummy side dish. This quinoa recipe can also be used for Passover.

  49. avatar says: Rachelle

    I used to have it on turkey breast back in Canada. Then I moved to Israel and that was that for about 10 years until I went to a friend who used it while bbqing. I then desperately searched in Israel for a place with North American food within driving distance that had Gold’s Duck Sauce. It took me 6 months but now I always have a jar or two on hand. I either grill my chicken with it in the oven or bbq.

  50. I mix it with good old onion soup mix to make a roast. I often use the hot and spicy.

  51. avatar says: Mindy B

    I Locke it on brisket

  52. avatar says: Chavie

    Pour over baby back ribs, bake covered at 350 for about 2 hours, YUM!


  54. where can I buy golds duck sauce

  55. I just used it on cutlets mixed with mayo and then breaded with flavored breadcrumbs. my husband loved it!

  56. avatar says: koshermom

    grew up with garlic powder and duck sauce chicken!still make it today. everyone’s favorite!

  57. avatar says: Susan

    I use it on chicken, fish, eggrolls, roasts, in stir-frys, and also with meatballs as part of a dipping sauce. Love it because it is so versatile. Need to win since I use it so much!

  58. avatar says: Laurie

    I mix ketchup with duck sauce & a little garlic powder.makes the best BBQ chicken

  59. avatar says: tamarw

    When I was in college, we’d buy a salami or hot dogs, slather duck sauce, honey, and mustard on it, and eat it for Shabbos lunch. Yummy.

    I make chicken mostly with duck sauce these days. But this question brings back memories; might have to make my duck sauce salami again.

  60. Had no idea you could do that much with duck sauce!

  61. avatar says: Dani Lent

    I love putting Duck sauce on mashed potatoes, rice, basically on most things when I’m not in the mood for ketchup.

  62. avatar says: chanie

    i add duck sauce to marinara sauce when i want a sweet and sour tomato sauce for my meatballs.

  63. avatar says: Carolsue

    I use it in as an ingredient to make a sauce to cook short ribs in

  64. avatar says: eileen

    I love Duck Sauce on cooked vegetables and rice.

  65. avatar says: Rivki

    I dunk Chinese noodles and eggrolls into duck sauce. I also have a great duck sauce chicken recipe where I cook chicken with onions and potatoes and then poor duck sauce over the whole thing and bake for another 15- 30 min.

  66. avatar says: Rivka

    I mix it with brown rice.

  67. Gold’s duck sauce is so versatile. It is a saver in the kitchen specially when you are short on time! The recipes look very delicious!

  68. Love duck sauce chicken!

  69. Duck sauce, ketchup and hot paprika – one of the first recipes I was ever taught for Shabbos!

  70. I have never used duck sauce myself. I assume you could use it like any other gravy powder sauce and it would taste delicious. Would love to try it. Thanks.

  71. This is my little secret too — I think it’s a safe guard hiding in my cabinet :)

  72. avatar says: Sue

    I use it on chicken and fish

  73. avatar says: Sue

    I use it on baked chicken and fish

  74. avatar says: Rochy

    I take either chicken parts or minute steak roasts and sprinkle on minced garlic, a packet of onion soup mix, a jar of Gold’s (it really IS the best) Cantonese style duck sauce, and then cover it all with a liberal amount of cinnamon. I put chunks of potatoes all around also. Cover the pan tightly with foil and bake until fork-tender, then uncover and shut off the oven. It browns beautifully in the residual heat.

  75. avatar says: Sue

    I use it on roast turkey and meat.

  76. avatar says: Sue

    I use it on rice and egg rolls

  77. avatar says: dena

    Just like you, I just slather it over chicken, then bake it.

  78. I’m a huge fan of Gold’s duck sauce as well. They have a few flavors and I love all of them! It’s almost embarrassing how easy it is to make a great chicken dish with their product!

  79. avatar says: Naomi

    I love mixing equal amounts of duck sauce and orange juice, a sprinkle of garlic powder and pouring over chicken.

  80. We think it works great with any protein!

  81. avatar says: Esther

    I use it on turkey breast – delicious. Also use it for your orange chicken thighs recipe which has become a new favorite in my house.

  82. avatar says: etka

    From my super-brilliant cook mom-in-law come this standby:

    duck sauce + barbecue sauce + sesame seeds = pour on top of cleaned chicken(s), bake uncovered until fabulous. (looks difficult too!)

    (I sometimes use it to lacquer frozen meatballs too. Works a dream.)

    And, of course, the standard duck sauce-ketchup-non MSG onion soup mix combo that goes on EVERYTHING.

    And duck sauce + Montreal steak spice on any fowl or meat. Mmmm.

    I’d personally love to try it on pastries or coffee cakes – see if it adds more depth than apricot jam, maybe kick it up with some cayenne in a chocolate-fruit brownie or some cinnamon in a spice cake with cream cheese frosting… hmmm, sounds good!

  83. Duck sauce in Cholent..yumm!!!

  84. avatar says: Mimi

    I’m confused about the Gold’s Hot and Spicy Duck Sauce – I’ve come across recipes titled ‘Vegan’ and they use this sauce. Is it really made from ducks or is it vegan? If it is not vegan, do you know of recipes to create a vegan version? Thank you!

    • Duck sauce is a sweet orange colored sauce often served with egg rolls, it does not have any duck in it and is in fact vegan, it is called Duck sauce because it originated from a Chinese sauce that was served with Duck. So enjoy!

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