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The Best Gold’s BBQ Sauce and Giveaway


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About 6 years ago, the summer before the release of my first book, I drove to the Gold’s factory and warehouse out on Long Island for the first of many visits.  I was going to meet Steven Gold, a kind man fiercely dedicated to his craft, to discuss a series of cooking videos I was commissioned to do for the OU featuring his products.

About 9 years ago I was the Bride Who Knew Nothing, a newlywed without a clue in the kitchen. Yeah, yeah I know you read that book and know that story but keep reading, this is a new one. Even way back then, when it came to entertaining there was one rule that I lived by and still live by to this day: the 3 Ps.

Just like in real estate where it’s all about Location, Location, Location, my guiding domestic mantra was, is and always will be: the 3 Ps, Presentation, Presentation, Presentation.

As a single girl, I frequented Rabbi and Rebbetzin Young’s home for Shabbos, in Lawrence, Long Island.   Rebbetzin Judy Young, a”h, always set the most beautiful Shabbos table.  No bottles, no containers, no disposables.  Absolutely nothing was served in the original packaging in which it came. She even had special old school glass bottles for the soda that would keep it fizzy and bubbly and far from flat.

Funny, you see mommy dearest had that same rule. All the takeout she brought home for dinner was plated on our own dishes. It really changes the dining experience when you eat off dinnerware and not with plastic ware.

My first Shabbos cooking for Hubby was a wild one. You all know the great chicken soup disaster I wrote about in my first book, but what you don’t know is that in addition to embarrassing myself that Shabbos, I was also quite perturbed. I shrieked in horror when Hubby insisted that the Horseradish bottle, label and all be brought to my beautiful Shabbos table. I protested, I shrieked again, I even threatened a sit-in, but he kindly let me know that there ain’t no way I am transferring his sacred Gold’s horseradish into my new crystal serving dish with that adorable tiny spoon some cousin I don’t know bought off my registry. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he wouldn’t even allow the pretty delicate arm of my tiny little spoon to just gingerly peak out of the top of his horseradish bottle because the cap as I would soon learn is only removed to take horseradish out and then is promptly returned, and tightly sealed to keep the sharpness and freshness of his horseradish in. So while my table was set and ready to be photographed for a magazine spread, Hubby was busy staging some kinda commercial for Gold’s.

It irked me, for a looong while. It took quite a few Shabbosim, but as fate would have it sometimes you come to love the things that irk you. Sometimes. I’m talking about the horseradish of course. And soon I was yelling (nicely mind you) at our guests. Insisting they quickly reseal that lid and lock in our classic Shabbos condiment, proud of myself that I now was in the club and knew the horseradish drill.

About 3 years later, pregnant with my first son, I waddled to Gold’s to meet the man in the house that horseradish built and proudly told him what fans we are and how it all began with his signature horseradish. I told him my story and he said Hubby was right! Hubby of course thinks he’s always right, so this was just another feather in his cap.

Steve Gold took me on a tour of the plant and I entered a room with horseradish root so beautiful (and sharp) it made you cry.  And I’ll never forget the first time I saw the hot pink rivers of beet juice flowing freely. I was also introduced to some new Gold’s products that I had never tried. Gold’s BBQ Sauce and Borscht had eluded me until then, but no more.  Gold’s BBQ sauce inspired some of my favorite summer recipes like Short Rib Sliders and Buffalo Sliders with Crispy Onion Rings.  So it was about 6 years ago that I officially became a team player and now you can too!

Join me and JoyofKosher and #GoForTheGolds this summer. Think of it as the JoyofKosher summer Olympics.  We will be regaling you with recipes for Summer BBQs, Shabbat Menus and Weekday Meals.  You will have the chance to compete in our Gold’s recipe contest (details will be announced June 18th) and vote for the winner, who will be featured in an upcoming issue of Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine.  You will be invited to join me, Tamar, Shifra and all our friends for Twitter and Facebook parties, Live in-store demos and many chances to win lots of prizes, including right now (see below).

It’s not yet Memorial Day weekend, I know this of course because I haven’t yet celebrated my b-day which falls out on this American national holiday. But BBQ sauce doesn’t have to wait until you dust off your grill and get it goin’. Here are my favorite Quick & Kosher BBQ sauce recipes to inspire you whether you win or not. Because really, with these recipes, we all win the Gold! (So sorry I couldn’t resist one more pun!)

Share a funny newlywed story, or a food/entertaining thing you and your spouse don’t see eye to eye on, or a creative tip for using BBQ sauce or horseradish or both,  or write a poem, or just comment and say “hey” for your chance to win, enter below.

NEWSFLASH 5.26.13:

After reading all your awesome comments and Qs I was in touch with Steve and his daughter Melissa Gold, and am happy to report the following:

And to answer the question about bottle design – the intention was to use a fork, although you can always buy the larger 8oz jar and then should be able to fit any average size spoon as well.

Short Rib Sliders

Buffalo Sliders with Crispy Onion Rings


Enter here to win a Gold’s product gift package valued at $50 including a fantastic line of shelf stable squeeze bottles of all your favorites.
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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and giveaway as part of a partnership with Gold’s. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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83 Responses to The Best Gold’s BBQ Sauce and Giveaway

  1. I love trying new dips and spreads on all different types of foods. Can’t wait to try some of these sauces.

  2. avatar says: ksegal

    I didn’t know Gold’s made BBQ sauce, can’t wait to try it on chicken. Thanks for enlightening me.

  3. avatar says: deb

    Cant wait to try the new sauces in my burgers.

  4. I am a fan of Gold’s from way, way back! Duck Sauce, horseradish. The works. There is always a bottle of most of them in my house. But you were right sweetie! The table and the dinner experience is much lovelier without bottles. Besides, anyone who knows these products will know what they are even without seeing the bottle. Harumph!!

  5. Lol I remember as a kallah when I’d also put everything in serving ware. Then the kids came along…. But I do love the beauty of a nicely set table. Guess it doesn’t work for horseradish…looking forward to the new recipes

  6. avatar says: dz13dz

    I love to use the bbq sauce mixed with duck sauce, garlic powder and a bit of black pepper as a sauce on my chicken and meat that I bbq on the grill. Its divine!

  7. avatar says: Lynne T.

    I’ve never had Gold’s BBQ sauce (didn’t know they even made any). I would use it on ribs, steaks.

  8. I’ve never had a chance to use it, but it would be great on my shredded chicken hoagies.

  9. avatar says: debbie

    I would like to try to dip French fries in.

  10. avatar says: Cynthia C

    I want to try it on ribs.

  11. I like to mix Golds’s BBQ sauce into our hamburgers

  12. I like it on baked chicken thighs – thank you.

  13. Just made the best corned beef for Shabbat using Gold’s!

  14. My husband also demand’s Gold’s, especially mixed with mayo and shmeared on gefilte fish. And who am I to deny the simple pleasures in life :)

  15. avatar says: Debby

    My kids dip anything I cook in BBQ sauce. They even dress up rice with sauce.

  16. avatar says: tamarw

    BBQ ribs, baby.

  17. Using it on pulled pork and over bbq chicken

  18. I love Gold’s products, especially their duck sauce. I use it in so many recipes!

  19. I wish I had a good story to share, but I can’t think of anything. My husband and I met so young we have grown together over a love of food and entertaining, although he has the better eye on plating.

  20. avatar says: Yael

    I’ve never tried it before, but certainly would love to after seeing those recipes.

  21. I am with you about setting the table beautifully, even when it’s takeout! Golds horseradish is the only kind I buy but I never knew it was so delicate! I will put the top on sooner now that I know!

  22. I love Gold’s horseradish. The short rib stories sound amazing. We love horseradish on chicken, but have also added it to my baked salmon! delish!

  23. that should read short rib sliders – oy!

  24. avatar says: Susan

    No joke when I say my husband is the same way with the horseradish. Lid must be on AT ALL TIMES, unless in use. But he’s a purist. Only does the beets if I don’t have the white on hand. Also a fan of the duck sauce. Have not yet tried the bbq sauce so looking forward to some recipes.

  25. avatar says: Jamie

    for chicken wings

  26. avatar says: mink

    extra flavor for brisket

  27. avatar says: allison

    I put it in my chulent

  28. With chicken.
    Thanks for the chance.

  29. avatar says: Vicky

    I love to use horseradish on my tuna salad, it adds a special kick!

  30. One thing I still don’t get – why do they make the bottlenecks on their horseradish too narrow for any earthly spoon! (Never mind that the printed wrapping around the cover is impossible to open on Shabbat!)

  31. I love using BBQ sauce on my brisket.

  32. avatar says: Teri

    My family loves it on ribs!

  33. avatar says: Teri

    My family loves it on ribs

  34. avatar says: Debbie

    These sauces look great. I use the horseradish sauces on fish, cover them with panko or potato flakes and bake. I get rave reviews.

  35. avatar says: dkny

    I’ve been to the Gold’s factory when it was in Brooklyn and also on LI. The aroma hits you as soon as you enter. I purchase for our Emunah chapter’s Mishloach Manos and Gold’s horseradish and mustard were frequent fliers in our baskets.

  36. avatar says: Cheryl

    On chicken wings, of course!

  37. avatar says: Gershy

    I like it on burgers and other various meats! :)

  38. avatar says: Francine

    I like to use it as a base for soups and sauces

  39. I would like to add it to my BBQ beef recipe.

  40. I would like to say “hello”. I have never tried Gold’s BBQ Sauce. But,I would love to win and try on Ribs or Chicken Wings. Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. I like it on brisket.

  42. avatar says: carolyn

    I use the bbq sauce for my brisket and it is delcious. I can’t wait to try other Gold items.

  43. avatar says: Pill

    Sounds wonderful

  44. avatar says: lea

    Mixed with mayo and garlic

  45. My favorite use is BBQ chicken!

  46. I mix the sweet & sour barbecue sauce with mustard, marinate chicken overnight & then barbecue.

  47. avatar says: susan

    my husband still claims that there is no other horseradish like the golds white original flavored horseradish – and he absolutely loves the shape of the bottle which isnt imitated by anyone yet – my personal preference are the dipping sauces sweet & sour rib yum!

  48. avatar says: NACHUM


  49. I love to use it on chicken wings which I throw in the crock pot before I leave for work. When I get home the house smells amazing and dinner is ready!

  50. I love to pour it over chicken wings which I then throw in the crock pot right before I leave for work. When I come home the house smells amazing and dinner is ready!

  51. avatar says: Laura

    Making me hungry for barbecue!

  52. avatar says: blima

    I love their horseradish it is awesome with no additives.

  53. avatar says: Marsha

    My only question is where can I buy the BBQ sauce? Gold’s visits our table a lot. One of my kids uses duck sauce like many of us use ketchup. At our table a newer favorite is definitely the wasabi sauce. It’s great that the company continues to grow and add to its product line.

  54. avatar says: Devorah

    Just got a new BBQ grill. Would love to break it in with some Gold’s sauces.

  55. avatar says: elana

    my son makes “bar-b-que ketchup”. we mix GOLD’s bar-b-que sauce with ketchup. and put that on everything fleisch!! hot dogs,hamburgers, chicken, everything!

  56. avatar says: dena

    I use it on grilled beef ribs.

  57. Wondering if the bbq sauce is gluten-free?
    BTW there are pretty (not gorgeous) glass containers that have an airtight seal. That might look prettier on the table….

    As to why the neck is so narrow and tall, it’s probably not prevent a larger area from being exposed to air thus preserving the sharpness. Just a thought!

  58. avatar says: Sharon

    Can’t wait to try the new marinades

  59. I love Golds horseradish and I use it on barbequed brisket.

  60. avatar says: Tam

    Just spread it over chicken before cooking for a delicous Shabbos meal.

  61. avatar says: melody

    I’ve never had the chance to use Gold’s BBQ sauce and would love to try it. Especially over chicken.

  62. I am a big fan of Gold’s horseradish sauce on gefilte fish. BBQ sauce would be great on brisket and then smoked.

  63. Those sliders look delish! I really dont use horseradish that much, but I should try to!

  64. I used Golds in my deli roll! It makes mine stand above all the rest!

  65. avatar says: mekaroll

    I used Gold’s in my Deli Roll. It makes it stand above all the rest!

  66. avatar says: Maureen G

    I’d like to try it as a meatloaf glaze

  67. avatar says: Gail

    Pulled brisket and barbecue sauce sandwiches. YUM.

  68. avatar says: Evan

    Cube a kosher salami, pour Gold’s Duck Sauce all over the cubes and then grill the cubes over a hot grill! The best salami ever!!

  69. Would use the bbq sauce as a condiment with steak and fries.

  70. I like basting it on chicken wings and drumsticks and letting them soak in it overnight before grilling them

  71. So glad to find products that are Kosher and gluten free!

  72. I would use the sauce in place of ketchup

  73. avatar says: Sara

    I want to win this contest. Every day’s a BBQ!

  74. avatar says: Christine

    On chicken wings

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