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Edible 10 Plagues


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I was talking to a friend about a some fun new Passover seder ideas and we started to talk about an idea for edible makot or plagues.  What better way to liven things up and have some fun with the kids then to make the ten plagues into edible sweets.  I haven’t quite figured them all out, so I am going to share my list and hope you will chime in, in the comments with your ideas.

Blood – Red Jello

Make red jello from a package and cut into cubes or put into clear classes to symbolize the water that turned to blood.


Get a frog cookie cutter and make everything from Sugar Coated Marshmallows to frog kiwi or honeydew cut outs.

Lice -

Buy some dark chocolate Nonpareils to symbolize lice.

Wild animals -  you could buy some wild animal cookie cutters and make Passover cookies or you could get these super cool Plague of Animal Sour Jellies from Oh!Nuts, even gummy bears would do.

Disease on livestock – I am lost on this one, my kids said to make the animal cookies and splatter with red icing, anyone got anything better?

Incurable boils – Try some boiling tea in a glass pitcher or drops of dark vinegar in light oil like the picture above.

Hail – Ice Cubes with a red Strawberry inside them to symbolize the fire in ice that was the 8 plague.

Locusts – this one is easy, thanks to Zelda’s, just get their chocolate marshmallow locusts.

Chocolate Mousse withExtra Virgin Olive Oil

Chocolate Mousse with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Darkness – Make a chocolate pudding or mousse or anything dark.
Death of the first born -  I am totally stumped on this one, please let me know your suggestions.


If eating your plagues is not your thing don’t miss our Makot Matching Game

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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




49 Responses to Edible 10 Plagues

  1. For death of the first born, perhaps get a cookie cutter that is in the shape of a baby crib or bassinet. (I’m sure they must exist for all those that plan baby showers.)

    • That is interesting. It feels a bit scary to me, but I guess this plague just is scary.

    • Agar jelly babies, a bit squashed, or mini-gingerbread men, and before you cut out the shapes knead some red colouring into some of the dough and marble it. You can do the same with cookie dough for animals.
      For the jelly, you can even find some that is marked out in cubes, not granulated or in sheets, and use that.
      Could you use rolled-up liquorice for darkness?

  2. One more idea for death of the first born – - something to symbolize a doorway.
    (Perhaps have the kids decorate brownies cut into a rectangular door shape. Or use chocolate covered matzoh for the door shape.)

  3. This is a really cute and interesting idea! About the first born, maybe something with size? Like making enlarged cookies or something to symbolize the oldest?

  4. Love these ideas!! Perfect for the kids

  5. This is so fun and creative!

  6. i don’t know if they exist for Pesach but the candy pacifiers could work or something totally out there – a broken egg?

  7. avatar says: Lucy

    Zeldas also has Marshmallow Frogs as well as Locusts…lol

  8. avatar says: Lucy

    Zeldas also sells edible Frogs as well as Locusts…lol

  9. I love this! My son asked me to make lice marshmallows this year but the nonpareils seem much more doable. I am going to make the hail for our seder. I agree that death of the first born is a tough one. I will think about it and let you know if I come up with anything good.

  10. avatar says: Tehila

    How about lamb stew to represent the korbanot of the night of the last plague?

  11. avatar says: michal

    how about instead of emphasizing the firstborn death, some how emphasis the mezuzah that saved us?

  12. avatar says: Naomi

    For death of first born maybe you can use a #1 cookie cutter.cut out a 1 in Mellon, or a cookie. That way your focusing more on firstborn and less on death.
    Thanks for ideas! For hail, can also put a red hot candy in ice.

    • avatar says: Judy

      A great idea I heard for blood was to put a few drops of red food colouring on the bottom of a water pitcher and add water to it during the makos. I just cannot find red food colouring for pesach.

      • I like this idea, I guess you could even use red beets to make your own red coloring.

      • I have made makkos desserts for parshios vaera and bo, but never thought of how to do it for pesach! please be aware that putting food coloring or beet juice in water to dye it can be a serious question of the melochah of tzovaya (dyeing) so check with a Rabbi!

    • I like the red hot idea more like fire in the ice cube. Still can’t get into the first born idea, but this is an interesting one.

      • avatar says: elana

        what about making red ice cube – however you color them. each person gets a little cup with a red ice cube. let it melt. it would symbolize the waters turning red as the cube melts.

  13. avatar says: Chaviva

    Great ideas …<3

  14. For the death of the first born i have done a cupcake in the shape of a heart or #1 frost with red icing and bought those little sword toothpicks and inserted. A little gruesome but the crowd loves them. One more for blood, i have used real plastic needles filled them with red jello. Nonfood items you can buy foam swords, be aware adults and children will break out in a sword fight. and for hail i use the little foam balls and throw them at everyone… makes for a fun seder

  15. Instead of focusing on the Egyptian first born’s death, we can focus on the fact that OUR first born survived! so a cute note that says something like ‘dear *name of child*, you are always #1!’ on top of a rectangular cookie:-) & to decorate a cookie with the symbol of “#1″. another idea is to take strawberry jam and to put it on a rectangle shaped matzah (on top and on the sides), which represents the doors and the blood that saved our first born.

  16. avatar says: aliza

    We tried a red candy in an ice cube. The candy melts and runs. We also used small ice cube trays and it melted way too quickly.
    I would try a frame with hail/fire balls suspended from fishing line.

  17. avatar says: aliza

    We hit the dollar store. We bought a large clear goblet. We made red jello, poured it halfway, covered the cup with saran wrap and then tilted it sideways so that it became firm filling half the cup, top to bottom. Later we made clear jello and filled the other half (when it had cooled a bit). We put one straw in the clear and another straw in the red. It looked AWESOME. Pretty fast and easy too.
    We found egyptian looking figurines there and painted red dots on them with puffy paint. For lice we sprinkled them with coarse ground black pepper. We made a graveyard in the top of a shoebox with egyptian names on the tombstones. Also at the dollar store, we found animal head figurines of a lion, bear and elephant. We got a package of small farm animals there as well and had half off them laying on their sides dead. We bought a selection of different plastic frogs. I can’t believe this, but we bought crickets or some kind of bug and we put them in a jar on the back steps – it was so incredibly gross – and so really impactful to think of them everywhere. Don’t remember what we did for choshech. We bought shower curtains with fish and ocean scene and hung them on the walls of the hallway to walk through the yam suf. Party city has and may have an ocean scene wall applique and/or tablecloths.

  18. avatar says: aprilse

    I think you’re thinking TOO hard for the death of a first born- while we have the Egg (Beitzah)on the seder plate to symbolize the offering, we all know you can’t have a first born without supplying some eggs. Seems to me the egg that is boiled and charred could be some (chicken’s) firstborn. Of course, if you want to turn your chil

  19. avatar says: aprilse

    d into a vegetarian, that might do it.

  20. avatar says: naomi

    I’ll come to YOUR house & we can do some of this WITH the boys for the SEDER. Then you & your guys can bring them to the event!
    We’ll make it positive for them somehow…………..

  21. avatar says: Rhona

    I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. I put some shredded coconut to represent lice, miniture marshmellows to represent hail, got some little platic frogs, wild animals and babies to decorate the top of the cupcakes. The children liked it but the adults got a bigger kick.

  22. For an edible slaying of the first born, last year I took fruit leather and cut out little coffin shapes. Morbid, but it conveyed the message. For the frogs I made green jelly in the little plastic shot glasses, put a black edible pen dot on KLP mini marshmellow and cut a half circle for mouths from the fruit leather.

  23. avatar says: Shan

    Have been thinking on the last plague, dark colored cotton candy,…something transparent….to represent the angel passing over us and taking the first born, thus explaining both sides.

  24. avatar says: Miriam

    For boils, I am going to use marshmallows with dots of red food coloring.

  25. avatar says: Aliza F.

    My mother in law made the cutest makkos plates for the kids using many of the ideas mentioned above…and we decided on a squirt of ketchup in middle of the plate to symbolize the blood put on the jewish doorposts…A perfect way to depict the miracle for the kids and adults alike!

  26. avatar says: danielle

    I am trying to do ice cream sundaes with the 10 plagues this is what I have for ideas let me know if anyone has any more ideas…

    blood – strawberry syrup
    frogs – gummy frogs
    lice – white sprinkles
    beast – gummy bears
    disease of live stock – cow tails candy
    Boils – cherry or the red hot candies
    Hail / fire – Kosher marshmallows & Fire balls
    Locusts – Zelda’s chocolate marshmallow locusts.
    Darkness – hot fudge
    death of the first born – sour patch kids or cry babies

  27. loving this neat game, thanks.

  28. avatar says: Susan

    We are doing chocolate babies for the death of the first born (Economy Candy)
    We are using clear rock candy for hail
    gummy frogs for frogs
    dark chocolate squares for darkness
    non-pareils for lice
    Fruit gushers for boils (my 14 year old insists this is just gross enough)
    gummy bears for wild beasts
    Red fruit punch for blood
    thinking about chocolate covered raisins for locusts, not sure what to do

  29. In contrast to your creating “edible plagues”, at our Seder we dip our finger into our wine and put droplets on the plate as each plague is read … and we remind everyone NOT TO LICK THEIR FINGER AFTERWARDS because the drops symbolize plagues and they should not be ‘savored’ by enjoying the taste of the wine.

  30. avatar says: leahchana

    Check out these frogs made of sweet peppers: http://thehomesteadsurvival.com/grilled-bell-pepper-frogs/.
    I bought KFP canned Mediterranean cucs for my locust bodies. Thanks for the inspiration!

  31. For Death of the First Born I use fruit. A round slice of grapefruit for the head. two long slices of banana for the legs, shorter banana slices for the arms, a slice of honeydew or other melon for the body, etc. You can give eyes, nose, mouth, fingers by cutting other fruit. Then I stick some toothpicks in to symbolize the death (and make pieces easier to pick up and eat). Not very time consuming, healthy and tasty. We have enough to do.

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