Edible 10 Plagues

Tamar Genger MA, RD
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edible hail plague

I was talking to a friend about a some fun new Passover seder ideas and we started to talk about an idea for edible makot or plagues.  What better way to liven things up and have some fun with the kids then to make the ten plagues into edible sweets.  I haven't quite figured them all out, so I am going to share my list and hope you will chime in, in the comments with your ideas.

Blood - Red Jello

red jello shots for the plauge of blood

Make red jello from a package and cut into cubes or put into clear classes to symbolize the water that turned to blood.

frog marshmallows


Get a frog cookie cutter and make everything from Sugar Coated Marshmallows to frog kiwi or honeydew cut outs.

Lice -


Buy some dark chocolate Nonpareils to symbolize lice.


Wild animals -  you could buy some wild animal cookie cutters and make Passover cookies or you could get these super cool Plague of Animal Sour Jellies from Oh!Nuts, even gummy bears would do.

Disease on livestock - I am lost on this one, my kids said to make the animal cookies and splatter with red icing, anyone got anything better?

boils plague

Incurable boils - Try some boiling tea in a glass pitcher or drops of dark vinegar in light oil like the picture above.

Hail - Ice Cubes with a red Strawberry inside them to symbolize the fire in ice that was the 8 plague.

edible hail plague

Locusts - this one is easy, thanks to Zelda's, just get their chocolate marshmallow locusts.

passover chocolate locusts
Chocolate Mousse withExtra Virgin Olive Oil

Chocolate Mousse with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Darkness - Make a chocolate pudding or mousse or anything dark.
Death of the first born -  I am totally stumped on this one, please let me know your suggestions.

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