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10 Reasons to Be in Israel for Passover


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We’re already on our 26th year of hosting Passover hotels in Israel, and each year we pinch ourselves because it’s hard to believe how lucky we are to be doing this with our amazing guests. Not that you need to be convinced, but here are our favorite reasons for being in Israel for Passover. We’d love to hear yours in the comments below!

10. Seven days instead of eight days. One seder instead of two. ‘Nuff said.

9. While in most countries Jewish communities set up discrete locations to burn the last crumbs of chametz on the day before Passover, in Israel it’s a series of street parties. Just follow your nose to that bonfire-like smell. You’re bound to find more than a few in every neighborhood.

8. Passover in Israel features gorgeous spring weather, which is why it’s also named “Chag Ha’aviv”. The trees sing; the flowers bloom. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the hills and valleys which are now painted with flowers in every color of the rainbow, as you breathe in fresh air and enjoy Israel’s great outdoors.

7. With practically the entire country on vacation for the week of Passover, a myriad of entertainment options are available – including free museum days and fun festivals. See our Chol Hamoed activity list for ideas.

6. Bananagrams in Hebrew for your seder, as per Laura Ben-David’s article in the Times of Israel on making the seder fun and interactive. That, and other Israeli inventions to make the seder more exciting for the kids (and some grownups, too).

5. The current conversion rate for Israeli currency is 1 dollar to 3.73 shekels. That means you get more bang for your buck on food, hotels and everything you need for a fantastic family holiday.

4. Not only do you get a good conversion rate, but spending time in Israel means directly supporting Israel’s economy. With boycotts galore and tourism being one of Israel’s major sources of income, the money you anyway spend on Passover is better spent here than anywhere else.

3. Kosher for Passover restaurants spring up throughout the country, giving everyoen a much-needed break from all that seder cooking. It’s a unique adventure to go restaurant-hopping and see the creative dishes that can be produced on the limited kosher-for-Passover diet.

2. Think restaurants are an unusual perk of Passover in Israel? Wait until you see the luxury Passover hotels. They will blow you away with their amenities and warm chag atmosphere. Families and friends look forward all year to relax at these spas and resorts as their children and grandchildren spend quality time together.

And finally,

1. This year in Jerusalem. We’ve said this before, but there’s really nothing like celebrating the festival of our freedom in our homeland. Imagine recounting the narratives of the haggadah – Avraham being gifted with Canaan; the birth of Yitzchak; the journey of Yaakov going down to Egypt; the sages in Bnei Brak and many others – on the very land in which the stories took place. Let this be the year you get to witness the miracle of our survival firsthand, together with you family and all the pleasures of modern-day Israel, in the Holy Land.

What are your favorite reasons to celebrate Passover in Israel?

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2 Responses to 10 Reasons to Be in Israel for Passover

  1. I cried with joy and cut and pasted your article on my facebook page — great read and so moving — thanks !!

  2. Thank you, Shelli! So glad you enjoyed it. Hope you had a wonderful Passover.

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