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Win Some Of Our Favorite Things


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This month’s favorite gifts and gadgets are here.  As featured in Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller magazine and selected for us by Faigie Sprecher, our favorite gadget girl and owner of Kitchen Clique, a kitchen store in Brooklyn.  See below for items you can win.

The Chef’n Potato Scrub Brush was made for removing dirt while leaving nutritious skins intact. Use the durable bristles on the potato scrub brush to clean all root vegetables such as parsnips, celery root or horseradish. $7.99 Buy Now.

Consolidate all the peelers you want and need into one tool with Joseph Joseph’s Rotary Peeler. This compact peeler has three stainless steel blades for three different uses. The standard blade is perfect for potatoes and carrots, the soft-skin blade can be used on tomatoes and kiwi, and the julienne blade provides lovely julienne peels, and can be used on just about any fruit or vegetable. Designed for both right- and lefthanded use. Unclip case for easy cleaning; dishwasher safe. $12.00. Buy Now.

The OXO Good Grips 4-Piece Mini Measuring Beaker Set are dishwasher-safe and designed specifically for measuring and pouring smaller amounts of ingredients such as food coloring, extracts, lemon juice and more. The funnel shape and spout on the top of the beakers make filling and pouring simple. Easy to store and read measurements. $9.99 Buy Now.

The eggcellent Spatula. You’ll be so entertained making eggs with the large Eggcellent spatula; it’s shaped just like the real thing, which makes it perfect for flipping eggs, pancakes, omelets, or other foods. There won’t be anything sliding off with this fun spatula! This also makes an Eggcellent gift! $5.95 Buy Now.

EcoSmart Polyflax Cutting Board is a dishwasher-safe cutting board made of 100-percent translucent recycled poly, blended with fl ax husk that is typically discarded post production of fl ax seed; it’s like nature in your cutting board.  it is available in a variety of colors as well. $20.00 Buy Now.

Scrape-Ease Cleaning Scraper let’s you clean up messes quickly and easily. Scrape-Ease features contoured feet which help it move in and out of tight spaces effortlessly. $4.99 Buy Now.


Win the Potato Brush, Rotary Peeler and  Cutting Board – Enter below.

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31 Responses to Win Some Of Our Favorite Things

  1. Definitely would love all these gadgets for my kitchen! :)

  2. avatar says: Sandie W

    I’m wanting to try the Eggplant Rollatini. Looks so yummy!

  3. avatar says: c

    these gadgets look great for pesach

  4. avatar says: temima g

    all these gadgets looks amazing! i’d love to try them out!

  5. avatar says: Carolyn K

    Gotta have these! They look like they will make Pesach easier.

  6. avatar says: Blss52

    love to play wth new gadgets in the kitchen

  7. avatar says: Randy T.

    I would love to have these gadgets.

  8. avatar says: sl

    Great looking utensils

  9. avatar says: ev m-w

    For those of you with leftover charoset, especially after the sederim, put it in your muffins. It works well with the muffin mix and is a real crowd pleaser

  10. avatar says: Alice

    I could really use these gadgets.

  11. avatar says: dkny

    This comment is not really meant for a raffle entry, but for you personally.
    I like getting your daily emails with recipe ideas. I’m glad your search engine is working now, as it was not working for a really long time which was frustrating. I enjoyed watching your adventures in Aliyah and I wish you and your family the best.
    Unfortunately, I think you are on the road to ‘selling out’ with your Temptee endorsement. I understand you need income and I’m sure they provide some. Temptee is a terrific product and I do use it all year round. However, for most people, Pesach is a mostly fleishig holiday, with many people not using dairy at all. People that use dairy on Pesach would certainly enjoy a little variety beside the basic matzah brei, etc. but pushing the Temptee cream cheese with almost every email was quite obviously a marketing ploy and not really a practical one. Creamy coleslaw with cream cheese – REALLY! That one really sent this whole thing overboard for me. Not to mention that I don’t think Temptee makes a low fat or non fat version of their cream cheese (at least not for Pesach) and you often promote healthy eating on your website. I saw your segment on CBS where you were making matza balls using Manishewitz matza meal. In my mind, Manishewitz is a good fit for an endorsement during the Pesach season. They have a large variety of products that make their way into most people’s Pesach cooking. But cream cheese, in my opinion, is not a good fit. Again, you have to make a living but I think you should be a little more selective on which products you sponsor and during which season, thereby adding to your integrity. Temptee cream cheese and the cookbook would have been a perfect tie in to the weeks leading up to Shavuos when all of our minds turn to new dairy recipes.
    This comment was not meant to be published as an entry for the cooking gadgets, but I would love to win them anyway.

    Good luck with everything.

  12. avatar says: Raye N

    Love the Pesadich cauliflower pizza crust recipe.

  13. avatar says: Vera

    EcoSmart Polyflax cutting board – is it okay to use on Pesach?

  14. avatar says: Blumie

    I need some new gadgets!

  15. avatar says: chane

    Neat gadegets – would love to win one!

  16. avatar says: Bazmeh

    A hand-held julliane gadget? :-)

  17. avatar says: Mindy

    Made the pesach choc chip cookies. My family thought they were chametz! BEST EVER! Ty

  18. avatar says: Sherryac

    Would luv to win!!!

  19. avatar says: atarah

    would love to win anything!!

  20. avatar says: mink

    appreciate the chance to win

  21. The gadgets look great.

  22. avatar says: Risa

    Loved the cooking with cowboys. We spent 20 years in the Golan…Welcome to Israel. Glad to have you here.

  23. avatar says: phyloyd

    My middle Granddaughter is just setting up homemaking and this array of gadgets is perfect for her needs. My comment is per The Raffle Copter instructions.

  24. Cute gadgets for a new kitchen!

  25. Always fun to try new gadgets.

  26. avatar says: Rena

    Great products!

  27. avatar says: Meknon W

    These gadgets are so cute!

  28. avatar says: yadinoe

    putting the “fun” into “functional”

  29. avatar says: tsk

    Who thinks of these things?!

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