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Passover Holiday Memories *Giveaway*


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Memories can be quite powerful, food memories all the more so. When I use a spice my grandfather often used, or smell a cake like one my grandmother used to bake, I’m there in an instant, right in their kitchen. When Pesach comes, I close my eyes and I can see my grandfather eating matzah with a schmear of whipped cream cheese, a hot mug of sweet creamy coffee beside him.

That is Passover to me:  exactly that vision, that aroma, that taste.

I’m a woman of simple pleasures, you know that.  Matzah with cream cheese is my Passover delicacy. Has to be whipped cream cheese, of course, cause it’s my favorite and cause otherwise you wind up with a pile of crumbled matzah and a palm full of cream cheese.  I was raised on light, airy Temp Tee cream cheese. It’s been part of our Sunday brunches, school lunches, and Pesach breakfast lunch and dinners over the years.

So when I got a call out of nowhere from Temp Tee, I’m thinking, do they know me?   Have they been watching me all these years through tiny transmitters on their containers? Turns out–there are no transmitters — and they never dreamed that I’ve had a lifelong devotion to their product, though they were really tickled when I told them. They had called simply to ask if we could work together to help cooks with new creative cream cheese ideas for Passover. You see there’s this thing called matzah fatigue. And it’s a real condition, I tell you. My new Temp Tee friends recognize it too and want to team up to help.

I do love helping people…

So it was a no-brainer for me. I usually stock up on half a dozen containers of cream cheese before Yuntif anyway, just to get us started. It’s especially handy when I “work the house,” as Hubby calls it. He loves when I sub in whatever’s handy in my fridge or cabinets instead of sending him to the store in the snow to buy a pint of sour cream.  Ooooooh you shoulda seen him when he found out I only needed three tablespoons of the stuff for a recipe.  Big deal! Never saw a man refuse to eat something because it was “made with slave labor.” Anyway, today I know better and strictly adhere to the house rule: Never-Send-Hubby-Out-for-Piddling-Amounts-of-Stuff-Especially-in-a-Blizzard-When-You-Can-Sub-Something-Else.   So whenever I get creative, it’s comforting to know I always have CC on hand:   it’s so easy to use instead of sour cream, heavy cream, or even ricotta in a pinch.  Sometimes I just add it to creamify a recipe.  Those Temp Tee folks a knew what they were doing when they called me.

So let’s spread the word about Temp Tee cream cheese this Passover: there are 101 things we can do, but we promise to share at least 50 new ideas from our team and all our blogger friends all in the name of putting an end to the matzah fatigue, a stop to the same ol’ same ol’, although that seemed to be good enough for my grandfather (that generation was much more easily pleased). We are here to save you, the world or at least your Passover with our Temp Tee cream cheese revolution. Too much? Well you know I’m a passionate person when it comes to good food.

Bookmark our growing list of Whipped Cream Cheese Recipes for Passover and check back often for updates. Stay tuned for Pre-Passover Twitter and Facebook chats in real time with me, I can’t wait to talk to you all.

I want to feature your recipes too! In the comments below share a quick and creative cream cheese idea, or your favorite Passover memory for your chance to win a $100 Amex card from Temp Tee.  See rafflecopter details below.


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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and giveaway as part of a partnership with Temp Tee Whipped Cream Cheese. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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Jamie Geller is the only best-selling cookbook author who wants to get you out of the kitchen – not because she doesn’t love food – but because she has tons to do. As “The Bride Who Knew Nothing” Jamie found her niche specializing in fast, fresh, family recipes. Now the "Queen of Kosher" (CBS) and the "Jewish Rachael Ray" (New York Times), she's the creative force behind JoyofKosher.com and "Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller" magazine . Jamie and her hubby live in Israel with their five busy kids who give her plenty of reasons to get out of the kitchen - quickly. Check out her new book, "Joy of Kosher: Fast, Fresh Family Recipes."




120 Responses to Passover Holiday Memories *Giveaway*

  1. avatar says: strandjss

    I love your article. I can totally relate about sending out hubby when you only needed 3 TB and could have subbed something else…. and I love your newly coined term – “creamify.”

    Anyway, a recipe/use for cream cheese during Passover is my Smoked Salmon Spread I make every year. My husband smokes a large salmon fillet. His smoked salmon is delicious on its own but I like to make this spread to make it go further. I always make extra for family and close friends and I only make it during Passover. That way it is more special.

    I mix 1/3 cup crumbled smoked fish with 8 ounces softened cream cheese, 2 TB sour cream, 1/2 cup chopped green onion, 1 clove minced garlic, and dash of cayenne. You can also add a little fresh minced dill.

  2. avatar says: dalesusan

    hmmm. . .i look forward to your recipes using cream cheese. frankly, i don’t use it in cooking (as yet) as i think of it as more fat than protein.

  3. As kids, we loved to snack on Temptee spread on rye bread. Love it!

  4. avatar says: Beth B

    Those salmon roll ups look soooo delish! Would love to win this so I can make them!!!

  5. I’m a Persian Jew, so I remember the charoset making process (which is more time-consuming and intricate than Ashkenazi charoset) at my grandmother’s house.

    She would soak all manner of nuts and dried fruit in wine overnight, in big tubs. Then, she’d take out her meat grinder, and grind it into what truly looked like mortar the Jews in Egypt must have used.

    And the most intoxicating “smell-memory” – the charoset spice, a mix of cinnamon, clove, ginger, pepper – mingling with the scent of sweet wine, making for one deep heady aroma to match the complex tastes and textures of all those dried fruits and nuts.

    Charoset is made in huge quantities for the entire chag, because it is perfect with Temp Tee cream cheese – *wink* – and matzah for breakfast. Can’t get enough of it!

    • What an amazing memory you shared thank you so much. I so want to try Persian Charoset but have not the patience to prepare it. I need to be invited out somewhere :-) And lol!!! I was actually thinking Temp Tee and Charoset would make a nice pairing! :-)

  6. We ate Temptee spread on everything but is is best on chocolate chip cookies

  7. avatar says: cheryl

    sharing with my girls

  8. avatar says: laurie

    here is the recipe I will be making this year for Passover. ” Sopapilla Cheesecake”. I have repeatedly seen it on pinterest using refridgerated biscuit dough. This will use matzah soaked in milk instead of the dough. 8×8 pan. line bottom with matzah soaked slightly in milk. cover with cheese mixture: 8 oz package cream cheese, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla. cover top with matzah slightly soaked in milk. pour 3 tablespoos melted butter over top and generously cover with cinnamin and sugar ( five sugar to one cinnamin). bake until golden and serve room temp. yummmm… I’ll prepare it at night and bake it fresh in the morning for breakfast.

    My favorite memory of passover is opening the first box of matzah before all the passover prep begins and crumbling a big piece into my sweet coffee. My Grandmother did this, my mom did this and I always do this.

  9. avatar says: Elaine

    I always loved Temp Tee cream cheese on the really weird matzo meal rolls my mom made.


  11. avatar says: Sarah C F

    My favorite memory of Peasach was always oven warmed Matzo with Cream cheese and strawberry jam with my bubby. Great memories.

  12. avatar says: Mindy

    Cream cheese with cherry jelly on matzah for breakfast! YumM

  13. My favorite ”new tradition” is Pesach crepes. Sweet or savory.

  14. make KFP red velvet cupcakes from a mix Fill them w/ creams cheese frosting
    8oz cream cheese 1/2 stick butter softened 1 1/2 cups confectioner sugar (KFP) & 1/2 tsp vanilla extract. Beat toil fluffy. remember to use only KFP products. If you’ve never made your ownn frosting , it’s really easy

  15. I always put Breakstone unsalted butter on matzo first and then the Temp Tee on top. Double tasty!

  16. avatar says: Cillia

    Since my girls were little (now in their twenties and thirties) the only breakfast they would eat on Pesach was and is Temptee and Matzah!

  17. avatar says: Liz

    Only temp tee cream cheese for us too ! We love it with Lox on matza! My sons favorite lunch almost everyday day is temp tee cream cheese & he never uses butter !

  18. I always remember matza with everything ESPECIALLY cream cheese. AND it has, has, has to be Temp Tee.

  19. avatar says: Yael

    There is NOTHING like Temp Tee with raspberry jam spread on top of matzah!

  20. I love Temp tee on egg matzah. I spread the cream cheese and then cut up figs and drizzle with balsamic vinaigrette..

  21. I have memories of my Bubby’s baked mashed potato latkes. Also love cream cheese spresd on hand shmura matzah.

  22. avatar says: Jaque R.

    I have never tried Temp Tee so I have no memories of it. :-(
    Thank you. :-)

  23. I remember loading it up on my matzo at my bubby’s house

  24. avatar says: dena

    My favorite Temp-Tee memory is its commercial, before bagels went mainstream … “Temp-Tee for your bagel, sir?” “Bagel? What’s a bagel???”

  25. avatar says: Roberta

    This is such an informative website!

  26. love cream cheese

  27. WE used Temptee on Cape Cod since the early 90′s to make vegetable dips for Thanksgiving.

  28. avatar says: Cynthia C

    I have never tried it but would love to.

  29. Would love to try it.

  30. avatar says: Helen

    My favorite memory of Peasach was always oven warmed Matzo with Cream cheese and strawberry jam.

  31. I have never tried it so I have no memories yet.

  32. I like making brisket with my mom and bubbe!

  33. Favorite Passover memory is making charoses. I have tried to re-create my Mother’s recipe, since she died whe I was 21 and never wrote anything down on paper. It “takes a village”. We make about 4 gallons of it to share with family. Many varieties of dried fruits and nuts, fresh apples and pears, orange zest and juice and date honey. Not Ashkenaz, not Sephard; just very yummy.It requires help from all of my children at separate “stations” to hand chop the dried fruits, the nuts, and the fresh fruits. Large bowls and great knives are a requirement.

  34. I grew up in Philly. I had never heard of Temp-Tee until today!

  35. avatar says: sa

    My memory is of Temp Tee whipped cream cheese on matza with grape jelly–and this was the only week of the year we could have this–such a treat to look forward to! Now that I am grown and I know it’s not only for Pesach it is the association that makes it special. I am looking forward to learning a variety of recipes here.

  36. I have never heard of Temp tee.

  37. never tried but agree on the whipped on matzah. I also melt butter on my matzah – yummy

  38. I haven’t tried Temp Tee yet – first I’ve heard of it.
    Thank you.

  39. Never Heard Of The Temp Tee, Love Learning Though :)

  40. Never tried Temp Tee but would like to

  41. I always enjoy matzah with cream cheese, but no jelly, never understood that one and it has to be whipped Temp Tee, there is nothing like that on Pesach.

  42. Mouth watering just from the photos :)

  43. Temp Tee with Matza is literally what I live on for 8 days & nights. Yeah, pretty sure that’s what’s different about those days.

    My cream cheese brand of choice! No other brand will do.

  44. I have to be honest – I dont use anything processed on Pesach, and have not for so many years I can hardly remember a time when I did. For me, my memories of Pesach are of the sheer volume of raw product I break down each year- the cases of apples, pears and potatoes of all kinds. Squeezing gallons of orange juice and a quart or two of lemon and lime juice for flavorings and ices. The cases of red and white wine I buy for marinating and cooking – the actual products I make. The actual cooking, if that makes sense? When I have all 4 burners going, my oven is full, and I have all my counters and tables filled with stuff that needs to be prepped or is cooling. That for me is what I remember of Passover.

  45. avatar says: eb

    weird cream cheese memory- but when i was 8, i used to shmear cream cheese on bread and top with dried onion flakes and put it in a toaster oven for a minute…sounds weird but i remember liking it…

    • avatar says: eb

      oops thats not kosher for pesach- i guess it would be good on matza too- and since matza is crunchy-no need to toast… :)

  46. avatar says: mc

    Mine was from erev pesach – we had baked potatoes with a huge array of toppings – different cheeses, butters, cream cheeses, sour cream, etc

  47. During Passover my family lives on Temp Tee cream cheese. Not only is it great on Matzah, but it’s also great on strawberries. It’s a much healthier alternative than all the processed foods they sell during the holiday.

  48. Memory I thin of most: having Passover at my grandma’s house and creeping under the table with my cousin Leslie to tickle the grownups’ feet. So much for the Haggadah reading! But I must have gotten something out of it because I love everything about Passover. And Temp Tee? Well, it was always a big deal at our house, Passover or not. Lox and Temp Tee on matzo. What a treat!

  49. says: Grace

    This will be very first Passover- and in true Grace fashion, my fiance and I will be hosting 4 days after an out of state move, and we still don’t have a dining table. I’m very excited though, and I know that my mom’s celery sticks stuffed with cream cheese and chopped olives will be perfect quick prep appetizers for everyone.

  50. avatar says: Saara

    As a picky eater, Ever since I can remember I survive pesach by eating machine Matza with whipped cream cheese and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top!

  51. avatar says: Nancy

    Matza with temptee and nova,tomatoes, onions and/or peppers. Also matzah rolls with temptee and jelly.

  52. Cream cheese and jelly on lady fingers. Amazingly close to cheesecake and no baking or prep required.

  53. avatar says: ilysen

    Always had Temptee on matzah..so easy to spread

  54. avatar says: Melinda

    I have temptee cream cheese in my house at all times so I’m still making memories :)

  55. avatar says: miriamga

    Temptee is good on anything any time as well as Passover but it is ext on chocolate chip cookies or apple slices

  56. I know it is Passover when I take out all my Passover things and my wood chopping blocks & wood bowels come out. They have been around since my mother was a young child, over 100 years ago. They have a certain smell that jogs my memory.
    One of my favorite memories is my grown daughter as a one year old sitting in her high chair eating cream cheese on matza and it is all over her face.

  57. avatar says: risa

    I remember temp tee and apricot preserves spread on my mothers pesach rolls. Heavy and eggy, these rolls are like mini kugels.and we kids were able to spread the soft whipped cream cheese on it ourselves. Might not be gourmet but it was delicious.

  58. I have never tried it before, so I have no memories…yet! :)

  59. I always remember matzoh with temp-tee cream cheese and smoked salmon with a slice of vidalia onion and tomatoes.

  60. avatar says: Katherine

    I have never heard of it but it sound scrumptious

  61. I guess I should know about it but never heard of it until today….

  62. I have never used Temp Tee before and would love to try it.

  63. A good recipe using this cream cheese would be, to spread it on large sliced salami and roll up, just a plain quick and easy appetizer.

  64. I have never tried Temp Tee.

  65. avatar says: Sarah L

    I’ve never heard of Temp Tee before.
    Thanks for the contest.

  66. avatar says: Joyce

    My greatest memories include those experienced as a child with many cousins… mixing wine with seltzer; fresh gefilte fish WITH the bones; one sedar in Hebrew, the other in Yiddish and just being with family!

  67. My greatest memory is spending a Seder while I was in college with the Reverend John Stanley Grauel, a Methodist minister and American Christian Zionist leader. He was a crew member of the famed refugee ship, the SS Exodus-1947, and a secret “Haganah” operative. Having been the only non-Jew aboard and being released first by the British, he is credited with being the first to leak to the news of the Exodus to the press. Grauel is also credited with being the key individual who persuaded the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine to recommend for the Partition Resolution of November 1947, creating the State of Israel.

    During the Seder, he told one story after another of his fascinating exploits both in the U.S and Israel. It was a Seder that I will always remember and I make it a point to visit his grave in the German Colony in Yerushalayim whenever I visit Eretz Yisrael.

  68. Wow, so many Passover memories, I don’t know where to start! Of course they all stem from spending the holiday at my Bubby and Zady’s home, often staying over, chasing my cousins around the backyard, and inviting our BFF’s too, Jewish or not. Although we’re all grown up now and so many relatives have passed on, we still laugh out loud at our mother’s and uncle’s favorite punch lines during the Seder, at which my grandfathe would pretend to be annoyed, but really reveled in having us all there, every year. We never celebrated anywhere else (-:

  69. avatar says: Nechama

    I make an puff pastry onion tart with cream cheese*…I wonder if it’d work with pesach crepes. Might be a fun lunch!

    *saute onions and mushrooms until golden, add 8 oz cream cheese until melted, and place into puff pastry/crepes.

  70. avatar says: Bruce

    More of a butter on matzah than cream cheese on matzah person

  71. avatar says: Yaffa

    One of the best memories of Pesach is Matzah and Cream Cheese for breakfast at my Nana and Papa’s house!

  72. Smoked Salmon Lox with cream cheese is my ultimate FAVORITE! Temp Tee Cream cheese is the smoothest, creamiest indulgence!

  73. I have never tried it!

  74. Temptee cream cheese is a Passover and year round staple in our house. One of my kids is a very picky eater, but give him any bread or cracker with Temptee and he is satisfied. My passover memories are all based on eating meat meals, so I look forward to creating some new ones based on dairy foods.

  75. avatar says: Rebecca

    My favorite pesach memory is getting the kids excited about the seder…..with candy and nosh that always gets them to ask/answer questions! They love it!

  76. so yummy on an everything bagel

  77. I have never tried this product but would love to make memories

  78. I love the creamy taste! Its not too rich

  79. avatar says: Sheryl

    Temtee cc on matzhoh is the best!

  80. avatar says: Shannon R

    Temp Tee on matzah or a bagel ( or anything else!).

  81. This was always laid out with a fancy spreader at my great Aunt’s house. So fancy to a little girl.

  82. avatar says: Judi R

    Hey, Temptee is not just for Pesach! But on Pesach, when I was a little girl growing up in Atlanta, I remember all of us eating lunch at school during the middle days of Pesach and all of us were eating Temptee with jelly on matzah! We carried our lunch in paper bags and all the nonJewish kids wanting a taste. It seems we were enjoying and laughing so much that everyone wanted to know what was so good!

  83. My favorite childhood memories of Passover include TempTee!

  84. avatar says: imergoot

    I have such wonderful memories of cooking with my Bubbie in her basement kitchen. When they remodeled their kitchen she had them move all the old stuff to the basement and that became her Pesach kitchen. Gallons of chicken soup with feet and egglech, hand made matzah noodles. Ooh so many good things, I can smell it all in my memory.

  85. TempTee cream cheese and matzah with strawberry jelly–eating it outside with my kids, nephew and nieces in the Florida sunshine during our wonderful visits to my sister’s house.

  86. My favorite Passover memory is eating tons and tons of hardboiled eggs in a variety of places with my beloved mom. The eggs were white and non-decorated and my mother made me appreciate the fact that we were Jewish and therefore, allowed to be different.

  87. avatar says: minda

    Going to the Lower East Side, before it was fashionable).

    Dairy orders from grandparents, aunt, family.

    The aroma of fresh butter was worth the cholestorol.

    Almost made up for the terrible wine :D

  88. avatar says: Kathy

    Love the site…recipes, and glad Jamie joined up with Joy of Kosher

  89. avatar says: Myra

    I have very fond memories of eating Temp Tee cream cheese and lox on New York bagels when it wasn’t Pesach and on matzah during Pesach. Yum!

  90. avatar says: Tehilla

    Favorite Pesach memory has nothin to do with food. My favorite memory is opening the door for Elijah. I was always the one who got to do that.

  91. avatar says: fbogus

    Aunt Frances made the Seder every year when I was young. She was a wonderful lady and an amazing cook. She must have spent weeks preparing those meals for so many people. Everything always came out perfect because that’s Aunt Frances. Every year, one of the many Seder desserts was a frozen chocolate parfait with coconut topping. I’m sorry I never asked for that recipe since, in those years, non-dairy substitutes weren’t that common and you’d never have known the parfait was parve. Still, it wasn’t Passover if one of the kids didn’t accidentally break one of the parfait glasses. It happened every single year and we must have gone through an entire set.

    Aunt Frances passed away at least a dozen years ago, a few years before my daughter was born. I still use some of Frances’ recipes every year at my Seder and my daughter knows that one day she will be gifted with the responsibility of making Aunt Frances’ never-fail matzah balls for her family, too.

  92. Sometimes I put it on flatbread instead of a sauce and top like I would pizza!

  93. avatar says: Francine

    My grandmother started this and my daughter loves t to this day.. Scrambled eggs with cream cheese.. but of course, we always ate matzoh with whipped cream cheese too!

  94. avatar says: Ellie W

    To be honest, I’ve never heard of it. It sounds delicious.

  95. avatar says: Eric

    Having my daughter meet her twin cousins!

  96. Sheet of matzah, spread with temptee, and a layer of American cheese! Best snack!

  97. avatar says: Sarah L

    subscribe email: slehan at myway dot com

  98. avatar says: Daniel M

    actually i’ve never heard of it

  99. Cream cheese recipes are the best!

  100. My “ONLY” memory of Temp tee cream cheese is on Pesach before we started going away to a hotel. It was such a treat to be able to eat such amazing cream cheese on matzah throughout the whole pesach! Once we went to a hotel, we pretty much never bought it but now that I am living in Israel and making my own Pesach for the first time I am having a friend bring me a few containers so I can whip up some amazing dishes with the cream cheese thanks to all the ideas you guys posted!! I am so excited. Next job is importing it to Israel ASAP!

  101. I use it as spackle when I put up dry wall. Sure it smells in the summertime, but thats all its good for.

  102. I have never heard of it.. It sounds like a food I would like

  103. avatar says: EvetteMW

    We always used TT through the year. It is especially good at Passover on Matzoh with fresh ground pepper. Matzoh with TT with chopped herring.
    My special memory is rubbing matzoh with fresh cut onion,smearing it with chicken schmaltz, sprinkling with salt. The ultimate Passover treat.

  104. I remember eating Temp Tee Cream Cheese on bagels with my grandmother and talking.

  105. avatar says: Kenny F.

    eatting togther

  106. avatar says: Chaya

    When I was younger my mom would buy Temp Tee cream c cheese for Pesach. I loved eating it on shatzer hand baked matzah with strawberry jelly!!

  107. avatar says: Susan

    Gefilte fish dip. It’s a mixture of gefilte fish, TempTee, red horseradish and a little lemon juice. Great with chips or spread on matza. It’s a lovely pink color and no one knows what it is when they see it.

  108. It wasn’t Passover growing up until we had matzah with TempTee cream cheese. It was the only time that we would get it.

  109. avatar says: Judith

    Temptee cheese cake or just plain old temptee and jelly on Passover rolls. Fondest memory every year is when I take out my Pesach boxes and unwrap my grandmother’s big wood bowl. We only use it to make the haroset and it is stained slightly red from the wine. I also have her chopper. They are both very old.

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