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3 Purim Seudah Menus with a Global Taste


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Dressing up in costume, eating triangular shaped cookies called hamantaschen, and delivering gift baskets to our friends are all significant parts of the Purim holiday. And although there is no religious significance, a lot of us tend to go all out and match everything—our entire family’s costumes, our gift baskets, and our menu—to a theme.

I’m guilty! Last year, I went Mediterranean-inspired and my whole family dressed the part and delivered the chummos and pita-chip packages you see on Perfect Ideas for Mishloach Manot.   Since we love themes so, I’ve got three themed menus for you—Asian, Spanish, and Italian menus for every course, from starters to dessert. Pick one or mix and match. If you’re really adventurous, make the entire menu and serve the recipes in small tasting party dishes, allowing your guests to straddle the globe as they walk from one side of your dining room to the other.
Whether you’re sporting a sombrero or a kimono this Purim, you’re sure to savor something out-of-this-world.

chinese menu

Asian Menu

Health-boosting ingredients, savory soy flavors, and in season produce characterize these Asian favorites I chose for you.

Miso Soup

Teriyaki Chicken

Pineapple Fried Rice

Green Tea Cookies

Italian Menu

Italian Menu

From the meat dishes of the North, to the pasta meals of the south, taste all of Italy in just one meal.

Pasta Fagioli

Veal Meatballs

Lemon Herb Fettucini

Almond Biscotti

spanish menu

Spanish Food

Spanish food is exciting and palate tickling.  These are some of the stars of the distinct and popular cuisine.


Ropa Viejo

Patatas Bravas with Aioli

Cinnamon Sugar Churros

Place a copy of the purim issue in your Shalach Manos, to give your friends and family an unforgettable and meaningful Purim basket – Email [email protected] for Bulk Orders and special rates.

As seen in the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine Purim 2012 – Subscribe Now.

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22 Responses to 3 Purim Seudah Menus with a Global Taste

  1. avatar says: dalesusan

    i am going to try to find an adapted recipe for a savory (dairy) gallette and shape the gallette into a giant hamantashen shape to share with friends.

  2. avatar says: YEHOUDIT

    i going to make a healthy diner
    taboule with kale and hemp seed
    tapenade with kalamata and sunflower seeds and fresh veggies

    chicken in citrus sauce
    with green bean al dente and potatos sweet potatos fried in oven for the kids

    raw crumble in berries sauce and raw energy balls for sweet taste

    happy pourim

  3. avatar says: yehoudit

    i would like to make an healthy meal if possible
    1) taboule with kale and hemp seed
    tapenade with kalamata olives and sunflower seeds
    2) chicken in citrus sauce
    with green bean al dente and baked potatos like fried but in the oven and sweet potatos really delicious for the kids
    3) raw nutty crumble with berries
    raw amaretto balls
    pourim sameah

  4. I am making Ropa Viejo YUM!

  5. I’m making Cinnamon Sugar Churros. The kids love these.

  6. avatar says: Allison

    I want to make hamantaschen this year!!
    I am making challah as my contribution to the seudah

  7. eating out this year so i’m not cooking…:(

    last year we did pirate theme: walk the plank chicken (cedar plank chicken), drunken fish (yes, from this site…amazing!), rum cake etc…

  8. avatar says: Jen

    I am making many types of hummies of course…my kids fave is lemon, but we will also make prune, cherry, strawberry, and blueberry…as for dinner, ack, with all of these cookies, who knows!! Something light I hope!!

  9. avatar says: mink

    I’ve been invited out so not making anything.

  10. avatar says: Devorah

    Not making a seudah in my home.

    Having the seudah at my son, daughter in-law grandchildren’s home!

  11. avatar says: Zahvig

    Savory hamentashen with mushroom filling~

  12. avatar says: Jen

    We are invited out- happy to have a break from cooking!

  13. avatar says: bonnie

    haentashens of course!

  14. avatar says: sdg729

    I’m making my yummy sweet potato leek soup!

  15. We are having Mexican this year. Brisket tacos, corn salad, quinoa and maybe chicken hamentashen.

  16. I made falafel with pita bread and conditments such as diced beets, plain yogurt with lemon, hummus, spinach and arugala, sliced onions, sliced tomatoes,
    then an Israeli couscous salad with yellow and red bell peppers, chopped parsley, chopped olives, red onion dressed in EVOO and lemon juice. We also had carmelized onion and tomatoe hamanstachen and apricot and fig jam hamanstachen for desseert dusted with powdered sugar. It was yummy! We celebrated Esther’s feast last night with friends!

  17. I’m actually going to my mom for the seudah, I’m glad to have a break! I love these menu ideas though!

  18. Hmmm, difficult to decide. They all look wonderful. But I think Pasta Fagiole always wins the day for me. Then again, churros……

  19. Love the ideas here, and the chance to match a costume to a theme.

  20. All these menus sound delish!

  21. avatar says: nechama

    I’m not hosting this year and am not involved inthe food preperations. But it seems like no theme, just good wholesome food.

  22. Wow! tons of work must have gone into these menus. Much appreciated!

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