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The Best Miniature Foods


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They became trendy a few years back but I just can’t get over them.  Pulled short ribs, quite like the cupcake, have stolen my heart.  I especially like them slathered in BBQ sauce and piled high on a bun topped with avocado slices or crunchy cabbage salad or crispy fried onions.  As you can see I am quite discriminating.  These mini sliders make me feel better about myself… cause mini foods are perfectly portioned and as my Grandma “Ma” a”h always said… “everything in moderation.”  She was one smart, special, skinny lady.  Although her tastes were more homemade kishka for shabbos and less sliders for the superbowl.   I think she’d be proud that I am turning out food not just eating it.  And come game day I usually care slightly more about the spread than the score BUT now I can save some cals cause the game is on in the middle of the night in Israel.  Guess I’ll have the sliders for breakfast while I read about the highlights.

Get the recipe for Short Rib Sliders.

Some more of my favorite mini foods — cause I’m just in that kinda mood:

Turkey Meatballs

Turkey Meatballs

Buffalo Sliders with Crispy Onion Rings

Buffalo Sliders with Crispy Onion Rings

Caviar and Cream Cheese

Tarragon Fish Croquettes with Honey Wasabi Dipping Sauce

Tarragon Fish Croquettes with Honey Wasabi Dipping Sauce

Mini Chocolate Coconut Sandwiches

Mini Chocolate Coconut Sandwiches

blueberry lemon tarts

Mini Blueberry Lemon Tarts

salmon tea sandwich

Salmon Tea Sandwiches

Mini Spanakopita

Mini Spanakopita

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11 Responses to The Best Miniature Foods

  1. Pulled Short Ribs with barbecue sauce! Ohmyohmy. That’s for me anytime. Ditto turkey meatballs, which are perfect pre-dinner when I entertain. But I especially love the fish croquettes, salmon tea sandwiches and spanakopita triangles for my Superbowl offerings. I do dairy meals often, make spanakopitas often, but these fish croquettes are new for me; gotta try them.

  2. So cute, I love minis! so kid-friendly too!

  3. avatar says: jbbm

    loving all these minis!

  4. Love this! Miniature foods are fun for the whole family

  5. What a great compilation of recipes!!! Those salmon tea sandwiches are adorable and you can never go wrong with Spanakopita.

  6. avatar says: Ali

    These all so so tasty!! I want to try all of them!

  7. I love every single one of these, I don’t know which to try first!

  8. I’m also obsessed with mini sliders! Love the idea of avocado slices and the short rib! Thanks for all the posts, they look fantastic!

  9. avatar says: Dani

    Caviar & CC looks unexpected. Must try.

  10. I have to second what Ronnie said — that BBQ looks awesome!

  11. Yum, my mouth is watering! I can’t wait to try the sliders and the crispy fried onions!

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