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Mixer Free, 1 Bowl Cakes & Cookies


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Many cooks and top chefs will agree that baking can be a huge hassle. Even many acclaimed chefs are intimidated when it comes to baking pastries and dessert. Becoming a pastry chef is a specialty area among chefs. It can be a time consuming and messy process that entails a lot of attention to detail and the use of many dishes. In addition, any parent that has baked with their kids can attest to the end result. Happy faces, sticky fingers and cake batter in unimaginable places. That is why many of us buy cakes and cookies from a local bake shop. However, there is nothing like home baked goods. Try the following recipes. These recipes are really easy to make and because you can use a fork, a whisk and a bowl, they are great to make with kids.

cookie cheese cake

Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake

This recipe allows you to sidestep using a mixer by using already whipped cream cheese. It is very simple to make and is delicious and fun as well. Using the sandwich cookies provides the taste of a good crust without having to do all the work.

banana cake

Banana Cake

This recipe yields a delicious and moist banana cake that will make those banana cake haters into big fans! Bake in Bundt pan to impress your guests. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar.

cinnamon sugar cookies

Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

If you like sugar cookies you’ll love these cookies. They are soft on the inside, yet have a crunchy sweet bite.

apple muffins

Apple Muffins

This recipe is delicious. It is muffin perfection. Most importantly, it is a very healthy recipe. All types of flour work in this recipe, including whole wheat flour, which can be difficult to incorporate into baking. It is a great snack for kids and adults alike.

Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie

Adding maple syrup to the pecan pie provides a twist to the traditional pecan pie. Adding salt provides a contrast to the sweetness of the pie and enhances the sweetness as well.  And one last amazingly fun treat is Bananas Flambeed.  Flambé refers to lighting a dish on fire. Use this dessert at the end of a dairy meal. This dessert can be made on the spot and can be a great cause of entertainment for your guest if you choose to flambé the caramel rum sauce.


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5 Responses to Mixer Free, 1 Bowl Cakes & Cookies

  1. Give me any baking recipes that only call for one bowl any day!

  2. I am so glad to see these recipes. I have an Israeli mixer and it supposedly has 7 speeds but it really only has one! LOL. I might as well mix by hand. Just one of those things you learn about small appliances here. Also love the beautiful photos.

  3. Love these recipes! I always have to use at least 2 bowls to bake (mixing dry ingredients separately) so I can’t wait to try these…especially the banana cake.

  4. yup, easy, no mess and classic :)
    The banana cake is a staple in our house whenever we have extra, ripe bananas

  5. avatar says: cindy

    I have always only used one bowl for every cake recipe-it never made a difference in the outcome.

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