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How to Make Cholent


Jamie Geller and hubby show you how to make cholent in this Quick & Kosher video. Find the recipe here.

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4 Responses to How to Make Cholent

  1. This may indeed be a very quick chulent, however, I am not so sure about it being kosher. Neither the barley nor the beans were washed or checked ! In addition to that, the whole thing was spoiled by the inclusion of soup powder. I can’t understand the need for soup powder, which is full of salt and monosodium glutemate, when it is not so difficult to use some celery, carrots, maybe a kohlrabi – and possibly some tomato paste. (Not ketchup.)
    I have been making chulent for many years, and one of my grand-sons is a graduate of a professional culinary school here in Israel. He is also horrified by the use of the totally un-necessary use of soup powder.

  2. chulent was awesome. I made one without flanken, vegan. The other one fleishig.

    Guests finished them both off. You are just awesome.

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