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A Tu Bishvat Decorated Table


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The concept of “hiddur mitzvah” was always ingrained upon us by our teachers in yeshivah. If you spent a little more on your shabbat ingredients or table decor, then you were sure to be rewarded somehow, and for sure your extra splurges would be replaced.

Well, as The Jewish Hostess, I have taken that advice to heart! Since the holiday of Tu Bishvat is all about fruits and trees that are”new”, let’s add a “new” twist to our Tu Bishvat Shabbat table decor. I hope to inspire you to to dig into your heirloom dishes (people will think that they are new!), take out the fine china (new!), unearth your pretty vases (new!), add a “new” splash of a bright table cloth, and hunt down cool “new” table accessories that will light up your guests faces as they enter the room.

I hope to inspire you with my fantasy Tu Bishvat table, so that on Friday evening January 25, you will in your very own special way, create a “new” Tu bishvat Shabbat ambiance in your very own home . Whether you bake a memorable date cake for dessert, add some fresh scented florals, buy a cherry blossom branch to display, or whip up a pomegranate martini, the power to create is uniquely your own.

Candy Tree, The jewish Hostess

Dried Fruits, Tubishvat Display, The Jewish Hostess

I hand stamped each one of these white craft bags and tags for each Tu Bishvat gift bag.

Tu Bishvat Tree, The Jewish Hostess

Fruit Display, The jewish Hostess

I definitely hope that the concept of “hiddur mitzvah” works here, because these gorgeous “new” fruits cost a pretty penny….

But seriously, I enjoyed every minute of coordinating and setting up this Tu Bishvat table!

Thank you to Miriam Haber for the use of her gorgeous home, a huge thanks to Morris Antebi Photographer for these amazing photos!

Happy Tu Bishvat!

The full story about the Syrian Jewish traditions for this holiday click HERE.

Hope you enjoy my Tu Bishvat table! Lots more cake, table, photo and floral how-to details on The Jewish Hostess.com!

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I am a passionate person that loves every project that I undertake. Judaism, family, holidays, and cooking are what keeps us close.I love to feature Jewish Holiday table settings and easy gourmet kosher recipes on The Jewish Hostess! Be inspired!




5 Responses to A Tu Bishvat Decorated Table

  1. This is truly a fantasy Tu ‘Bishvat table! I had to do a double take on the tree..stunning!

  2. avatar says: sulevin

    This all looks very creative, but very ‘gooey.’
    If Tu BiShvat is about getting back to nature, such recipes would seem counterproductive. My own Tu BiShvat dinner will include all 7 species in more basic, healthful ways.

    • avatar says: Marlene

      Sulevin thank you for your comment. This was just a fun and creative way to highlight some community baker entrepreneurs. Some of the items on the table were healthy . Thanks again. Marlene

  3. Clever and charming ideas!

  4. I absolutely love the table setting with the tree as
    planters. Where could I find these tree planters?

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