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Win a Manischewitz Chanukah House


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Finally!!  We can build a house made out of cookies and candy that is made especially to celebrate Chanukah.  The new Manischewitz Chanukah House Kit comes with everything you need to create a beautiful and tasty house.   Starting with a Vanilla cookie base, the kit provides an assortment of toppings and additions to adorn your house any way you like.

We saw this new product at Kosherfest and we just knew we had to share it with all of you.  Especially since Manischewitz is now running a special contest for all you wannabe cookie architects and designers out there.  Just snap a picture of your fully built and decorated house and post to their Facebook wall for a chance to win an assortment of prizes.

For now, just in time for Chanukah, we are offering you a chance to win 1 of these Chanukah House Kits.  All you have to do to enter is follow the Rafflecopter instructions below.  Find this kit in select grocery stores.
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Disclosure – Giveaway is provided by Manischewitz.

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34 Responses to Win a Manischewitz Chanukah House

  1. avatar says: Leez

    Seems like a wonderful and innovative idea for kids!

  2. avatar says: MizVickik

    with candles and presents!

  3. avatar says: Blss52

    Our favorite way to celebrate Chanukah in our house is with lots of family and friends sharing latkes or potato cakes in the south and sufiynot/home made donuts,playing driedel Hanukah music in the background.Such a frielach time.

  4. avatar says: shulamuna

    We plan to make an upsherin on Chanukah. This would be a great thing as a centerpiece.

  5. avatar says: Dianeba53

    We love to “adopt” a needy family for chanukah and have a celebration-while we wrap their gifts

  6. We celebrate with the family — Candles, Chocolate gelt,presents, latkes, matzoh ball soup & brisket :)

  7. avatar says: dssilver

    My Mom made cookies from standard gingerbread house templates when we were little and we just decorated them for Hanukkah instead. This looks like a great project for cold days with no school!

  8. avatar says: crbc

    With family and friends, singing songs we’ve made up.

  9. avatar says: Jen

    My kids would have so much fun with this!

  10. avatar says: jrapp

    I love this…my kids love making gingerbread house, but always complain they are too christmasy!! I agree!!

  11. avatar says: alemos67

    The kids would have a blast with this.

  12. avatar says: brachapr

    My out of town family

  13. avatar says: dgartner

    I hope I can find one of these locally. I already looked at the Kosher store at the HEB in the heavily-Jewish area of town, and they do not have it. :(

  14. My favorite way to celebrate Hanukkah is to be with family!

  15. says: Sarah

    being together as a family, lighting the menorah, and eating latkes!

  16. avatar says: trishapgh

    Our favorite way to celebrate is with lots and lots of latkes AND family!

  17. avatar says: ChinaCat

    I am all about the latkes… especially since we grow our own potatoes and apples. Gonna try some purple potatoes this year — should look really cool!

  18. avatar says: bedz

    Usually we all have different schedules, so eating dinner together doesn’t happen. On Chanuka we are all home to light, so every night we all sit down to a family dinner.

  19. avatar says: leahk

    my grandkids would love this!

  20. says: Rachel

    With family & friends, eating Latke’s and Sufganiyot, playing games, just having fun!

  21. avatar says: fbogus

    I guess it’s just me, but this seems uncomfortably derivative. I’ve made purely secular gingerbread constructions before and I did once make a gingerbread sukkah but doing a decorated “winter holiday” house seems to be just another episode of X-mas envy. That’s the last thing I expected from Manischewitz and JoK.

  22. With my friends and family

  23. avatar says: chossid

    Being on shlichus in Ukraine means another program and party every night. Last year hashgocho protis ended me up in America, and for the first time I got to relax and be with my family, and that was a wonderful way to spend Chanukah!

  24. avatar says: karpgirl9

    Lots of family, candles, friends and SUFGANIYOT!!!

  25. avatar says: hllbnt

    fun forthe grandkids to eat and help build

  26. avatar says: sarahlee

    my family and i love making things together

  27. With the family with latkes,candles and presents!

  28. avatar says: Mikki

    My favorite is the children’s faces and exclamations of excitement when decorating for the holidays.

  29. This is my second hanukkah so i’m pretty new at it but that house looks like fun for the kids and me too!

  30. avatar says: lana

    we just made this house, but need to know how to store it for the next week or so. Any suggestions. In the refrigerator or on the counter in cool area lightly covered?

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