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In the JOK Kitchen wtih Breezy’s *Giveaway*


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Breezy’s is a high end houseware, bakeware and giftware store in Long Island, NY, run by Breezy Schwartz.  After years learning how to mix and match recipes and reinvent leftovers, she decided it was time to come out with her own cookbook.  This book doesn’t stop with just recipes.  Breezy loves to get creative with serving pieces and in this book you will learn her tricks of the trade for entertaining and gift giving. Let’s learn a bit more about Breezy.

1. What inspired you to write this cookbook?

I have always loved cooking and entertaining and that is what my store is about.   In my store I give classes on a variety of different topics to all ages.  I am a mother of two and I work full time, so I need quick and easy foods.  I am also a foodie and want the food to taste real good, so over the years I have come up with my own recipes and I use those recipes in the classes I teach in my store.

So, it just made sense to compile all my scraps of paper, all my recipes and notes and tips and turn it into a cookbook for my customers to take home and for everyone to enjoy.  All the recipes are easy and use readily available ingredients.  This book is literally my personal cookbook, scribble notes and all, that I give to you, complete with my email for any questions you may have.

2. What does it mean to Mix and Match in the book? Can you give me an example of what we can expect?

For every recipe I include different ways to recreate and reinvent them.  I show how to Mix & Match them for what the occasion calls for and adjust them for dietary needs.

babis delicious cookies

For example, Here is a recipe for Babi’s Delicoius Cookies.  These cookies were passed down from my grandmother and I just love them.  One of my “Mix & Match” tips is that they are delicious crumbled up and used to rim your drink glasses.  It is a great way to use up leftovers and to dress up a special beverage.

3. Why did you decide to include all your entertaining tips in the same book with the recipes?

Every single entertaining tip is one that I have given and continue to offer to all my customers for free.  So I wouldn’t feel right charging for it.  I consider the entertaining tips as a bonus.  All written down for those that live near and far.

4. How and When did you learn to cook?

Like most Jewish women I grew up in the kitchen with my mother, but I also did take some classes at the Institute of Culinary Education over the past 8 years to help hone my skills.  Mostly, though I have learned as a mother.  I constantly have to think of new ways to get my kids to eat food especially healthy food and so I have learned and adapted recipes and those are what I am sharing with you.

breezy's chicken pot pie

Chicken Pot Pie

5. You obviously entertain a lot, what is your most memorable party and why?

My dearest friend’s Sheva Brachos that I made in the store.  It is actually pictured in the book.  I made it for someone I genuinely care about and I was surrounded by people that I love and it reminded me that it doesn’t matter how much I cook or how much I patchke, it is really about the people and the moment.

6.  Please share your most valuable entertaining tip, that everyone needs to know?

So many of my tips are ones that everyone should know and once you hear it, a whole new world opens up to you.  My favorite simple tip is the old cardboard box trick.

To add height to a table take an old cardboard box or tissue box and wrap it in wrapping paper and stack platters on top of them.  It’s a cheap and easy alternative and you can get really creative with the patterns of wrapping paper you use!  I usually look for a shimmery wedding paper without wording as my go to box, or glossy paper to create a nice reflection.


Win your own copy of this cookbook.  Why do you want to win this cookbook? Let us know in the comments below and enter via rafflecopter.
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About Tamar Genger MA, RD


Tamar lives in New York and is the mother of three amazing children, a Registered Dietitian, professor of Nutrition, and as you can probably guess, a foodie! Tamar loves to travel with her family and visits kosher restaurants wherever she goes. Although she loves the sights, she spends more time talking about the restaurants and food she ate! As a mom and a nutritionist, Tamar tries to balance her passion for healthy cooking with her insatiable desire for chocolate!




84 Responses to In the JOK Kitchen wtih Breezy’s *Giveaway*

  1. I really like the mix & match concept, being a mom and always needing to come up with new ideas for Shabbos and weekday meals. I also adore the wrapped box on table idea! Sounds like a whimsical and interesting new cookbook with lots of great ideas.

  2. avatar says: Pam

    I’d really like to win this cookbook!

  3. avatar says: tzivie

    I love breezy’s! I just walk around the store wanting to buy every cake decorating and baking item you sell. It would be so fun to have breezys sitting in my kitchen when i am in the mood to create something beautiful.

  4. I’d love to have a cookbook with such a fresh perspective! To make dishes for parties that will be memorable!

  5. avatar says: Reena

    My family has a lot of conflicting dietary requirements, so I’m always on the lookout for new recipes and ways to tweak existing ones! This cookbook looks great!

  6. I would love to win the cookbook as I would love to learn new ideas of how to use the same item in different ways! Plus I adore cookbooks!

  7. avatar says: kne

    I would love to win this cookbook because that would restore my faith in giveaways!

  8. avatar says: Zahava

    I love cooking and am always looking for new dishes and to use one ingredient in more than one dish. This cookbook looks great!

  9. avatar says: Leah

    You found a good twist on the standard cookbook. I would be interested to check it out.

  10. I just like cookbooks. :)

  11. avatar says: Devora

    hi! i rlly would love to win this cookbook! the reason is that i recently got married and i love experimenting with my cooking. i love learning new creative ideas and this cookbook looks like it would be just the perfect addition to my cookbook collection.

  12. avatar says: Eliana

    always looking for new recipes and tips for using leftovers in new/fun ways!

  13. avatar says: grw029

    I would love for my family to enjoy leftovers more than they do. I’m interested to see what Breezy does with them.

  14. avatar says: Ariella

    I love breezy’s store! Can’t wait to see her cookbook!

  15. avatar says: Lori

    My mom, ova’shalom, had The Joy of Kosher Cookbook in her kitchen & she was the best cook – ever!

    I’d love to win this cookbook because my mom’s was lost during moving her into a retirement home & I don’t have more than the memory of her kosher cooking in my kitchen.

    It would be awesome to give these recipes a try on my own!

  16. avatar says: Adeena

    Love this store on central ave! Always want to buy everything! Would love the cookbook bc I am forever making wayyyy too much for supper and hate throwing out all my hard work! The premise of the cookbook is genius and would love to give the recipes a try!

  17. avatar says: Lynne

    This definitely sounds like my kind of cookbook!

  18. Would love to try this cookbook! Some really delish recipes.

  19. avatar says: Chani

    I really enjoy cooking and baking and so I’d love to win this cookbook especially since it’s all about reinventing new food of what you’ve ready got in your house. :)

  20. avatar says: Faleen

    I like the idea of ‘relaxed’ recipes. I tend to follow a recipe to a T the first time around and then i make it my own by ‘adjusting’ and adding ingredients. The book should be an interesting take on cooking.

  21. I find cooking dinner every night very tiresome and wish I had some good ideas to make it healthy and simple!

  22. avatar says: Sara

    I entertain a lot, and am always looking for new and easy recipes!

  23. avatar says: Kathy D

    I am always looking for new cookbooks

  24. I love cooking, baking and collecting recipes! I’d love to add to my collection.

  25. love the concept. Thanks

  26. Google+ id: abfantom fantom

  27. I haven’t cooked much lately. I’m sure this book will give me the spark I need to get started again.

  28. avatar says: Rochel S

    Always looking for new recipes and ideas!

  29. avatar says: Rena

    would love this!

  30. I know my husband would love a meal from your book!

  31. I love cooking delicious food with a healthy twist – using whole wheat flour and healthy oils etc..

  32. avatar says: Gail Rand

    Would love to win this cookbook since I recently made aliyah and became engaged! Assuring no food goes to waste is a priority, as well as cooking for everyone in my new, expanded blended family!

  33. avatar says: Sarah N.

    I would love to win this cookbook! It looks like it has a lot of great ideas to dress up any occasion!

  34. It looks like it has some great recipes

  35. need new and different recipes for family meals for my newly married daughter and our family

  36. avatar says: lena

    mixing and matching sounds like an interesting idea

  37. avatar says: Tam

    I am always looking for new recipes and need cookbooks sinc e my kids keep swiping mine.

  38. avatar says: Ilana

    I love the idea with the cookies of how to use the leftovers or ones that break. It is great to have creative ways to make sure you are not throwing anything out.

  39. avatar says: Ruthie P

    I’m always on the lookout for new recipes and styles to try in the kitchen! I would love to win this cookbook!

  40. avatar says: Mar

    I am a cookbook junkie, I love reading cookbooks

  41. Your cookbook sounds great. I am tired of cooking the same things. Need new ideas, kids are older acc getting more adventitious in their eating but need help with some great Recipes ! Your book sounds like it could do that for me. Thanks

  42. avatar says: Emuna

    What a incredible cookbook ! this is a definate gem to any cook.

  43. avatar says: naomi

    I would love to win Breezy’s mix and match cookbook! Looks beautiful and the recipes seem impressive as well.

  44. avatar says: chavie

    I’d love to win this cookbook, il love breezy’s store and am sure the tips and recipes are fantastic! it seems like it can really be one of those go-to cookbooks that i desperately need ;)

  45. avatar says: Esti

    Would move some new ideas for serving and decorating.

  46. avatar says: Aimee C

    I love your cheap tip and would be delighted to own your recipes:)

  47. avatar says: sam

    Are you kidding? Who wouldn’t want this book!?

  48. avatar says: ef

    i’m always looking for new cute ideas!!

  49. cant wait to see this new cookbook

  50. cant wait to see this exciting new cookbook

  51. avatar says: nechama

    this is the first I’m hearing of this cookbook and looking forward to seeing it. Sounds really cool and exciting. Both my husband and I love to cook and try out new recipes. We love the nice presentation and always try for new looks even when not entertaining. I enjoy perusing new cookbooks and trying out the exotic and interesting ideas there are. Hoping to win a copy!

  52. avatar says: nechama

    I have never heard of this cookbook and am looking forward to checking it out. My husband and I both love to try out new recipes. We are always looking for new ways to present different dishes, not just when entertaining but all the time. We love to try out new and exotic recipes and looking forward to winning our copy

  53. avatar says: Susan

    I had discussed this book with someone much more creative than I am and would like to gift it to her.

  54. really interested in mixing and matching… and looking forward to seeing this book.

  55. really interested in mixing and matching… and these recipes look wonderful.

  56. avatar says: Alana K

    I would love Breezy’s cookbook! I’m also looking for quick and delicious recipes!

  57. avatar says: Devorah S

    I enjoy using tips I read & hear about in my day to day housekeeping. This cookbook with quick recipes is just what I need now that I’ll be working full time.

  58. This book seems to have some fun recpies

  59. avatar says: mink

    I’m a lousy baker.

  60. I love checking out new cookbooks. This one looks like it has some great recipes!


  62. cookbook looks lik so much fun. i love new books!

  63. avatar says: Leah

    I’m getting married very shortly and this cookbook would be great to have!

  64. avatar says: ana21m

    love to see this exciting new cookbook!

  65. I love cookbooks, it’s exciting to try out new things.

  66. avatar says: Shannon

    Great cookbook and I’d love to win it so I could cook some of the incredible recipes!

  67. I love to cook and with two very young children, cookbooks make my life easier. My son is 28 months old and is beginning to show interest with “helping mommy cook.” A new cookbook could give us some variety!!

  68. avatar says: Jenny

    I would love to try one of these recipes!

  69. This would be great for the family cookbook shelf!

  70. avatar says: blima

    would love 2 win

  71. I love the mix and match part of the cookbook.I do that myself, not for dietary reasons, when I get tired of the same recipe.

  72. avatar says: Linda

    This cookbook is perfect for a friend of mine!

  73. avatar says: Linda

    This cookbook is perfect for my friend!

  74. avatar says: Denise

    I’m interested in seeing the results of one person’s notes from the journey in their kitchen. Thanks!

  75. avatar says: Lori Hart

    I like the holiday menu page. Really lays it all out there for easy planning

  76. This sounds like a great addition to my cookbook collection

  77. I am a domesticated jewish male. I love to cook as I was taught by my mother. I always am on the lookout for new Kosher cooking cookbooks. This looks like just another great book in the collection. I hope I win so I can make a great shabbos meal for my family. Thanks from David in Florida

  78. avatar says: Tammy

    I would love this cookbook, I would cook so many new things with it :)

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