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Cooking Meat in Oven Bags



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Cooking a roast in a transparent cooking bag must be one of the most effective ways of keeping a roast moist without compromising on it’s golden brown look. And, once the roast is cooked you can make the most wonderful gravy from the juices left in the bag! What could be easier than placing a piece of meat with all your favourite herbs and spices into a sealed bag to cook? The convenience of not having to scrub the roasting pan once it is cooked! A double delight, a wonderful tasty, moist roast with no mess.

Bronzed Bag of Beef

Bronzed Bag of Beef

Once you’ve followed your recipe and sealed the bag, place it into a roasting pan.  Place your pan in the oven on the middle shelf (or even one level lower) remembering that the bag will puff up from the steam and you don’t want it to melt on the element above. When you open the cooking bag, a large amount of hot steam will escape. Make sure you are not leaning over the bag as you open it as it may burn you.

Here are two of my favorite recipes for cooking meat in a bag.

Stuffed Roll of Beef

Bronzed Bag of Beef


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