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Turkey Day in the Holy Land *Giveaway*


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My friend Rachel, a new oleh from Jersey, having made aliyah just weeks before us, emailed me with an idea.  She’s one of those types, so many great ideas, so little time.  Anyhoo Rachey emails me and writes, and I quote: “I have a project idea for you that I think would work NEXT year, but would be a great PR opportunity, which is “A Jamie Geller Thanksgiving” in Israel, for Americans living here. Think about it. Lots of Americans make Thanksgiving dinner just for fun.”

And I wonder why after all this time people don’t get that I want OUT of the kitchen.  I politely email Rachel back – as politely as one can type “there is no way in this world or any other that I want to turn myself into a caterer.”

Well as fate would have it — the day after Thanksgiving I am hosting a big Geller blowout Shabbos.  I’ll be cooking for 10 adults and 20 kids KY”H!!!  So I guess I will be catering a small party after all Rachel!  But when it’s family (and friends) I am more than happy to.  And as Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite all-time meals of the year that’s my theme.

So Rachey if I were to cater a “Jamie Geller Thanksgiving” for the masses, my menu would go a little something like this.

Challah Onion Pocket

Challah Onion Pocket

Warm Challah Onion Pockets

My mother in law always served dinner rolls warm, sliced with a pat of margarine so that it was already melty by the time you took a bite.  You must serve these warm too and they don’t even need the margarine.  I love them because the caramelized onions are sweet and savory and the olive oil moistens the bread.  These complement every dish you will serve and you have not known heaven on earth until you have tasted these.  Make Ahead: you can both caramelize the onions and make the dough ahead of time.  Freeze the dough raw and the onions separately.  Let the dough come to room temperature before stuffing and topping your rolls with onions.  Bake fresh or rewarm covered in foil.  Technically you can actually make these pockets and freeze them and just rewarm wrapped in foil as well.


Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup

My (Coconut Milk White Wine) Butternut Squash Soup

As family lore goes before I met Hubby my mother in law served soup in a hallowed out squash or bread bowl or something fancy one Thanksgiving.  And I’ve had to hear about it for years.  Lucky I don’t have a complex at all and have instead  forged my own path and rebelliously opted not to dress up this soup but just serve it in a bowl.  You can of course hollow out a pretty little squash if you are not trying to prove a point.

Southwestern Turkey Breast and Green Chili Stuffing

Southwestern Turkey Breast and Green Chili Stuffing

Southwestern Turkey Breast with Green Chile Stuffing

If you are having a smaller crowd and are the adventurous type try this recipe.  If you want the whole bird in a classic presentation and flavor profile go with this Classic Roasted Turkey.

And watch this here handy dandy vid for tips on making this baby.

Black Pepper Gravy

Black Pepper Gravy

Whichever way you decide to go this black pepper gravy goes with most any turkey.

I am super duper duper partial to this dressing and will probably make it and add lots o’ mushrooms!!!
Watch this great video to see how easy it is.

Green Bean Three Onion Saute

Green Bean Three Onion Saute

In our fam we love Brussels sprouts, broccoli or green beans at our Thanksgiving din din.  This is an easy one that’s not overly seasoned so it will match really nicely no matter what’s on your menu.

Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallow Topping

Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallow Topping

A must must must must at ANY Thanksgiving table.  My childhood friend’s mother Lela was the first person I saw put marshmallows on yams and I think I actually spoke to the dish – said something like “hey baby where have you been all my life?”

Pumpkin Pie with Caramel Whipped Cream

Pumpkin Pie with Caramel Whipped Cream

If you are traditional and I am (sometimes) Turkey is not served unless you have a punkin pie with whipped “cream” for dessert.

Molasses Spice Bundt Cake

Molasses Spice Bundt Cake

This is a nice super seasonal rich beautiful alternative or additional (as is my style) dessert.



Paula my recipe editor is making my Cinnamon Buns for her Thanksgiving  dessert and I thought “yes, great call, I must let the world know!”

So here goes the sappy part.  I am thankful for you all every day and I try my best to constantly say it so that you know you are loved and so you know that your interest and support in all that I am trying to do means the world to me.  So I don’t technically need this day to tell you that – but I’ll tell you again anyway.  Thank you for your comments, your feedback, and your show of love both in person and online.  You have no clue how much you are giving to me and what an impact you are making on my life.

What are you making?  What are you thankful for?  What is your favorite thanksgiving dish?  What’s your favorite part of JoyofKosher? Just talk back!

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60 Responses to Turkey Day in the Holy Land *Giveaway*

  1. I am Thankfull for my family and the fact that we got through Sandy easy compared to others. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is the sweet potatoes, without the marshmellow!

  2. the challah looks awesome!

  3. avatar says: miriama59

    I love Thanksgiving…all that cooking and baking. There will be turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, baked potato soup, rolls, homemade jam, fruit salad, cranberry fluff, stir fried green beans, pumpkin roll, pumpkin pie and another dessert I have not chosen yet. I make something new every year.

  4. avatar says: dalesusan

    I am thankful for my family—both my parents are 92 and healthy! My son and family live in Israel; I am thankful he is happy there. I am thankful I do not cook Thanksgiving—my sister does! I do all the Jewish holidays and take a break now. But I love your recipe for green beans as a side dish and the bundt cake looks yummy! Not necessary to do so many desserts tho. . .people will be stuffed already.

  5. avatar says: Adeena

    Really want to make a mini Thanksgiving dinner. Everything looks so good..

  6. I hope to prepare the Green Bean Three Onion Saute for this Shabbat. The Cinnamon Buns look delicious – maybe I’ll prepare them next week.

  7. avatar says: stew21art

    Looks like a great meal, but I’d leave the marshmallows off – too messy to eat. Then we could have coconut ices for dessert.

  8. Everything looks DELICIOUS! Can’t wait to try out the challah onion pockets!

  9. avatar says: mglawler

    The Challah Onion Pockets look AMAZING!

  10. avatar says: skkorman

    All the food looks so good—I may try the butternut squash soup this year!

  11. avatar says: sblehert

    Everything looks so delicious. Getting me inspired for our family Thanksgiving celebration. I’m going to try your pumpkin pie for dessert!

  12. avatar says: maklady

    All the food looks delicious and thanks for the videos!

  13. avatar says: ohyoucook

    I usually make pecan pie for Thanksgiving, especially if traveling since it doesn’t need refrigeration.

  14. avatar says: davises88

    I often make a parve pumpkin-almond crunch pie or a chocolate pecan pie for dessert when we have turkey. I’ve answered the milchig fleshig question by making Thanksgiving a two-day “chag.” One meal is dairy — all of the butter and whipped cream. One is meat. Problem solved.

  15. avatar says: neilsviv

    Challah Onion Pockets look oh so good!!

  16. avatar says: dovidal

    What strikes me from Jamie’s article is the happiness she and her family feel in Israel…this makes Thanksgiving really special…May you grow from strength to strength

  17. avatar says: shayndya

    It all sounds delicious, though I’m not a fan of stuffing.

  18. avatar says: telcon

    I sounds like a really great idea

  19. avatar says: dz13dz

    Yum! Everything looks fabulous!

  20. avatar says: Leez

    sounds like an awesome menu! Hope everything comes out good!

  21. These are all so succulant! (sp?) I know for sure many of them will be making it to my table. I find often that candy yams/ sweet potato casserole is TOO sweet but the picture is great! Thanks for more awesomeness Jamie!

  22. avatar says: Marie123

    I want to learn to make these, I have never seen such a great sweet potato recipe that I actually wanted to eat! Also the Challah pockets are a clever and delicious idea, certainly going to be practicing these for next year (can’t learn in two weeks!)

  23. avatar says: peg42

    You make everything look so easy. The cinnamon buns and those sweet potatoes cassarole I’m going to try to make. Looks great.

  24. avatar says: adinarj

    The soup looks really good. I’m always looking for different squash soup recipes!

  25. avatar says: nc2220

    The onion pockets look delish!

  26. avatar says: AmandaS

    everything looks delicious, especially the cinnamon buns!

  27. avatar says: skyejaden

    Everything looks so amazing!! I especially would love to try that soup.

  28. I can’t wait to try the soup. The pie and cake also look great. Actually, it all looks wonderful!

  29. avatar says: Leens

    It all looks so delicious!

  30. Mashed potatoes are my favorite! And cranberry sauce! And anything butternut squash! And… oh, I love this holiday. :)

  31. avatar says: Unkaps

    I’m thankful we can all be together this year. My favorite is the stuffing I bake outside of the turkey

  32. avatar says: daerae

    WANT TO MAKE!!!! Challah Onion Pockets!!!

  33. I realize you are having 30 quests…but could you make it 31 please? LOL..your line up of food is amazing..Love the bread..I adore carmelized onions…and oh sweet potatoes and marshmallows…I don’t talk to mine :)

  34. avatar says: juststam

    Those cinnamon buns look incredible

  35. oh yummy that pie looks decadent!

  36. avatar says: saralaya

    Everything looks YUMMY… The Molasses Spice Bundt cake looks intriguing. I may have to try that!

  37. avatar says: star1eyed

    The green chile stuffing looks absolutely sumptuous.

  38. avatar says: ldmackey

    I am so thankful not to be cooking this Thanksgiving :) But your menu looks delicious! I am grateful that you and your family are safe…

  39. avatar says: sherdini

    Everything looks delicious but my favorite is pumpkin pie

  40. Onion pockets look delicious :)

  41. avatar says: ellies354

    We are also celebrating Thanksgiving in Israel (as we have for the past 6 years) with a group of friends who have become our family – Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, the works!

  42. avatar says: MrsBones

    Great recipe suggestions!!!

  43. avatar says: rivky

    Onion pockets look really really good

  44. avatar says: rmlazan

    We too are celebrating Thanksgiving in Israel, but we traditionally do it on Friday/Shabbat dinner. All the kids will be home and my parents will be here for Shabbat. I am looking forward to it, hopefully a quiet (siren-less) Shabbat for all of Israel.

  45. I’m excited to try the warm onion challah pockets!

  46. avatar says: bubbie

    My mouth waters looking at the pictures. We are having turkey soup, turkey legs, sweet potatoes, mashed garlic potatoes, and lamb roast for the meat lovers. Of course a nice salad and cranberry relish top the table.

  47. avatar says: skossman

    Wow! How long would I have to exercise to burn off all these calories? It looks like it would be worth it!

  48. avatar says: leahk

    The cinnamon-buns look fantastic.

  49. avatar says: k012957

    Too many onions for me. Onion Pockets = ruined bread. Onion Saute = ruined green beans.

  50. says: Rachel

    The Challah onion pocket looks amazing, i may have to try it sometime soon

  51. avatar says: ima2seven

    I am grateful for always making (and keeping) new friends.. even when they don’t take me up on my suggestions. ; )
    I made a pumpkin pie and stuffing this year, but I think I will have to make the onion pockets and not wait for Thanksgiving!

  52. avatar says: rosannepm

    I made the whole Thanksgiving dinner-turkey bread and celery stuffing, mashed and sweet potatoes and a salad and rolls. I ought two pies Caramel apple and lemon meringue. My favorite is the stuffing and I’m thankful that I have a husband for 36 years who adores me and four wonderful sons, their wives and our 3 grandchildren. I love the pictures of your recipes

  53. You had me at cinnamon rolls. I have to make some now.

  54. avatar says: rjlego2

    all the food looks delicious!

  55. avatar says: alemos67

    You gotta have the marshmellows or it’s just healthy food, not good food. ;)
    I wouldn’t have complained if you had wanted to come to my house and do the cooking too.

  56. avatar says: mink

    Those cinnamon buns make my mouth water!

  57. avatar says: bedz

    There are too many things to list that I am thankful for. Those onion pocket rolls look out of this world!

  58. avatar says: gnsf

    Cranberry dishes are yummy. I am thankful for my family and friends!

  59. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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