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My New Kitchen Confessions


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The truth.

Israel is amazing.

My oven/stove top situation… is a disaster.

We inherited this thing with the place we are renting.

With so many seen and unforeseen moving expenses Hubby implored me to try to make it work.   Well I am trying.  Trying to give it a workout, the likes of which it has probably never seen in it’s seemingly very looong life.  And the verdict, this thing is totally out of shape.  I am used to boot camp cooking, yet it seems happy to just boil water, one very small pot at a time.

While I cry.

And Shabbos races in.

At first when I saw it, after entering a comatose-like state, I started to celebrate.  Because while I had this mini-me oven, “thankfully” I didn’t have a stove top and would have to be “forced” to buy a new “top-of-the-line-American” stove top.  Yes I am using a lot of “quotes” simply because I feel like it.  Hubby was upset because that meant one more unforeseen expense on a list of bills that was growing as our bank account was diminishing.  I was doing the dance-of-joy because why should two people worry about the finances, where would the fun be in that?

As I began to dream about whether I needed 5 or 6 burners, which brand I should buy and if I should splurge on a milichig and fleishig cook top, something I had never had in the states…. mid-dream, I heard Hubby laugh.

And to hear him laugh is to know what it sounds like when somebody rains on your parade.  He has this cackle (his mom has it too) and in all my adult life I have never heard anything like it.  It’s the kind of sound that turns heads at both intimate dinner parties and lavish kiddushim.  It’s the kind of sound that stops one dead in their tracks, mid sentence, mid breath.  It’s the kind of sound that instantly makes you feel you want in on that joke.  Except of course when you are that joke.  Because while I am measuring counter tops and moving walls to make way for my commercial cook top in our rental kitchen, Hubby lifted this white thing you see here and found my new Israeli stove top.

And I have been crying ever since.

Of the 4 burners only 3 work, the 3 smallest.  With the tiniest one no larger than a silver dollar.

Hence that small pot of water of which I spoke.  And the kicker is this mini mart oven only has 1 rack that actually cooks, the other just sits there and looks pretty like a garish float at the Macy’s day parade.  Well I looked none too pretty when I discovered that my 2 pans of Herb Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes would have to be cooked in 2 rounds.  Likewise when I bought 6 “pounds” of ground beef to make Grandma’s Meatballs so that I would have enough to serve and freeze for later use I stared at this “thing” wondering how many shifts and hours I would have to dedicate to my 40 balls of ground beef.  Yes I know none of these dishes sound all too exotic, or even Israeli but I guess, subconsciously when things are changing all around you, and life as you know it is upside down and your oven/stove top thingy is giving you the silent treatment – one resorts to comfort food, the kind of stuff that makes you feel all is right with the world.

What do you cook when you are stressed and overwhelmed with life?

Answer this question in the comments below and be entered to win a caddy of 16 LÄRABARs, healthy and tasty bars for anytime.  Contest ends Oct. 23rd at 9am.  For details click here.

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Jamie Geller is the only best-selling cookbook author who wants to get you out of the kitchen – not because she doesn’t love food – but because she has tons to do. As “The Bride Who Knew Nothing” Jamie found her niche specializing in fast, fresh, family recipes. Now the "Queen of Kosher" (CBS) and the "Jewish Rachael Ray" (New York Times), she's the creative force behind JoyofKosher.com and "Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller" magazine . Jamie and her hubby live in Israel with their five busy kids who give her plenty of reasons to get out of the kitchen - quickly. Check out her new book, "Joy of Kosher: Fast, Fresh Family Recipes."




109 Responses to My New Kitchen Confessions

  1. Can you ask the landlord to send someone to fix it?
    I’ve gotten used to my little oven(s) here, although I cried a lot over it, too. And had to get rid of some of my baking pans that Just. Wouldn’t. Fit.

    Oh – and what I cook when I’m stressed? Soup. Lots of soup.

    • our landlord isn’t responsible for the appliances the place didn’t come with any (we brought all of our own) save for this oven which was left here and has gone through at least 4 tenants. So we were “lucky” to inherit it — but are now stuck with fixing it.

    • BS’D
      Hi Jamie,
      It is wonderful to follow your story—”Eretz Yisroel nikneit beyisurim” which means that EY is purchased with pain—it’s a special place and we learn to say thank you and smile a lot–but just know that I wrote the bulk of EnLITEned in a tiny rented apartment with 2 burners and 2 toaster ovens–keep smiling!

  2. avatar says: hindyg

    Oh gosh! I can imagine the horror after leaving your beautiful American kitchen! We dealt with a similar scary kitchen situation in our old apartment. After my initial horror, I learned to make do. We had two small squares of counter and no upper cabinets and a similar tiny stove and fridge. I don’t know how we managed 2 years in that apartment.

    When I just want pure comfort food, I make cook up some buttery pasta with garlic and parmesan cheese. If I am stressed and need to keep myself a bit busier, I love to do a lot of chopping – a soup maybe. Or I mix up a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Always comforting. And if my oven isn’t working, I can just eat the dough, right? Just kidding.

    • I try to think about how my entire cooking life and career started in a small 60 yr old kitchen in Far Rockaway… helps me a little :-) and LOL totally agree about the cookie dough!

  3. avatar says: dalesusan

    when i am rushing i try to make grilled cheese sandwiches and a quick vege soup using some marinera sauce as a tomato-y base. i just use whatever veges i have in the fridge. quick and easy.

  4. avatar says: Leez

    Grilled cheese, grilled cheese, and grilled cheese!! and you dont even need to use a stove top for that! hatzlacha with all.

  5. avatar says: ima2seven

    I am very sorry that you are going through this… but I have to say it is a little bit of a relief that Wonder-aliyah Woman is having her moments/challenges too! I believe, deep down, that the kitchen – and stove – of your dreams is somewhere here in Neve Daniel waiting for the next chapter of your life. ; )

    Seriously, since we all have to “conquer the land”, it is somewhat befitting that yours will be through cooking!

    Yasher Koach for your candor! Come cook out here any, any time….

  6. avatar says: ItaAriela

    I was feeling stressed today. I made chicken on top of sweet potatoes,carrots and white potatoes.

    Sounds like you are having an adventure with your oven. I hope you solve it soon. If it helps, you can get a new Israeli oven with payments on an israeli credit card if you really need to. It’s something I consider when my American oven breaks down as it can be expensive to fix..since it’s imported.

    • credit cards, payments — am trying to avoid all that :-) but good to know

    • avatar says: ItaAriela

      I know what you mean about credit card payments.. I detest that as well.. only in desparate situations .. but with an Israeli debit card it just takes the money out of your account.I have to keep a burner on when I cook with my American oven as I am trying to avoid using that measure myself.. :)

  7. When we moved into our rental house, it had no oven, just a stovetop, I had one of those electic turkey roasters that I used as a meat oven (with a transformer)and we bought a large toaster oven to use for milchigs. People were amazed that I could make challah in a toaster oven. We finally convinced the landlord to redo the kitchen (I couldn’t handle the mold on the walls inside and in back of the cabinets), and I bought an oven. Yes, it’s small and doesn’t fit my roasting pan, and it’s not self-cleaning, but at least I’m cooking in Israel.

    When I’m stressed, I make bread.

  8. avatar says: hroth86

    When we made Aliyah we had 2 burners and a toaster. I was soo excited when we got our oven thinking I would be able to cook so much more and quicker. Boy was I wrong. I can only fit one 9×13 pan in. Cooking for shabbat takes a bunch of hours so sometimes I start Thursday night.
    When I am stressed I make oatmeal raisin cookies because that reminds me of my grandmother. She taught me how to bake and when I am stressed a cookie always makes me happy. :)

    • I also grab lots of carby cakey cookiey kinds of sweets when stressed… I was used to cooking/fitting 6 9×13 pans in my oven at once… one at a time is a HUMONGO adjustment

  9. avatar says: goldie

    chocolate chip cookies always save the day! Except my oven is also broken and fortunately under warranty. So they keep coming to fix it even though from day 1 it was terrible. Go figure and it’s an American oven! So I’m always forced to bake them in my downstairs electric oven where I can rely on the temperature!

  10. avatar says: lcase1

    My stress to go food is pasta. A nice batch of lasagna or spaghetti and meatballs. Always a winner at my house!

  11. avatar says: Adeena

    I doubt this is considered as “cooking” but a cup of hot cocoa with a huge mound of whipped cream and a little cinnamon cures the most stressful situations.

  12. avatar says: helen

    when I am stressed I made chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting annd banana muffins. I like to cook, I Love to bake.

  13. How frustrating! I make chocolate chip cookies.

  14. avatar says: ilanaphet

    I break out the ice cream maker and make cocnout milk vanilla choc. chip ice craem. Then I take the whole container and lock myself in my room.

    • LOL!!!! am really really laughing!!! am crazy for coconut milk and its actually been a while since I grabbed a pint a blanket a spoon and cried… you totally brought me back to my single days…ice cream for dinner!

  15. avatar says: amelia613

    That sounds horrible! To be around all this amazing food and then to have trouble simply cooking it? I’m so sorry.
    When I’m tired and stressed, I make my ultimate comfort food – beef strogonof. Takes time to cook but I love it, especially leftovers the next day. Yummy!

  16. avatar says: Lehavdil

    Hatzlacha raba with the repairs! The one great benefit about the Israeli stovetop cover is that you can put a plata directly on it and the heat won’t melt your cabinets or shayesh… For gluten and dairy free comfort, a bowl of hot corn pasta with marinara or fresh tomato and veggie sauce and melted Daiya (tapioca) mozzarella cheese always does the trick. I also love Larabars! :)

  17. avatar says: Katherine

    Oh Jamie! I’m not sure what it is about this country, but I find that half the time baking is a disaster – recipes that have been tried and true for years! All my friends have experienced it as well – the most common problem being that baked goods are done on the outside and totally raw in the middle. My oven’s thermostat is totally off and I have to cook everything at the highest setting. And two out of four of my (electric! ack!) burners don’t work. Of the two that work, even if you only want one on they both have to be on! It’s comical. But, all that being said, I’ve gotten into a groove with the stupid thing, know its idiosyncrasies and am able to get along for the most part (although my last two quick breads totally sank…). Good luck! It gets better :-)

    • Katherine!!! I can’t believe it you too???!!! with your gorgeous blog and gorgeous food and gorgeous picts I am in shock! Thanks so much for sharing your woes — misery does love company… :-) You’ve given me hope that I may get into a grove, maybe, one day — but don’t you find it so stressful to entertain this way?

  18. Shalom!

    When I’m stressed out and exhausted, I tend to want a comfort food dish from my childhood, preferably one that is quick and easy to make. I usually end up preparing macaroni and cheese.

    • avatar says: Tamjlm

      My niece had the same problem with a new oven when she moved here.
      Open the oven and check if there’s a removable metal plate anywhere in the oven. Israeli ovens come with large pans that slide out. If they are in the bottom or top of the oven they block the heat.
      Hopefully that’s the problem and your DH will get another laugh and heave a sigh of relief once more.
      Let us know!!!

    • myratwinkle: want to laugh my absolute favorite mac n cheese is the neon orange powdered one out of the box :-)

      Tamjlm: NO SUCH LUCK!!!! thank you thank you thank you so much for the advice – any other ideas :-)

  19. avatar says: yaelsunny

    I can really sympathize! When I got married it was hard to go from using my mother’s BIG American oven (that we brought on aliyah) to this mini European oven! My comfort food would definitely be these amazing chocolate chip muffins my family has been making since forever. They come out delicious (in any oven) and fluffy and perfect!
    Yael Bendahan
    Jamie I’d still love to speak to you! :)

    • hi Yael! — we have to get together :-) my mom is visiting and then I go to the States for a few days — lets try to be in touch and schedule coffee at Holy Bagel!

  20. Have you heard of the famous Israeli “Si’r Pele”(wonder pot)? When I first came to Israel over forty years ago that’s what we used if we didn’t have an oven. You can still buy them here, but make sure you get the bottom part as well which you place on top of the gas ring under the pot. That’s what turns the pot into an oven. Cakes turn out really well, but you can also use it for roasting chicken. Good luck, Savta Patricia

    • hi Savta Patricia — I have heard of this! just the other day someone said I should write a book about it — lol! but where or where do I have room for another thing in my kitchen…?

  21. avatar says: suztours

    A suggestion until you get the oven situation fixed:

    Go to Mahane Yehuda; look for any shop with housewares; ask for a WONDER POT (get two – one milk, one meat).

    Learn to bake (in the round) on top of the stove! Oh, and try to get that largest burner fixed – it might just have a clogged line.

    • Suztours yup now I am hearing all about it– how big is this wonder pot? is it also called a Pike or Pique or something — someone was just telling me about it.

    • avatar says: suztours

      Jamie – the Wonder Pot is about the size of a large tube cake pan, with the tube in the middle, but also with a lid (with holes to let out the steam) and a little metal piece that fits on the burner to direct the heat up through the middle of the pan. It really is a “wonder” and makes baking sooooo easy!

    • Can I only get it near Machaneh Yehuda? If so I must try this — I will be in J’lem on Tuesday

  22. Mold is mold, and it’s not good. If you think you have it you ought to get it checked. Are there any signs of dampness or staining on the walls or ceiling?

    • none just this faint smell (which is SUPER STRONG to my nose but faint to others…) every now and again — the landlord sent a guy who sealed the sink — it helped a little. Then we went away for the first day of Sukkos and stayed a second night out at my brother and sister in law’s and when we came back after not being in the house for 2 days – the smell was BACK?!!!

  23. avatar says: davises88

    I’m thinking hot fudge sundaes for dinner. After all you only need a little burner for heating the hot fudge. I remember getting Ben & Jerry’s in J’lem. This situation sounds like it calls for Haagen Daaz!

    • lol totally! BTW there are Ben and Jerry’s single serving (who eats single serving ice cream???!!!) and pints EVERYWHERE here – little freezers at the local stores and at the front of the supermarkets… guess they knew I was coming. I think I prefer B+Js only because of all the wacky stuff mixed in — I am a stuff in my ice cream kinda gal — even though I think actual Haagen Daaz ice cream is far superior.

  24. avatar says: Heather

    When I’m really angry, frustrated or upset, I bake bread and pasta … I really pound on that dough.

  25. avatar says: eema

    if you have a m/w you can make yummy choco cake!
    4 tablespoons flour
    4 tablespoons sugar
    2 tablespoons cocoa
    1 egg
    3 tablespoons milk
    3 tablespoons oil
    3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional)
    A small splash of vanilla extract
    1 large coffee mug (MicroSafe)

    Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly.
    Pour in the milk and oil and mix well..
    Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla extract, and mix again.
    Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts.
    The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don’t be alarmed!
    Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired.
    EAT ! (this can serve 2 if you want to feel slightly more virtuous).
    2 amazing appliance repair men-in the shemeshphone-HaSherut HaTov VehaMeitiv
    0522407657 and also Electro Shmuel (Moshe)
    0505250202. both are incredibly honest, helpful and mentschlich! -Sora Deetza

    • WHOA!!!! Sora Deetza what an awesome comment not sure if I am more excited about the repair guys or the recipe. It sounds amazing and would be so much fun to make with the kids! and only 3 minutes — what immediate gratification! can you post this recipe on our site under submit a recipe? http://www.joyofkosher.com/submit-a-recipe/

      Wait just checked — seems like microwave only goes to 700 watts? not even sure that’s watts I don’t see any settings to change/adjust that. I also have standard dairy mugs can I use a small bowl or would that not work. can you double the recipe in a bowl – and then how much time would you microwave it for?

  26. avatar says: samsmom

    When really stressed, I bake bread. Kneading gets my frustrations out – the smell in the house is wonderful when baking – and it tastes delicious warm out of the oven slathered in butter!

  27. avatar says: abfantom

    I like to make lasagna when I’m stressed or overwhelmed. Lasagna is a good comfort food!

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  28. says: Shoshana

    Pasta is definitely my go-to comfort food. And PB&J sandwiches!

    • my mom used to wake up in the middle of the night to eat a PB&J sandwich — to me it’s such an indulgent sandwich – I rarely have it but i absolutely adore it!

  29. avatar says: elk99

    When I’m stressed.. I generally just eat. I don’t cook. But my comfort food… mac & cheese.

  30. It’s REAL frustrating when you’re ready to bake and the oven isn’t cooperating! When the oven is on the “fritz” in her Israeli kitchen, my sister does use her backup—the Wonder Pot! My amazing hot Vegetable Barley Soup with Chinese noodles and a matzoh ball, floating on top, is my BEST comfort food! I always have some at the ready in my freezer in my Tupperware Freezermates. My second would be my Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter cookie bars!! BTW, it has a very low glycemic level! Hatzlacha!Remember meshana makom, meshana mazel!!

  31. avatar says: Dinah

    Hi Jamie! I moved to Israel about a month before you made Aliyah. I totally understand your frustration. We bought an oven from friends and I was also unprepared for it’s small size and one rack. Being a newly-wed couple with no kids yet, it has worked out just fine. I completely understand your desire to make American comfort food. That’s all I seem to want for the past 4 months. I have been making my dad’s Spaghetti with meat sauce almost every week. I also have been making sure I have some banana chocolate chip bread around at all times. Don’t worry, breathe deep, it will get better!!!

    • amen amen amen!!! my Grandpa’s Meatballs actually came out raw in the center after 2 hours!!! so i broke it down into a meat sauce over spaghetti and thankfully everyone enjoyed it :-) Where are you living?

  32. avatar says: Dinah

    We are in Ramat Gan. My husband is a fundraiser for the Jaffa Institute (amazing organization, you should check them out!) and I am doing an internship for my Masters in Social Work in the Jerusalem area (the commute by bus alone makes me crave comfort food when I get home!). I’m off now to pick up some pictures we had printed up to finally fill our blank walls of our apartment! Settling in is a slow and steady process! How are you holding up?

    • oh sounds awesome!!! everything but the bus ride. I was never a fan of buses (not even in the States). The first thing we did was hang up our family picts/collages. Makes your house feel like a home! Hatzlacha Rabba, yishuv kal/klita neima!

  33. avatar says: ItaAriela

    You can get a Wonder pot in Home Place in the Mercaz in RBS A..
    I found a blogger that posts how to use it:

    • avatar says: Funkyfrum

      Wonder pots do work, but the intense heat causes food to stick. Be sure to coat with pam or even try baking paper. It’s a little hard since the paper is square and the pot is round, but doable…But wonder pots cost at least 100 nis each which is about 1/2 the price of a toaster oven FYI. I guess all beginnings are hard…Hatzlacha raba.

      My favourite de-stresser food is a rectangle cracker that resembles matza with that pinkish pizza sauce you get at Israeli pizza shops (in ketchup containers), topped with a slice of cheese. That special sauce is so yum, we (especially the kids)buy it to use in the toaster maker (panini machine).

    • ItaAriela awesome thanks! for the store info and the link
      FunkyFrum thanks for the info

  34. avatar says: Gana

    What is the spaghetti made out of? On twitter you said it was low carb :)

    • hi Gana – zucchini. I use a hand held Julienne Peeler to julienne the zucchini into “spaghetti” like strips and then I saute in a non stick pan with a little bit of olive oil. You can also blanch them if you want. Sometimes I even toss it with pasta sauce and sprinkle with parm. This time I made the cover recipe of the Summer Magazine — and added julienned carrots as well – so it was zucchini, carrots, garlic, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, olive oil s+p – totally AWESOME!

  35. avatar says: rber29

    Hi there Jamie, I have the exact same piece and I got to love it. Well the first week I made challah, let’s not discuss it! But after that disaster someone told me to put a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom floor of the bottom oven and now it works amazing! Try it out.

    • I have yet to make challah – I have all the ingredients and each shabbos they just look at me and I stare back. There was no room for them to rise because only the one rack/top 3rd worked. Maybe I will try this week.

  36. avatar says: BusySavta

    Before you call the repairman…did you try one of those sparking sticks which they sell at most supermarkets here in Israel, (or a match)while your pressing and turning the knob–to try and get the burner to light? Sometimes if the burner area is not clean it won’t get enough oxygen to light…
    Also It really just might be clogged at the hole where the gas comes out of for that burner. You might want to try clearing it with a sewing needle…GOOD LUCK!
    I hope you get it functional soon!!
    You are all making me hungry !! Great ideas!

  37. avatar says: Tamjlm

    Sorry, Jamie, no more ideas. Hopefully the repair guy figured it out. Sauter is supposed to be a good make. I have my trusty 25 yr old Caloric. You can get American sized ovens here for your dream kitchen. Check online by Kef shipping. Pricey but worth it . Meanwhile, if you need an Israeli size one I recommend the latest delonghi. All my married kids have them and are happy. It has a turbo oven so you can put multiple pans in.
    I love your site. Made the chocolate coffee layered mousse you posted twice and it’s a big hit. Second time made it in a square pan and cut it into 24 portions. (8*3) they’re a bit too big though.

  38. avatar says: Tamjlm

    Jamie, see above. My reply got attached to the above comment.
    Could be the smell is from the drains, since it’s worse when you don’t use them for afew days. Use bleach down the drains at least weekly if you don’t use it for cleaning the sinks. It’s אוקונומיקה here. When I switched from the white sinks which I cleaned with bleach to stainless the smell started.
    My comfort food is anything good that someone else makes or buys for me for a change, as I am the family “comforter”. Anything carby and sweet. 😳
    My favorite is chocolate covered citrus peels or mints. In a pinch I slather PB and marmalade on a rice cake. Instant and relatively guilt free gratification.

    • I love love love!!!!!!!!!!! chocolate covered orange peels — totally guilty pleasure — best is my kids don’t like them so when I buy them I don’t have to share. As for PB and orange marmalade – I skip the rice cake and just combine the two and eat them right out of the bowl. Will try the bleach thanks so much for the tip!

  39. avatar says: eli7nyc

    I love to eat a good lasagna or even pasta with melted cheese, anything pasta related

  40. avatar says: tamarw

    When I’m stressed, I make a grilled cheese or mac and cheese. Comfort food.

  41. Hi Jamie,
    Someone mentioned putting aluminium foil on the bottom of the oven. Be careful with this and only do it if you are using turbo mode. If your oven is heating from the top and bottom – don’nt use it! You will ruin the oven and have to buy a new one. I know – it happened to me! The best part of the story is it happened just before Pesach so I received a brand new oven for the Chug.

  42. I always turn to one of my grandmother’s recipes when I need to bake something to relax – carrot cake, coconut cake, anything that brings in warm, home-y memories! (A run to the bakery for donuts or a danish is also a great fix!). I’m so sorry about your oven disaster! I really, really hope it either miraculously starts to work for you or gets sorted out asap! I can relate to oven induced distress – in the last apartment I rented the oven didn’t have a window, the dials on the stove weren’t marked with temperatures (try setting the oven to “350″ when “350″ could be anywhere) and the oven couldn’t maintain a constant temperature for more than a few minutes at a time. It would take hours to make anything and even then it would be half raw! Many, many tears stemmed from checking cakes at 2am (that had gone into the oven hours earlier) that were still raw after a whole night of trying! I can totally relate and feel for you!! Good luck!!!

  43. avatar says: Tamjlm

    Hey, Jamie!
    Whatever happened with the oven? We’re waiting to hear how it went with the repairman!!

    • EUREKA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me the HUGEST Mazel Tov! Dror the oven repairman came, saw and conquered. He pulled the oven away from the way – disconnected the back panel did a a few tests and said “at tzodeket” I nearly cried I was so happy – not because it was broken but bc my angst was confirmed. Dror fixed it and I made my first completely successful dinner! Just in time for my mother’s arrival. We had spiced chicken Skewers, My Baked Spicy Sweet Potato Fries: http://www.joyofkosher.com/recipe/baked-spicy-sweet-potato-fries/ and the Zucchini Spaghetti Salad cover picture/ recipe is on p.48 of the summer issue of the mag. My mom raved – the entire family ate and I almost cried tears of joy. Tonight is Taco Night and Tmrw is Teriyaki Chicken. HUGE HUGS to everyone for your comments, advice, love, and support xoxo – NOW DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET WHITE SHIRTS WHITE HERE?

  44. avatar says: gm

    so glad it’s fixed! mazal tov!!! your dinner menu sounds tantalizing…
    when i’m stressed i eat peanut m&m’s… and my “go-to” meal is paninis in the panini press: your favorite bread (or leftover challah), a thin layer of pesto, shredded mozzarella cheese, thin slice of tomato, and a spoonful of spanish eggplant dip. i bake a lot when i need to “decompress”… challah, cookies, cakes, muffins…

  45. avatar says: Tamjlm

    What machine do you have?
    I use “Oxygen” liquid and Tide, though I’ve been told that Ariel is also great (it’s a wash powder. I’ll try it when I finish my 9 kg bag of Tide.
    When the collars are really bad you can either use a cup of אוקונומיקה in the pre rinse (all white shirts only) or scrub the collars using the Oxygen liquid straight on the collars. Also, I use 60-70C hot water. With 8 sons I’ve often been desperate. 😳😳 Try drying half a load at a time. It saves on ironing.
    So glad to hear your oven’s fine.
    Where’s the Teriyaki chicken recipe?
    I bet you like dark chocolate with a dab of PB also, since I do.

  46. avatar says: Shannon

    pasta always makes me feel better

  47. i like to take a nice long hot bath to relax

  48. avatar says: Atreau

    I make soups, all that chopping is very therapeutic to me!

  49. avatar says: Tamjlm

    Jamie ,
    What julienne peeler do you use. I’ve been shopping around for one and don’t know which one to buy. Are you happy with yours? Please advise!!!

  50. avatar says: c.zelasko

    Always remember, Israel is the land of miracles. Do you know what a wonder pot is? I used to use a wonder pot to bake chicken for Shabbos. It was fantastic, the taste of of an outdoor barbeque.
    I had Israeli ovens for years, and miraculously, things most of the time came out good. Also, I have used different toaster ovens for fleishig, milchig, or pareve. It always came out good.
    Shabbat Shalom, Chana Zelasko

  51. avatar says: Tamjlm

    How long have you had your julliene peeler, Jamie ? The reviews on amazon said it dies quickly. Does it come out clean from the dishwasher? Is it usable on Shabbat ?
    Sorry so many questions
    Shabbat Shalom!!

    • I have had it for at least 6 months – so far no signs of it slowing down. I never put it in the dishwasher bc I find the oxo grip handles don’t do well there and we needed a water filter for our dishwasher in Monsey bc there is a lot of calcium in the water there but never splurged bc we were moving so twd the end we washed a lot by hand especially the oxo stuff and now I don’t have a dishwasher here. Its hard to clean inside the blade – hard to get into the small crevices. Re: usable on Shabbos I don’t know – I never asked…

  52. avatar says: c.zelasko

    How to get white shirts white? I use Tide and I am very pleased with the results. Use whatever is good for you, but don’t use the real cheap detergents, they did not clean well.

  53. avatar says: Tamjlm

    Tide is supposed to be good for all your concerns. Be careful with Oxygen liquid whitener on colored items. I use it in my hot wash and it didnt fade colored towels.
    Why “Who baby”? I’d have more if I could. My baby is 15 and I have one daughter for nechama.
    I’m deliberating between the Kuhn- Rikon with the rubber handle ( to minimize slipping) and the Oxo. Problem with the Kuhn Rikon is that some say the strips come out too thin. Decisions decisions. I may get both. 😳
    Thanks for the teriyaki chicken. Will definitely try it.

  54. avatar says: Funkyfrum

    If you have an American washer, whites will never be white. European machines boil the water and clean better. I was told to use soap flakes (hard to find in Israel but possible). I filled the washer with hot water, dissolved 1/2 cup soap flakes, then let the laundry soak like this for several hours/overnite. Then I ran the cycle. This apparently works but it’s labor-intensive and the clothes came out much more wrinkled….Another alternative is to try adding Kalia (in the pink bottle) which is like Chlorox 2. I was told davka not to use bleach here in Israel. Hope this helps! Even though I buy undershirts and white shells more often than my friends with European machines, I wouldn’t trade my Maytag for anything! :)

  55. avatar says: Tamjlm

    I’ve tried Kalia both in the link and white ( supposed to be for whites only) and prefer Oxygen ( in the turquoise bottle). It’s bleach free, using hydrogen peroxide. But I have a European machine.

    • avatar says: Funkyfrum

      Oxygen is good, but burns my hands!

      As for detergents, I find Tide which works well in American water doesn’t work as well in Israel. But most Israeli detergents don’t dissolve enough and leave remnants on clothes. Ariel is the best in my opinion, followed by Persil (both are imported but do go on sale).

  56. avatar says: Rachel

    Welcome to Israel…
    Things we’ve learned that may be helpful to fellow cookers with small, one rack, ovens:
    Timing is important – while one thing is in the oven you cook your stovetop dishes. As soon as the dish in the oven comes out you put the next one in.
    Cook more stovetop dishes (or at least try to balance stovetop vs oven dishes).
    Make multi food dishes (ex. chicken baked on top of rice or potatoes).
    Boil water in the kumkum not on the stove.
    Do your baking earlier in the week (vs erev shabbat).
    and plan ahead!

    • hi Rachel thank you so much for the warm welcome and uber helpful tips — you are so spot on… I have found myself doing alot of what you suggested and have learned a bunch more from you comment – thanks for taking the time to share your awesome hard earned tips…

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