Italian Dinner Tonight Shopping List


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From the Butcher:
1 medium chicken        -1 pound veal cutlets           -8 thin slices Hungarian salami
From the Fishmonger:
2 pounds cod fillets
From the Produce Section:
Fresh mint                       -Fresh basil                         -Fresh parsley           -16 sage leaves           -3 sprigs fresh rosemary
3 lemons                          -2 pounds tomatoes          -2 boiling potatoes   -3 zucchinis                -2 bags spinach
1 onion                             -2 shallots                            -Fresh garlic
From the Aisles:
Italian rice (Vialone Nano, Arborio, or Carnaroli)                   -1 can anchovies packed in oil
6 pounds (2 boxes) Kosher salt                                                    -1 can corn                                -Pine nuts
Golden raisins                                                                                -Vegetable consomme (if not making your own broth)
From the Freezer Section:
1 bag frozen fava beans
From the Dairy Section:
Ricotta cheese
From the Wine Shop:
Dry white wine

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