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Cholent Kits Review and Giveaway


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Just a quick explanation here about cholent:

On Shabbat, cooking is prohibited. This means if you want something hot during the 26 hours that comprise the Sabbath, you need to a) have whatever you want pre-cooked, and b) a way to heat it up or keep it warm set up before sundown Friday. By no means is this all that is required for food preparation for the Sabbath, but this is the most basic fundamentals, in terms of hot food.

Cholent is a dish that is prepared Friday morning or afternoon and left to sit on a heat source until it is ready to be eaten for Shabbat lunch. The main components of cholent is meat, potatoes, onions, barley, and beans and often kishka (derma). But no two cholents are exactly alike and there are many different versions of cholent. For example, Sephardic Jews make chamin usually made with lamb, rice, herbs and spices and eggs.

I never would have thought that a company would go and make mixes for cholent. To me, how people season and prepare their cholent is so individual, unique to each family, each Shabbat, that to try to replicate and mass produce that flavor would seem to be impossible.

When I was give the chance to review this product, I had to try it. I had to know if something from a box could come close to an authentic cholent taste.

If you have never made cholent before, or you feel you need a bit of help in terms of a spice profile, the Purely American Savory Beef Cholent Mix is not a bad way to go. You add beef, potatoes, (barley if desired) and the contents of the box. Mix with water, let cook overnight. You will have a very tasty, hot cholent waiting for you on Shabbat morning. The flavor and texture reminded me more strongly of a hearty beef stew. It was pleasant, but not what I would have expected for a cholent. The bean blend cooked wonderfully, and the amount of seasoning provided was just right, despite there be no added salt.

I also tested the Moroccan Lamb Cholent kit, all you need to do is add lamb stew meat and red potatoes. It was tasty, but the flavor was milder than I would have expected.  However the flavor profile was just right for lamb and the chickpeas made it more authentic.  Both dishes are easy to make and would be a welcome change for our Shabbat meals.

The most pleasant surprise was the healthiness of the product. The mixes are salt, MSG and gluten free, yet give great flavor. For a packaged product, considering all factors, I would have to say this is one of the more superior pre-packaged products I have seen available to the kosher customer.

Would you try a cholent kit?


Now’s your chance, enter to win a Cholent Kit Sampler.  The winner can choose any 6 cholent kits, currently being offered on Purely American, a $30 value.  To enter to win follow the options on rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 I want to thank Tamar Genger at JoyofKosher.com for sending me the samples of cholent/stew mixes to review. All opinions are my own.


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33 Responses to Cholent Kits Review and Giveaway

  1. avatar says: Leez

    I would definitely want to try these mixes! Every week my family has a whole slew of comments whether or not the cholent is too plain, too spicy, to sweet etc. Maybe they will finnally agree to this mix!

  2. avatar says: dalesusan

    mmmm…this sounds intriguing. especially as it is gluten free. my daughter has to have gluten free meals. i want to try the pareve variations.

  3. This is pretty darn cool! I love that the mixes are MSG free because that’s what I would normally worry about with boxed mixes.

  4. says: Rivkachava

    I’m always up for trying something new!

  5. avatar says: hindyg

    That is so neat! I like the idea of a cholent kit. I would love to try the Moroccan Lamb kit.

  6. If I win I shall try every recipie and blog, picture and promote joyofkosher on every post. (I already do a couple of times a week as I use your recipies … especially on Shabbos!!!!)

  7. I’ll also blog it …. it will be my first cooking post. I’ll call it Choice Cholent?!?!?!?

  8. says: Joy

    I’d love to try it out… they look yummy!

  9. I love to try it out and give my family something new.

  10. avatar says: robee61

    My husband has been living out of state due to a job relocation. He has been making cholent each week as it is an easy meal and can feed him for days. He does not use a recipe and it never tastes the same twice. I would love to try the mixes with him.

  11. avatar says: susqhb

    I’m a chulent fanatic and would love to test these out!

  12. it would try them out. I never make chulent the same way twice so this might be a fun thing to try.

  13. avatar says: tamarw

    I’d love to try different flavored cholents.

  14. Sounds Yum…gimme! gimme! gimme!!!!

  15. I make cholent every week. Always looking for a new twist!

  16. avatar says: ruchie

    I think I would like to try this product because it sounds interesting. I never would have thought to try this before reading this post.

  17. avatar says: pauline32

    I’ve never made cholent and I love it with kishke. Can’t wait to try it.

  18. I’d like to try this because I’m always on the look out for a good, quick fix…

  19. avatar says: imergoot

    these sound like a great way to try new flavors. Though I have been making cholent for many years, it never comes out the same from week to week.

  20. avatar says: pixframe

    Cholent was never on my family’s menu. Thanks for the contest and a chance to win a kit.

  21. avatar says: bubbie

    Using a cholent kit will enhance my life by reducing my kitchen work time. They all sound good.

  22. avatar says: trochel

    sounds like a great idea – would love to try

  23. avatar says: lmarouni


  24. I’m a little skeptical because I like making my own cholent recipe, but I’d be willing to try it.

  25. avatar says: Glorwal64

    Shabbat is not without Cholent in many homes

  26. avatar says: Amital

    Sounds interesting! We would try it and see how we like it, especially the lamb and chicken mixes.

  27. this sounds interesting ive been on a mission to find a good way to spice my cholent since I gave up using osem soup mixes (very hard to find something that competes)

  28. avatar says: telmeigh

    I am fairly new to kosher cooking. My daughter’s new BFF is a Messianic Jew who eats Kosher. She came to dinner one evening and I overheard her tell my daughter the dinner was great, but wasn’t kosher. I wanted to be able to show her that we care about our daughter’s friends. Therefore, anything that can give me a hand in learning is terrific. My daughter loves lamb.

  29. This is so interesting! I agree with what you said about chulent being such an individualized dish, with no two being alike. It’s amazing it can be captured in a mix. Great review!

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